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What would you do if your first love suddenly walked back into your life? This is a question Alexa Moore finds herself asking the moment she comes face to face with her childhood sweetheart, nearly fifteen years after his mysterious disappearance.Carter Storm is a thirteen-year-old precocious child actor awaiting his big break in the entertainment industry. Alexa Moore isWhat would you do if your first love suddenly walked back into your life? This is a question Alexa Moore finds herself asking the moment she comes face to face with her childhood sweetheart, nearly fifteen years after his mysterious disappearance.Carter Storm is a thirteen-year-old precocious child actor awaiting his big break in the entertainment industry. Alexa Moore is just a regular teenager seeking acceptance from her peers. With heartbreak and humor, these two friends expose a world of secrets and learn to survive in the face of life’s contradictions. When Carter’s dark life suddenly unveils before Alexa’s eyes, she witnesses her best friend be beat down mercilessly by his stage mother’s antics. And the truth about his father is exposed after he’s accused of domestic abuse. Its Alexa’s strong will and determination that helps Carter pull through his darkest hours. The two are bonded by a love that only deepens as they grow. However, the closer they get, the more Carter’s mother will do what she can to keep her son from being distracted, going as far as trying to rip their friendship apart. The two are forced keep their childhood romance hidden from prying eyes. Then, Alexa’s world shatters the day she comes home and discovers Carter’s family packed up and gone without a word.Fifteen years later Carter Storm resurfaces as a Grammy award winner. While he’s living life in the Hollywood fast lane, Alexa struggles to keep it together after her parents are killed simultaneously in two very tragic accidents. Just when all seems lost, Alexa is sent to Las Vegas for a job that requires her to do celebrity makeup. It is here she unexpectedly reunites with the boy she never stopped loving: Carter Storm. When an inexplicable attraction leads to a shocking betrayal, Alexa faces the hardest question of her heart: When does love cross the line of moral obligation. And how far will she go to hold on to her past?Above all, this is a story about friendship--its risks, twists, turns and complications---and how it weathers the challenges of love, and most of all, growing up....

Title : Forever Blue
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ISBN : 9781463727536
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Forever Blue Reviews

  • edzkie♥§*.*§♥
    2019-02-15 06:21

    ♫♪♫♪Don’t wanna be forever blue‘Cause I deserve some love that’s trueFinding it the hard wayAnd wishing for it everydayI guess I was wrong to want you, yeah‘Cause I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraidTo be forever blue♫♪♫♪3.5 STARS!My LSS the whole time I'm reading this book...And the book leaves me forever blue too.☻I wasn’t looking at my best friend anymore. This boy made my heart skip a beat, this boy gave me butterflies in my stomach. Those gentle bluish-green eyes took my breath away. I could have racked my brain all night for the precise way to register my new found feelings. One thing was certain: he was my one. Most people go on their whole lives and never find their one, but I found mine. I found him when I was twelve-years-old.Alexa Moore & Carter Storm's story of young love was bittersweet.Its like reading The Sweet Gum Tree again but with a different plot. With Carter needed to be save from his mother manipulation. They got separated when Carter's mother transfer them to another place to pursue Carter's showbiz career. After that the book became a story of Alexa's journey on survival. How she cope up with Carter disappearance, her father's death, her depression, financial difficulty, then her career choice, her mother's death, and marriage to her boyfriend, Scotty. While Carter became famous singer "Aldien Storm". They met again and its like addiction, they became drawn to each other. It ends with a cliffhanger.....arrrrgggghhhh! After going through a lot of pages. I like love triangle but I'm not sure with this one coz Alexa, although they are not having sex, but all her sneaking from her husband just to be with Carter annoyed me. And I don't like Carter too. I feel that they became shallow when they grow up. I love them when they were still young... but then there will be book 2 and I'm guessing a lot of infidelity will be involve and not only from Alex & Carter..not sure if I'm gonna read it..I'm still stuck and forever blue..harharhar!!☺

  • Jessica's Book Review
    2019-02-16 05:42

    Read more reviews on my blog | Like me on FacebookI am such a sucker for stories about falling in love with the boy next door and living happily ever after. Forever Blue by Jennifer Edlund is ALMOST just that… Alexa is 12 years-old and is dreading another boring summer sitting at home with no friends. The first day of summer brings change when Carter Storm moves in across the street from Alexa. The two become best friends almost instantly and have a very cute and innocent child “love affair” you can call it… but very innocent. Carter has a stage mom who is very demanding trying to make him a big star and is just cruel to everyone and wants Carter to stay away from her and focus on his career. Alexa’s only friend is Carter and the two really start to depend on each other and need each other in many ways.Carter’s big break comes along two years later when they are now 14 years-old. Carter’s mother moves their family away and Alexa was never able to get to say her goodbye to him and was left heartbroken. Alexa and Carter never speak again; Carter becomes a big famous star and Alexa has been living a life of heartache and loss.Now as adults in their mid/late twenties Alexa is married to Scotty, a wonderful man and Carter Storm is now “Aiden” Storm and has taken a turn to the worse with his stardom, living the typical Hollywood life or partying, drinking, and drugs. The two see each other for the first time in 13 years and it only complicates Alexa’s life.I thought this book was so original and unique. I loved that the book went back and forth between present time and the past, doing so made me understand the relationship Carter and Alexa had together and why it affected her so deeply. I adored reading about all the cute stories of the two as kids and how cute their relationship was, especially their first date. (So adorable!) Alexa had to deal with a lot of loss early in life and I always felt Alexa was holding onto Carter more to hold onto her childhood then actually Carter himself. Carter, or should I say Aiden as an adult was a total mess, I don’t see why any women would want him over Scotty, the perfect husband. The book mainly focuses on Alexa and her life. It ends on a major cliff hanger and will make you run to read the sequel, I sure did! I just had to know if Alexa was really going to ruin her life for Carter/Aiden. The idea of falling back in love with your first childhood love is sweet but I think there is more to the story than that. Alexa is a deep character with emotional issues, understandably after losing her family and why she is holding onto Carter so tightly after 13 years of being apart. It’s important the reader understands the characters and make the story even more real.I give Forever Blue 4 stars. It kept me on my toes and left me wanting more!

  • Jill
    2019-02-12 04:14

    I had zero expatiations when I got this book. It was free on Amazon, so I downloaded it. If it’s free it’s for me! I decided to go hide in my room and mentally prepare myself for Thanksgiving with the in-laws when I started reading it. I was shocked at how much I liked it from the beginning!I thought this story was simple. Girl and Boy meet when they are kids, become best friends, loose each other, then reunite and live HEA! SO not the case! The story starts in a therapy session with Alexa, our heroin/victim. She is retelling the story of her life thus far to her new therapist about how she is unable to move on after losing the boy she loved since she was 12.“I met the most amazing boy when I was a young girl, and believe it or not, I fell in love with him at twelve-years-old.”Alexa is a very sweet & naïve girl. She has loving parents and lives in a quiet neighborhood. Alone in school since she’s no longer accepted by her friends, she finally meets Carter Storm, the cute new boy that moved in across the street. Now Alexa finally has a best friend that she has been so desperate to have. The two become inseparable. Her life then follows a series of unfortunate events and I just felt so sorry for this girl.Carter is the boy next door. Actually, he’s the new boy across the street. As an up and coming actor/singer, his childhood is consisted of auditions and rehearsals. Managed by his mega bitch stage mom, Mary, he isn’t allowed much of a social life. Mary is threatened by Alexa’s friendship with her son and she tries to cut Alexa out of his life. Eventually, she does for good…or so she thought. The way this boy was treated by his mother was so sad and disturbing.Alexa eventually lost Carter. He was her best friend and she would never get over it. Thirteen years later, a married Alexa runs into Carter (aka pop sensation Aidan Storm). He is no longer the boy she remembered, he’s completely morphed into “Aidan Storm” and not in a good way. Alexa sees this and doesn’t want to believe it. All she knows is she can’t lose him again and she’s willing to risk everything.The story is written in Alexa’s POV. There are flash backs between past and present. We also get a glimpse of what is going on in Carter/Aidan’s world in a 3rd person point of view. I didn’t find it confusing at all. It actually helped break up some of the turmoil that was making me want to throw my kindle across the room.I really liked this book. It will definitely get a reaction out of you! Good and bad! I like books that keep me guess and give me my, “WTF??!” moments. I think any fans of Avoiding Commitment & Avoiding Responsibility will like this! There is a sequel to this book…. Forever Blue: New Tears to Cry, Old Songs to Sing

  • Hbeebti
    2019-02-08 01:41

    Ugh where do I even begin? What I liked was the easy writing style, it pulled me in right away.I really liked the childhood flashbacks. They were the best part of the book. But unfortunately I really really disliked pretty much all of the characters. I think Ruth ( Alexa's best friend) was the only good one. Alexa geez she was a hot mess.I loved her when she was a kid and even a rebellious teen. But as a twenty something year old she was just annoying, selfish and a complete liar and I just couldn't stand her. Scott Alexa's husband was sweet but it felt like he took on more of a parental role with her. He also seemed like he had no back bone. I mean come on! You can see something isn't right. But noooooooo he just did the ostrich thing and buried his head in the sand. Oh and lets not forget good old Carter/Aiden. Who didn't seem to really carry a torch for Alexa the way she did for him. Why didn't when he was eighteen look for her? Why did if he loved her never even tried to find her? Why because he just didnt care. I mean come on he wasn't at all concerned about her being seen with him. She told him she was worried and what did he do? He took her out in public and said to take it or leave it. What?? But apparently she is so addicted that she just doesn't care who she hurts if they are seen together. Lets not forget that she has a husband at home. Aiden is selfish and self centered and really no one matters as much as himself. Yeah yeah I get it he had a crappy childhood but man I wanted to like him and just couldn't. By the end of the book I just didn't care anymore what happened to any of them.This book, no this series just didn't work out for me. I wish it did because the author has a really nice writing style and I liked the way she drew you into the story. Would I read something else by her other than this series? Yes of course.

  • Julie
    2019-01-29 08:39

    Great writing style. The author had you under the character's spell from the very first page. It is a cliff hanger at the end so plan on purchasing the sequel before you finish the first. It was a page turner and the story kept me excited and interested from start to finish. You will really fall in love with the characters and leave you wanting more...highly recommend.

  • Sue
    2019-02-12 07:41

    I received a copy of "Forever Blue" by Jennifer Edlund through the Goodreads Giveaway Contest.This is the first book in a two book series.What would you do if your first love sweetheart came back into your life after many years had passed? I found myself remembering my own. I still remember his name...but I never saw him again. I still to this day wonder what happened to him.This well written book will appeal to all ages...for those that have ever loved.What a precious memory that Jennifer allowed us to experience.This book allows us to relive those past memories,their struggles and hardships as they make their path in the world.Carter Storm is a thirteen-year-old child actor awaiting his big break in the entertainment industry. Alexa Moore is a loner seeking acceptance from her peers. These two people come together and become friends. The two are bonded by a love that only deepens as they grow. However, Carter’s mother is a bitch and will do what she can to keep her son on the right riches through a break in the entertainment industry.Then, Alexa’s world shatters the day she comes home and discovers Carter’s family packed up and gone without a word.Fifteen years later Carter Storm resurfaces as a Grammy award winner, a record deal. But we know that it is meant to be for them to meet again one day.But is it the right time? Very unexpected ending.A very emotional read.

  • Coleen (The Book Ramblings)
    2019-01-27 08:21

    Forever Blue is a superb debut Romance/Contemporary novel. In the beginning, your attention is very quickly grabbed and draws you into the story without any hesitation, and once you begin reading, you’ll have trouble putting this book down until you have reached the very last page.This is another favorite being added to my list. Throughout the book, Alexa is a character that many can relate to, and even the other character’s as well, but there was more insight into her world, and quite often I found myself feeling more for Alexa and what she was going through. There were even times when I found myself agreeing with Alexa, like in a part of the book when Scott starts calling her ‘kid’. I enjoyed the writing style and reading in main character’s POV, but also getting a glimpse into Carter’s world while being away for so many years up until they finally meet again.This book has a terrific balance of romance, humor, and realistic events that others can relate to, and it’s great read. I will be recommending this book to those who love this type of genre, and suggest that people purchase the conclusion: Forever Blue: New Tears to Cry, Old Songs to Sing as well because you’ll be left with a cliffhanger by the end of Forever Blue! I will be purchasing the conclusion as soon as I possibly can, and look forward to reading more of Jennifer Edlund’s novels.

  • Cristy
    2019-02-19 02:27

    This book crammed so many issues in one book, love lost, consequences, betrayal, moving on and facing difficulties on your own. Reuniting with that first love, Alexa is drawn to the passion of that true love. She then moves along on a journey that starts with a night of passion and creates ties that bind her forever with Carter Storm her long lost boy next door, who just happens to be a successful rock star. Only problem, she happens to be married to Scott Logan, a true heart who loves Alexa with all he's got. A story of wrong choices that detour your life and force you to fix it. Some predictability but overall a solid read.

  • Terri Anne
    2019-01-29 02:23

    This one? Had me on edge... I feel bad reading it LOL coz I felt like I was the one cheating. But honestly? It's a surprise, it may have it's cliche's but in a different twist and turn. Unravelling and I can't wait to read the second book. Thank you Ms. Edlund!

  • Jen
    2019-02-05 02:29

    Another great drama-filled romance that keeps you captivated until the end....

  • Patty
    2019-02-10 07:22

    I love the cover and sounds great cant wait to read it...

  • Shannon Morgan
    2019-01-24 07:35

    Loved it!!! So worth reading!!!! Keep up the awesome work

  • Chelsea
    2019-02-03 05:18

    It was great! Not what I expected!!!The story is all about Alexa's lack of friend especially after her best friend told her that she doesn't want to hang out with her anymore. Only to find a new friendship in her new neighbor Carter Storm. The two became the best of friends, and soon romance blossom between the two. The only problem is that Carter's mother Mary, will do anything in her power pull the two away from each other. And after fifteen years of non communication there he is right in front of her where she least expected.The characters are well built, you get to know each and everyone of them and even though Alexa and Carter are the best of friends, still there were times where they still have a mild misunderstanding. I really feel for Alexa, although I believe that it's better to just leave the past and get on with her life, but still I cannot blame her for continuing to feel love for Carter. After all, he was her first love. and probably because their love is not quite the love of first sight kind of thing, but instead their love just blooms over time. I've experience a rollercoaster of emotions in this book, and the finale is really cliffhanger! good thing I already have the conclusion to this book on hold and am currently reading it, because just like Dr. Magnus, I myself can't get enough of the story. I'm really eager and curious as to what happen next.

  • Hannah
    2019-01-28 03:37

    Forever Blue had me turning the pages nonstop. The lives of Alexa and Carter are two characters people will be able to connect with. All the twists and turns that happens in their lives will just suck any reader into wanting to read more. In Forever Blue, you get to read all the struggles that happen in Alexa's life to get her to the place that she is today: a strong women who has over come tough obstacles in her life to make her who she is. You will also get to read about Alexa's best friend Cater. You get to read about all the obstacles he goes through to get him to be able to do his life long dream since he was a kid. You will read through out Forever Blue the strong bond that Alexa and Carter share in their lives.

  • Lesley
    2019-02-18 06:21

    I loved the story of Forever Blue, but I was surprised and disappointed that it cut off almost mid sentence and that to find out what happened next with Alexa required reading Book 2. Luckily I was able to download the sequel quickly so I could continue reading about her saga. The book was written so that you were alternating between present and the past (as she told her story to a therapist) but it worked. I would recommend this book but I'd strongly suggest having book 2 ready to go as soon as you're finished because without reading it right away, I would have felt cheated to not have the closure from book 2.

  • Jess
    2019-01-26 03:29

    NOTE: I RECEIVED THIS BOOK FOR FREE THROUGH GOODREADS FIRST READS IN EXCHANGE FOR A HONEST REVIEW.I totally loved this book. A childhood sweetheart coming back into your life. Every girls dream. Definitely my dream! And he has also made a name for himself and is a pop star. Even better! Great story line that had me wanting more. A book that I will definitely recommend to friends and family. Can't wait to read what happens next

  • Conny
    2019-02-15 08:38

    I was lucky enough to be a first reader winner. This is a nicely told coming of age story. How the past can impact our future. We follow Alexa and Carter on this heart wrenching journey, however the conclusion to this story will continue in Jennifer Edlunds next book. Can't wait to find out how it will end.

  • Cat
    2019-01-30 08:40

    Omigosh, this book sounds so amazing. . . I so want to read it. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world; mix it with my favorite color blue and how much more inticing can it get?

  • Erica Blakes
    2019-02-11 02:30

    It seems to be a very good love story! XD

  • Wanda
    2019-02-02 06:16

    received book, just started reading, thanks for sending it to me. I really liked this book, couldn't put it down, just fished it, can't wait to read the next book....

  • Karen Goin
    2019-01-22 01:21

    Jennifer sure knows how to keep a reader intrigued! Every second I spent reading this amazing story was worth it. Jennifer has a true talent!!

  • Jessa Stephanie
    2019-02-10 00:22

    @@ i really wanna read the next book!!! :((

  • Jess (the cozy reader)
    2019-01-30 01:17

    Really great read. Carter's mom was a major biatch devil woman! My heart broke for Alexa when tragedy struck her life.

  • Alexis *Reality Bites*
    2019-01-22 01:16

    FREE today 11/15/12 on Amazon

  • Jen
    2019-02-07 04:41

    Forever Blue had me Forever Hooked from the first chapter! I couldn't put this book down once I picked it up, even contemplating playing hooky from work on an 85 degree day just to stay indoors and finish it. The story of Alexa and Carter is about true friendship, first love & all the trials and tribulations in life that can turn our world upside down. Carter Storm was your typical pre teen who loved basketball, the outdoors and the girl next door who stole his heart with her stellar basketball moves and witty humor. Let me introduce Alexa Moore, to say Alexa was a loner before Carter would be an understatement. Your heart breaks for her when her social circle of 3 child hood friends disappear on her upon their arrival in middle school because as we all know, if your not wearing a training bra by then and up on the latest fashion your basically classified as a loser. Well, this was Alexa's life prior to Carter, eating lunch solo at school , spending weekends with her parents, shooting hoops with her dad. Then one day Alexa's life changed in ways she couldn't imagine, the vacant house across from her finally had a family move in & with that family came her new best friend Carter, his younger brother Daniel and his mother Mary who just so happens to be the devil incarnate. Carter's mother Mary is your typical stage mom, she controls every facet of this young boys life, even going so far as to tying to destroy the friendship between Alexa and Carter. She is so incessant with Carter becoming a teen sensation she forgets he is a young boy who wants to have a childhood. Although Carter loves the entertainment business and has a passion for singing he also wants to live a normal childhood but Mary makes it virtually impossible. Then it happens, Mary's dreams come true and so would Carters if his big break wasn't taking him across the country & away from Alexa. Let's fast forward a few years ....Carter Storm becomes pop sensation Aiden Storm and loses all contact with Alexa until one fateful encounter that changed everything. Alexa also follows her dreams to become a make up artist, this isn't with out some heartbreaking travesties that happen along the way in her life (I'm not going to divulge what since that would spoil it for a lot of readers) let's just say I bawled my eyes out on a few occasions reading this. Along the way 19 year old Alexa meets Scott (Scotty) Logan, he is just what she needs at the time. He's a 32 year old realtor who falls in love with her and becomes her rock for the next few years. Alexa is living her fairytale ending, she has the handsome successful husband, the beautiful house, and how could I forget to mention her best friend Ruth who through thick and thin has been by Alexa's side. The only thing that could disrupt the complacent comfortable life Alexa has made for herself is Carter returning, and just like the perfect storm he comes in like a whirlwind and sets her world into a tales spin.

  • Melissa Cushing
    2019-01-23 05:27

    First, Thank you to Jennifer Edlund for the copy I won on Goodreads! I absolutely loved this book, although at times I had a hard time with the excessive tragedy this dear character Alexa had to go through on a "too" regular basis. I did manage to relate to her character at times though, so I honestly loved it. I really am torn when deciding who I am choosing to be her perfect "man", when it comes to this series. Basically, I loved the childhood portion of the book, when Alexa's character was around 12 and she was going through the "awkward" years, I know that I remember times like those in middle school, and then suddenly, in moves this new boy across the street, Carter Storm, and instantly they have a connection, they have something in common, namely basketball, and basically become great friends who over the course of 2 years become more than friends, but innocently, and at a young, tender, sweet age...... but with his untimely departure, upon moving to relocate for his annoying mothers purpose of turning her kids into child stars,and earlier than expected in Carter's mothers attempt at seperating the two of them for good,they lose touch and too much time passes. Years!Alexa's life goes through serious life changing events, over the course of the next few years, with TOO much tragedy for me to mention. But even through the trials and tribulations Alexa still is able to make something of herself and rise above the tragedy, and even meets an incredible man, Scott, that to be honest, I fell in love with instantly. Which made this story so difficult to endure, but in a good way. I thought I would always be "team" Carter in this book, but upon reading this portion of the book and meeting Scott's character, I couldn't help but fall for him as well. He is described as gorgeous, well groomed, professional, a decade older than Alexa (so the older man :)........dreamy, as far as I am concerned. To top it off he is so doting of Alexa's character, so understanding, amazing and supportive, being there for her at the toughest moments of her life, when Carter's character was no where to be found. Their relationship grows and Alexa and Scott live happily ever after..... UNTIL the moment Alexa crosses paths with Aiden Storm..... I mean, Carter Storm, again. :) Then everything spirals out of control, Alexa running around with Carter, and screwing up royally at the same time, jeopordizing her career and her husband in the process... it is so crazy and everything is going out of control.......and then........ it just leaves you hanging ends, and it honestly may have been the oddest ending to a book for me, BUT..... with that said, I am going to Amazon right now to purchase the sequel. Great book! Loved it! Read it!!!

  • Humaira
    2019-01-27 02:26

    “Good or bad, I suppose we can all think of at least one person who made a significant impact on our lives. And Aiden forever left a mark on mine."I found the beginning of this book really good although it starts off with Alexa going to see a therapist. I admit this put me off a little because it wasn't what I was expecting first however after that we get into the story. The book begins in the past where Alexa meets Carter. This was really cute; I loved their interaction as kids and I really begun to see how close they were to one another. After Carter moves we get to slowly crawl our way through the story with these random flashes back into the past or into how Aiden is doing as some bigshot musician. I really disliked the way the author seemingly just put in shots of the past when I just wanted to read about the present. I felt the past sequences were too long and we were given enough information to realise how close they were ages ago. I wanted to hurry up and read about them meeting again. It also felt a bit disjointed between past and present since it would appear randomly sometimes.This book felt really quite realistic at times which surprised as I really wanted a cute semi realistic book. Something I detested was the fact that Carter grew up to become this complete douchebag who has orgies and hits on girls who are not interested. I loved him as a kid but then he grew up and like a lot of child actors these days, growing up in the spotlight changed him... for the worse. It made me so disappointed :(Meanwhile Alexa grows up as well, she loses both her parents and then gets married! Why?! I knew she was going to meet Carter again but... but she was MARRIED (to a really seemingly good guy who helped her through so much.. although I have a suspicion he is cheating but I'm going to put that off until I read the sequel). The fact that she kept on sneaking around to be with Carter seriously annoyed me, I wish she could just leave him especially as he became a fricking prick.The ending finished on one giant cliffhanger where Alexa is going to make an important decision...

  • Jen
    2019-01-22 06:34

    In high school, I couldn't get enough of this kind of boy-next-door novel. Now, I read these novels from time to time and still get the same enjoyment from them. They're captivating, sweet, suspenseful, and engaging. This book was no exception. The friendship between the main character, Alexa, and her new neighbour and only friend, Carter, was adorable to read. At times, their friendship seemed too good to be real. When their relationship suddenly ended, I really felt for Alexa. And when neither of them heard anything from one another for years, it reminded me of the notebook... Alexa wrote Carter every day for a year! That's sweet. The story continued on, mostly through Alexa's point of view, but sometimes from Carter's. Every time I read about Carter's behaviour as a rock star, I couldn't help but think of a certain male Canadian pop star... Oops?! I couldn't believe that sweet, thoughtful boy from Alexa's past could be such a womanizer and get into trouble with the law. Anyway, I won't talk any more about the story, but will say that this book is a very cute and fast read. It's also a very simple story and very simply written. The one thing that aggravated me so much were the countless grammatical and typo errors. There were so many of them! I really hope the author does another read through her book and corrects these errors for future publications. There is a sequel to this book, and I'm sure it's a great story, but I won't be reading it any time soon. Right now, I'm happy leaving the future story up to my imagination!

  • Stacey
    2019-02-13 04:23

    Ok where to start...this book went back-n-forth from present to past, which I didn't really like that much since the flash backs didnt seem to be that important, most of it could of been thrown into a couple chapters or removed. And what happened to the therapist?? After the first sit down she disappears when the story begins. Carter or Scotty? I'm team Scotty. Carter irritates me, and I think we all know he's going to break Alexa's heart, and rip apart her marriage if she chooses him. I wish this book didnt just cut off the way it did..I don't really like this thing authors have been doing lately with abrupt endings in books without actually tying up anything. T feels more like a way to force you to buy the next boom rather than want to find out what happens. I dont really have a urge to seek out the rest of this story, but if it was a free download or .99 ebook then I'd probably add it to my TBR list. I dunno it just didnt consume me how I like to be taken over by a story. 3 stars instead of 2 because it was well written, just not my favorite.

  • Kim
    2019-02-15 00:14

    I LOVED this book! So much so that I sat and read it all in one sitting. This is a rarity for me because I am incredibly impatient and picky - I will not feel badly to stop reading a book I can't get into or put one down for a while that is losing my attention. I must have been in just the right mood for this very book because I was GLUED to it! Actually...I fortunately already had the 2nd book downloaded as well because I went straight from this book to it's continuation, "Forever Blue: New Tears To Cry, Old Songs To Sing.Really, the writing is deserving of almost five stars - but - there were a few editing issues and even worse - I had a problem with the timeline at a few points in the book. Like, I read in one section that it's 6 months later only later I learn that really just a few weeks have gone by. Not a huge deal, I'm smart enough to figure it out myself I guess but - it should always be accurate.If you love a good, sweet, clean romance - this one is great! I highly recommend it!