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The heroine of the comic strip Emily Briggs draws for "Vogue and has sex and the city at her well-manicured fingertips. If only Emily could say the same. Her overbearing socialite mom scrutinizes Emily's life as closely as she does her Botoxed face. Her best friend has traded in Mojitos for a dull life with two kids. Her cousin Anne--the one who turned husband-hunting intoThe heroine of the comic strip Emily Briggs draws for "Vogue and has sex and the city at her well-manicured fingertips. If only Emily could say the same. Her overbearing socialite mom scrutinizes Emily's life as closely as she does her Botoxed face. Her best friend has traded in Mojitos for a dull life with two kids. Her cousin Anne--the one who turned husband-hunting into a Discovery Channel special on predators--has finally bagged a fiance. And her best friend Dash, her last dating safety net, is now attached to a leggy blonde who has the strange fortune of being smart, as well. Enter bad boy artist Henry Phillips. He of the dark hair, blue eyes, and must-have-sex-now grin. Suddenly, Emily's life is getting to be more like her art--crazed, unpredictable, filled with hilarious twists, heartbreaking turns, and fashion-forward characters who think of Bergdorf's as their own backyard. Now, with her heart on the line and her life changing faster than a diva hosting an awards ceremony, Emily's in for a wild ride that could take her through love, over-the-top weddings, and low-fat ice cream...all the way to growing up....

Title : The Fabulous Emily Briggs
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ISBN : 9780758206282
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 384 Pages
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The Fabulous Emily Briggs Reviews

  • Jessica
    2019-04-28 19:13

    This book is absolutely TERRIBLE. Plot holes, grammatical errors (seriously- get an editor!), many characters who are shallow in addition to being complete idiots, etc. The author couldn't even be creative with their names!That being said, I adored it. Talk about a guilty pleasure. I can't even figure out why I loved it so much, except that I was immediately transported to Emily's fabulous world of rolling-in-success self-employment along with trust-fund wealthiness. The book is complete escapism. Her world isn't perfect, and she's not perfect, but boy would I like to be her...maybe for just a day or two.This book left me wanting more, even if only to finally achieve some sort of feeling of satisfaction and completion. Sadly, the sequel ("Escape from Bridezilla"- ugh, even worse!) did not give me any sense of satisfaction. I almost felt like I could take the characters provided and write a better book myself. Ultimately, I keep picking this book up whenever I'm in a bad mood and need a distraction. The character of Emily is delightful. She is someone I would never know in real life- our paths would never cross and, if they did, I'm sure I wouldn't be cool enough for her. But for some reason, I still want more of her. And that's why I gave it 5 stars, even though I'm so, so conflicted. Any book that makes me feel this strongly...

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-26 22:07

    This book was kind of odd. I mean, it was your typical New York chic-lit, but I was reading reviews of it on Amazon and some people mentioned that they didn’t think the author’s first language was English, as the character would “say something in her head” and then repeat it out loud. Seriously, we don’t need to read that every single time! And all the characters seemed the same. I don’t even really remember what happened in this book. Girl wasn’t too annoying, but I remember not really liking the boy she ended up with. And the whole interlude with her sleeping with her best guy friend in the middle was so lame, as for like the first 1/3 of the book you thought he was gay. So like, that didn’t make any sense at all! The girl was rich and that was kind of annoying because it seemed like she didn’t have to do anything and everything just ended up okay, but because that wasn’t a main point in the book, it wasn’t too annoying. She was one of those people you would probably be friends with, but still hate at the same time for all her good luck.Grade: C- (just because it was kind of boring and brought nothing new to the table. And for some character errors, which I hate and makes me want to be a book editor.)

  • Nicole Means
    2019-05-15 01:09

    Definitely not a great piece of literature, but a fun read nonetheless. This would be a great book to read on a long flight or a day on the beach. Although the plot was rather predictable and the dialogue was a bit irritating at times, I found the plot to be engaging. I even found myself WANTING to rush home to read the book. It has been awhile since I have found a piece of fiction in which I could escape into for awhile. This book will not be a dinner table conversation or the main discussion of book club meetings, but I would definitely rec this book for the sheer pleasure of escaping into fantasy land for awhile. I am almost tempted to read the sequel, but I have a feeling I should just leave the fate of Emily Briggs to my imagination.

  • Ellen
    2019-04-30 00:09

    This book was extremely slow-going. I managed to get through with the hopes it would grow on me or that I would be pleasantly surprised. Neither happened. Throughout the book I was completely disgusted with the main character's (and author's) acceptance and promotion of anorexic behavior; Running miles and miles each day, eating only the bare minimum of actual food and then gorging on low-fat versions of treats. She orders fattening food to smell and then discards it! If that weren't enough, the eponymous main character just wasn't very appealing. Usually if you don't particularly care for a character, there are some redeeming characteristics. Emily, however, was boring, annoying and her behaviors too contradictory to be likable.

  • Jobiska (Cindy)
    2019-05-19 17:11

    I thought this book was horrible. I couldn't relate to the character, who was a wasteful (buys food to smell it and throw it away?) spoiled brat (she even refers to herself as "bratty Emily" several times). The most interesting characters, such as her little brother, were hardly developed. And the book was full of mistakes! If I spend that much for a book, I expect it to be proofed by a human, not just by a spell check. I don't remember the examples specifically, but I'm pretty sure one was "garbage disposable" for "disposal"--and there were many other such. Even if the book had been spellbinding, that kind of mistake is always jarring and interrupts the flow.

  • Stephanie Haefner
    2019-04-26 23:59

    I am officially putting this book down as of page 30....the author's apparent disrespect for pregnancy and mothers in general is quite disgusting.I quote, from page 30:[Referring to pregnant women that wear maternity clothes] "Showing off their pregnancy in these fitted shirts, trying to make a trend out of Buddha bellies. But, really they have fat stomachs and should just come to terms with an unfashionable silhouette for a few months and spare us all.""Spare us all"????? Is she serious????? I think will "spare" myself the rest of your disrespectful book (that was pretty boring before I even came to the part that aggravated me) or any other one you have written......

  • Kim
    2019-04-28 23:51

    I don't really have a lot to say about this book. It was fairly slow and more than a little boring. This is the first of deMontravel's books that I have read and I don't know that I'll be reading a second.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-24 00:57

    Fun chic-lit, but I think it could be shorter.

  • Rachel
    2019-05-17 18:13

    Pretty light and predictable reading. But sometimes that's all you want to read ;)

  • Jennifer Hazlett
    2019-05-17 19:47

    A fun read with characters that women can relate to that provide a good laugh too.