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Bliss, Texas, is gearing up for its annual Winter Wonderland festival, but when a mysterious Scrooge ends the merriment with murder, it'll take more than a ghost from Christmas past to set things right.Designing a holiday fashion show set in the town's most prominent historic mansion seems like a job tailor made for dressmaker Harlow Jane Cassidy. But with the mansion's reBliss, Texas, is gearing up for its annual Winter Wonderland festival, but when a mysterious Scrooge ends the merriment with murder, it'll take more than a ghost from Christmas past to set things right.Designing a holiday fashion show set in the town's most prominent historic mansion seems like a job tailor made for dressmaker Harlow Jane Cassidy. But with the mansion's restoration still in progress and threatening weather on the horizon, she's feeling on pins and needles more than reveling in holiday cheer.Having volunteered to play Santa in this year's festival, Dan Lee Chrisson was ready to move on after his divorce--until Bliss became his final resting place. Discovering his body puts Harlow at the scene of the crime. She'll need plenty of help from friends and even her late great-grandmother's spirited sleuthing if she's to have a ghost of a chance of catching a killer who's just jumped to the top of the naughty list.......

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Deadly Patterns Reviews

  • ❂ Jennifer
    2019-04-18 18:14

    I love this series and this book, Deadly Patterns, didn't let me down. I was extremely confused reading the last book and I truly think there was a continuity or editing error, concerning two of the characters, but everything is resolved and clearly so, in this book.I thought the mystery was excellent, lots of clues and lots of things distracting this reader from seeing all of them When the murderer was revealed it wasn't a total shock, but it was someone I hadn't given a lot of thought too.I absolutely love the characters and the setting and I can't wait for the next book to catch up with them all.

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2019-04-07 19:12

    This book brought me so many laughs, catches of breath, confusion, and ended with complete clarity. Huh? Yes, I really went through all that and in a mere comfy paperback novel. Ms. Bourbon writes very compellingly. This gives a reviewer a to make the reader (of the review) understand the excitement yet not give a darn thing away in telling. So, I will give you the points from the back of the book with my embellishments.Harlow Jane Cassidy, Butch Cassidy's descendant has been put in charge of the Winter Wonderland Fashion show by Mrs. James (yup, that James family.) Mrs. James and Mrs. Abernathy want to delegate and they seem to think Harlow Jane is the one to go to. The community has restored and renovated the old Dennison House. The house, itself, is filled with infamous folklore of the past, with having Bonnie and Clyde staying there and being won in a poker game. During the final walk-through of the house as the ladies start the decorating for the show, Mr. Dan Lee Chrissom goes up to the widow's walk for a safety check and falls. The railing is broken off! That sounds normal doesn't it? Well, that scene had me gasping and saying aloud "Oh, My Gosh." You have to read it to find out why.Was the fall innocent,an accident or was it planned? And, who was supposed to fall? And, here is the magic question, just why?There is treasure, genealogy, craft making, Santa Claus, and Romance in this compact mystery. The Cassidy gift expands, as does the family. So, here is the truth, I love this series. I can barely wait until "Custom-Fit" comes out in July 2013. Grab a copy and catch up with the 'Hole in the Wall' gang in 2012!

  • Kate
    2019-04-05 15:57

    You wouldn't really know it from the title or cover but this is a Christmas themed book. It was good and moved along at a fast pace that made me want to keep reading. My only complaint about this series is that Harlow keeps discovering more and more people who are related to her from way back when, and it is difficult and sometimes confusing to keep the names straight and trace back how they are related to her. I hope the author will simplify the family tree references a bit in the next book.

  • Fred
    2019-04-14 16:09

    Deadly Patterns is the third book in the A Magical Dressmaking Mystery series.Life back in Bliss, Texas is going well for Harlow Jane Cassidy and her dressmaking shop is going well, too. Preparation are well underway for the Holiday fashion show that will be held at a beautiful mansion that is currently being restored. When the recently divorced Dan Lee Chrisson goes to inspect the railing around the widow's walk and doesn't return in a few minutes, Harlow and some other members of the planning committee go see where he might be. When they get there they find that the railing has broke and Chrisson has fallen to his death. Harlow, in the chaos that happened upon finding the body, also falls, but is save by a tent that has been erected in the back. So with numerous bumps and bruises she sets out to finish several outfits for the show and a new Santa's suit for Will.But, naturally, her mind keeps going back to the death of Chrisson. Everyone knew that the railing was weak, so was it an accident or murder? There are several possible suspects. The ex-wife, Raylene, who feared that Chrisson would try to get custody of their child or maybe Hattie, Raylene's sister, for divorcing her sister. The house has a colorful past, what with Bonnie and Clyde having stayed there after a robbery in town. Possibly something valuable had been hidden in the house and the murderer thought that Chrisson might have found it.I always try to read a series in order, but somehow I missed #2. The author causally mention things that had occurred in that book and would have help me to understand better, those parts.This is a delightful series, with a fun and interesting cast of characters and just a little bit of woo-woo, too. And a little romance too.Looking forward to book #4.

    2019-04-17 14:05

    Bliss, Texas is getting ready for the annual Winter Wonderland Festival. Harlow Jane Cassidy has designed a holiday fashion show that will take place in the town's most prominent mansion. But the weather and the not yet completed restoration of the mansion has Harlow "on pins and needles" while everything comes together. It seems her workload keeps increasing as the event draws near. Where is that darn Lee Chrisson anyway? She needs to get that Santa suit altered.Sadly Lee Chrisson has met with foul play and will not be Santa in Bliss this year. Discovering the body puts Harlow at the scene of the crime. Someone has jumped to the top of the naughty list and Harlow will need the help of family and friends "if she has a ghost of a chance" of catching the killer.Dollycas's ThoughtsA trip to Buttons and Bows just warms my heart. Growing up in a family of seamstresses like Harlow these stories always bring back memories. When Harlow fears she is losing her magical charm because she can't envision the perfect outfit for Josie it almost broke my heart. My grandma was a lot like Harlow, she always made the perfect wedding dress or business suit for her clients making them feel beautiful or empowered. I think that's why I love MeeMaw so much. Her ghostly hi-jinks remind me so much of my grandma. I may have to check out my family tree, maybe we are related to Butch Cassidy :)Melissa Bourbon brings together wonderful characters, a little history, a bit of romance and a fun mystery perfect for this holiday season. Curl up with these charming ladies and the rest of Bliss, Texas. A perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  • Book of Secrets ☘
    2019-04-15 17:08

    DEADLY PATTERNS is another fun installment in the Magical Dressmaking Mystery series. Christmas is coming to the small town of Bliss, Texas, and with it the Winter Wonderland festival. Dressmaker Harlow Jane Cassidy has been put in charge of the fashion show, which is being held in the newly renovated Denison Mansion. Preparations for the event are rolling along until the man hired to play Santa winds up dead, the victim of foul play.After some investigating, Harlow finds out that this particular Santa was on several people's naughty list, and perhaps he wanted in the old Denison House for a reason other than spreading holiday cheer. With a little encouragement from her deceased great-grandmother's ghost, Harlow sets out to solve the Santa murder mystery and have the fashion show set to go on time.This is one of my favorite new cozy mystery series, so I can't miss a book. I love visiting Bliss, Texas, and Harlow is a very interesting and likable main character. In addition to the mystery, the story also delves deeper into the Cassidy family tree. It did get confusing remembering who was related to whom and how, all the way back to Butch Cassidy himself, but luckily there's a family tree chart at the back of the book.I would probably recommend reading the prior two books in the series first, just because Harlow has a complex family history and it would help to know the backstory. Fans of cozy mysteries with a little romance and a little magic are sure to be pleased.

  • Patty
    2019-03-27 14:47

    I sew and I love mysteries. When I saw an article written about the first book in the series, Pleating for Mercy, I contacted the Melissa to get permission to reprint it in the sewing guild newsletter I edit. Then I downloaded the book and it actually got me started on reading on my iPad. Because I was late to the party, I didn't wait long for the second book, and eagerly anticipated book three.The series is all about family histories and relationships, with a murder or two thrown in. In each book, Melissa has given you a good dose of the characters their eccentricities (and gifts) and as the series has developed so has the family tree. She weaves a good mystery that, of course, Harlow is compelled to solve, but she doesn't make Harlow a victim—someone who is always in peril and must be rescued.The book can stand on its own, but knowing some of the details of the ever-growing family tree can make it that much better. Truth be told my retention of those details over the course of a year-plus since reading the first book isn't so great. But I enjoyed this third book so much, I'm rereading the first two, and enjoying them all over again.

  • Debbie Heaton
    2019-04-09 12:04

    In Bourbon’s mystery novel, dressmaker Harlow Jane Cassidy is preparing for a holiday fashion show set in a recently restored mansion for the annual Winter Wonderland festival in Bliss, Texas. Dan Lee Chrisson has volunteered to play Santa Claus when his body is found unexpectantly after he apparently fell from the Widow’s Walk of the mansion. Harlow finds the body and sets her own investigation into motion allowing her natural sleuthing skills to blend with her special magic as she follows the pattern of clues to find the murderer.Harlow Jane is an amazing amateur sleuth and I love the advice she gets from her dearly departed great-grandmother! Another fabulous addition to the A Magical Dressmaking Mystery.

  • Vicky
    2019-03-28 13:14

    The only thing that irritates me about this series is that Harlow's brother Red is mentioned in all three books but never comes into reality until the tail end of this book. Also where is Granddaddy in the 1st 2 books and suddenly he appears at the end of this book also.

  • Dakota
    2019-04-07 17:07

    I'm so loving this series. I think plotwise this one is my favorite atm.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-18 15:09

    I really like this series, perfect for vacations.

  • Monica
    2019-03-26 12:03

    I love these stories. The characters and great and the mystery is good.Can't wait to start the next book.

  • Ashley Oswalt
    2019-03-23 20:08

    I just love this series. If only I could sew!

  • Jeanne Adamek
    2019-03-20 12:13

    4.5 stars

  • Jenna
    2019-03-27 16:00

    There's nothing like coming home, and reading Melissa Bourbon's Magical Dressmaking Mystery series feels exactly like coming home. Deadly Patterns is the third book in the series and one of my favorites.It's Christmastime in Bliss, and Harlow Jane is once again up to her elbows in prep work for a small town special event. At the behest of the senator's wife, Zinnia James, Harlow is putting together a winter wonderland fashion show to be held in one of the oldest and most historic homes in the town. But a terrifying tumble nearly puts and end to Harlow's efforts, not to mention putting her in very real danger.The past few months in Bliss have honed Harlow's talents, revealed her Cassidy charm, and turned her into an amateur sleuth. But becoming a "detective" isn't the only big change in Harlow's life: there's also Will. The budding relationships between him and Harlow is one of my favorite features of this series. They are sweet and real and one of the best cozy couples in contemporary fiction.One of the things that I enjoy the most in this series is how each installment pulls in pieces of the story of Butch Cassidy. Easy story is such a fun blend of Texas legend, magical realism, small town life, and a tight-knit family of strong, smart, and sassy women. All of these elements enhance whatever plot Melissa Bourbon dreams up and, together, entice readers to return again and again.

  • Leya
    2019-03-29 18:59

    've read my first Christmas themed book of the year. When I got this book at the library, I didn't realize it was, Melissa Bourbon is just one of those authors I automatically pick up without glassing at the blurb.Harlow has her plate full. Not only is she helping organize Winter Wonderland fashion show, she also in charge of sewing the clothes, Christmas decorations class, making the new Santa outfit, a newsletter, and also figuring out who wanted Dan Lee Chrisson dead.But she isn't alone, she has her usual friends and family about to help with her tasks. I loved that the author had Harlow tell Will about her gift and how all the branches of the Cassidy's have their own individual gifts. And it was not surprising that he took it well, love Will, but there is always that doubt that he would not accept it and leave. The solving of Dan Lee's murder was interesting. I loved that he was more complex than it was originally known. I love how everything in that little town is interconnected. I admit I couldn't figure out who killed him, but by the time the book was over it made sense.4.5/5

  • Sallee
    2019-03-20 15:09

    This is the second book in this series that I have read and I really enjoyed it. Harlow Cassidy, a descendant of Butch Cassidy has been given a magical gift that the female line of his family have been given since he wished on a fountain when he was in Argentina. Harlow's gift is that she can design and make clothes that bring out the best in her customers and make them feel special. When the divorced husband of an aquaintence is pushed off the roof of an historical mansion that they were readying for a Winter Wonderland festival and Harlow herself falls off at the same spot but is saved by an awning while he is killed, the mystery begins. Why, Who and What for keep this story going at a nice pace. Harlow's romance with Will Flores grows. His daughter, Gracie also has talents as she is in Butch Cassidy's blood line also but distantly related to Harlow. Family ties, family secrets, and family magic make this a great read. This is a great series you will be sure to enjoy.

  • Jessi
    2019-03-19 12:17

    Harlow Jane Cassidy, the descendant of Butch Cassidy, returns in a new novel about murder. This time, a man plunges to death from a widow's walk. He leaves behind an ex-wife, a baby, and a girlfriend as well as several other people who had reason to hate him. Harlow had volunteered to help with the winter festival taking place in a newly renovated historic mansion. While there, she falls off the widow's walk, right next to Dan Lee Chrisson's body. He had recently been divorced, not amicably, and his ex as well as her family were still very bitter.In this story, Harlow also discovers (not to the surprise of astute readers) that her family is larger than she thinks and that disclosing secrets can sometimes come as quite a relief.I love that Bourbon addresses different issues like why Harlow's last name is that of Cassidy's alias and why murders keep improbably cropping up around one person.

  • Kaye
    2019-03-25 17:54

    It's almost Christmas in Bliss, Texas, and Harlow Jane Cassidy is working hard designing the fashion show for the Winter Wonderland Festival in the most prominent historic mansion. Of course, there are problems, the mansion is not quite completed, the weather threatens to turn the streets into a skating rink, and Harlow is having trouble finding an outfit for her pregnant friend Josie. While meeting with the committee at the mansion, Dan Lee Chrisson plunges to his death from the widow's walk. Now Harlow is not only involved in finding the truth, but Dan Lee was supposed to play Santa. It's going to take all of her energy and friends to solve this mystery. Including the help of her great-grandmother Meemaws ghost. I really like this series because I like the characters. Harlow is an engaging sleuth with lots of secrets that often make her very uncomfortable.

  • Dharia Scarab
    2019-03-26 15:54

    This series had a rough start in book one, but in books 2 and 3, its definitely improved.Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books...1 star... This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars... This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars... This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars... I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up more from the series/author.5 stars... I loved this book! It had earned a permanent home in my collection and I'll be picking up the rest of the series and other books from the author ASAP.

  • Jessica Andersen
    2019-03-29 14:04

    This is a nice cozy mystery series. Harlow Cassidy is a descendant of Butch Cassidy. All of the women descended from him have a special gift. Harlow's is the ability to make clothing for someone that is exactly what they need and will help them achieve their desire. Deadly Patterns is the third book in the series, so the characters are well established. The series takes place in the small town of Bliss, Texas, and that town is full of secrets. New secrets manage to come out in every book. The mystery wasn't too hard to figure out, but not so easy that it gets boring, there are plenty of red herrings in there to keep you guessing. I enjoy this series and will definitely read the next one.

  • Lacey
    2019-04-11 12:05

    Another great novel in the Harlow Cassidy series! I just love Harlow, she's got an amazing personality and great sense of humor. Plus her family is a hoot. This novel especially had me seriously guessing until the very end. I had a feeling I knew who the murderer was but I wasn't completely sure until Harlow herself figured it all out. What a great 'who done it'. Also I'm supremely glad that it seems like Harlow and Will are finally getting closer. He seems like such an amazing guy, she can't let him slip through her fingers. That she finally shared her families secret with him makes me optimistic that their future will be a good one. I can't wait to get my hands on the next novel in this cozy mystery series!

  • Shuriu
    2019-03-19 17:03

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  • Bandmama (aka Lucy) - Claiming Mitch as mine
    2019-03-22 11:53

    Wow. What a great series. If you can relate to four generations of females and family and all the history and secrets that go with it and you love small town settings and enjoy sewing you HAVE to read these books. I plowed through the first three in about a week or so and now I'm sad because I have to wait for the next one. Please write fast Melissa! P.S. I think I've fallen in love with the leading man in this series. Will Flores is a true southern gentleman through and through. What a man.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-06 18:08

    Harlow is such an awesome character, she has an incredible gift!Harlow is incredibly lucky to have so many awesome relatives! (With more appearing all the time.)Will and Harlow make a fantastic couple, and Gracie really needs Harlow in her life.I love the ending, her family all walking the square together. Not to mention the Christmas Gift that Will and Gracie bring for her.I can't wait to read the next novel in this series!

  • Mascanlon
    2019-04-14 17:47

    I have enjoyed all three of the books in this series but this one less than the others. Secrets are one thing but the coincidences now even for a light hearted book based on magic bestowed on women by wishes Butch Cassidy made 200 yrs ago are piled so high it was hard to get into the mystery very much. i do like the characters and the writing very much so if the author can back off just a little on the more incredible coincidences to carry her tale along this would be a stronger series.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-15 20:08

    Harlow is such an awesome character, she has an incredible gift!Harlow is incredibly lucky to have so many awesome relatives! (With more appearing all the time.)Will and Harlow make a fantastic couple, and Gracie really needs Harlow in her life.I love the ending, her family all walking the square together. Not to mention the Christmas Gift that Will and Gracie bring for her.I can't wait to read the next novel in this series!

  • Moondance
    2019-04-12 14:48

    The Cassidy charm keeps extending in the town of Bliss, Texas. Harlow seems like a stronger character in this installment. I love her interaction with her family and the townspeople. I particularly enjoy the growing romance with Will. Bits of history find the way into the storyline and make it so much fun. I love this series!

  • Nicky
    2019-04-14 18:08

    As all the books in this series, I loved reading it. Bliss is so full of rich history that makes the story so interesting. I love Harlow and Will and the sense of a close knit family throughout the stories. Harlow makes me want to get back into sewing, although I wish I could just whip up outfits like she can! Can't wait for the next book. Melissa.... write faster!!

  • Rogue Reader
    2019-04-17 18:15

    More deadly and mysterious happenings in the small town of Bliss, Texas. Christmas brings a pageant, new dresses that showcase the future, and of course a couple of deaths. Harlowe's busy pulling on strings trying to figure out the murder and the family histories that make this series such a delight. -- Ashland Mystery