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One for the Road finaled in the Colorado RWA chapter Award of Excellence 2012 and the Wisconsin Write Touch Readers' Award 2012 in the Mainstream with strong romantic elements category, and wound up taking 2nd place in the Write Touch Readers' Awards.D’Anne Palmer and her husband had a life others dream of—traveling the US in a luxury forty-foot motor coach, going where thOne for the Road finaled in the Colorado RWA chapter Award of Excellence 2012 and the Wisconsin Write Touch Readers' Award 2012 in the Mainstream with strong romantic elements category, and wound up taking 2nd place in the Write Touch Readers' Awards.D’Anne Palmer and her husband had a life others dream of—traveling the US in a luxury forty-foot motor coach, going where they wanted. Suddenly, D’Anne finds herself a widow with her only asset being the motor home. Without funds to return to California, she decides to hire out the RV.Tyler White was a “one-hit-wonder” ten years ago. At a crossroads, he decides to attempt a comeback. He’s hoping the three-week tour he’s put together will reignite his career. All he needs now is some cheap transportation, and the widow with the RV might just fit the bill.D’Anne and Tyler discover a lot about themselves—and each other—as they journey from Nashville to Las Vegas, via Texas, with the band and Tyler’s dog. Can close quarters really help a has-been singer on the comeback trail and a widow with California style find love?...

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One for the Road Reviews

  • Shay Williams
    2019-04-09 09:52

    First of all. let's make it clear. I can't stand country music and the lifestyle utterly baffles me. So needless to say, I became a little wary when I discovered that Tyler was a country singer. But I had committed myself to reading ONE FOR THE ROAD. And I absolutely loved it!I think what impressed me the most was how real everything is. The characters, the situations that they find themselves in, their worries, concerns and emotions. D'Anne starts out as a middle aged soccer mom who needs to find a way to get back home. She is very closed off and cautious. You can see her blossoming as she worries about crow's feet. Tyler is a country gentleman through and through with a prescription for Viagra. The rest of the band are unusual to say the least.ONE FOR THE ROAD is a fantastic book that doesn't shy away from the concerns of middle age romance. This is totally refreshing. I mean, seriously, when you read young adult you hear about teenage angst. Let's show the other side of it more often.I rate this book a 5.***Book was a gift.

  • Roz Lee
    2019-03-19 14:48

    What a refreshing read! Lynne Marshall has taken everyday people - indeed, I felt like I knew D'Anne and Tyler - and told their story with humor and honesty. D'Anne is a woman with a few years behind her, and when faced with the worst that life can throw at her, she calls on her reserves of self-reliance to make the most of the situation. I like women like D'Anne. Women who don't curl up in a ball weep (at least not for long) when their life takes a sudden turn down a dark road. D'Anne has spunk. She's determined to hang onto what little she has left - a deluxe motor home. Her options are few and the obstacles many.Tyler isn't your usual hero. With nothing more than his talent and an optimistic attitude, Tyler is literally on the road to revive a comatose career in country music. The only problem is, he needs wheels. The bossy, attractive widow with the deluxe motor home isn't exactly what he had in mind, but beggars can't be choosers. She strikes a hard bargain, one Tyler would refuse if he had any other choice.I thoroughly enjoyed this road trip with D'Anne, Tyler and the band. The chemistry between D'Anne and Tyler is artfully done, and as I said before, I felt like I knew these people, which is about as great a compliment as I can give to a writer. Ms.Marshall did an excellent job of conveying her characters emotions, which were all too real. There's nothing artificial about her characters. They're everyday people facing tough decisions.There's no glitz in this story, unless you count Tyler's costume near the end, but that was one of the things I liked best. Campgrounds, less than prestigious venues, and alley ways aren't the usual settings for romance novels, but Ms. Marshall makes them work. It's nice to be reminded that real people (like you and me) can find love too. It isn't just for the beautiful, rich people.This isn't a snobby, wine connoisseur kind of book. It's a six-pack and bag of pretzels kind of book. It's also a one of a kind,kind of book, and that's something very special.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-04-07 14:46

    Entertaining and charming story of a widow stranded after her husband's death in their RV in Tennessee. She needs money to make it home to California and so she hires herself and her RV out to a country music group to take them on tour out west getting ever closer to home. She was a nice sort of uptight middle aged lady and the hero is a one hit wonder trying to make a comeback after 10 years. He's big and handsome and charming but has a bit of a gut and a few other medical problems. They fall in love on the road. There's a bit of a mystery and a colorful group of misfit band members. Nicely written and pretty well plotted. I had a great time reading it.

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-03-25 11:43

    Originally posted at: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...D'Anne is widowed, broke, and out of luck. She's got an RV she and her husband bought before he died, and time on her hands. Not sure what to do next, she decides to rent out the RV, much to both of her sons' dismay. Who knew that it would change her life and give her a second chance at love? Tyler is a down and out country singer. He's had one song at the top of the charts, and most have forgotten him by now. But he's still playing gigs with his band members, making whatever money they can. He is the one that answers D'Anne's ad, and he brings along his rowdy members with. Is this deal going to work out? None of them know, but it sure makes for a wild trip across the country! Ms. Marshall's One for the Road is a heartfelt story, and it shows that love can be found even at an older age. D'Ann never expects to find love with Tyler. She's got enough on her plate trying to figure out how she's supposed to survive after her husband's death leaves her broke and confused. Tyler has had a few marriages behind him, and the fact that he's a struggling singer always on the road doesn't help. But put the two of them on a cross country trip, with situations that are both good and bad, and they find love right under their noses. The author crafts some dynamic characters. I enjoyed the scenarios that Tyler, D'Anne, and the other band members faced. If you're in the mood for a funny, touching and amazing story, then One for the Road is not to be missed. It's full of heart, wit and charm.

  • Christine Ashworth
    2019-03-22 15:36

    Lynne Marshall's One For the Road was a delightful read. With a heroine well past the first flush of youth, and a hero who is struggling to reinvigorate a flagging country music career, this is a funny, fast-paced, and deeply tender story of two people trying to make sense of their lives. Dee is what my hubby calls a "pink lady" - prim, proper, and always doing the right thing. She is way out of her element dealing with four rough and tumble, middle-aged musicians, unused to a civilizing influence while they're on the road. With her list of "road rules", she gently (and sometimes not-so-gently) changes them, one by one. Ty is a rough country western singer who's dealt with fame and the fall that can come quickly on its heels. Divorced twice, he's not looking for love. But something about Dee gets under his skin. The road changes Dee just as much as the men she travels with. Watching Dee and Ty change and grow to like, respect, and finally love each other, is a treat that doesn't come along very often. A mystery is woven into the book - not too much, not too little - that solidifies Dee's character and makes us all fall in love with her. Dee's two grown up, and disapproving, sons tie her up in knots until she realizes she's got to live her own life, and her sons need to live theirs. All in all, a totally satisfying romance where good triumphs over evil, love triumphs over lust, and the tenderness woven all the way through it will melt your heart.

  • Laurie
    2019-04-12 12:46

    I really enjoyed this book. It was refreshing to see that the female and male leads had a few miles under their belts. Both worried about the extra pounds around the middle, crows feet, and the grey that has started to show.D'Anne is a woman that suddenly finds herself a widow at 46. Her husband dies while they are on a road trip leaving her with the RV as her only asset. Turns out her husband has some secrets. Trying to figure out how to make money as she makes her way back to california from Nashville, D'Anne advertises that her RV and well as herself is for hire. She's willing to be driver and cook to anyone interested.Tyler White, a 42 year old country singer on the downside of fame is trying to make a comeback. He needs wheels to get him and his band across country as they play gigs along the way.I liked how the story unfolded across the miles as these unlikely travel companions get to know each other. Forming friendships along the way. I enjoyed the way that Tyler and Dee grow closer and closer seeing that age is just a number. To me Tyler is sexy in that ruggedly handsome way. Tyler loves what he sees when he looks at Dee, a woman with just the right amount of curves and sass to match.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-03 10:40

    Oh, how I wish there were more books with older heroines. As I approach the big 40 milestone birthday, I've had it up to my soon-to-be middle-aged neck with young, young heroines, many of whom are TSTL.Also, the things I related to in romances now seem immature and trite. Enough about other books!I've read quite a few of Lynne's series' romances, and always found them well written, and the plots, well rendered. It was nice to see this author stretch her wings, and provide an interesting cast of characters, and a cute subplot, to boot. Hope she continues to write single-titles as well as the series' medical romances.

  • Lynne Marshall
    2019-04-12 17:52


  • Virginia Campbell
    2019-03-31 17:44

    "One for the Road" by Lynne Marshall, is a delightful, involving, entertaining, sexy romance featuring a hero and heroine who are both in their forties. Hallelujah! I am a great fan of Lynne Marshall. Her love stories are infused with emotional warmth and sensual heat, intelligence, humor, and story lines which make you want to reach for her next book. In "One for the Road", we meet D'Anne Palmer, a lady who found herself a widow shortly after she and her husband had made a major lifestyle change and purchased a luxury forty-foot motor coach. They were to live life on the road, going where they wanted, when they wanted. Her husband's sudden death left D'Anne far from home, on her own, and facing some hard decisions. She decides to rent out the motor home and include her services as driver. To her surprise, a handsome country singer and his band take up her offer in order to make their concert dates. Tyler White was formerly a successful entertainer, until life and some bad decisions got in the way. Now he's on the way to a comeback, and he needs D'Anne and her home on wheels to help make his dream come true. D'Anne is somewhat conservative, a few years older than Tyler, and a recent widow. He finds her attractive from the very beginning, and she knows a hunk of a man when she sees one. Her marriage had been without passion for many years, but she had loved her husband since she was only nineteen years old. Her two grown sons are opposites, one easy to love and the other one a much more difficult personality. One of the things that D'Anne is carrying along with her is the urn with her husband's ashes. She knows that she and her sons will have to find the right place to release those ashes and have a private memorial for her husband. Life on the road proves to be an eye-opener for D'Anne, but she is a gutsy lady with great spirit who comes to really enjoy traveling with the band. Of course, she hadn't expected her feelings for Tyler to be returned with such passion and tenderness. He has natural cowboy charm, true talent as a singer and songwriter, and he is a warm, attentive lover. As the road trip unfolds, a mystery comes to light regarding D'Anne's late husband, who apparently was not the man she thought she married. She must resolve her husband's financial issues, find closure for herself and her sons, and decide what to do with the rest of her life. Will that life include her handsome cowboy? I really loved this story! At times, it made me laugh out loud, and it gave me some food for thought. Would I be as brave as D'Anne when faced with the same situation? Lynne Marshall has once again written a terrific tale with a great heroine, a hunky hero who is masculine and tender, and a story line that takes you to unexpected places. This is one road trip that you wish would go on a long, long time. See you on the road!

  • Beverly Diehl
    2019-04-18 13:37

    4.5 stars. With all that's left of her husband now ashes in a canister, broke except for her fancy RV, and stuck in Nashville, an entire continent across from her adult children, D'Anne makes use of the only asset she has left. She rents her RV - and her own services as driver and cook - to a former one-hit country wonder trying to make a comeback, his three bandmates, and his dog, Dexter. They've got gigs across the country, ending in Las Vegas, which is close enough to Los Angeles that D'Anne's sons can meet her there.40-ish Tyler's not without talent, but it's been a very long time since he's had a hit song. His bandmates are... the usual motley crew: a young, hot drummer, a married bass player with an eye for the ladies, and a big Bear of a man who might be halfway attractive if he'd learn to keep his teeth in. Somewhat prissy D'Anne desperately needs the money, but she has Standards: no smoking in the RV, no drunks, and no sex, among others. She also considers herself much too old(45) to be of interest to someone like Tyler, who's got young AND uhm, MATURE women hanging off him at every gig.I really liked this unusual story, though I sometimes wanted to pop D'Anne one everytime she went off internally about being old. Tyler was a perfect hero, though I personally can't stand country music and the thought of attending gig after gig and hearing that TWANGY sound as they practiced inside the RV en route to gigs makes my toes curl, and not in a good way. There's a subplot about money D'Anne's husband may have left for her, after all - and bad guys trying to find it, that added a little spice and danger.While there weren't noticeable typos, on my Kindle version therewere occasional paragraphand line breaks where they didn't belong, which wassomething of a distraction, especially when they occurred in the middle of dialogue. (kind of like this)Kudos on the use of condoms in the sex scenes; important for men and women of all ages. It's really a lovely romance about reinventing/rediscovering oneself at midlife, and that nobody's too old for love.

  • Nas Dean
    2019-04-04 15:47

    ONE FOR THE ROAD by author Lynne Marshall is a very enjoyable story about people past their first flush of youth.D’Anne Palmer suddenly finds herself widowed, on the road alone making the trip back to Las Vegas. She decides to hire herself out as a driver and cook with her 40 foot RV.Tayler White is a rock has been. Ten years earlier, he was on top of the world with his number one country song. He’d packed concert halls. Now he had increased waistline but he needed a comeback. He had set up eight concerts in four different states and was looking for transportation for himself and his three musicians with all their musical instruments. Then he came across D’Anne’s advert for her RV hire and decides to hire her. D’Anne’s journey with four musicians on the road is hilarious. It is full of light moments with the threat of danger just lurking underneath as her husband had left her cash and there were people after it!The vivid description of towns and cities they pass through and its residents through the authors words made it come alive. And the emotional depth to the main characters as well as the secondary characters was astounding. I want to read each of those musicians’ own stories. There are lyric’s to a patriotic song where you feel like standing up and saluting the flag.ONE FOR THE ROAD is a fast paced and feel good story of every woman in their middle age with grown up children, and who finds herself suddenly alone. It is a well woven tale with real characters and witty dialogue. Lynne Marshall came through with another winner packed with emotional punches and sexual tension for people past their youth. Her warmth and tenderness shines through her heartwarming tale. It’s a romance that is sure to tug at readers’ heartstring and leave them with a great big smile on their face.

  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    2019-03-20 10:03

    What a refreshing change. The main characters are middle aged and don’t look like models. This offbeat love story about a widow and a one hit wonder country singer was full of humor, a slow to build romance and even some suspense with the quirky band members round up this entertaining read. D’Anne Palmer was left a widow in Tennessee with nothing but the fancy RV they had been traveling in. It 6 months later and she needs to find a way to get money so she can get back to California where her adult kids live. She puts an ad out to be a cook and driver to anyone who wants to rent the RV. Tyler White has seen better days, both in his singing career and his body. He and his band are hoping to get back in the spotlight by touring several states doing local shows but they don’t have money or transportation. So when he sees Dee’s ad he jumps at the opportunity promising to pay her after each show. During the weeks on the road the author give us everything from comedy – the other guys in the band are all middle aged to with the exception of the drummer and she shows it like it is from gas, to bad comb over’s to high blood pressure that causes erectile dysfunction. We also get to watch two people that couldn’t be more different and who came from totally different worlds slowly fall in love. Tyler wrote many new songs on the road either about Dee or about something she said. There is also a side mystery/suspense story line during the middle of this that has to do with her deceased husband. I really enjoyed this book and wish more authors would write more 40 something romance books.

  • Rebecca Booth
    2019-04-01 15:38

    Lynne Marshall's Book, ONE FOR THE ROAD, sure hit home for me personally. Here's a little background about my life. I was happily married for 36 years to a wonderful truckdriver until his death in 2001. He would tell me about all the beautiful places that he saw in his travels around the United States. He always said that when he retired, we would get a RV and travel to see those places together. Alas, this didn't happen. We also loved country music, small bands, and went to many dance gigs over the years, even Club Dance on TNN, the Nashville station.While reading, ONE FOR THE ROAD, I was transformed into the story of D'Anne Palmer, who is widowed like me. She has an RV that her husband bought before his death. She was broke and decided to rent the RV to Tyler, a "one-hit-wonder" country singer and his band members, as they journey from Nashville to Las Vegas, via Texas playing gigs and making what money they could. D'Anne became their manager and driver, which puts the two of them together facing some difficult situations. As Lynne Marshal wrote, "Can close quarters really help a has-been singer on the comeback trail and a widow with California style fine love?"This story brought back so many memories for me and I was very infatuated with this very funny, and amazing, heartfelt story. I became a fan of Lynne Marshall's writing. My emotions were all over the place, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, but always very emotional about the suspense throughtout the book. I will surely read more books by Lynne Marshall.

  • Lilly Gayle
    2019-04-15 16:58

    One for the Road is a fabulous read! Ms. Marshall had me laughing, cheering, and biting my nails in this sexy, contemporary adventure with two wonderfully sexy characters in their forties. Tyler is the type of hero that will make younger women dream of older men and Dee brings to mind the pop song, "Stacey's Mom has got it Going On."The characters are realistic and loveable. Tyler even has a prescription for Viagra, thanks to his BP meds. Then Dee puts him on a diet to get him back in shape for his come back tour and he looses weight, gets his BP under control, and quickly learns he no longer needs the Viagra because Dee can "raise" his interest with just a look! One laugh out loud moment: Tyler's lying on the pull out bed in the camper. Dee comes out of the bathroom in her night gown and heads toward the back bed room. Her body is in silhouette while she slathers on body lotion that Tyler thinks smells sexy. He's watching her from beneath lowered lids and..."His eyes widened. What was that, movement down below? Well, well. He broke into a grin."Great romance. Great story! I will definitely read more books by this fabulous author.

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-04-15 13:01

    Reviewed By: JoAnneReview Copy Provided By: PublisherSince country music was a large part of the storyline I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. One for the Road had plenty of adventure along with romance and heartache. Marshall made the characters real with strengths, flaws, successes and failures. She wove love, friendship and family in so well that you had no choice but to root for Dee and Tyler to come out on top along with the rest of the band members. The book flowed, introducing characters throughout as well as some mystery. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading others by Lynne Marshall.Favorite Quote: "She wanted to swoon at his feet and tell him he'd had her by the heart ever since that shut-up kiss back in Abilene. She'd just been too stubborn and ashamed to admit it."

  • LaVerne Clark
    2019-04-06 15:02

    Another great read from a very talented writer.Although I'm not a fan of country music, I am a fan of this author, and so knew I was in good hands when I first opened the book.There was so much to enjoy about this book. An older heroine; a country singer trying to make a come-back; Viagra; travelling the country in a RV; an adorable dog and a mother/son relationship struggling to deal and accept each other for who they are.As I usually read her medical romances, this is the first contemporary story I've read of Ms. Marshall's, but it most definitely won't be the last. I'm looking forward to reading what comes next.

  • Caro
    2019-04-14 18:04

    This was a surprisingly good full-length freebie I got a while back. I loved the characters and the story. It's slower paced but good for a relaxing read. There's a hint of suspense to keep you a little alert though. I definitely laughed, smiled for all kind of reasons, held my breath a couple of times, thought WTF and 'Oh no you didn't...' towards the end, totally enjoyed the ending and pretty much had a good time reading this. I wouldn't mind reading this again and puts me in the mind of a chick flick vegging-out kinda read. Totally worth reading at least once I think and good for slowing down a little. Enjoy!

  • Maria
    2019-03-21 11:57

    Loved this book. The hero and heroine are older and have lived life which makes them that much braver reaching for the brass ring again.I loved the suspense in this book as D'Anne tries to figure out what her dead husband did and why. Tyler wants to protect her but can't always figure out this California woman. The sexual tension between the two of them is hot. This is a couple that I wanted to get together from the very beginning, and Tyler won a place on my favorite hero shelf.A hero and heroine you root for and great secondary characters make this a road trip not to be missed.

  • Calisa
    2019-04-19 10:42

    Ms. Marshall has created characters who are fun and easy to like. The suspense of this kept me wondering and ended it with a twist I did not expect. If you want a great read, this is it! I will read ore from her, no doubt. I waited months to read One For the Road and was not disappointed. Viagra, older characters and beer joints... she pulled off something not typically accepted in romance with a smooth blend that felt natural and common place. It's like sex; we all do it, why not talk about it even in romance? Well, Lynne did and very well!

  • Mackenzie Crowne
    2019-03-19 16:43

    This road trip tale of a hero and heroine with a few years under their belts is a refreshing twist on your everyday romance. Beer joints and wrinkles, a country music comeback and Viagra, and a cast of interesting characters combine to tell a charming tale of the possibility of love after 40. Ms Marshall's seamless voice dropped me right inside Dee's deluxe RV with Tyler and the band, and took me along on an enjoyable ride. I laughed, shed a few tears, and chewed my fingernail along with Dee at the subtle suspense woven through the story. Well done, Ms Marshall. You have a new fan.

  • Joanne
    2019-04-19 13:04

    D'Ann Palmer vs Tyler White equals one fine "mature" romance with a twist of mystery. The two main characters were polar opposites or so they thought. A three week luxury RV adventure from Nashville to Las Vegas opens more than one person's eyes to their own truth. I'm looking forward to reading more of Lynne Marshall's books.

  • Mary
    2019-04-07 10:51

    Fun, easy read!Not unpredictable at all but still worth the journey. Finished it in 24 hours and will probably look to see what else the author has to offer!

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-04-17 17:04

    One for the Road by Lynne MarshsallEntered the contest so I could maybe win a copy. The story line sounds right up my alley as hubby and I have talked about touring the US in an RV or similar down the road in several years.This will help prepare me for what we can expect-I won the contest. One thing puzzles me because being blind I don't drive so if something happens to hubby who will I get to drive the vehicle-similar to the storyline in this book.Looking forward to the break in reading where most of the women are in their late teens or young adult stage. This one is about one who's over 40 with that stage of problems.Book starts out with D'Anne Palmer and she's stranded in Nashville, TN after her husband has passed away. All she has left is the RV and no income to make it back to CA where her sons are. She gets an idea to rent out the RV and she goes with it as the driver. She makes a list of rules...Lots of mysteries surround the RV and missing money as she agrees to take Tyler and the other band members to locations where they have gigs over the next several weeks. She had not seen the breakin's coming... Sections of the chapters are from Tyler's point of view making the story more interesting as he's also discovering things about her and the things he finds-so many secrets... Lots of twists and turns as the mystery is solved...What I really liked about this book is 1. it takes me places I've yet to travel to, experience for myself, 2. bit of romance and sex and 3. learning new things-especially about the recording and music industry.All around good read! Will be looking for more by this author.I won this book from the author and will review it using my honest review.

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-12 15:48

    Not bad for romance with suspense. Characters seemed real.

  • Chris
    2019-04-17 10:39

    Cute story.

  • Lynne Spreen
    2019-03-20 12:54

    An entertaining and fun romance, starring "older" people (she's in her late forties, he's in his fifties). Nice to read about people reinventing themselves and finding love in the second half.

  • Patricia
    2019-03-31 17:49

    This book was too risqué for me and so I stopped reading it.