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Een nachtmerrie waarin je weet dat je niet gek bent, maar waarbij je niemand, zelfs je ouders, je leraren en de autoriteiten niet, naar je willen luisteren? Voor de 16-jarige Brit wordt dit werkelijkheid wanneer haar vader haar naar Red Rock stuurt. Red Rock is een instelling die beweert rebelse meiden te kunnen genezen. Niemand kan Red Rock alleen overleven, maar in een iEen nachtmerrie waarin je weet dat je niet gek bent, maar waarbij je niemand, zelfs je ouders, je leraren en de autoriteiten niet, naar je willen luisteren? Voor de 16-jarige Brit wordt dit werkelijkheid wanneer haar vader haar naar Red Rock stuurt. Red Rock is een instelling die beweert rebelse meiden te kunnen genezen. Niemand kan Red Rock alleen overleven, maar in een instelling waar je privileges verdient door je lotgenoten te verraden, is het moeilijk om uit te vinden wie je werkelijk kunt vertrouwen....

Title : Vuurvliegjes
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ISBN : 9789044326215
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Vuurvliegjes Reviews

  • Emily May
    2019-04-28 17:30

    Here's a book to read if you want to be seriously pissed off. But no, I shouldn't say that, because Sisters in Sanity is actually an excellent read and I'm wanting to sell it to you. So, instead I should say: this is a book to read if you like stories that leave a lasting impression. Or if you want to be introduced to an array of memorable characters. Or if you're sick of books with whiny heroines that base every thought and action around their (probably supernatural) boyfriends. And if you would like to read a book about girls coming together, forming a sisterhood, and ultimately triumphing over the bad guys. Girls who are fat, thin, straight, gay, bi, virgins, or sexually promiscuous; because Gayle Forman has created a literary platform where these differences are not a hindrance to the girls' friendship, but actually what brought them together in the first place.This book has so many levels to it. On the surface it is about the mistreatment of young women who have shown any hint of individuality and have been thrown into a rehabilitation centre because of it. They are psychologically tortured each day by unqualified shrinks and, in extreme cases, physically harmed through malnourishment and dehydration. Brit is sent here because she stays out late playing in her rock band, and because she has coloured streaks in her hair. She is not a bad kid, she's a talented musician, but her father and stepmother wrongly interpret this as rebellion and even the first signs of mental illness(!). This whole part of the novel made me furious, made me want to strangle nearly every adult in the book.But this stuff would just be infuriating and shocking if it wasn't for all the other messages in this book. I loved this idea that the girls made each other strong by banding together and supporting one another and I loved how each of them was as interesting and unique as the next. But even more so, I really enjoyed the questions about authority and whether it is always right to follow those in charge. Pulling examples from when heads of state have made the wrong decisions, Gayle Forman demonstrates how adults don't always get it right. She reiterated in her afterword at the end what the novel was all about, mentioning how teenagers with eating disorders or who are gay do not need to be punished but helped, nurtured and understood. This is a wonderful, thought-provoking and occasionally heart-warming story.There are a few reasons why this book didn't get five stars. For one, the ending was not satisfying enough, certain people were forgiven all too quickly and I thought very little was learnt from the experience in that respect. Also, I had too many questions spinning around in my head and it's entirely possible that I missed something but: why didn't previous graduates of Red Rock report what was going on? Why didn't Brit even attempt to tell her father what was happening when he visited? It might not have worked but she didn't even try. And why didn't Brit attempt to leave with the band when she had the opportunity? She could have reported what was happening to someone but it just didn't seem to occur to her.These last few things played on my mind too much to award the full five stars, but this really is a book that should be read by everyone - especially those who love a good dose of girl power in what they read.

  • Flannery
    2019-04-30 22:47

    I knew of Gayle Forman from her book If I Stay, which I wrote a gushing review of a few months back. A few of us decided to read this lesser-known work of hers together this week. I was excited to read the book because of the author and because I was reading it with friends…but not so excited about the subject matter. I assumed that this was rather well-worn territory, what with Girl Interrupted and all. Also, I wasn’t in the mood for a depressing book. Sisters in Sanity surprised me in a good way, and I definitely recommend it to those who are interested in YA books related to mental health issues/treatment.Brit Hemphill lives with her father and her stepmonster. Her mother isn’t in the picture and I don’t want to spoil where she is so I’ll leave it at that. Her parents owned a coffeehouse in Portland during her formative years so she rubbed elbows with all sorts of famous musicians and took up the guitar, teaching herself how to play for the most part. Because of her mother’s absence and her father’s relationship (and subsequent child), Brit spends as much time out of the house as possible, mostly playing and touring with her band. When her father and stepmother make her go on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, Brit is angry she’ll miss a gig but obliges. Only she isn’t going to the Grand Canyon—her dad is dropping her off at a juvenile rehabilitation center because she is “out of control.” Anger. That’s the emotion I felt for most of the book, not sadness. I was livid with Brit’s father. Absolutely wanted (and still want) to punch that man in the face. How could he do that to his child? (view spoiler)[I have to say, Brit is far more mature than I would be in the same situation. I’m not sure I could forgive him for what he did. Probably couldn’t for YEARS. And I was surprised that Brit didn’t go to Portland with Jed when she had the chance. She understood the situation and that her dad needed her to be there—she understood the entire situation more than her father did… (hide spoiler)]I was expecting the novel to follow the Girl, Interrupted storyline and, for the most part, it did. I was pleasantly surprised, however, at the supporting cast of characters (who were far more balanced than those with Susanna Kaysen) and the relationship between Brit and Jed, her bandmate. His letters and the description of the time they spent together were both lovely and I loved the story behind the firefly references. The writing flowed really well and all three of us that read it finished it in a day. (as far as I know) I did feel that the ending wrapped things up just a bit too perfectly, then again I am a fan of leaving things hanging—well, if it is realistic. 3.5 stars.

  • Tatiana
    2019-05-03 22:36

    This book literally enraged me.I understand that being a parent can be difficult. I understand children can get out of control or need special help and sometimes tough love. But surely there is a better way to deal with a gay girl or a girl who has put on extra 30 pounds than to warehouse her at a boot camp whose "treatments" include days-long isolation and humiliation "therapy" performed by individuals with no education or training? Brit gets admitted to the same boot camp by her father for dyeing her hair, playing in a band and disliking her stepmother. Clearly she needs some corrective therapy for this out-of-control behavior, right? Only what can such a place achieve if its methods are aimed at breaking down personalities and making the girls complacent and obedient? Luckily for Brit, she meets friends just like her who provide her with the support the camp's adult staff can not give.For such a short novel, Sisters in Sanity offers an array of remarkably memorable characters and relationships and it certainly packs a punch. (I myself wanted to punch quite a few adults in this story.) The ending is too neat to be satisfying. Too many people receive forgiveness they do not deserve or do not work towards. (view spoiler)[I am talking about the girls' parents, mainly Brit's misguided father (hide spoiler)] But the narrative is strong nevertheless.

  • Arlene
    2019-05-08 22:55

    Sisters in Sanity is one of those occasional books that just causes a clusterf*ck of emotions in me that I can’t justify giving it anything less than 5 stars. I just can’t. There’s nothing that destroys my defenses more than a kid that’s unjustly treated for the capital offense of simply being a teenager. Gayle Forman once again pulled at my heartstrings with this raw, powerful story filled with characters that felt nothing less than real to me. Perfectly done!In this book, sixteen year old Brit is carted off to a behavior modification boot camp by her father and stepmonster. Her offenses are as follows: She is capable of losing her temper, argues with adults, deliberately annoys people with her sarcasm, blames others for her mistakes and is somewhat resentful. The technical term for that is ODD – oppositional defiance disorder... Hmmm, let me think… Holy Bedrock! That was me when I was a teen. Thank gawd my parents chose the route of being parents rather than carting me off to some boot camp for mild misbehavior and minor transgressions. Luckily for Brit, she bands together with a group of girls that not only become friends, but also each other’s support system where the under-qualified clinical staff fails. Brit and her friends work together to bring down the failed system of Red Rock and expose it for what the institution really is.This book really pissed me off and it seems to be that kind of story that includes parents that have no right being parents because they abandon their role and surround themselves with ignorance thus failing in their primary responsibility of protecting their kid. Now don’t get me wrong, the father thought he was “helping” his daughter, I get that. But who in their right mind shoves their kid in an institution without checking some credentials, doing a background check on the people in charge and simply researching the net for possible red flags? We live in a time and place where information is at our finger tips. I was so mad to read that this is actually possible, this situation really does happen. How?!? Seriously, these are just kids and to know that they are mistreated, abused and misguided in the very institution whose charter is to help trouble teens seriously grates my nerves. ((Deep sigh)) Back to the story, I found myself not wanting Brit to go back to her father, I wanted some fairy tale ending where she runs off with Jed and denies her father the right to see her grow up to be a great person that I felt she was from the beginning of the story. She’s honest with her emotions to those who truly care, but she guards them from those that are trying to destroy her, she’s snarky, loyal and flawed... everything that blends that perfect character IMO, so to read her struggles really tossed and turned my emotions.I loved Jed in this story and I wish we could have had a bit more of him. The cryptic letters he wrote to Britt while she was institutionalized were so beautiful in their “hidden message” sort of way, and from now on a firefly will always means so much more to me. :)Overall, if you’re a fan of Forman’s ability to move you and tug at your heart, if you like her ability to express herself in song, if you adore the characters she so flawlessly creates, you’ll definitely enjoy Sisters in Sanity. I’m grateful to my Street Corner Bookers for calling this one to my attention because I almost missed out on a gem of a book. I loved it!Song Choice:Pink – F*ckin' Perfect

  • Vivian
    2019-04-26 23:53

    Mooi boek! Heftig, maar ook krachtig in de manier waarop de thema's worden uitgewerkt. De sterke Forman-stijl is hier al goed aanwezig! Uitgebreide recensie:

  • Samantha
    2019-05-25 22:38

    In een opwelling besloot ik om in dit boek te beginnen. Dit boek was ik een tijdje terug tegen gekomen op kobo plus en bovendien is het een standalone. Aangezien ik hoooop met kerst nog wat leuke boeken te krijgen, wilde ik een boek oppakken wat ik mogelijk best snel uit zou kunnen lezen en dat is gelukt!Brit wordt naar de red rock academy gestuurd. Ze wordt gezien als een heftige puber die zich niet aan de regels houdt en daar zullen ze op de academy wel even korte metten mee maken. Eens zien of dat gaat lukken..Ik verwachtte eigenlijk niet heel veel van dit boek. Hoewel de boeken van Gayle zeker populair zijn, had ik nog weinig gehoord over dit boek, terwijl dit wel haar debuut is. Automatisch had ik dus bedacht dat dit een minder boek zou zijn, maar niets is minder waar! Ik was eigenlijk best onder de indruk van dit boek. Brit vond ik een tof karakter, net als Martha, BB en V. Enkel Cassie vond ik iets minder indrukwekkend. Ik hou van boeken over kostscholen. Dat blijf ik toch een bijzonder soort boeken vinden. De kleine groepjes die gevormd worden, het samenspannen, het roddelen, de mysteries, heerlijk!Het is geen dik boek, maar er staan prachtige boodschappen in. Ik vond het boek echt beter dan ‘if I stay’, terwijl dat een populairdere boek is dan dit. Of misschien is juist dat gene wat ik er zo mooi aan vind: Een nog relatief onbekend boek, wat uiteindelijk mooi blijkt te zijn!

  • Adele
    2019-04-28 22:44

    Having read two Gayle Forman titles now I can attest to them being a very quick read. Whether this is attributed to being awesome or being shorter than some YA novels or being extremely well paced or a combination of the three, I don't know. Having loved If I Stay so much I was a little scared to read Sisters in Sanity, how could it compare? I shouldn't have worried. Forman has again demonstrated her wonderful skills in characterisation, crafting a group of girls that are as different as night and day. Each girl is clearly depicted without ever being cliched or contrived. They are strong, flawed and generous with one another which results in the relationship that unites them in the toughest of circumstances. I loved seeing a group of teen girls accept one another without judgement, supporting one another. They aren't cookie cutter perfect, they wouldn't be in Red Rock if they were. Yet the events of the book depend on the reader's conviction that these five are united. There's no doubting that with the fantastically honest, revealing and sometimes humorous interplay between them. It's easy to find yourself involved deeply in their plight. Brit, V, Bebe, Cassie, and Martha have found themselves in this hell hole as a result of being deemed challenging, promiscuous, bi-curious and overweight. All have been diagnosed as ODD (Oppositionist Defiance Disorder) by an unqualified hack, a diagnosis that could encompass all teenagers with ease. Even more shocking is that the events of these books have been inspired by real life circumstances, teens being kidnapped and placed in the confines of radical boot camps or behaviour modification centres. Our protagonist, Brit, is struggling with her mother's desertion, her father's remarriage to the Stepmonster and a burgeoning interest in being a guitarist. She doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't fornicate but with her pink streaked hair, tattoos and piercings, she is deemed to be anti-social. From the first chapter I felt this character's pain and I was with her every step of the way in her attempts to withhold from the staff, remember Jed, cope with her father's cowardice and fight to retain the essence of herself. This is a moving tale of sisterhood, trust, hope and self-belief. Forman has a talent in balancing a story, never allowing it to become overwhelming dire while embracing the humour in the most unlikely of situations. There is also the through line of music, like If I Stay, Brit is a musician with a love interest that plays in a band. Songwriting and her new friends become Brit's salvation in a situation that sees no end. It's no secret that I have a huge literary crush on Gayle Forman. Sisters in Sanity is written in the same style that grabbed many of us in her sophomoric effort, If I Stay. With Sisters in Sanity coming out today in paperback I would highly recommend that you buy yourself a copy.

  • Allen Grace
    2019-05-01 18:49

    [image error]"We'd like to think that craziness and sanity are on opposite ends of an ocean, but really they're more like neighboring islands. . ."Sisters in Sanity gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, like drinking mocha cappuccino in a fine afternoon. Or the feeling I get when I brushed past a secondhand bookstore. Or listening to the musical rendition of One Direction's One way or another while cruising around the music aisle in a music store. LOLOne way or another I'm gonna win ya. I'm gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya. . .I don't know ya but I'm stuck in this song. But the original version is much better, though. All hail, Blondie!!xxxxxxxxAnyway highway, I just loved this book for not only it had me laughing, it also urged me to do a little soul-searching on my part, and I realized everyone's got a streak of rebellion in them. I felt giddy with Jed and Brit's exchanged mails, their witty banter, and of course, Clod's rock and roll moves that I let out a dreamy sigh and wonder where the hell my Jed is. I have this penchant for stories with musical blah in them it makes me feel good and fuzzy inside. I'm more of a headbanger myself. What. I'm just saying.Brit, V, Bebe, Martha and Cassie have so much to offer that people who are close to them sorely missed it. Their friendship is one in a million, the kind of relationship you won't trade for a single soul. These girls have been misunderstood by many that it makes me want to hug each of them and together, splurge on whatever comfort food we could find in the fridge, like cold pizza. Yeah?It's a story of five teenage girls who are determined to take and mark their place in the real world. Anticipate a story that will unfold right in front of your eyes, a story that has plenty of chameleon wit, teenage angst, and girl power, it's sweet and tender from start to finish. Gayle dabbled a bit of romance in the story, I'm still okay with that. It sent my heart a flutter.xxxxxxxxHave you ever felt the urge, the faintest pull to rebel against your parents? Because I do and it doesn't mean I love them less. We often take rebellion as a bad form, a contagious disease we are not in control of. These girls need attention, no, rescue must be more apt because attention doesn't always get things done. They crave for it that sometimes people mistook it as a form of rebellion, if truth be told they just wanted for people to understand, and appreciate them for who they are and not for what they are. People can be cruel, mean and condescending son of a blee blob sometimes but that's just how the real world works. That's why I love music and books more than real people. You've just got to be tough. You will encounter a bunch of androids along the way but, girl, you gotta hold your head high, walk that walk and just do your thing. Let the whole world be damned.Soundtrack of the day: Do My Thing by Estelle (feat.Janelle Monae)

  • Brittbiba
    2019-05-06 18:30

    -Geen spoilers-3.5Dit boek was prachtig, desondanks de harde wereld van Red Rock waar de meiden zich in bevinden, nemen ze het voor elkaar op. Ze geven elkaar rugdekking.Ik heb er ontzettend van genoten. Gayle Forman is één van mijn favoriete schrijfsters geworden. Ze kan personages zo levensecht voorstellen en ze kan ieder onderwerp aan, zelf gevoelige kwesties als Red Rock. Ik ben er zeker van dat dit niet het laatste verhaal is dat ik van haar zal lezen :).

  • Elizabeth Wallace
    2019-04-30 17:50

    The fact I didn't like this book was a surprise. I had expected it to deserve four or five stars, maybe three at the least. I got it from the library because so many different people loved it. But nope, I didn't. Sorry, everyone.I really have a hard time with books that portray all the adults as one-dimensional bad guys. You know, the ones where the teenagers barely have teen angst and they're just rising heroes? This was one of those books. The protagonist was just too indignant, the grown-ups so weak. Her stepmom and dad basically think she's just a bad girl because she's in a band. She's obviously a "good girl" though because she doesn't do drugs, drink, smoke, whatever. The stepmom, who Brit calls Stepmonster, is always thinking about her own little kid. Her schizophrenic mother (who Brit never really makes peace with) is absent, wandering around somewhere in Washington. Her dad never really gets to know her but is obviously secretly afraid that she will go schizo as well. The only person who's really a character in the beginning is Brit, a guy in her band who she secretly loves. But then her life takes a twist when her dad has her committed to Red Rock, a phony treatment center for troubled girls. As she goes along she realizes that Red Rock is fake on SO many levels. Girls get insults flung at them in "therapy", personal correspondence is searched and even withheld, part of the treatment is hauling bricks from one side of a yard to the other.But luckily for Brit, she finds a group of girls who haven't given in to the Stockholm Syndrome, who just want to get out like she does. As Sisters in Sanity continues, Brit finds true friends in these girls, friends whose parents are just as messed-up as hers. Unfortunately Gayle Forman never really let me get to know V, Cassie, Bebe, Martha. I didn't think they were much more than the poster girls of their diagnoses.Also, I'm sure that places like Red Rock exist and the power they have is scary, it just didn't seem realistic. The people in charge seemed like faceless antagonists. They're just bad people because...they just are.So this is a rare one-star review. With truly underdeveloped characters, several stereotypes, an unrealistic, hastily wrapped-up ending, and smearing the adults in the story, this was just not a good book. I did enjoy it someowhat at times but it wasn't worth the time I spent just for the little sections that were somewhat funny or romantic or cute.

  • Veronique
    2019-04-25 20:54

    Deze had ik al een tijdje tussen mijn ebooks staan om te lezen met kobo plus. Steeds twijfelde ik of het wel wat zou zijn. Ik ben blij dat ik het eindelijk gelezen heb. Het is best heftig wat die meiden door moeten maken en ik kan alleen maar hopen dat het in het echt niet zo heftig is. Dit was echt zo’n verhaal waarin ik steeds verder wilde lezen. Ik wilde weten hoe het met ze ging. Door de vrij korte hoofdstukken was het ook makkelijk om tussendoor steeds wat te lezen.

  • Tatyana Naumova
    2019-05-07 23:47

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  • Jennifer
    2019-05-15 16:50

    review to come

  • Shreeka
    2019-05-16 19:32

    Words can't describe how much I absolutely LOVED this book! I'm actually disappointed that I didn't read this book earlier because this is by far my favorite Gayle Foreman book.I just love reading books about girl empowerment, stories about rebels fighting against the wrong doers, fighting for justice and all that stuffs and esp if they are girls. I missed reading these kind of books. I used to be a sucker for them when I first started reading books. It strangely felt nostalgic. It's like I was suddenly transported to that time when I got so excited reading 'The Gallagher girls' series.I loved how the friendship between the girls were portrayed. Sometimes it got emotional, sometimes laugh-your-butt-off funny and sometimes bitchy as well but at the end of the day they were sisters, sisters fight and make up all the time. Brit is such a strong female lead character. I loved her sarcasms and her bravery."I’ll tell you my plan: The end of Red Rock. For everyone. We’re going to shut this place down." Bebe, the bitchy one and who usually starts the fight but still is awesome. “One day the tables will be turned, dears—all these old farts will be needing our help,” Bebe said. “We’ll let them rot while we get pedicures.”V, kind of like the wise leader of the group. “That’s all we can do, Brit. Take steps. Take enough of them and suddenly, you’re somewhere.And Cassie and Martha, I don't have any note worthy quotes by them but I loved them too. Also, the villains in the story, oh they made me so mad.. I wish by the end of the book Clayton would get a slap in the face or Sheriff would get a kick in the nuts but oh well.In your darkest hourWhen the fight's made you wearyWhen you think you've lost your powerWhen you can't see clearlyWhen you're ready to surrenderGive in to the blacklook over your shoulderI've got your back.” (I really liked the lyrics to Brit's song and like in Where She Went, wished it was made into an actual song. )

  • Fatima
    2019-04-28 19:41

    3.5/5 Sisters in Sanity es la primera novela de Gayle Forman. Su escritura es entretenida y como siempre nos muestra sentimientos. En este relato resalta algo más peculiar y real. Note que al ser su primera novela hay una diferencia marcada en el personaje principal, el cual encuentro incompleto, pero admito que me entretuve como asi te ofrece un mensaje al final.En el mismo hay dosis de romance, una familia con problemas y tal vez una taza de crecimiento de carácter individual. Pero es la amistad lo que es importante, la misma transcurre entre V, Martha, Cassie, BeBe y Brit. Las mismas se conocen en un centro de rehabilitacion para chicas, son jovenes tan diferentes que tal vez en otra realidad nunca llegaran hacer amigas. Pero juntas como estaban en este Centro o Red Rock como se llama, emerge una hermandad que las ayuda a permanecer, respetarse y aceptarse como son en este momento de sus vidas.Como individuos, cada chica tiene su propia razón de estar en Red Rock. Definitivamente hubo un montón de temas delicados, que me hizo enojarme y a veces sentirme incomoda, pero segun he oido en este tipo de Centros o localidades pasan cosas que al final no entiendes o no comprendes que puedan suceder.Brit es la narradora principal del libro. A esta la enviaron a Red Rock por ser desagradable, agresiva y "actuar fuera de lugar". Pienso que es un comportamiento perfectamente normal para edad (16 anos) y la situación familiar que esta viviendo y que nos explican en los primeros capitulos, lo que si encontré fue una gran incomprensión de parte del padre y tal vez un poco de manipulación de la madrastra.Aun así, hay un lado bueno en esta novela nos muestra un equilibrio entre el bien y el mal, que tal vez en momentos oscuros de nuestras vidas, pueden aparecer cosas buenas, como la amistad que nos ayuda a enfrentar nuestros demonios tanto exteriores como internos.

  • Noémie
    2019-05-19 18:32

    Gayle Forman a voulu écrire sur le sujet des camps de redressement après avoir publié un article pour la magzine Seventeen (célèbre magazine américain) où elle avait rencontré de nombreux jeunes.L'histoire débute avec Brit adolescente qui n'accepte pas l'autorité de son père et notamment de sa belle-même, le monstre comme elle l'appelle. Cependant au fil de l'histoire on comprend plus le comportement de Brit, sa mère artiste est devenue au fil des années schizophrène et les a quitté. Le père de Brit a à cette époque refusé de voir la vérité en face et n'a pas voulu la faire interner. La rébellion de sa fille réveille de mauvais souvenirs et le pousse à croire qu'elle finira comme sa mère, il prend alors les mesures nécessaires et l'envoit à la Red Rock academy. Mais si le nom et les brochures de ce camp semblent tout à fait acceptables,les apparences sont parfois trompeuses.Durant son séjour Brit fait la rencontre de 4 autres jeunes filles, qui deviendront ses amies. Et tout le roman se passe autour de cet amitié sans failles, chacune prête à tout pour s'en sortir malgré les difficultés. Elles sont toutes attachantes à leur manière et le lecteur n'a qu'une envie qu'elles sortent de cet endroit.Pour Brit, cet amitié se révèlera essentielle et lui ouvrira les yeux.Gayle Forman manie là encore avec justesse les émotions qui trouble le lecteur.Jusqu'au bout l'on doute, voilà un roman fort en amitié!

  • Isabelle (Belle's Book Adventures/the Book Dutchesses)
    2019-05-23 18:36

    Een mooi boek over vriendschap, anders zijn en geloven in jezelf. Ik ben ontzettend fan van Gayle Forman, ik heb nog twee boeken te gaan van haar (Haar dag en Zijn Jaar) en dan wordt het wachten op een nieuw boek. Dit is absoluut een auteur op m'n auto-buy list.

  • Nancy The book junkie
    2019-05-14 16:43

    Rating: 3.75/5Review coming soon!

  • Lisa Thomasse
    2019-05-25 23:44

    Gayle Forman a vraiment ce truc pour décrire l'amitié et l'amour, il m'arrive de lire des romans entier à ces sujets et ça ne m'affectent pas du tout alors qu'avec cette auteure en quelques lignes me voilà qui souris bêtement. J'avais vraiment beaucoup aimé Si je reste et j'ai retrouvé dans ce livre-ci cette même légèreté qui te fait tourner les pages sans même t'en rendre compte tout en restant assez touchant. J'ai trouvé que c'était une belle histoire d'amitié et encore plus une belle histoire d'amour. L'histoire m'a fait penser à la saison 2 d'American Horror Story : Asylum. Dans le livre Brit est enfermée dans un centre de redressement qui essaie de lui coller une maladie mentale à la peau en lui infligeant des traitements horribles, et elle essaie de s'en sortir comme Lana Banana qui dans la série essaie de s'en sortir emprisonnée à tord dans un asile dans les années 1950 si je m'en souviens bien. Je vous conseille autant le livre que la série !

  • Yui Tamashi
    2019-05-10 20:45 każdym razem jak widzę, że w Polsce wychodzi nowa książka autorstwa Gayle Forman, to ogromnie się cieszę, bo przez to że jeszcze nie zawiodłam się na jej powieściach, stałą się ona jedną z moich ulubionych autorek gatunku Young Adult. Z tego powodu z przyjemnością zabrałam się za Zawsze stanę przy tobie.Brit ma kolorowe włosy, gra w punk rockowym zespole i słabo dogaduje się ze swoją macochą. Te wszystkie rzeczy są typowe dla wieku nastoletniego, jednak dorośli uważają, że dziewczyna potrzebuje pomocy. Pod pretekstem wyjazdu na wakacje, ojciec wywozi ją do ośrodka Red Rock, w którym ma zaradzić swoim problemom.Zawsze stanę przy tobie była to pierwsza powieść Young Adult, którą Gayle Forman napisała. Podstawą do tej książki był artykuł, który powstał spod jej pióra dla magazynu Seventeen, gdzie Forman rozpoczynała swoją karierę, pisząc artykuły o problemach nastolatków. W swojej pierwszej powieści dla nastolatków autorka skupia się na problematyce związanej z ośrodkami dla trudnych nastolatków, które w teorii mają pomagać umieszczonym tam osobom, ale tak naprawdę bardziej one szkodzą.Czytając tę książkę byłam wściekła. I to nie dlatego, że ta książka mi się nie podobała, bo podobała mi się. Byłam wściekła na dorosłych, którzy pojawili się w tej historii, a w szczególności byłam wściekła na osoby zajmujące się ośrodkiem Red Rock. Nawet teraz, gdy piszę tę recenzje, robi mi się gorąco, bo to co oni tam wyprawiali, jest niedorzeczne i okrutne.Już samo bycie nastolatką nie jest łatwym zadaniem, hormony buzują, wpływy środowiska, szukanie samego siebie, jest trudne chociaż dorosłym wydaje się, że tak nie jest. W ośrodku Red Rock stosuje się naprawdę dziwne terapie, aby "wyleczyć" dziewczyny. Jedną z nich jest terapia konfrontacyjna, która polega na tym, aby wyjść na środek i zostać obrzuconym najgorszymi wyzwiskami, a jeśli się rozpłaczesz, poklepią cię po plecach, uścisną i wcisną ci kit, że dzięki temu będziesz zdrowa. To jest po prostu chore, że upokorzenie i okrucieństwo jest formą terapii. CHORE!Nie dość, że terapia grupowa jest śmiechem na sali, to terapia indywidualna przeprowadzona przez Clayton nie jest wcale lepsza, ponieważ nie dość, że nie jest ona odpowiednio wykształcona do tego zajęcia, to jeszcze wmawia ona dziewczynom z Red Rock, że jest z nimi gorzej niż jest w rzeczywistości i bawi się z nimi w kotka i myszkę. Ta kobieta jest jak wampir, który czerpie przyjemność z utwierdzania nastolatek, jak bardzo zepsute są.Całe szczęście w tej książce są postaci, które mimo swoich drobnych problemów nastoletnich, sprawiają że nieco łagodzą nam tą chorą sytuacje w ośrodku i dają nadzieję na to, że przyjaźń jest w stanie zaradzić najgorszym rzeczą. Wśród tych osób jest główna bohaterka i zarazem narratorka Brit, która jest nieco dumna, logicznie myśląca i bardzo silna psychicznie. Wraz z czterema innymi dziewczynami z ośrodka, stara się przetrwać to szaleństwo. Bardzo podoba mi się to, że Gayle Forman utworzyła w swojej książce taką grupę, gdzie dziewczyny mogą porozmawiać o swoich problemach, wspierać siebie nawzajem oraz robić rzeczy przeciw władzom tego ośrodka. Przyznam szczerze, że ta grupa dziewczyn i moc przyjaźni nieco przypominało mi Stowarzyszenia Wędrujących Dżinsów.W Zawsze stanę przy tobie autorka nie tylko porusza kontrowersyjną tematykę ośrodków dla "trudnej" młodzieży, które skierowane są tylko i wyłącznie na zyski z ubezpieczenia lub głębokiej kieszeni rodziców, ale także pokazuje nam relacje między córką a ojcem. Przykro mi było czytać to jakie pobudki kierowały ojca Brit, aby umieścić ją w Red Rock. To, że dziewczyna teraz się nieco buntowała wcale nie oznacza, że w przyszłości stanie się taka jak jej biologiczna matka. Żałuję, że ta książka nie ma swojej kontynuacji albo dodatkowych rozdziałów, które byłyby napisane przez jej ojca. Chciałabym dokładniej poznać jego uczucia, jego obawy, bo to co było tutaj jest dla mnie niewystarczające.Ogromnie cieszę się, że miałam okazję przeczytać tę książkę, bo dała mi ona sporo do myślenia, poruszyła ciekawe tematy, ale też dawała nadzieję. Bardzo podobało mi się zakończenie tej historii, przy którym się wzruszyłam, bo zżyłam się z tymi dziewczynami i żałowałam, że to jest już koniec. Podoba mi się też to, że został poruszony tu wątek miłosny, które jak dla mnie jest zbyt oklepany, ale nie przyćmił on tych najważniejszych problemów.

  • Allyson Maclay
    2019-05-07 00:46

    Unless you have ever worked near or around ppl that have been in schools like this you would not under stand how real this is. There are schools like this maybe not as strict but just as bad bc they have there own problems even though this book is ten years old it’s still relevant

  • Mascha (Het Leeslint)
    2019-05-14 22:39

    matig boek, met redelijk hoge voorspelbaarheid. Jammer! Dit had zoveel beter uitgewerkt kunnen worden... is helaas niet gebeurd. Te weinig diepgang wat mij betreft. Meer weten?

  • Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide/Novelly Yours)
    2019-05-05 21:44

    4.25Read for the Gayle Forman Read Along (woo!) Signed paperback purchased from Books of Wonder, New York, NYInitial Impressions: Wow, so incredibly interesting to see the Gayle Forman book that started it all! I saw sooo much of If I Stay in it (and incredibly excited to read that again!). I loved the characters and the ending was so beautiful. It was a bit lighter and not as emotionally raw as Gayle's more recent books, but I enjoyed it all the same! I really loved the ending. Several special moments there! Review originally posted on The Book Addict's Guide: I was really excited to get to SISTERS IN SANITY as part of the Gayle Forman Read Along! I’m a huuuuge fan of basically every other Gayle Forman book so I was curious to pick up her first book (although technically I guess she wrote another book/memoir from a journalistic aspect? Curious.) to see how it all started!SISTERS IN SANITY is the story of Brit, a 16-year-old girl who was raised in coffee shops amongst bands and artists until her mother starts showing serious signs of schizophrenia and her family begins to fall apart. We first meet Brit when her father, now re-married, is dropping her off at Red Rock: a facility designed to help “straighten out” trouble teens. Her once normal upbringing is now seen as wild and disrespectful and Brit struggles to understand why her father has taken such extreme measures instead of… you know… talking to her.Brit’s story was not an easy one to read in the sense that it just broke my heart to see such disconnect between Brit and her father when they were once a happy family. Really when it comes down to it, it seems like her dad is just scared. He fell apart after her mother’s mental illness and he never quite recovered and you can tell that he’s just scared Brit is going to end up just like her mother. He can’t deal with that so he sends her to Red Rock. I don’t think HE ever realized that, but I think that’s pretty obvious to the reader!Red Rock is a terrible place. There’s nothing awfully brutal about it, but one thing here and one thing there started adding up until I finally had it (and Brit too). I seriously got angry towards the end of the book and then the administration really started to cross the line and I lost it. It was tough to see Brit cut off from the outside world and even more tough when her dad didn’t even seem to want to make contact most of the time.I absolutely loved the “Sisters in Sanity”, as they called themselves — Brit made a fantastic group of friends that really did become like her family. They were all different personalities, but they bonded together over their mutual hate of Red Rock and their need for some sanity in the middle of a facility that treated everyone like they were crazy when they certainly weren’t. I think V was one of my favorite characters followed closely by Bebe. They were the two Sisters that stood out the most for me and I loved their friendship with Brit!Overall, I really enjoyed SISTERS IN SANITY but it wasn’t nearly as deeply emotional as Gayle Forman’s later books. There was a really nice romance between Brit and Jed and I definitely swooned a few times! I didn’t quite fall head over heels though. If you’re a Gayle Forman fan, SISTERS IN SANITY will be a good read for you! It’s quick, interesting, and a nice balance of light and heavy. A really funny thing was that since I’ve read the rest of Gayle’s books, I could definitely see bits and pieces of them in her first novel. I saw SO much of IF I STAY in SISTERS IN SANITY with the music background, the coffee shops… It just made that that much more anxious to start IF I STAY soon!

  • Saoirse
    2019-05-08 00:36

    4.5 stars WARNING: This book generally contains and depicts scenes which tug heartstrings and well your eyes so much that it typically itches and you just can't stop staring at the ceiling, contemplating about the memorable characters that have to say goodbye upon ending the book, the massive emotions that sail along the plot lines, and the incredible journey you have shared with your bed whilst reading the whole thing. I am truthfully suffering from a bruised forehead (It's getting awfully yellow now) as a result from reading whilst lying on my bed with the book propped up on my hands above my head. And since the copy I got was a hardcover edition, the moment my hands slipped the book, it landed straight on my face. Unfortunately, I had to go to school explaining to people why I had a strange birthmark on my head that happened overnight.Oh the joys of having hardcovers.“Cinders, I would've thought you of all people would know better. There are no wicked stepmothers and there are no fairy godmothers, and there are no Prince Charmings. There in no preordained destiny. You get to decide that. You decide your destiny. - V”Sisters in Sanity was one of those books that rarely gets touched in my bookshelf. I bought this way back in 2012 because the cover hit me (now, literally) and so it ended up with the cobwebs in the darkest corners of my room because there were just too many books on my pile that I had to read. Then there came a time when I had a free time and there was a total blackout in my neighborhood for the whole afternoon and my Kindle's battery was somewhere nearing the dangerous edge of 14% and so I decided to check on my left-out section. And here it was.So basically, Brit is a bad-ass character with headfirst confidence and brave disposition and it's too hard not to love her even from the beginning. The first few paragraphs on the first chapter really caught me and I can't fight myself to stop reading. She is in a band (plus points since I'm obsessed with books centered or run around in music areas) and plays a guitar (even more points). Her life is a total downhill since her mother left after being diagnosed as schizo, saying monsters were chasing her around and so she fled far away. Then Brit's father remarried which only makes Brit's distaste for her family widen more. Which then leads to Brit ending up in Red Rock, a place that turned out to be real hellhole for troubled kids. From there she meets a certain group of people she trusts and forms a bond and eventually into a formation of a sisterhood.It's amazing to feel how exactly fearless she is as she ventures out to find a right and prove to everyone that she belongs -- not just herself as a being but her dignity as well. The characters in the book are true to life. They are not always strong and at times when I read some pints when they'd break down and feel like there's no hope at all, that's when I realized that that is what being cogent is about."That's all we can do, Brit. Take steps. Take enough of them and suddenly, you're somewhere.”The character I liked the most other than Brit was V. She is always the one who gives and shares strength to everyone as soon as everything came stumbling back down again. She is a genuine character and I acknowledge her for it.[image error]Sisters in Sanity shows a great deal of dwindling emotions. And an inspiring on at that.

  • Alex
    2019-05-13 17:44

    Brit lost a lot when her mother disappeared. Her mother had schizophrenia but was never admitted into a hospital, so one day just went away, gone, from Brit's life. Brit's life fell apart, as did her dad. A couple years after, her dad remarried and had a baby boy. Brit was pushed aside. Brit joined a band, got some piercings, tattoos, and was deemed too wild and crazy to handle. So was sent to Red Rock center.Brit's an good character. Not superb or all that memorable, but nice. For all her dyed hair and piercings, she's not bad or wild. She's actually quite the good girl, and the book being told in her perspective, made me forget most of the time that she's supposed to be harder, not such a goody goody.Brit didn't stand out a lot for me, but I did like the secondary characters a lot. There's V, who's confusing to Brit at first, but is all together very interesting. She's been at Red Rock for ages but hasn't been able to get out for some reason. Bebe was sent to Red Rock after her mother, a famous celebrity, found Bebe with the Mexican (I think) poolboy. A term that could very loosely describe her is slut, but she's more than that. Martha, a former beauty pageant who ballooned, and was sent to Red Rock to somehow lose wait. Cassie who likes girls but doesn't consider herself a lesbian, who comes from a little town where being gay is unheard of. Or just unspoken of. All the secondary girls are far from stereotypes, and they all really grew on me, especially V, who's personality is the type I love.So the novel had some beautiful friendships, and that was probably my favourite part of the story. The book has many different types of relationships, and Brit deals with a lot. She's got her new friendships, and she's trying to deal with her father and stepmother, along with somehow getting over the loss of her mother, while dealing with some new information about her.The one thing I thought the book lacked was romance. And there was romance in there. Brit has had a huge crush on her bandmate forever, and eventually some stuff happens between the two of them. It's tough obviously, since Brit's still in Red Rock. But... even though there is some romance in the novel, most of the time, when I thought back, I completely forgot the romance was even there. I'd have to think really hard to remember those meager bits. So I thought that could have been done better.Sisters In Sanity reminded me a lot of The School For Dangerous Girls that I read a couple months back. It's got the same setting, a girl entering a center that tries to reform girls. But while School For Dangerous Girls just creeped me out and was disgusting in the way the girls were treated, Sisters in Sanity was better. The treatments weren't quite as harsh and there was always this hopeful air in the atmosphere and writing. So I enjoyed reading Sisters in Sanity more.Bottom line: Interesting and heartfelt book, but not as entrancing as If I Stay. This book is Gayle Forman's first though.

  • Halida
    2019-05-19 19:53

    If you've read If I Stay or Just One Day, believe me, you'll have hard time accepting that Sisters in Sanity is also crafted by Gayle Forman. I didn't even realize it's hers until I read this:"I stared out the window in between sneaking glances at Jed—mainly at the side of his neck. I had such an urge to lick it, imagining the taste, salty with dried sweat."Forman and her sweat fetish. The way she sees boys' sweat is like me looking at a mint-flavored candy cane. I just can't wait to lick it! Ugh. Plus a parent who fails parenting? A stepparent who hails from hell? I thought I was reading Rainbow Rowell (okay, I've read only Eleanor & Park, but I'm still not over how frustrating the reading experience was).Gosh, I have endless complaints about this book. It deals with serious matters, like mental illness and standing up to adults, but the way it's delivered.. I thought I would go to the path of in-sanity (got it? In sanity, insanity?) myself. It's unfathomable how these girls put up with Red Rock shit for months, even years. And why the damn hell didn't Brit try to get help (like making phonecalls/ visits to people who would listen, since she couldn't do it freely in RR) when she got the chance to escape the first time, instead of being stupid enough to wear RR uniform and get on stage and kiss her bf like there's no tomorrow (you could spend the rest of your life doing that after you check out from RR. CHILL, TEENAGE HORMONE). Or why didn't she ask the band to help her get to her grandma's, who would definitely stand by her. And I'm surprised no one was smart enough to play by the rules so she could get out of there in no time and then sue the place. The bottom line is, there were so many ways to run away/ get help/ destroy the boot camp but those teens were just too dumb to do anything.Brit and Jed? Don't expect me to rant here, because there's nothing to rant about. The romance is pretty much nonexistent.And that father of Brit's *sigh*. If he really cared and seriously thought his daughter needed help, he should at least check a handful of treatment centers before making a decision. And how could he trust her daughter to such a fishy place? Didn't he want to have a tour, making sure it was decent? Get to know the doctors/therapists who were going to treat her daughter (so he'd find out there wasn't any)? It's maddening. If I were Brit, I wouldn't forgive him for having the heart to send me to that hellhole. Even if he meant well, he was reckless beyond belief. Anyway, the plot would've made much more sense if the stepmom had been the one who planned it.

  • Diana Welsch
    2019-05-14 18:54

    I know what it's like to feel like your parents don't want you around, so the premise of this fed one of my younger self's greatest insecurities. 16-year old Brit's parents used to be cool. They owned a hip coffee shop in Portland and Brit was always surrounded by cool artist and musician types who helped her with her homework and talked and listened to her. But her mother gradually became stricken with a severe mental illness and disappeared from her life. Her father remarried an uptight woman and has a baby with her. His new wife clearly wishes Brit would disappear so they could be a family of three.Her father takes her on a "trip to the Grand Canyon" that is actually him dumping her off at Red Rock, a crooked bad-girl boot camp in the middle of the Utah desert. Brit hasn't done anything wrong: she dyes her hair pink, got a few tattoos, and plays in a band, but she doesn't drink or use drugs and isn't poorly behaved. Regardless of this, she is "diagnosed" with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and subjected to some pretty questionable "treatment." She meets a bunch of other girls whose parents were tired of them too: snobby Bebe (who was caught fooling around with the Mexican pool boy), cornfed farmgirl Cassie (who kissed a girl), lifer V (who wrote a short story about suicide), and former pageant princess Martha (who got fat). Most of the girls there aren't really bad kids, their parents just didn't want to deal with them. And Red Rock is more interested in receiving money than it is in helping anyone. I read a lot of Teen literature so it's easy for me to recognize predictable plot arcs, poorly-developed characters, bad dialogue, and all manner of cliches. It's a real treat to read a book that avoids those things. Sisters in Sanity was so compelling I finished it in one night, and it didn't set off any of my cliche alarm bells. There were many directions I could have expected this story to take, but I did not predict the way these girls banded tried to cope with their surroundings. There was a fairly chaste romance, but Brit didn't waste everyone's time by spending page after page pining away. It never strained credulity too much. It all came together in the end, but not TOO neatly.Sisters in Sanity was a very good book. Gayle Forman consistently delivers top-quality YA literature. Her later book If I Stay is one of my all-time favorites, and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with in the future.

  • Jordan
    2019-05-04 18:51

    On retrouve une de mes auteures préférées dans un nouveau roman, le premier qu'elle ait écrit mais paru en second, après "Si Je Reste" ( qui avait déjà fait parti de mes Coups De Cœurs ), chez nous. Ce livre est une nouvelle claque, une seconde prise de conscience qui nous ouvre encore un peu plus les yeux.Si les deux romans de Gayle Forman jouent surtout sur l'émotion, cet ouvrage est, pour moi, beaucoup plus puissant et intense, car il parle de l'amitié, l'amitié vraie, sincère. Celle qui vous fait vous apprendre à vous connaitre, celle qui vous change.Je me suis un peu retrouvé dans ce livre, car comme tout adolescent, je possède mes propres problèmes, et là, tous nos ressentis y sont retranscrits à merveille. Brit, l'héroïne du roman, se sent exclue de sa famille, comme si elle appartenait à un autre monde, comme si... Comme si ceux avec qui elle vivait n'était pas comme elle. Elle déteste sa belle-mère, et son père ne fait rien pour l'aider, lui disant même d'appeler cette dernière "Maman". Pour effacer un peu de la douleur qui hante son âme, elle consacre la plupart de son temps à son groupe de musique, dans lequel Jed, le garçon si gentil et prêt à tout pour elle, sera là pour l'aider, et la sauver. Elle finira par se rendre-compte qu'en fait, elle attirée par celui-ci.C'est dans ce monde d'ignorance entre chacun, de soucis et de choix, que tout va basculer. Son père, ou plutot sa belle-mère, a pris la décision d'envoyer Brit à Red Rock, un établissement fermé pour adolescentes à problèmes et elle ne mettra pas longtemps à se rendre-compte que tout ce qui se pratique là-bas, est tout bonnement inhumain, injuste, impossible. Heureusement, elle rencontre V, Babe et Cassie qui vont devenir plus que des amies, et ensemble elle vont lutter, et grâce à cela, elles deviendront plus que ça, elle deviendront sœurs.Je pourrai en parler longuement tant tout est beau et sublime à lire. Mais un simple "Ouaw" devrait suffire. Gayle Forman nous entraîne à nouveau dans sa tornade de sentiments violents, où chaque situation nous émeut jusqu'aux larmes.C'est là un ouvrage magnifiquement tragique, brillamment écrit qui nous redonne confiance en nous, nous expliquant que nous ne sommes pas seuls. Les amis sont toujours là, prêts à nous aider.C'est un roman enchanteur, indiquant que tous les rêves peuvent se réaliser si nous y croyons.

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-05-16 17:52

    Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comMost of us never have to worry about going on a family vacation, only to find out that we're being unceremoniously dropped off at a boot camp, instead. We have never questioned the imminent arrival of "escorts" who come in the middle of the night and drag us away, kicking and screaming, from our home. We've never wondered what it would be like to be shuffled off by our parents to a "rehabilitation school" because we're overweight --or because we might possibly be gay. For Brit, V, Bebe, Cassie, and Martha, however, the above mentioned scenarios aren't just nightmares. They're real events. Welcome to Red Rock, a "school" in the middle of Utah run by the Sheriff, staffed by pseudo-psychiatrists like Dr. Clayton, and guarded by former bouncers with more muscles than brains. This is the place where parents can send their children when they rebel, misbehave, or show antisocial behavior. Red Rock offers such pleasantries as "confrontational therapy," where girls are called names and hounded until they break down and cry, a punishment system where being sent back to Level One status means complete isolation and no shoes, and where the food comes in freeze dried blocks. The problem is that, although there may be a few "students" at Red Rock who really belong in such a school, most of them, like main character Brit, don't. These are teens who may have lost their way, sure, but their behavior isn't anything beyond normal adolescent angst. But what the parents don't know -- and what it's up to the Sisters in Sanity to prove -- is that Red Rock is a place full of fakes who are doing more harm than good. When Brit and fellow "inmates" V, Bebe, Cassie, and Martha set out to get the school shut down, it's all the girls can do to avoid trouble, keep their chins up, and survive. But in the process, these five girls find a friendship that eventually helps them all in ways they'd never expected. Ms. Forman has written a fast-paced page turner that you'll find hard to put down. SISTERS IN SANITY, although not based in hard truth, does show the frightening aspect of so-called "boot camps" for teens, and you'll find yourself appalled at the reality of the situation. Ultimately, however, you'll be overjoyed to watch Brit and her friends not only buck the system, but find their own places in the world.

  • Amy's Book Reviews
    2019-05-13 16:46

    Grade: D-Brit's father says they're going on vacation, but instead drops her off at Red Rock, a therapeutic boarding school run more like a prison than a school. Verbal abuse is the cornerstone of the "therapy", but Brit manages to make friends. Soon she discovers Red Rock may have secrets of its own. Dangerous secrets.I'm a child psychologist and very picky with inaccurate mental health/therapy stories. SISTERS IN SANITY is the literary equivalent of an overwrought Lifetime TV movie. The formula: victim, injustice, empowerment, happy ending. Gayle Forman couldn't have done five minutes of research on licensing, treatment centers and insurance reimbursement. Insurances pay at most 28 days, usually much less, thanks to HMOs. Treatment facilities, even bad ones don't have patients/students running the halls at night with pass keys, sneaking in to offices to steal files.Gayle Forman is a decent writer, much better than she's shown in SISTERS IN SANITY. She can create great, multi dimensional characters. Brit was likable enough, she had a few layers, but most weren't unique or special. I felt like I've seen her character in other books. Her mother's mental illness was a good addition to the plot, unfortunately Forman didn't capture the true essence of a schizophrenic. Instead, it seemed like she read some symptom list and took them literally.THEMES: mental illness, friendship, family, bands, psych hospitalsSkip SISTERS IN SANITY unless you don't care about inaccurate portrayals of mental illness.