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Storie Bell has a little secret—she’s a witch. But magic hasn’t exactly kept her life from being a complete mess—her love life is non-existent and the town thinks she’s a total nutter. Plus there’s her neighbor Reid Malone who runs hot one minute and cold the next.Reid Malone can’t wait to escape Bloomington, Texas. Unfortunately, he’s stuck where he is unless he helps hisStorie Bell has a little secret—she’s a witch. But magic hasn’t exactly kept her life from being a complete mess—her love life is non-existent and the town thinks she’s a total nutter. Plus there’s her neighbor Reid Malone who runs hot one minute and cold the next.Reid Malone can’t wait to escape Bloomington, Texas. Unfortunately, he’s stuck where he is unless he helps his father hide a very illegal secret. The only key to Reid’s freedom lies with the eccentric Storie…and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the information he needs from her.But Reid’s holding something back. Something big. And if he’s not careful, he’ll find out exactly what happens when you try to deceive a witch…...

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deceiving the witch next door Reviews

  • Dolce Amore
    2019-04-19 13:50

    Reviewed for Booked UpTo See Review at Booked UpEight years ago, Reid Malone saw Storie Bell the night before she left Bloomington, Texas and realized how beautiful she was. The descriptions are almost magical. It’s almost like we can see the storm; watch Storie enter the lake; see Reid’s panic at the thought that she might be drowning“I thought you were drowning.” “I wasn’t.” “Next time you’re not drowning,” he said with a low growl, “I’ll just leave you to it.”And they almost make love after the attended rescueNow, Storie is back to run the dilapidated old gas station her father left her. The same old gas station Jiggs Malone wants badly. Storie is not going to sell it to Malone; she knows there was bad blood between Jiggs and her father. Storie was an outsider to her own life. The folks avoided her because of her powers. She left town because she couldn’t control them, but now she is back and wants to make her dreams real. Of course, using just a little magic because she wants to be accepted. And she is transforming the family gas station into a bookstore and coffee shop, The Storiebook Café.The Storiebook Café, with the tagline, Where happy endings begin … Mixed and matched pots would overflow with multicolored flowers. And inside? Coffee. Tea. The best food this side of the Brazos River. All with the added bonus of books.The only friends she has are Harper and her girls. And they don’t know about her being a witch. Wow!!! The story is so captivating that I keep forgetting to add info to the review. It’s like watching your favorite series and you can hardly tear your eyes from the screen.Reid loves his father and understands that he wants to leave something behind after his death, and Jigs wants to leave the Apple Pie Moonshine, an illicit distilled liquor, in a deal he made with the Gemstone Spirits Company. However, there is a missing ingredient and Reid must find it before the company comes back requesting the recipe for Apple Pie Moonshine. Storie’s father gave Jigs the ingredient, but after his death there was nobody to ask where it had been hidden.Harper’s daughters are delightful; here is a remark about Piper, a solid nine going on forty-five year-old girl, concerning the old gas station and the café while Storie and Harper finish the renovations:“It’s worse than the old junkyard near Daddy’s work,” she said in all her little-girl wisdom. “Have you and Mama lost your everlovin’ minds?”Reid lures her contractor, Buddy, to leave the renovations undone because she doesn’t want to sell. Deceiving Storie might not be honorable, but it was fun. And truthfully, he was trying to protect her and Harper. Probable deniability. What they didn’t know couldn’t hurt them. Or get them tossed in prison.He takes Buddy’s place to supposedly help her finishing the renovations while he continues his search. What a devious and clever man, although the missing ingredient isn’t all he wants. He also wants to finish what started between him and Storie eight years ago … Reid only knew that the secret ingredient was an oil and he was becoming desperate as he could not find it.Without it, Jiggs’s moonshine was nothing special, but with it, the stuff was a gold mine. When they move a bookshelf they find a secret door which leads to where Reid’s father was doing the moonshine.Bit by bit, Storie’s magic is fading away and her mother, the woman who gave her birth, comes and tells her that Storie has a brother and a sister and that they need her in the magical realm. When Storie agrees to cross to the magical realm, her mother leaves, intent to return when the moon is full.And then, poof!, she melted into thin air, leaving Storie to pick up the pieces of the life her mother had just torn apart.But then, her mother is not like Storie thought she would be. She also meets her sister and discovers that what her father told her once is real: the power changes people. Her mother turned black and Storie and Astrid have to defeat her. Yet, she has another ally in Reid. He is not going to stand by and let the woman he loves get hurt. Storie is a good woman who just happens to have magical powers. Her mother left her many years ago and she was raised by her father who always told her not to have a relation with an ordinary human. An outcast all her life because her powers were a bit out of control, she was avoided. In that, we have the perfect transformation as her feelings for Reid are getting stronger. However, with her powers fading and her mother asking for help, she is easily manipulated. Although she might seem weak, she is not. She fights for her future with Reid.Reid is a good man, attractive and rich. He does what he does because he loves his father. But after seeing Storie, he falls for her. His reasons for getting close to her are paling in view of his feelings for her. He knows she is different, but only understands how much in the night he fights for her and their future. He understands that his home is with her. I loved it, as I did all the wonderful characters of this book; of course, all except the evil witch who wants to get the power from her own children. 5 Stars, I totally loved the story.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-30 17:46

    This is a quaint story about Storie who is a hereditary witch that has no idea how to control her powers very well. Because of this she tends to lose control and have to move on to a different city or state. She has longed to have a home of her own, put down roots and stop running. When her father wills her an old filling station she and her best friend Harper know this is the chance they are looking for, together her and Harper work to start up Storiebook Café. A couple of weeks before the grand opening everything starts falling apart. Storie is feisty and strong willed. All of her life she has had to hide who she is so she’s good at keeping it together, until Reid Malone walks back into her life. She can handle just about anything but him. Eight years ago they had one night, one night where things almost went too far and the night has haunted Storie ever since. So, when she finds out he is back in town too she knows she is in trouble. Despite her overwhelming attraction to Reid, I have to say she keeps her heard about her pretty well. She does a great job of keeping him at a distance. She knew Reid was up to something, but didn’t know what. So she kept him a a distance as much as she could throughout most of the story. Although, I was cheering for her to just go with it! I mean how often do you have a hot cowboy trying o seduce you? I’d have thrown caution to the wind! Storie was also so very lonely, she had Harper and the kids, but other than that she was basically alone and afraid to make any connections, so when she is offered more, she is torn with staying or going. I think Ms. Ramirez did a great job is making us feel Stories loneness and longing for more. Stories magic was also an interesting part of Storie, she’s had it her whole life, but was never trained in it so she just kind of makes it work as she goes. I love all the little uses of power and that she calls on thunder and lightning when upset. I’d have to say I enjoyed Storie as a character and LOVE her name! I’d totally name a kid or pet Storie! Reid, was kind of one dimensional. I don’t really feel like I got to know him all that well, despite that we do get his POV from time to time. I get that he wants to leave Bloomington and that he wants to help his dad, but other than his intense attraction to Storie we don’t know much else about him. I do know that he did fill his role as incredibly sexy cowboy next door and once he started piling on the charm I’m not sure how Storie resisted because he was muy caliente! Overall, this was a fun, cute, sassy story with TONs of sexual tension. There was a great build up to the end; however, the story did drag a bit in the middle, but as this is a short book about 100 pages the drag didn’t last long. I enjoyed the main characters and the side characters and would like to see where this book takes us. I’m pretty sure this will end up a trilogy so we will see more of these characters in the future. I would have liked to have seen Reid a bit more developed and learned more about the town since it was such a central theme in this book. Small towns can be quirky and can take on a life of their own, especially when it is a Texas small town! Rating:4

  • Vashti
    2019-04-10 17:53

    Storie Bell is a witch.Reid Malone is the man she shared a passionate afternoon with eight years ago and the next day ,she left town.They each return to their small Southern Texas town eight years later,each with an agenda.Storie,to open a cafe/bookstore.Reid to find the missing ingredient in his father's moonshine,this could make them millionaires. The problem is that the missing ingredient is located somewhere in Storie's building.Reid bribes the contractor and offers his assistance to do the work on the cafe that needs to be done so he has a legit reason to be in the cafe to search for the missing secret ingredient.The search begins.This was a nice fantasy read,light on the magic ,with an unexpected twist 3/4 of the way thru that I did not see comming.I enjoyed the secondary characters of Storie's BFF and her two adorable kids.There is a simmering, sexual chemistry between the mc's that flowed nicely.I found it a bit funny that the townspeople were so leary about Storie cause anything weird happens,they all look to her.A pleasant read.

  • Melissa Maxwell
    2019-03-26 14:49

    I really loved the book and hope it is a series where the siblings each get there match while defeating the mother. The book was well written and the story was captivate but it often left you hot and cold. I loved Storie and Reid and the fact that they both want the other early on but deny their feelings. The ending was open ended leading to the possibility of more. I actually hope there is more and those you don't have to wait as long to see the couple get together.

  • Tracy
    2019-03-21 13:47

    Too Many Negatives for MeEight years after leaving Bloomington, Texas in the dust, Storie Bell is back to make her mark in the only home she ever knew. She had to, she had nowhere else to go. Okay, so finding out that Reid Malone was also back in town was not the best news she'd ever heard. Not when the last time he saw her he almost caught her using her magic, and not when the memory of that long-ago night, and the incendiary moment they shared, still had the power to leave her breathless.So she'd avoid him. That shouldn't be too hard to do, even in a town as small as Bloomington.Reid may be stuck in his podunk hometown for now, but as soon as he helps his father find the secret ingredient to his moonshine recipe, he'll be long gone. Sure, having Storie back in town is a heady distraction, and her renovation of the old gas station next to his father's bar is putting a serious crimp in his search for that special oil her father used to give to his old man, but he's not going to let that get in his way. Memories of the night they shared eight years ago would just have to take a back seat to his father's ambitions.He just had to find a way to worm his way into her life, and really, that shouldn't be too hard to do in a town as small as Bloomington.~*~I had so many problems with this book, I'm not really sure where to start. It started well enough. The flashback from eight years ago provided a strong beginning. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there. There wasn't much in the way of world-building, the characters were two dimensional, the plot was very limited, the narrative was repetitive, and the relationship between the two main characters never evolved beyond rampant lust.The building blocks were there. I liked the brief look of eight-years-ago Reid, and I liked Storie pretty well throughout most of the book. Current-timeline Reid, however, was fairly reprehensible. Not only was he actively deceiving Storie so he could steal from her for his equally reprehensible father, the justification of his actions left me cold. This is a rich, self-made man who couldn't figure out a better way to help his crook of a father? Really? He had to take advantage of a perfectly sweet woman just trying to set up a life for herself? And he's supposed to be the hero of the book. Sorry, no.Their relationship, such as it was, was acrimonious, so this may appeal to enemies-to-lovers fans, but for this theme to work for me, there has to be a better evolution of the characters as the story progresses and a better foundation for that evolution. All Storie and Reid had was that oft-mentioned night eight years ago. And I got sick of hearing about it. I can't even tell you how many times it was brought up in the story. Every time they so much as thought of each other, they would refer back to that night. Between that and how often Storie reminded herself that witches can't be with mortal men, the narrative seemed painfully repetitive.And while it was easy to believe the lust they felt for each other, though the significance of that lust after eight years was a bit of a stretch, nothing in the plot at any point in the story indicated any greater depth or complexity of emotion. There just wasn't room for it to develop, no matter what readers are told. But just saying it's so doesn't make it so.There was also a plot twist that came out of nowhere late in the book and further hampered my enjoyment of the read. The twist struck me as heavy-handed and emotionally manipulative, and instead of garnering sympathy for Storie, I ended up questioning her ridiculous decision-making. I could no longer justify caring for a character who would leave her best friend - her only friend in the whole world - completely in the lurch with nothing more than a hastily-written letter because of some inexplicable sense of responsibility to people she's never met.Family of the heart deserves better. Her best friend and that friend's two little girls deserved better. As a reader, I felt I deserved better from a heroine of a story. And that's above and beyond how painfully contrived the whole situation seemed to be.I was also left wondering if I was supposed to take that sweeping romantic conclusion seriously. Up until the end, the story had been consistent about the toll Storie's magic took on her, enforcing and reinforcing the fact that it was failing, that even the smallest spell drained her to the point of needing a nap. And then, after wielding some hefty mojo in the climax of the conflict, she's not only still conscious, she's able to toss around a few get-naked-now spells as she gets busy with Reid without so much as a yawn for her efforts. That inconsistency on top of the sudden declaration of previously unsupported everlasting love just put the final nail in this book's coffin.It's a fast read, and there were elements of the story that had appeal. Storie's friend was a solid secondary character and her two daughters were precious and precocious. I even liked the idea of Storie's bookshop cafe and could have embraced the otherworldly elements if they had more definition or explanation. In the end, though, there were just too many negatives for me, and the two biggest were Reid and Storie. That's two pretty insurmountable obstacles.Disclosure: An ARC of this book was provided to me by Covet publisher Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley. This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own.~*~*~*~Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

  • Cristina Buzoianu
    2019-04-11 17:09

    Posted on my blog, My thoughts: Did I ever tell you how much I like southern stories? No? Silly me… How could I not mention that?Well, I LOVE southern stories. They are all so out of this world in a non supernatural kind of way…or more like out of time… There’s something sweet and kind in them that makes me dream of beautiful dresses and a long forgotten chivalry. The southern chivalry. I always enjoy a book like this. Add in the fact that this book is about magic, and you’ll know why I enjoyed it so much.Storie Bell is a sweetheart, a real southern girl…but she has a little secret: she’s a witch. This hidden part of her life has brought a lot of trouble in the past because, well, she can’t actually keep it that hidden. Strange things always happen around her and all her neighbors think she’s crazy. That’s why she kept moving a lot. But now she has some amazing friends and she’s determined to settle down in his father’s old house in Bloomington, start over, have the life that she always wanted. That also means to keep her magic under control, a thing she can’t actually do. Her magic is tricky: it escapes if it’s suppressed too much, but if she uses it, it drains her. And there’s also Reid Malone, a bad but oh! so sweet memory from her youth. He keeps interfering in her business making things even worse. "she didn’t trust a Malone any farther than she could throw him. Well, given that she had her witchcraft and could hurl him halfway across town, she revised her sentiment."Reid’s always wanted to escape the little town of Bloomington. He has a great career in a big city and all he needs to do is help his father to be happy, find his peace, and he’s done here for good. The only problem if that the key to his father’s happiness hides somewhere in Storie’s new home. Storie…the only good memory he has in this boring little town… He has to enter her home and find what he needs to get his freedom, even if that means breaking her heart in the process. "Deceiving Storie might not be honorable, but it was fun. And truthfully, he was trying to protect her and Harper. Probable deniability. What they didn’t know couldn’t hurt them."One thing I liked about Reid, besides his looks, is the fact that he tries, he really tries to be ruthless, but he fails miserably. He’s a good man, a real southern character, and can’t hide it. I also enjoyed the chemistry between him and Storie. I’d love to find out more about them in a future book. Misa Ramirez builds a nice plot, full of romance and spiced with mystery, magic and fun. I recommend this book to those who enjoy a light, sweet summer read.“I thought you were drowning.” “I wasn’t.” “Next time you’re not drowning,” he said with a low growl, “I’ll just leave you to it.” Happy Reading!

  • Rhianna
    2019-04-13 13:12

    An Instant Category Romance ClassicReid Malone wants nothing more than to get out of Bloomington, Texas and never look back. But he's a good son, trying to right by his aging father—even if that means hiding his dad's highly illegal secret. If he could just get the last piece of the puzzle holding him in Bloomington he could light out for the big city without a care in the world. The trouble is, the one girl he's dreamed about since their almost-encounter years ago—the eccentric flame-maned Storie Bell—is getting in the way of his finding it. When she left Bloomington, Storie didn't expect to come back but building a bookshop/cafe with her best friend in the old service station her father left her is good enough for her. Until Reid pops back up in her world and the magic she's always struggled with working starts becoming more troublesome. She doesn't trust Reid but she can't seem to cool off the electric connection that started before she left. Are his seemingly equal lusty leanings genuine or is Reid hiding something sinister? Storie's going to figure it out even if she has to get witchy to do so.Insert a bit of googly-eyed fangirling here because I freaking LOVED this book. It isn't every day I read a first chapter and have a moment of 'whoa buddy' excitement I want to tell everyone about. Ramirez definitely knows how to lure a reader in and fortunately she keeps the excitement going. This is one sexy story and yet it's quite heartfelt too. Storie is a character that anyone who's ever felt like the oddball can relate to and she pulls herself up by the bootstraps pretty well which makes her a strong heroine I think most PNR fans will love. Reid is tongue-on-the-floor smooth in all the right ways without it being unbelievable. I was rooting for these two from the get-go.Meanwhile, there are giggle worthy moments and secondary characters that pepper DECEIVING THE WITCH NEXT DOOR with realism that manages to ground it. While the paranormal is definitely on the light side it's a key element in the storytelling and I wanted so much more of it, that I hope Ramirez writes another in this world. I sensed mild potential for secondary characters to have their own books but haven't seen anything to indicate that for sure.Overall, this one has everything I expect from a category romance and a just-right paranormal thread to make it fun but not overwhelm readers with a lot of world building. This is one I would definitely reread if I ever stopped finding more books I want to read long enough to do it. A definite recommend for readers who need a shorter read for a place ride or sick day that's sure to stimulate on many levels.***Review copy received via publisher.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-03-29 14:07

    I know, really stupid title, right? The book wasn't a lot better, though it managed to hold my interest to the end. The motivations of the characters are a complete mess, though when it comes right down to it I ended up liking them.Reid's father is a manipulative jerk, and his (the father's) dream of leaving a legacy from his longstanding moonshine business is ludicrous at best. Why Reid should feel compelled to enable this nonsense is completely unreasonable for a guy who is supposedly mostly rational. And why Reid would both hide his search for the missing ingredient (don't get me started) from Storie, and do so in such a completely ham-fisted way, is even worse. He's supposed to be smart but he shows all the brains and forethought of a turnip. A soul-patch-wearing turnip. Update for Melissa Ramirez: soul patches make even hot guys look silly. Maybe my age is showing, here, but a soul patch just looks like a frustrated beard prevented from achieving its true potential.All that's bad enough, but Storie's motivations aren't any better. I kept waiting for her to realize that her own father was an emotionally manipulative jerk for saddling her with trust issues that affect even her closest relationship (with Harper, the best friend that she can't tell about her witch powers because... well just because). It gets worse when Storie's mother shows up and tells her a bunch of crap that could be important and might constitute an emergency that she needs Storie's help with, but how Storie swallows such blatant weirdness from a woman she's never met before makes even less sense than Reid enabling his father’s delusions.The thing is that the writing is good and Storie's situation is interesting—even if her name is kind of stupid. I liked her and wanted her to make this completely unreasonable bookstore of hers work. I know, I'm a sucker for a cool bookstore. While the characters should only rate two stars, I'm going to bump it up to three in acknowledgement that I liked it despite its non-trivial flaws. If Ramirez can get a handle on character motivations that make actual sense to real people, she'd be quite good.A note about Steamy: Only one actual explicit sex scene, but enough explicit foreplay to qualify as two or three more.

  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    2019-03-22 20:06

    Entangled has done it again! I just love to read their books because I always know I am going to get a vacation of a life time. With DTWND it was no different. Melissa put together a cast of characters that made me laugh out loud so much my children thought I was cracking up.Storie Bell lord have mercy where to start with her. She has a secret that she keeps close to her heart.She is a witch and she tries to never use her powers or show them to anyone. As it is the town folks think she is crazy as hell so they stay away from her and make her feel like a leper. Then her father passes away and leaves her a gas station and she decides to turn it into a cafe. But Storie being Storie knows there is trouble brewing because she can feel it. The trouble we find out is the Hot cowboy next door Reid Malone. He and Storie almost shared a night together and she has stayed away from him ever since. So when Reid comes back and peruses her like no ones business she is very suspicious of him.Reid Malone all he wants to do is leave Texas and never come back. He wants to start a new life where he can live like he wants. But he has obligations to take care of his father and when his father asks him for a huge favor he is torn between doing that favor and the person his father wants him to deceive. Reid knows you don't mess with Storie Bell and live to tell it. What is Reid to do in this situation? Follow what his father tells him to do or follow his heart? In the end what he is left thinking is is it worth it to deceive a witch or deceive a heart?This is such a fun read that will make you laugh and swoon over Reid. Meet some great secondary characters like Harper and Reid's father. Melissa you have rocked it with DAWND!

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2019-03-22 19:08

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyDECEIVING THE WITCH NEXT DOOR is a wonderfully light, entertaining, and fun paranormal romance. The pacing was quick and the story kept me engrossed enough that I was actually shocked when I came close to the end. I enjoyed the very accurate depiction of a small town where the gossip mill runs rampant and fast. The characters in DECEIVING THE WITCH NEXT DOOR are all stereotypical small town people (pretty well developed considering the length of the book) with their own unique, quirky personalities.Storie Bell is a very likable and fun character (I’m in love with her Storiebook Cafe based on the description of the interior). I also loved all of the creative little ways she uses her powers to set up her cafe and during her spats with Reid Malone. Reid is a wonderfully charming and conflicted hero. He attempts to play the antagonist yet fails miserably at his role which makes him all the more charming as he tries so hard to redeem himself in a number of touching ways.I loved the conclusion of DECEIVING THE WITCH NEXT DOOR and since it introduces a whole new cast of characters and interesting dilemmas for Storie and Reid I hope this is the beginning of a new series.Sexual content: gentle fondling, one sex scene.

  • Samantha
    2019-04-15 20:08

    Deceiving the Witch Next Door is about a Southern witch named Storie who returns to the town that mocked her 8 years ago. Now, she is ready to be on her own and open up her own bookstore and cafe. Or at least, she thinks she is. When a little-too-familiar man named Reid comes into the picture, she may not be prepared for anything ahead.There were things about this book I liked, but more that I didn't. I like the fantasy elements it gave with Storie being a witch, and some of the secondary characters were nice. However, I found the plot predicable, and I wasn't a fan of Storie or Reid as characters. I thought Reid was a man who didn't treat women as equals, and I'm not a fan of that in male characters. Likewise, I thought Storie didn't have the gumption to stand up for herself and not let herself be treated that way. She wasn't a whiny character or anything, she just didn't have a backbone when it came to Reid.That being said, combined with the setting of the book and other little things, I didn't enjoy it too much, BUT I can see other people liking it. It wasn't poorly written or terrible by any means, I think most of what I didn't like about it was a personal reader taste thing. If you enjoy Southern stories with a strong romance and a little fantasy twist, I would still say give it a try. It didn't work for me, but I do think it has an audience.

  • Shelly Bell
    2019-03-28 16:05

    The author has a unique gift of creating beautiful imagery with words: “This time when she rose from the water, she was like a phoenix, all fire and glory against the backdrop of orange, yellow, and red streaking the horizon.” From that sentence alone, I understood how Reid saw Storie. Likewise, the scenery came to life for me. Plus, right from the beginning I heard all the characters speaking with a bit of a Texas twang. I’m not sure how the author accomplished it, but together, it pulled me into the story. Those looking for a love story with paranormal elements will enjoy this book.

  • Feminista
    2019-04-17 20:06

    Rating: 2 out of 5.A quick read about a modern day witch.Unfortunately, I didn't find the novel too engaging. I found the characters a bit banal.The plot was okay with a little bit of suspense.ARC Courtesy of NetGalley and Entangled Publishing

  • Ellen
    2019-03-21 19:02

    This is my first book by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez and it will be my last. I'm sorry to anyone who likes her books because a) she didn't even phone this one in or b) brain damage is a sad sad thing.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-29 16:11

    Storie is a witch but her magic has brought her nothing but trouble, the whole town is wary of her but she is determined to prove to everyone that she is just a normal woman. All she wants is the chance to settle down somewhere and live a normal life and opening the Storiebook Cafe with her best friend is her chance to do just that. She wasn't banking on working next door to Reid though, her childhood crush that she hasn't seen since eight years ago but who has had a starring role in her fantasies since they made out the night before she left town. Reid was always desperate to leave Bloomington so when Storie returned she was expecting him to be long gone. Reid has been stuck in town helping to care for his sick father and has been roped into helping the old man achieve a life long dream before he dies. Unfortunately Reid needs to get hold of something that was hidden in Storie's new cafe but will helping his father lose him the woman who has haunted his dreams for as long as he can remember?I really enjoyed Deceiving the Witch Next Door and although the story has a HEA I'm really hoping that it is going to be the first book in a series. There was definitely potential for supporting characters like Storie's best friend Harper to get their own book. I'd also be interested in learning more about people who cropped up from Storie's past. Even if this isn't the start of a series I'll be keeping an eye out for more from Melissa Bourbon Ramirez in the future and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun and light paranormal romance.I really liked the way Storie was so determined to fulfil her dreams, she has always wanted a place to call home and is doing her best to make it happen. Her father always warned her that a relationship between a witch and a human man would never work so Storie has created her own alternative family with her best friend Harper and her two daughters. She loves Harper like a sister and thinks of her children has nieces and I really enjoyed the close relationship between them all. The girls were just adorable and added a nice extra to the story. After being abandoned by her mother as a baby Storie has never had anyone to help her learn how to use her magic, she has had to guess at things as she went along and this has caused problems when she nearly ended up giving herself away. Strange things often happen around her and that is why the people in town are so suspicious of her but Storie has never tried to use her magic to cause trouble. Opening the Storiebook Cafe - a bookshop come coffee shop that sounds like the kind of place I would love to spend time in - has been her dream for a long time and she is thrilled that it is finally happening but being around Reid and the sudden re-appearance of her mother might just knock her off track.I did find myself irritated with Reid because of the way he was so dishonest with Storie, I felt that if he had just opened up and explained what he was looking for and why then she would probably have helped him and things would have been a lot easier between them. I guess that would have meant there wasn't much of a story though. They did have great chemistry and I enjoyed their banter and the constant arguments that were often followed by hot make out sessions! Reid has always been determined that small town life isn't what he wants but that is more down to the way his mother raised him than because he is actually unhappy living in Bloomington. When he realised that Storie was all he'd ever wanted he worked hard to prove he was worthy of her and I liked the way he accepted her so easily even after he found out that she was a witch. The fact that he was prepared to stand up for her when she needed him most was what won me over completely.Deceiving the Witch Next Door was an enjoyable read and one I'm happy to recommend.

  • Sue
    2019-04-09 13:57

    Storie Bell is a witch. She has moved around a lot, both as a child and as and adult. Despite rejecting the magic, her father always tried to do the best for Storie after her mother abandoned her. Storie left Bloomington, Texas the same evening she had a chance, passionate encounter with Reid Malone. Now Storie is back in Bloomington, intending to make it her home. She longs to fit in and be 'normal' instead of feeling alone and isolated. She hopes she will be able to do this in Bloomington, where her and her friend Harper are renovating the filling station Storie's Dad left her, to open up The Storiebook Cafe.Even with the excitement of coming back to Bloomington and opening their cafe and bookstore, Storie can feel a darkness. Not sure what it means or what it will bring, she carries on. She certainly doesn't expect for Reid to be back in town also...Reid who has always hungered for the city life but after that one afternoon with Storie has never forgotten her. "...she was a damn siren. A girl next door who could bring a man to his knees with a crook of her finger." Reid is unaware that Storie is a witch with magical powers, maybe he's dismissing the signs, but he is just drawn to her like no one else. Storie is sure drawn to him and can feel the chemistry, but after years of listening to her Dad, she really believes no witch can have a lasting relationship with a mortal man.Reid is back with his own that he's not sharing with Storie, but could have everything to do with Storie. Both Reid and Storie are hiding things from each other, and the more Storie tries to push Reid away the more he pushes back. With secrets and history holding them back is there any hope? When everything comes to a head and the past comes back, so they have any chance at all? When Reid finally realizes it's not where you are but who you are with will Storie still be there?I loved Deceiving the Witch Next Door, with the mystery, magic, and the dance of a relationship that both characters want but don't believe they can have. It was easy to feel a connection to Storie, with or without magic. Her magic is fun, there is just enough paranormal in Deceiving the Witch Next Door to satisfy me and not take it over the top! I really admired what Storie was doing, especially going back to Bloomington. Despite the way she was treated there, she wanted to make a home there.Right or not, Reid was trying to do what he felt was best for his father. He didn't count on Storie though...and without any magic she manages to capture his heart...if she'll accept it The interactions between Storie and Reid were at times hot, funny, and sweet. They will make a great forever couple if they can get past the secrets and past. The inclusion of the secondary characters was just right. Harper and her daughters didn't distract from Storie and Reid's story, and the appearance of other significant characters later in the book added to the plot.Melissa gives us a fast paced, intriguing romance with a great story line in Deceiving the Witch Next Door. I loved it and highly recommend it!

  • The Romance Evangelist
    2019-04-11 19:12

    A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for an honest review. This review is also available at The Romance Evangelist ( Bourbon Ramirez is a new author for me and although I have previously enjoyed many paranormal romance novels, I haven’t read many of late, so I went into this book with no expectations other to be entertained. And entertained I most definitely was! I was pulled all the way through this relatively short but densely packed plot wondering exactly how the author was going to manage to resolve all the dilemmas swirling around their romance without ruining my enjoyment of the story as a whole. Because make no mistake, Storie Bell has had a lot to deal with since she’s returned to town after her departure eight years before. She’s trying to fend off Reid Malone’s advances at the same time she’s trying to reimagine her late father’s decrepit gas station as a combination bookstore/coffee shop, secretly leveraging her magic powers where she can, even as they are inexplicably starting to wane. Meanwhile, Reid can’t forget how he and Storie had nearly come together on that day she left town (a scene we see only part of in the memorable prologue) but he’s sure that all he really wants is what he thinks is hidden somewhere in the building her daddy left her. The interaction between Storie and Reid is what made this story a compelling read for me, and the way Reid worms his way into Storie’s life despite both of them insisting that there isn’t anything real between them. Storie knew that there was something Reid wasn’t telling her, but with so many other fires to fight all in the short time before the scheduled opening day for her Storiebook Cafe, she was only able to keep at arm’s length for so long before the electricity between them ignited into something more. I loved how completely obvious he was in his machinations, in spite of whether either of them thought that was a good idea or not.I haven’t always had good luck with books being able to successfully incorporate paranormal elements into a believable contemporary setting, but Deceiving the Witch Next Door manages to stay on track with both the magical and non-magical parts of the story. The way everything comes together in the final chapters was as believable as could be expected, considering Storie is a witch and all. My only quibble was with the loose threads left after Storie’s final confrontation with why her powers had been waning, but I’m hoping that means we’ll be getting another book following up on what was left unresolved. I quite enjoyed reading Deceiving The Witch Next Door, and I’ll definitely be seeking out more of this author’s backlist.

  • Michele
    2019-03-20 13:53

    'Storie Bell was a witch. Not the kind that lived in Harry Potter's world. No, she was more like Glinda, the good witch of the North, minus the munchkins and Dorothy.'Storie Bell arrives back in Bloomington, Texas, ready to set down roots and open up her own bookstore/cafe with her best friend Harper. She only hopes the rumors that ran rampant through town when she lived here almost a decade ago have faded over time. Storie has had to hide her powers her entire life. She just wishes for once she could feel like she belongs somewhere and she could be honest with those around her, to finally admit she's a witch. Only her father knew the truth but unfortunately he passed away six months ago, leaving her the old gas station he owned. Now Storie and Harper are getting ready to remodel the building and turn it into the Storiebook Cafe. But it appears their neighbors at the Speakeasy bar, the Malones, may have an issue with the plans.'Mortals and witchcraft didn't mix. That was the biggest lesson her father had taught her, and one she took to heart.'Storie can't forgot the last day she was in Bloomington when she and Reid Malone had an encounter at the lake. She almost lost control of her powers during their sexy embrace and has since tried to avoid similar situations with mortal men. Storie hopes Reid no longer remembers their moments of passion, but he makes it clear the first time they see each other that they have unfinished business between them. She knows based on her strong attraction to him that working next door to Reid will be torture. But she's not giving up her dream for anyone.'Oh yeah, he took a good long look--every bit of her seared into his brain, from the light dusting of freckles across her nose to the tips of her toes. And everything in between.'Reid Malone has dreamed of Storie Bell for the past eight long years and it appears he may now get his chance to try to turn those fantasies into reality. He decides to have some fun while he's helping out his father, checking out her shop for clues to the last ingredient missing in the family moonshine recipe. Reid feels a little bit of remorse at lying about his intentions but his connection with her is absolutely real. Things get complicated quickly as he spends more time with Storie and realizes she may be enough to hold him in the town he once couldn't wait to leave.Deceiving the Witch Next Door is an entertaining, sexy story. The pace of the book was perfect and Melissa's descriptions made the scenes come alive on the page. It was easy to connect with both Storie and Reid in their search to find a place to finally belong. And I loved their HEA! I think paranormal romance fans will really enjoy this one!

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2019-04-08 11:48

    Deceiving the Witch Next Door (Entangled Covet) Misa Bourbon Ramirez .Arc supplied by publishers. Well, I love paranormal romance, and though I tend to prefer longer books sometimes we need a quick read. This one fills that gap when – if you're a quick reader like me – you've limited time and want a book to finish, not be left in middle without time to read the rest.....Anyway – Storie Bell, abandoned by her witch ( in the real sense!!)mother and brought up by her human father, has returned after his death to the town she spent her teens in. Though she's done her best to keep her magic secret there were always rumours and gossip surrounding her over the strange events that happened when she got emotional. She loves the idea of small town living and belonging, but now she's back will the gossips have forgotten the past and accept her? And what about Reid Malone, who thinks they've unfinished business from the day she left...He's temporarily staying with his sick father in the adjoining building, and as good-looking as ever. Storie wants to protect herself from him, knowing she can't get close t him or her secret will be out. Whenever he's close she can feel her magic struggling to get out. There's some interesting characters here, Reid and Storie of course, her best friend Harper and her two little girls. The kids were funny, like little adults at times, with the looks and hand on hips stance. I wondered at one point if perhaps Reid also had some magic in him, but seems he's just that good at predicting what Storie wanted to eat and drink...The sexual tension between Reid and Storie shimmers off the page every time they meet, and that's often with him taking every opportunity to search for the hidden oil his dad needs. Of course as Harper doesn't know about Storie, and she needs to keep tight control over her emotions to keep it that way, with Reid constantly around life is difficult for her. There's magic and mystery in this book, its not only Storie that's keeping secrets, there are unexpected people from the past turning up and what happens when they and the secrets all come out lead to a satisfying finale. Its a short and sweet read, no great dramas or reveals, but fills a gap if you want and easy to follow quickly read paranormal romance. There's not actually much magic in it. Though Reid and Storie finally get together with all secrets in the revealed the ending is left open for a sequel maybe which perhaps would have more magic in it. Stars: 3 and a half from me, it was a fun read but I’d have liked a bit more depth to the story.

  • Kelly Hart
    2019-04-03 14:05

    Deceiving the Witch Next DoorBy: Melissa Bourbon RamirezPublished by: Entangled Publishing (Covet)Reviewed by: Kelly H.Publishers Blurb: Storie Bell has a little secret—she’s a witch. But magic hasn’t exactly kept her life from being a complete mess—her love life is non-existent and the town thinks she’s a total nutter. Plus there’s her neighbor Reid Malone who runs hot one minute and cold the next.Reid Malone can’t wait to escape Bloomington, Texas. Unfortunately, he’s stuck where he is unless he helps his father hide a very illegal secret. The only key to Reid’s freedom lies with the eccentric Storie…and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the information he needs from her.But Reid’s holding something back. Something big. And if he’s not careful, he’ll find out exactly what happens when you try to deceive a witch …My Review: Witchcraft and Moonshine?Just what do those two things have in common?To find out, you’ll have to read this book. ;)Deceiving the Witch Next Door was a cute story about two people, who share a memorable past and who overcome their fears and their secrets in order to finally come together in the end.It’s a typical romance, in my opinion, with a supernatural twist.Although I enjoyed this book, it unfortunately wasn’t one of my favorites. :(It didn’t have enough action for my personal tastes. As I stated, it was more of a typical romance and although I do enjoy romance in the books I read, most have plenty of action to go along with it, as well.I think in this book, the characters were what I enjoyed most.Storie was your typical girl next door and I think a lot of people could relate, or at the very least, understand her and Reid was just simply hot and an inherently good man with good intentions.All that said, the ending of the story was left open, so if the author chose to, she could write a sequel and I would read it as well, simply because I did enjoy the characters so much. ;)I’d also recommend this book, despite the fact I only gave it 3 out of 5 stars. For the low price of $2.99 it’s worth it, and as I’ve explained, it just wasn’t my thing, but I’m sure it is something a lot of people would enjoy.Disclaimer: An ebook copy of this novel was provided to me, by the publisher and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion. I have not been paid to review this book.

  • Jaclyn
    2019-04-15 20:13

    Deceiving the Witch Next Door is about Storie Bell, a witch who moves back to her hometown of Bloomington, Texas. Storie and her friend, Harper, are opening a coffee/book shop in town. Next to the new store is the Malone’s bar, The Speakeasy. Reid Malone is helping his father run The Speakeasy and is searching for the secret ingredient to his father’s moonshine recipe, which Reid’s father plans to sell to make a profit that he wants to leave to Reid. The problem is that the secret ingredient is somewhere in Storie’s new café, so Reid has to find his way in and find the secret ingredient. The problem, however, is that Reid and Storie had an almost relationship before she blew town years ago. As the two become closer Reid begins to feel guilty about lying to Storie and Storie has her own problems with her witchy powers and her mother’s sudden appearance. The question becomes whether either Reid or Storie will be able to overcome these obstacles and have a real relationship. Overall, I enjoyed the romance of the book, but I found there wasn’t a lot of substance besides the romance. The tension between the characters was well done and believable, it was the tension of the plot that I found to be lacking. The whole illegal moonshine operation just seemed a little old fashioned and I didn’t really see the point of Reid even lying to Storie about what he needed from the shop; there was no reason he couldn’t just ask if she knew what the secret ingredient was. I also thought that more could have been done to explain the magic that Storie used in the book. Where did she learn these spells if her mother, the only witch she apparently knew, abandoned her as a child? And Storie mentions a couple of times that she can’t be with a mortal man because she’s a witch and she should be looking for a wizard or warlock – but how does she know these people exist, has she meet others like her? And finally, I didn’t fully get the whole alternate dimension where witches live. Ultimately, I thought the issues with magic could have been fleshed out quite a bit more. I was interested in the magic system of the book and I felt that the book would have been more dynamic if a deeper discussion on magic was included. I would recommend this book to those looking for a light romance that isn’t heavy on plot progression. The book is ultimately about a relationship and not really about Storie’s magical abilities. *Thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this book.

  • Amy H
    2019-03-19 16:57

    I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..WOW! this book did not disappoint me. Hopefully this will get me out of my reading funk :) this book was just like the Hatfield and Macoy's. (please understand who these people are, or i will feel very old!)this a great new adult romance. There was even some smut put into this book with is appreciated. Storie Bell is a witch. She had to move around her whole life so people wouldn't notice how different she was. The time came where she couldn't run anymore. Her father had died. Storie and her best friend were going to move back to their home town. She was given her father's gas station. She was going to turn it into a cafe. So people can read and eat. her quote was to "find their happy endings"Reid Malone was the cute boy. he moved back to his home town because his dad was sick. He was going to take over the bar, and then when the time came he was going back to the city. He couldn't make up his mind where he wanted to be. Reid's dad told him he had to do only one thing for him. Get the gas station. There was a recipe for moonshine in their and the only person who knew where it was is dead. He had to check the whole place and find it at all cost. Reid then knew what he had to do. Storie and he went way back. 8 years ago he tired to save her from drowning when a huge storm came thru in the lake. When Reid found Storie they had a very hot sexy moment. So, since that day 8 years ago that is all Reid could think about. Unfinished business!storie felt the same way about Reid. She told her only best friend about him, and she wasn't going to fall for his tricks. Storie then finds herself wanting more from Reid. That was until the truth came out and she felt betrayed.what is a book without a little drama. Storie's long lost mother comes in and claims that she has triplets. Meaning she has a brother and a sister. She told Storie that she is needed to go back to their world or all three of them are going to die. The funny thing is Storie doesn't know if she can trust her mother or not. When she finally meets her sister everything falls into place and all the answers are met. who is going to believe? Is Reid the same guy from 8 years ago or is he going to also be an enemy.this book will not let you down!

  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    2019-04-15 12:05

    Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsHave you ever met someone, spent less than a hour with them and have them brand themselves into your mind? I mean the kind of branding that has you thinking about them eight years after the fact? This is what happens to Storie Bell and Reid Malone. On one of the worst days of Storie's life, she meets the one person who she can't stop thinking about, Reid Malone.Storie has just learned something about herself that she didn't what to know, but it explained a lot. She needs an escape and the lake is just the place to go. Reid is at the lake to do a little fishing and relaxing, until a thunderstorm comes out of nowhere and he sees Storie jump into the lake for a swim. Now, everyone knows lightning and water don't mix. Thus, Reid has to pull Storie out of the water before it's too late. The attraction between these two is instant, but Storie is leaving town and never coming back. She can't possibly do anything with a guy she just met.Fast forward eight years and Storie's father has passed away. Storie is back in Bloomington, Texas with her best friend Harper to open a cafe and bookstore in place of the gas station left to Storie by her father. To Storie's surprise, the one person she doesn't want to see is back in town and just so happens to be her next door business neighbor, Reid Malone.Reid wants to buy the gas station building from Storie for his father, Jiggs. Jiggs knows there's something in the building that can help him with his multi-million dollar moonshine contract. If he doesn't find what Storie's father has given him in the past, the contract offer goes away and Jiggs will have nothing to leave for a legacy. Reid sets out on a mission to get what his father needs, no matter what he has to do to achieve it. In the process if Storie happens to land in his bed, so be it.Overall, I have to say I liked Deceiving the Witch Next Door. I was surprised by the direction the book took. I can't say the story dragged on and on. I was expecting the romance part to come into full swing sooner than it did. While the ending was complete for now, I think it left a very big gap in the future. But in the end, you find out what someone is willing to risk for the one they love.Rating: 3.5Source: Publisher

  • Heather Book Savvy Babe
    2019-04-14 14:11

    *I reviewed this book for Book Savvy Babes blog*3.5 of 5 StarsDeceiving the Witch Next Door is a fairly quick read, longer than a novella, not quite as long as most novels. I really enjoyed this quick read, Storie is a very fun, quirky character who, as a witch, has all sorts of magical tricks up her sleeve. Storie returns to her small, home town to start her Storiebook Cafe after her father passes away. Her best friend Harper comes with her and they begin work on renovating the old building into a storybook bookstore and cafe setting. Complicating matters is the next door neighbor, Reid. Reid needs to find a secret moonshine ingredient hidden in the cafe for his father. Instead of being honest with Storie, he lies his way into the cafe but finds himself falling for the witch next door.I really liked the chemistry between Reid and Storie. They have a spark that sizzles and heats the pages between them. I also like that they don’t just fall-in together. Reid was kind of mean to Storie, he lied to her and pushed her buttons. The more he gets to know Storie, the more he realizes that he really likes the woman and wants to get to know her more. Even though they have a strong instant attraction, their relationship develops at a slower pace.I did have a few issues with some of the scene setting and timing. There were points in the book where I was confused about who was where. For example, at one point, Storie was in the bathtub, but in the next sentence she was walking around. There were a few of these moments through the book, and though they did not take away from the plot lines, I was distracted a few times.Overall, Deceiving the Witch Next Door is a fun, cute paranormal romance read. I enjoyed the secondary characters as much as the main characters and with more witchy goings on brewing, the stage is set for future installments in the series, if Melissa Bourbon Ramirez decides to continue the series. I have read some of Melissa Bourbon Ramirez’s books before and I will read more in the future. Readers, if you like paranormal romances and are in the mood for a light, quick read, this book may be a great fit for you.

  • Gigi staub
    2019-04-05 12:46

    Down-on-her-luck witch Storie Bell never thought the biggest threat to her future would be Reid Malone, the very man she’d run from years before. After striking it rich in Texas shale, he’s back in town, and he seems hell-bent on getting in the way of her bookstore’s grand opening. A witch trying to blend in in a small southern town is hard enough, but now he’s seriously testing her strict No Kissing Mortal Men policy. But even witches don’t have a spell for that.Reid knows there’s much more to Storie than meets the eye. But right now he has only one mission: to infiltrate her shop so he can snatch the elusive secret ingredient to his father’s million-dollar moonshine recipe. Once he does, he can go back to the city and get out of his small hometown, a place in which he has no future. But as the days go by, he can’t help falling for Storie in every way…and every encounter brings him closer to finding out what happens when you try to deceive a witch.Review:This was a sexy, fun, paranormal read!I have never read anything by Ms. Ramirez, but I will gladly read more of her work.This is a book is about Storie Bell who is a witch, but for her whole life has tried to hide it. Hiding seems to backfire and then shows itself when she does not want it too. The book starts out with Storie having one of those moments when she thinks she is alone, but Reid is there. Though he does not understand what he is seeing, he rescues Storie and holy hotness ensues.After that Storie leaves town to get away from her past and start over. A few years pass and when Storie's father dies, she and her best friend take over her Dad's property and open a bookstore. What she does not realize is that Reid is back too, he is even sexier and rich. The chemistry that these two put off is explosive. They both are hiding secrets though; his is him trying to find a secret ingredient for his father's moonshine and hers is hiding being a witch. Both secrets become harder and harder to hide from one another until the secrets blow up in their faces. Then secrets from Storie's long lost Mother threaten Stories life.Great story with a sexy witch and a mortal, secrets all around and a very exciting ending.4 Stars

  • Stephanie Collins
    2019-04-04 13:52

    This was a cute steamy read. I loved the idea behind the story and am looking forward to more from both this author and potentially this series.Storie Bell would like to forget at times that she is a witch. She feels alone and isolated due to this fact but has a great friend who has become her only family. She comes back to Bloomington TX to set up a home and a bakery/coffeeshop/bookstore. She wants nothing more than to plant roots in the one town where she felt like she could be at home. She isn't expecting to ever find someone to love her... I mean why should she... they would just think she was crazy when she told them she was a witch plus it isn't like she can completely hide that fact. If she keeps it too bottled up it escapes but if she uses it then she is drained. She just wants to be normal somewhere...Reid is a man who is at odds with himself thru most of this book. He has beleived all his life that he wasn't meant for a small town but meant for the city. I mean his mom has basically drilled that in to him over and over again. He has himself beleiving this and doing one last item for his dad until he can get the heck out of dodge. He does however remember one thing about his first time seeing Stormie and seeing her working next door in the one place he needs to search leaves him wanting...There are a lot of missed moments and miscommunications between them plus a lot of heat and heart. The two of them are definitely meant to be together and even though he doesn't admit it at first he knows she is something special and not just in the magic department. He does like most of us would and tries to rationalize some of the things he witnesses but when push comes to shove he beleives in her and supports the woman he has begun to see he can't live without.This has some eye-rolling moments but in general is a fun read. The miscommunication and bad guy in this are at times a bit cheesy but the main pair are fun to get to know and watch. You'll also like the ideas that are left out there for some additional books so go have fun and read this.

  • Angie
    2019-04-01 20:01

    I thought Deceiving the Witch Next Door sounded really fun! Secrets! Illegal activities! Witchcraft! Romance! Well, it's actually kind of boring and the plot was dull and incomplete. Storie has just returned to her hometown after her father died and left her his gas station. Along with a friend, Storie plans to turn it into a bookstore and cafe. Then Reid who owns the bar next door comes snooping about. His father needs Reid to find the secret ingredient for his moonshine, so he can sell the recipe for a ridiculous amount of money, and of course that missing ingredient would be hidden at Storie's new business. Why not?My main problem with Deceiving the Witch Next Door was that none of the components really fit together. Individually they're great, which is why I was excited to read it, but together, they were just kind of random. Witchcraft plays a very small role in the overall story, so little in fact that it didn't really make sense for Storie to be a witch. There was a larger focus on the magical world at the end, but that part really didn't make sense, and wasn't even developed at all. Reid's hunt for the missing ingredient was just plain stupid. Instead of trying to get close to Storie so he could sneak around her apartment, couldn't he just ask her about it? He would have found it faster (if he had even been able to find it on his own at all, which he didn't), wouldn't have had to lie to her, and she could have gotten in on the profits, since Reid and his father are millionaires already.Deceiving the Witch Next Door was okay. It had a lot of great ideas, but none of them meshed well. The romance was a kind of enemies to lovers and second chance romance, which I kind of liked. Storie was aware that Reid was up to something, but that didn't stop her from acting on their attraction, which I find much more believable than in stories where the characters can't seem to separate sex from rivalry. I do wish the magical aspect had been more integral, and that the moonshine plot had been done in a way that actually made sense.Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • MelodyMay (What I'm Reading)
    2019-03-22 15:08

    Posted on What I'm ReadingI have been feeling like reading some paranormal books and I happen to be lucky Deceiving the Witch Next Door by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez happen to be waiting for me. I really enjoyed Deceiving the Witch Next Door. At first I thought it was about moonshine and a witch. Alas I was wrong, the story actually went deeper than trying to find a secret ingredient to a particular flavor moonshine, but a more sinister plot. Which I was blown away. Before I got to the sinister plot, we had to deal with Storie Bell and Reid Malone. Storie has always been looked as a little odd and no one could really put their finger on it. Oh there's speculation that she could be a witch. Of course, she's a real witch and she has tried to keep her powers under control, but when she gets a bit emotional distraught they tend to make their presence known. When Reid is around they tend to pop-up. Now Reid has made his poppa a promise to find the secret ingredient that makes their moonshine so special. Once he finds it, he's onto bigger and better things. However, he needs to worm his way to getting Storie to trust him. Not an easy task, especially when Storie has been warn that he's up to good. I love how these two characters are enemies in one aspect, but the electricity between the two of them is too powerful to ignore. However, Reid tends to be a smoother talker and isn't a stranger to the ladies, and Storie isn't going to go just willy-nilly. Then things start to pop into the story that makes her question her decision to come back to Bloomington. Overall, a pretty good read. I believe Deceiving the Witch Next Door really gets you anxious to see what happens next. Yes, the story starts off with the neighbor being conniving to get the secret recipe, a witch that's not sure who to trust, and then the return of mummy dearest. Which wreaks havoc on Storie. So, if you are looking for a witch and moonshine with a dash of sinister, you might want to checkout Deceiving the Witch Next Door.Copy provided by the publisher

  • Tina
    2019-03-25 17:46

    Deceiving the Witch Next Door is a very good short story. I really enjoyed the personalities of the characters and am looking forward to reading more books by Ms. Ramirez. Storie Bell had a hard time growing up in the small Texas town where she was raised by her father. The only time she was ever near Reid she had a heated encounter with him and left town the next day. That was eight years ago, and even though she knows a witch cannot have a relationship with a mortal man she has never forgotten him or what might have been if she had stayed. Now she’s back, and she’s decided to turn the gas station that her father left her into a bookstore with the help of her best friend. Will seeing Reid change all of her plans? Since she’s returned home Storie finally feels like she is where she belongs, but when she gets a visit from a stranger who changes everything she has ever known about her life she has to decide what is worth fighting for before she loses everything. Reid Malone made a lot of money while he was away from the small town his father still lives in, and after he helps his father finalize his multi-million dollar deal that involves selling his moonshine recipe he is leaving. But he needs to get into Storie’s building to search for the secret ingredient. Deciding not to tell her what he needs he tricks her into letting him work on the remodeling of the book store so he can search the building without her noticing that he’s up to something. He doesn’t plan on his feelings for Storie to be so strong after all these years and the more he spends time with her the more he realizes that he cannot put her in the middle of what he is doing for his father, but as much as he tries he doesn’t know if he can avoid hurting her in the process. While he searches for the missing ingredient he starts wondering if he can he be happy in a small town as long as he’s with her, but will he lose everything if Storie finds out what he’s been hiding?I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Pam
    2019-04-18 13:52

    Storie Bell has moved around a lot. Every time she couldn't control her powers she would move on. She is a witch an knows she has to keep it a secret. When she is left a building in what she considers her hometown by her father she knows it is just what she needs. Now along with her best friend and her friends two kids. They are going to open up a place to sale books and have a cafe with it. Things seem to be going goo d until Reid Malone shows up. Reid and Stormie have a past and he pushes her no kissing mortal men policy to the limits. He isn't just there to torment stormy. He has a secret agenda and he tries to keep it a secret and have Stormie as well. Just when the business seems to be coming together a person from the past shows up and it will change everything. Stormie is a witch with powers she can't control. i love how she tries to hold them in but it never seems to happen. She is a beautiful woman who besides the powers problems has a few others as well. She works hard because she knows she can't use her powers. She tries her best to help her friend and she is wants to let go with Reid but knows she can't. Reid is a hard one to get to know. What you do know is he is a sexy rich man with some secrets. He is attracted to Stormie and she has always been the one that got away. You for sure know he wants her. The tension between the two is something to behold. I really liked this book as it is a sweet light hearted read and just what is needed sometimes. It has a witch who can't control or use her powers half the time and a sexy man who wants to get on and under her skin. As the title says it's hard to deceive a witch. When what Reid is really after I expected more fury to fly. I liked the plot and how it all ties together it made a very enjoyable read. I was surprised at the ending I didn't see that coming and hope the author continues with the others stories. I think anyone who likes a sexy, sweet book with a paranormal twist will enjoy this one. It is a quick read but one that hits the spot.