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The novella Romaji Diary represents the first instance of a Japanese writer using Romaji - roman script - to relate stories in non-kana or kanji format. Sad Toys is a collection of 194 Tanka, the traditional 31-syllable poems that evoke Japan's misty past....

Title : Romaji Diary, And Sad Toys
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ISBN : 9780804832533
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 279 Pages
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Romaji Diary, And Sad Toys Reviews

  • Eadweard
    2019-03-31 05:39

    (From the diary)" For a long time we have treated the word "ideal" with contempt. We have discovered to our cost that the ideals we once cherished were indeed only a pathetic daydream. It was no more than a life illusion.5 However, we are living, and we have to live. The ideal we have again erected with our own hands after destroying everything to the full is no longer a pathetic daydream. And even if this ideal is after all only a life illusion, we cannot live without it. Were I to abandon this need, which comes from the innermost depths of my heart, there would be nothing left for me but to die. "----" There are two kinds of friendship. One, a friendship in which each party seeks something in the mind of the other. And the second, a friendship in which someone is approached because of mutual tastes, opinions, or interests. In the first type, differences in taste, opinion, or interest or differences in status and occupation will never be an obstacle to camaraderie unless they lead the two individuals into a situation in which they are forced to directly and seriously compete with each other. A friendship between two such people lasts a comparatively long time.A friendship of the second type, however, is considerably different. Of course, in some situations a friendship formed in this manner changes into the first along the way and continues a long time. But generally this latter relationship is, in a sense, a kind of business connection. It's a commercial relationship. It's not a direct relationship between A and B, but a relationship between A's property or rights—for example, his tastes, his opinions, and his interests—and those that B possesses. The mutual relationship between shops and banks continues as long as no change occurs in their actual business conditions. Once some change does occur in either party, the transactions must be broken off. That is the natural order of things. "----(Poetry) When I breathe, This sound in my chest Lonelier than the winter wind----How man weakens once he's ill! A cluster of numberless thoughts And the desire to cry ...----Resting these hands Weary from holding a book in bed .. O this tangle of thought----Just now in my dream, the cuckoo— How sad Not to have forgotten its song!

  • Chris Lynch
    2019-04-06 22:41

    This personal diary and collection of tanka was written in early 20th century Japan. The poet, Takuboku Ishikawa, was a weak, irresponsible, miserable man who died in his twenties of tuberculosis -- closely followed by his long-suffering wife and his mother.Takuboku's self-pity is barely tolerable at times, especially in the tanka, but his life was admittedly pitiful; he can almost be forgiven for spending his meager income on Tokyo prostitutes rather sending money to his family in Hokkaido. He's somewhat redeemed by his brutal honesty.Overall, this is an interesting read, though its literary merit is slight, at least in English. It's hard in translation to appreciate the mix of colloquial and formal Japanese he used in his tanka, on which his importance as a modern poet apparently rests. The extensive notes help to remedy that, but I was still left with the impression that Takuboku was a promising poet who mostly failed to use his talent.He wrote his tanka (5/7/5/7/7) in three lines. One that stuck with me illustrates both his talent and his essential impotence as a man:LaughterA rare sound in this house -- A fly wrings its hands

  • Holly Woodward
    2019-03-24 01:31

    Some of his tiny poems are masterpieces. Tragi-comic miniatures that stay with one. The diary and commentary can get you bogged-down. Yes, the previous reviewer is right--he didn't lead an admirable life. But he gave what he could to the reader, so we ahve better fortune than he could.

  • Liyana
    2019-04-16 05:29

    Edit 27/9/14: Changed to 4 stars instead of 3. Sad Toys left an impression on me.Fascinating and sad. True accounts of a poverty-stricken poet, torn between honoring his family and chasing his ambition. 'A freedom from care', as he puts it.

  • Holly
    2019-04-06 02:15

    Part diary, part tanka collection. Emo (depressing). Sometimes relatable, sometimes misogynistic.

  • Stephen Douglas Rowland
    2019-04-09 00:41

    A spectacular downer of a diary -- tremendously depressing. I loved it!

  • Alline Alline
    2019-04-05 03:40