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"Tiesin jo silloin että jotain hirveää oli tapahtunut, aavistelin jopa mitä. Epäilykseni vahvistuivat nähtyäni Langin kaulalla vereksiä punaisia jälkiä, joita hän yritti piilotella takinkauluksensa suojiin. Sanoin Langille että olipa hän tehnyt rakkaudesta tai vihasta mitä hyvänsä, hän saisi vastata siitä itse. Kehotin häntä ajamaan suoraa päätä Pasilan poliisitalolle tunn"Tiesin jo silloin että jotain hirveää oli tapahtunut, aavistelin jopa mitä. Epäilykseni vahvistuivat nähtyäni Langin kaulalla vereksiä punaisia jälkiä, joita hän yritti piilotella takinkauluksensa suojiin. Sanoin Langille että olipa hän tehnyt rakkaudesta tai vihasta mitä hyvänsä, hän saisi vastata siitä itse. Kehotin häntä ajamaan suoraa päätä Pasilan poliisitalolle tunnustamaan. Lang pudisti päätään ja purskahti itkuun."Sinä keväänä Lang, menestyvä talk shown vetäjä, oli eronnut toisesta vaimostaan ja muutenkin hukkateillä. Hän oli päättänyt viettää kesän Helsingissä. Eräässä Ison Roobertinkadun pizzapaikassa Langin ja nuoren naisen välille sukeutuu erikoinen keskustelu. Nainen tulee Langin luokse yöksi ja ilmoittaa nukkuvansa sohvalla. Aamulla hän on häipynyt, eikä Lang tiedä naisesta kuin etunimen. Mutta Saritasta tulee Langille pakkomielle. Vaikka varoittavat ennusmerkit ovat ilmassa alusta pitäen, Lang on sokea niille...

Title : Lang
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ISBN : 9789511248064
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Lang Reviews

  • karen
    2019-05-23 14:58

    so. lang. yeah, jessica, i just don't know. you might totally dig this, i didn't. this book is like when people try to tell me that gwyneth paltrow or cameron diaz are hot, and i'm like, yeah, they seem healthy and all their features are in the right places, but i just don't feel a "hot" vibe coming from them; it's just not for me. this book is the same, it is chilly and aloof, as remote as the finland it chronicles. oh, god, gay! but seriously... it is. maybe this book is really good, to people who like this kind of thing.i think it is a little flat. the thing is, you can't do everything he is trying to do in a novel of this size, especially if the prose is this spare. you can't have a noir-ish love triangle that leads to murrrderrr, a commentary on the decline of media integrity, side-characters in the form of a crazy sister, an uncle with a boat (seriously - why was he even in there??), a briefly drug addicted son, a couple of ex-wives (only one of which gets any screentime).... yes, i get the fact that the son is meant to be a casualty of "the times" and "piss poor parenting" etc , but jeebus the book isn't even 200 pages. it would have been perfectly fine with only a taut obsessive-love story and call it a night already.and then.then it gets all postmooooodern with the inclusion of the "story within a story" conceit and the narrator at a remove from the action who once dated the crazy sister (to what end - no one knows)and who can we trust anyway and blah di blahno.and it is just clumsy. like this:"she slurped and smacked her way through them (crayfish), drinking heroically of the chardonnay, and lang noted that she was one of those who not only ate the tail, but sucked on the head and the abdomen" yup, food/sex/life voracity for it all, got it"there was always a strong wind and beyond the shoreline boulders - that were smooth and softly rounded as reclining women's breasts which have not yet been pumped up with silicone"gack.and sarita is given such cute and quirky lines to show she is deep and inscrutable, "sometimes i get so sick of opinions that i want to be transformed into a sea anemone or something"thanks, bjork...but then there is the occasional line like this, that makes me clench my fists with wanting the rest of the book to fall in line:"he wondered if anni sometimes felt the way he did, that the thoroughly bilingual person loses her innermost self, that she no longer has a language for her deepest love and her deepest emotions, and that she therefore experiences all words spoken during the act of love as false and wrong, as if she wished there were a language that fitted somewhere in between"again, all this is being written by an author-character who explicitly says this is an unauthorized account, so why, then, do we care? why isn't it less uneven? for a book this short, there is a lot of extraneous junk cluttering the damn thing up, and it's not like the character is a sympathetic one so when anything bad happens, the reader just thinks, "well,maybe you shouldn't be talking to your woman like that. fair is fair". maybe i just don't understand the nordic lands. everything i have read from sweden, norway etc - it just sucks to be a lady. even the tough ones who suck the abdomen out of their crayfish still take a lot more shit than i would. from passive aggressive bullshit to straight up violence - come on ladies! women, thou art loosed and all, is this helpful?? it's not terrible, it's just it is so small, the flaws stand out more clearly. maybe you will think it is awesome.

  • Jens
    2019-05-09 13:02

    Neither the main characters nor their relationships are convincingly drawn, they appear conceived and bloodless.

  • Hannu Sinisalo
    2019-05-05 15:18

    Siisti noir-henkinen kolmiodraama, joka vetää heti alussa mukaansa paljastamalla tarinan surullisen loppuratkaisun. Oikein hyvä rikosromaani, ja myös lievästi nostalginen aikamatka takaisin vuosituhannen vaihteeseen.

  • Daniela
    2019-05-21 14:02

    Föredetta TV-personligheten Lang har ställt till med något jobbigt - detta får man veta redan i början av boken då han ringer till sin ungdomsvän mitt i natten och vill låna en stor spade. Därefter får vi via ungdomsvännens narrativ läsa om vad som ledde till den förfärliga händelsen och natten med spaden. Många har tyckt att personerna i denna bok (som i övriga Westös verk) förblir kalla och icke-trovärdiga. Själv har jag däremot upplevt att det finns rum för att själv fylla i luckorna som finns runt de stora frammålade karaktärsdragen. Det fungerar bra, om man nu råkar gilla att få själv bestämma lite - och det gillar jag.

  • Elizabeth Sieminski
    2019-05-13 21:16

    Yes - in the end a disappointment - kept waiting for something unusual or interesting - never happened, will try one more by author

  • osoi
    2019-05-26 18:55

    (ворнинг: овер-экспрессия и нелицеприятные характеристики героев)Не знаю, какого черта меня понесло в степь Текста. Это издательство попадает в тему через раз; в неудачные дни у них даже скандинавы выглядят дебилами. Ланг – типичная такая стори оф май лайф, приправленная рефлексией. Это согласовано с реализмом, обилием неинтересных подробностей из жизни героя и разверткой с конца. Ланг сидит в тюрьме и рассказывает, как дошел до жизни такой. Даже не он лично повествует, а избранный им дружбан-писатель.Только на третьей текстовой книге подряд я конкретно так споткнулась. Не выношу замкнутых пространств, где герои варятся в собственном соку. Ланг тусует в логове любовницы, и на каждой странице все одно и то же – он дарит ее сыну подарок, волнуется по поводу мести бывшего мужа, готовит жрачку, а потом на протяжении еще трех страниц описывает, как восхитительна любовница в постели и за что он ее так любит. И так повтором еще раз десять. Я за него рада. Но мне это совсем не интересно.Отношения, построенные на постоянном постельном режиме, быстро надоедают, хоть к ним и привыкаешь. А если тебе изменит твоя любовница, то это ускорит распад отношений. О, как прекрасно показано это все в книге. Можно допостелиться с кем-то до того, что уже тошно смотреть на него.При двадцать пятом пояснении, что ляжки у Сариты необыкновенны, она очень мило шепелявит его имя и между ними с самого начала была особенная связь, мне захотелось утопить всех героев этой книги, и даже рассказчика, чьей лопатой закапывали труп. Единственная интрига состояла в том, что фиг догадаешься, кого же Ланг все же пришил и поехал закапывать в лесу (об этом говорится на первых же страницах) – то ли любовницу, то ли ее бывшего, то ли вообще кого-то левого, и грядущая история любви нужна лишь для отвода глаз.Главная героиня по имени Сарита – недалекая подстилка. Если в начале знакомства с Лангом она была загадочной и непонятной (Саландер-стайл), то после первого же кроватного знакомства стала проявлять неуверенность в себе и стала такой типичной теткой, с которой хорошо, но скучно. Собственно, неглупый такой себе Ланг поэтому и проводил с ней столько времени в постели – поговорить с ней откровенно не о чем. Плюс к этому она страдает любовью к своему бывшему мужу, с которым они резвились в снегу – говорит, никогда не испытывала ничего подобного, и влечение к нему побеждает все. Слабохарактерная шваль, вот ты кто, Саритушка. (спойлер: а в итоге, пока Ланг будет гнить за нее в тюрьме, она будет стелиться под нового кавалера помоложе)Ланг – типичный мужик, думает об увядании своей пиписьки на склоне лет и качается в тренажерке, дабы соответствовать своей молодой любовнице. Ведет какую-то остро-социальную программу на ТВ, но выпускает удачные серии только по настроению. Неуравновешенный, недолюбленный мужик, который сам не знает, чего хочет. И слегка психопатит.Единственный, кто заслужил моей симпатии – это продюсер Ланга. Вот уж на что энергичный, вспыльчивый и отходчивый мужик. Фамилию не вспомню. Но он мил.Абсолютно бестолковая книга. Хочу вереск, чтобы горы разговаривали с равниной, овечки скакали по холмам, выйти из машины и убежать в лес за зайцем

  • Karen
    2019-05-04 15:02

    Kjell Westo is a Swedish speaking Finnish author, who has previously published poetry, short stories and three novels. LANG is his first suspense / crime novel.The central character, Lang, is a twice divorced, well-known novelist and host of a TV discussion panel show in Finland. He's a very self-obsessed, slightly pretentious man who totally loses personal control when he meets Sarita - a very self-contained, distant woman. Lang and Sarita develop a complicated and tortuous personal relationship which is not helped by the presence of Sarita's ex-husband Marko. Lang feels physically and emotionally threatened by Marko but his passion for Sarita is so extreme he cannot tear himself away.The novel is structured in an unusual manner, there is a narrator, Lang's best friend, who starts off telling the story after a murder has been committed, when Lang calls him late in the night. The story then steps back through the events that led up to Lang meeting Sarita, the difficulties of their relationship, their various split ups and reconciliations and Marko's involvement. The narration of events is interspersed with snippets of the narrator's involvement with Lang since childhood, and even before the crime is revealed in the book, Lang's behaviour in prison where he is obviously serving a sentence for killing somebody - but who is not clear. The victim is intentionally vague until the final clarification - it could be Sarita, it could be Marko, it could really be anybody.This is another one of those classic Scandinavian style crime fiction books where nothing is easy, nothing is simply resolved, and there are more questions at the end than there are answers. Lang is an unpleasant character - not the sort of person that you could warm to, and even at the end, when it appears that he may just have done something grand and selfless for love, he is at the same time pulling away from the people who try to support him, back into his prickly, self-involved world. Sarita is both a victim and a perpetrator, she uses Lang just as much as he tries to control her. Even the narrator is relieved that his involvement is kept out of the courts and therefore out of the press. Another one of those books that you can't say outright that you loved or even necessarily enjoyed, but you read it, and you think about it for weeks and weeks afterwards.

  • Alibiserver
    2019-04-28 14:15

    Woman trouble is big troubleI remembered the time when a woman tricked me to something. Of course, I fell for her, and when love is blind, it casts the lover in the same plight as well. The end result was a loss not only monetarily but also drained me of my ego and well-being.I should’ve listened to my mother then. She warned me before all of it happened.Lang for me felt at home with that unsavoury memory in my past. True to its words, it is half a psychological novel and a suspenseful novel of some sort. Told through Christian (Kride for short) Lang’s friend Konrad Wendell, Lang tells the banal story of a man’s journey to self-destruction just because a woman came to his life, they had sex, believed in love and happiness ever after, and soon, consummated by that passion and lust welling inside him, he commits crime to support the female vice. The novel is a textbook example of painting jealousy, the feelings that arise from it, and where one goes far for it.There were parts that weakened the book for me personally, some plot holes that were saved slightly by the unreliable narrator. One aspect was when Marko visited Sarita and Lang heard them, presumably having sex, judging from what he heard. This wasn’t opened in several subsequent chapters and in the end it’ll give a vague picture of Sarita being the user that she always was.Another was the confusion of place names. Having been weaned with Nordic thrillers for some time, the road names were all familiarly Swedish but the novel took place in Finland. There are Swedish speakers in Finland but with street names in Swedish, one can’t be helped but be confused.Finally, there’s the persistence of flashbacks. While I admire putting in pockets of information about Estelle, or Lang’s friendship with Konrad, I desperately wanted more out of Sarita, who she is and what she was, which, for all I know, may or may not be deliberately revealed in the book.

  • Grete Larsen
    2019-05-23 13:52

    Emne: kærlighed ; mænd ; forfængelighedChristian Lang, tv-vært i Helsingfors, har altid haft et misundelsesværdigt liv, men da han forelsker sig i den gådefulde Sarita og drages ind i hendes liv, begynder tilværelsen hastigt at vise sin komplicerede side DBC

  • Franzi
    2019-05-20 20:53

    Die Geschichte wird rückblickend von Lang Jugendfreund erzählt. Der Name dieses Freundes wird nicht genannt, nur aus Rückblenden in die Vergangenheit geht hervor, dass Christian Lang ihn Konni nennt. Beide kennen sich aus bereits aus Jugendzeiten und daher ist es Konni möglich zusätzlich zu den erzählten Geschehnissen auch Erlebnisse aus der Vergangenheit beizusteuern, die die Handlungsweisen Langs besser verdeutlichen sollen.Die Geschichte selbst wird flüssig und spannend erzäht, selbst die Tatsache, dass man sich anhand des Klappentextes und der ersten Seiten bereits denken kann „was“ Christian Lang getan hat, stört keineswegs. Aber das Warum, wie es zu dieser Tat kam wird durch den Erzähler gut wiedergegeben. Am Ende bleiben dennoch einige offene Fragen, die sich der Erzähler zwar auch stellt, sie aber ebenso wenig beantworten kann wie der Leser.Mir hat die Darstellung beider Figuren gut gefallen. Selbst ohne die Einmischung des Exmannes ist die Beziehung zwischen Christian und Sarita alles andere als stabil und harmonisch. Sie haben völlig gegensätzliche Charaktere, trauen sich gegenseitig auch nicht absolut über den Weg und bauen immer wieder Mauern um sich selbst herum. Dazu kommt die schnelllebige Zeit der Medienbranche, in der Christian arbeitet und deren Veränderung zu immer jünger, immer spektakulärer ihn nicht nur verunsichert sondern gegen alles verstößt, woran er immer festhielt. Letztlich führt seine Weigerung „mit der Zeit zu gehen“ zu seinem beruflichen Abstieg.Und vielleicht hätte sich das Drama auch gar nicht abspielen müssen, hätte Lang den warnenden Stimmen einiger Personen doch etwas mehr Gehör geschenkt.Insgesamt ein für mich stimmiger und guter Roman mit einer interessanten Handlung und guten Figuren.

  • BoekenTrol
    2019-05-11 15:54

    I found it a puzzling book at first. I had forgotten that in Finland part of the population is Finnish-Swedish, so it was rather confusing to read all the Swedish street names realizing that the city is Helsinki.It was a quick read, not very interesting, partly because the outcome of the plot was already told on the back side of the book, there was no "will he do it or not" in the whole book. No, it was a rather annoying book, with characters who just lived their lives and did not 'do' anything to end the misery they were in, it was, despite all the violence in the relations, a rather dull book to me.

  • Stan Lanier
    2019-05-05 20:57

    Advertised as a novel of suspense, it did turn out to be a page turner-- but not in the usual sense of high octane action or wondering if a character would arise out of peril. It was a slow burner more of the "why done it" variety with a twist. I remained intensely interested throughout, finishing this slim text in a matter of hours. The narrator's voice has something of the tonality of that found in Per Petterson's OUT STEALING HORSES, but it isn't the least bit imitative of that novel or of that author. The style is pared down; a distinctive change from the heat generated by Hollywood and hypercapitalist induced tales.

  • Isabelle
    2019-04-29 15:12

    I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel; it was intriguing, the choice of a childhood friend growing up in the protagonist's shadow as a narrator was very astute and full of promise, the ominous sense of impending doom extremely well depicted. However, I could not help feeling that the book ran out of momentum rather fast and abruptly. Eventually, the book became predictable. All of a sudden, I realized that what had started out as a fine psychological thriller had started to morph into the quasi soap-opera-ish story of a midlife crisis.How disappointing!

  • J
    2019-05-18 19:16

    If you, like me, started the Nordic crime novel genre with Larsen, and you then moved on to Nesbö and Mankell - you will enjoy this book. It's an easy read. I especially enjoyed it because it takes place where I live - even mentioning some restaurants I frequent. The author is a Swedish speaking Finn, though, so the place names are written in Swedish.

  • Matti
    2019-05-03 14:55

    Päähenkilö, Lang, on TV-persoona, jonka ura on laskusuunnassa; ammatillisen kamppailun lisäksi Lang ajautuu osaksi kolmiodraamaa mysteerinaisen ja tämän väkivaltaisen ex-miehen kanssa. Melkoisen mitäänsanomaton kirja. Tylsähkö tarina, teksti ei oikein lähtenyt lentoon missään vaiheessa ja hahmot jäivät etäisiksi.

  • Suketus
    2019-05-11 12:55

    Lukumaratonin saldoa.Heikoin Westö, jonka olen lukenut. Tarina on kiinnostava ja sen henkilöissä problematiikkaa, mutta muutamat teemat jäivät aivan pintaraapaisuiksi, enkä tiedä, oliko kokonaisuus kuitenkaan ihan niin vakuuttava. Mutta heikkokin Westö on silti Westö.

  • Katri
    2019-05-11 16:15

    Ensimmäinen Westöni on nyt luettu! Tykkäsin (enkä osaa päättää onko tämä kolmen vai neljän tähden kirja), mutta odotan kyllä enemmän Westön muilta teoksilta. Nyt kirjan aihe ja tarina tuntui vähän kulahtaneelta, vaikkakin Westön tyylistä pidin.

  • Noora
    2019-05-06 16:52

    Ensimmäinen Westön kirja, jonka luin ja luin lähes kertaistumalta loppuun. Kirjoittajan tyyli on hyvää ja pitää otteessaan. Toisaalta kuitenkin tarinassa ei ole mitään todella erikoista, mitä joku ei olisi jo kertonut.

  • Efemia
    2019-05-14 13:02

    Nice enough read. Some thoughtful meditations on life, the meaning of celebrity, doom and obssession. Very well-written. It was just I could see the ending so early on. Twists and turns would have helped the plot greatly.

  • Allan Donald
    2019-04-30 18:19

    "and cried but was perhaps also looking out of the window at the snowflakes that fell over the little town and sparkled when they passed through the band of light from the street lamps"

  • Sólveig Sveinbjörnsdóttir
    2019-05-20 18:15

    interesting but not memorable

  • Jer Hogan
    2019-05-12 19:18

    The title character is unsympathetic which makes this hard to read - it's noirish. However its compelling.

  • Sharon Mensing
    2019-04-27 19:13

    The famous Scandinavian reserves was just too distant for me in this one.

  • Steve
    2019-05-17 13:57

    Lang, an aging Finnish talk show host, becomes involved in a relationship with a mysterious young woman -- and by extension, her psychopathic ex-husband.