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A new book from natural birth pioneer, teacher and writer Janet Balaskas. Based on 15 years of working with water births, the book is packed with inspiring stories. It s a helpful handbook, for parents contemplating a water birth, and for the midwives who will attend them in labour....

Title : The Water Birth Book
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ISBN : 9780007108176
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 302 Pages
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The Water Birth Book Reviews

  • Pippilota Mentolka
    2019-03-25 05:04

    An extremely useful book for those determined to labour and/or give birth in water. The book is an exhaustive source of information: it gives historical perception of the idea of birth in water; depicts in the smallest detail the process of labour and birth trough all the stages; clarifies even the smallest questions of medical, psychological and practical character that could arise. The book explains the process of preparation of becoming mother, the labour and birth itself on an everyday language. It depicts in detail all the medical procedures that might need to be done so that they could be understood without the necessity of having medical education to be understood and in the same time not sounding laic. Every chapter of the book is illustrated with a personal story and backed with numerous scientific studies and data leaving no room for doubt on the safety and positive effects of labouring in water. The Water Birth Book is exactly about that – water birth, but in the same time it keeps in the reader's mind that each and every birth is different and specific in its own way. That is why it prepares women for all the unexpected situations that could arise during pregnancy and the phases of labouring (in water or, if necessary, outside the birth pool). It notes all the medical procedures that could become crucial for the safety of the mother and child, all the positive and negative effects of their application. It inspires the belief in the powers that each woman possesses - something pregnant women desperately need in times of highly hospitalised and medicamentised labouring process (at least in countries where women are convinced by medical personnel that natural birth is barbaric and a Cesarean is the safest, easiest and best way to deliver). In the end this book builds a balanced and realistic view and expectations about the birth in general no matter how it is achieved.

  • Lindley Walter-smith
    2019-04-07 23:44

    2.5 stars. This would probably have been better as a 50 page ebook - much of the book is padding or irrelevancy to fill up the pages. The core information does present a useful overview of waterbirth, including the recognition that it isn't right for everyone, and the dangers involved, and helped firm my decision to pursue one.On a side note - I wish natural birth advocates didn't presume all their readers have minds so open that their brains fall out. Just because I am willing to accept on the evidence that water birthing is a relatively pleasant and safe way to approach labour doesn't mean I am willing to accept that every disproven SCAM remedy in the world is effective, or that attachment parenting is good for children.

  • Rebecca Erlewein
    2019-04-03 00:37

    Everything about water birth was explained very well, and the author's very clear and balanced view inspires confidence. The best part for me was having a veryclear description of the natural birth process, including hormones, when a woman is not disturbed by interventions. I'd recommend this to any expecting woman and her partner.

  • Katsim Simons
    2019-03-26 23:55

    This was a great commercial for water birthing without really giving me enough scientific info to decide. Anecdotal evidence doesn't cut it. Maybe that's all there is; maybe more studies need to be conducted. But overall, I did not find this book helpful at all.

  • Claudette
    2019-04-02 23:44

    I love the idea of a water birth and love water myself. But after I'd finished reading it, I was told by my doctor that a water birth was out of the question because of gestational diabetes. Anyway I can still have a bath and use water as a pain relief!

  • Jenna
    2019-03-29 03:37

    Very comforting book for an expecting mother. Whether you intend on having a water birth or just laboring in water and birthing on land it is full of useful information and insight from other woman who share their birthing experiences.