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Imagine if you found yourself the attention of the entire world . . .The dysfunctional Keene family awaken one Saturday to find several strangers and neighbours staring at their home. Events turn more bizarre when more hypnotised strangers arrive, all seemingly transfixed with those within the Keene household. As the ominous crowd gathers and grows larger by the hour the KImagine if you found yourself the attention of the entire world . . .The dysfunctional Keene family awaken one Saturday to find several strangers and neighbours staring at their home. Events turn more bizarre when more hypnotised strangers arrive, all seemingly transfixed with those within the Keene household. As the ominous crowd gathers and grows larger by the hour the Keene’s find themselves under siege in their own home. With hundreds, then thousands of bodies pressing against the walls of their home, a rising body count and grim premonitions plaguing their dreams, the family must work together to discover who or what is controlling the Starers....

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  • Emily May
    2019-04-02 13:19

    “All it took for evil to prevail was for good men to do nothing.”You see, here's the thing. I get a bunch of emails every week from authors asking me to review their books and, more often than not, those who contact me this way tend to be ones I've never heard of before. So I open up the goodreads pages for their books, check out the description and browse the reviews. And I would estimate that about 10% intrigue me enough to make me start reading beyond the basic description; just one in ten convince me to open the book and find out if it's any good. Of those, almost all of them are put aside after one or two chapters because the quality of writing is poor, the dialogue is stilted and it reads like the author got high on I'm telling you this because I want you to appreciate how odd it was for me to, not only finish this book, but get completely lost in it. I had finished this book within twenty-four hours of opening the pdf and I only took so long because that unfortunate cretin called sleep hijacked me halfway through.Let's not dress this one up as anything it isn't: this is an adult read that sits comfortably somewhere in the horror genre. You can expect to be transported to a fascinating bizarroland that is as much about an average dysfunctional British family, as it is a creepy tale of what happens when the life you know begins to fall apart. Tinged with black humour and nightmare prophecies, it's hard to look away from this twisted yet strangely endearing little story. However, I think it's greatest achievement is the exploration of what enables humans to desensitize themselves to their surroundings and commit atrocities: The red mist thickened, becoming an impenetrable ink that clouded his vision. Is this a prelude to violence? He asked himself. Is this what the mind does; draws a curtain to shade the mind from the horrors it allows the body to commit?The story begins with Dylan Keene. He's just your average guy, likes a pint of beer with his mates, they're hoping to get a band thing going if they can ever come up with a name they agree on, he just wants his wife and daughter to be happy - he's not asking for much. But his wife is emotionally unstable and unhappy with the long hours Dylan must work; his 13 year old daughter was recently caught with her hands in the pants of a boy in the school closet because she "just wanted him to like her". Dysfunctional, but in the usual way. However, one day the family wakes up to discover random people staring in at them through their windows. At first, it's just a couple of people, but eventually it grows to huge crowds. What's wrong with them? Why are they staring? And why is the Keene family unaffected?Being trapped inside doesn't feel like the end of the world in the beginning. They have each other and Dylan's brother - Lennon. Surely the weirdness will get sorted soon... well, as you can imagine, it doesn't. Lennon is one of the many highlights of this book, his humour saves the story from experiencing any slow patches even when the big drama is absent. One thing I especially didn't expect was for this story to be so funny, which it was. In fact, I think it was this factor that made me sure from the start that this was a book I wanted to see through to the end. Little gems like these made me laugh:"Is he staring at us?" Dylan asked."I think he might be. Maybe he's had a stroke.""And forgotten to collapse?"andFrom the kitchen, Kirsty let out a startled scream that sliced straight down the centre of their hangovers like a chainsaw through ice cream... Mrs Loughery, the delectable housewife from next door was standing in their back garden. Stark-Bollock-Titty-Naked, as the day she was born, but with a good deal more feminine curves. "Why's there a naked woman in your back garden?" Lennon asked, peering closer.This might not be the book for you if you have to really like your characters to enjoy a story. The Keene family are all a little twisted in their own ways and their actions pissed me off so many times... but I still cared about them and what would happen. It mattered to me whether they would get out of their predicament or die bloody deaths. There were a couple of things I didn't like, hence the four star rating instead of five. I'm good with gory details and this was a gritty book, which I liked most of the time but I still feel like there is such a thing as TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Like this: "their coital secretions bonding them together in places with a dry, abrupt stickiness." I don't mean to be prudish, but did we really need to know that? And the lowest point for me was when Kirsty came out with this: "Would you like to fix another hole?" Wow. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be funny or a realistic portrayal of a marriage that has gone on way too long... either way, it was just depressing.But, as you can see, the negatives are small. The positives are plenty and if you don't mind reading something out of the ordinary, you could find yourself loving this. I'm definitely glad I took a chance on it.

  • Arah-Lynda
    2019-04-19 17:19

    I was provided a free copy of this story, from the author. In exchange I promised an honest review. (my first folks)And I so wanted to love this. I could say that perhaps I am just not the target audience for this story, but in truth I loved the concept.A man, Dylan and his brother return to Dylan’s home late, after a night of drinking. They do not notice an old man, standing at the bus stop, in the rain, motionless, until they get inside, when Dylan spots him from his window and wonders when the last bus is. Come morning the old man is still there, has been it would seem all night, staring right at Dylan’s house, standing in the rain. And now their neighbour stands naked as a jay bird, statue like and equally focused, blankly staring, at their house. More are coming. I should have liked this more. On Goodreads there are 48 ratings, rounding out to an average of 3.92.Thing is, I had a difficult time warming up to the characters in the story. They fell flat for me, I did not know enough about them individually and therefore I did not understand or even care about their actions, or the impact of same, on other members of Dylan’s household. The dialogue seemed forced, not real, more in keeping with the good qualities of a trusted tool, like one might use to fill in the voids. Who talks like this?How old is Lucy now? Harry asked with a scratch of his beard and a quizzical eyebrow.She’s twelve, Lennon answered for him, shaking his head slowly, features screwing up in mild disgust.Jesus! said Harry, I always thought she was older than that, I mean she looks older.Cheers, Harry you’re a great help, that makes me feel a lot better, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t have designs on my daughter.I never said that Dyl! I’m just saying she looks old for her age. I thought she was sixteen, y’know legal tender.Dylan turned to his brother, are you going to punch him or am I?Less of the legal tender talk, Hazza, alright? Dylan’s depressed enough as it is.Is the world over? Kirsty whispered.I don’t know. I don’t want it to be.Me too. I feel . . . strange . . . sort of content. It’s weird, like, even though the world’s gone to shit, I’m happy I’m spending it with my family. I know things haven’t been great, but I’m happy for what I’ve had. No family is perfect; we’ve all got our creases.You sound like you’re giving your own eulogy.Kirsty smiled and placed the tea-light down near the opening. Moving onto all fours, she crept towards him, her head bowed to one side, stalking him cat like. She gave her head a nod towards a patched portion of the roof he’d fixed.Would you like to fix another hole? Kirsty breathed coyly, slinking closer.You didn’t just say that did you? It was cheesy, you don’t do cheese.I did, and I want it, she purred.The focus is kept on the occupants of Dylan’s house but I could not help but wonder about the perspective from the “starers” round bowl of earth. Near the end it became easier to get caught up in the fury of events and I could feel, for the first time, some passion in the story.I wanted more of that.

  • Sarah Marie
    2019-04-11 14:13

    Starers by Nathan Robinson3.5 starsThe Keene family awakens one morning like any other day, but there’s a strange man standing at the bus stop that was there last night. Things get weirder when neighbors and townspeople start surrounding the house in a hypnotized trance. The crowd grows bigger and bigger and the Keene family finds themselves under siege. Will the family be able to find the cause of the Starers or make it out alive? I probably would’ve never even been slightly interested in this book until I readEmily May's review. I probably would’ve never even come across this book, but I’m glad that I did. I haven’t read a horror novel in years, which is odd because I used to be a little rabid horror and mystery fan. Robinson style reminds me a lot of King’s in ways. I personally enjoyed Robinson writing much more than King’s but it’s a style preference. Robinson weaves a truly captivating tale of horror. Something so simple plot wise is scarier than the ugliest and cruelest of monsters. While this novel isn’t perfect it has a lot of great aspects to it.Whimsical Writing: 3.5The main male character is Dylan Keene. He is a father, husband, and brother. I don’t particularly like Dylan, but he is a good guy at heart. He does his best to protect his family and while I didn’t always like him, he has good intentions and I admire him for that.Hero Scale (because sometimes there isn't a need to swoon): 3.5The Villain- I personally think that this villain is one encountered several times in movies and books. So it’s not completely original, but the shape or body he took form in was an interesting and creeptastic one.Villain Scale: 4The Keenes, aside from Dylan, consist of Kirsty, Lucy, and Lennon. All characters play a role in this book and aren’t just props are tools. Kirsty is Dylan’s wife and Lucy’s mother. She’s level-headed, but also scared. She struggles with depression and it doesn’t always show, but you can see it underlying in her thoughts. Lucy is Dylan and Kirsty’s daughter. She was recently caught in a very compromising position at school with another boy in a closet. Lucy is probably the most complex character of this entire novel. I never know what her intentions are or whether or not to like her. She has a terrible temper and one that she is well aware of and even uses it against her peers at school. Lennon is my favorite character of Starers. He is always cracking jokes even in the most serious of times. He struggles with alcohol and is a heavy chain smoker. Lennon is pretty much the shadow of his brother and relies on him for a place to stay every now and then.Character Scale: 4.5While I’m rather disappointed in the ending I’m satisfied with it at the same time. I wish it was longer and that it hadn’t ended so abruptly. I appreciate that kind of ending though because I do like open endings if done right and this one was done right. I still have questions that I wish were answered, but I’m okay with it if they never are. I can’t help but wonder what this would be like if it was a movie. I think it would be a very good one. The writing is very vivid and it makes it easy to picture things your mind so I guess it is like a movie, but in a book. Those are always the best.Plotastic Scale: 2.75Cover Thoughts: I personally love the cover. It’s creeptastic and who doesn’t love a well drawn-out cover. I love how it fits the story and even though it’s not completely correct it’s a pretty good cover.Thank you, Nathan Robinson for providing me kindly with a copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. It is greatly appreciated!

  • Bob Milne
    2019-03-21 17:23

    The young couple with the dog. The once distraught driver. The old man at the bus stop. The gang of kids on the field.Even the bent and twisted young lad smeared across the tarmac outside his house, bubbles of blood blew from his nose as the breath left his punctured lungs, eyes fixed wide, yet remaining as calm as a stoned Buddha, despite his probable broken spine and multiple fractures.All of them were staring blankly at the house.And so begins the creepy, darkly humorous, Starers by Nathan Robinson.With a well-intentioned dad, a slightly depressed mother, an angry daughter, and a wise-cracking uncle, the Keenes are just your average family. Nothing special, nothing too embarrassing, nothing horrific. You probably wouldn't look twice if you were to walk past their house, but that's exactly what thousands of ordinary people do - stop and stare, for no apparent reason. If that doesn't creep you out, then I can only imagine it's because you have no doors or windows in your home, and have never felt that tickle of dread that slips down your neck when you feel like you're being watched.This is creepy, Twilight Zone-inspired, zombie-inspired horror here, folks. It's the kind of horror that builds slowly, wearing away your defenses, as it gets under your skin. The strangers outside aren't violent, but they're there, more of them by the hour, crowding in closer and closer, without a single word said about why they find you so worthy of their mindless, vacant, yet somehow accusing stares. You begin feeling claustrophobic in your own home. Your family begins looking to one another for answers . . . and blame. More than that, you begin dehumanizing the crowd outside, as your fear struggles to make monsters out of them, in order to justify your fears. Eventually, you just have to get out, but if they won't move, if they won't let you out, at what point does your violence become a rational, even necessary response?Dark, creepy, and oh-so-very gory, this is also a book that's often laugh-out-loud funny. Such black (and sometimes corny) humour should feel out of place, but it helps to remind the reader of just how absurd the situation is. Kudos to Robinson for being able to manage that balancing act, and for knowing just when to alleviate some of the tension, without denying the story its unsettling heart. Definitely worth a read.Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

  • Dixie
    2019-04-18 12:38

    Starers was a short book, which was nice. I was looking for a quick read and this was perfect. And just because it was short doesn't mean it wasn't intense! This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Dylan Keene first notices an old man at the bus stop outside of his house really late on a Friday night and thinks to himself "I wonder what time the last bus is?" But he ends up brushing it off and goes back to playing video games. The next morning starts off like any normal Saturday for the Keene household, until Dylan notices that the old man is still there and he seems to be STARING at them. That's when all the fun begins! Things begin to get very weird and creepy. While reading this book, it's difficult not to get up and peek out your window to check for starers. The wonderful thing about this book is that it's a story I haven't heard before. I often find that when reading a book or watching a movie I can predict the ending because the plot seems familiar. I had absolutely NO IDEA where this book and its characters would end up! With scary books I usually scream at the characters "DON'T DO THAT! DON'T GO THROUGH THAT DOOR!" But there's no precedent to this story that I'm aware of, so I have no idea what the characters should or should not do. For example: there are SO many zombie books and movies that we all sort of know what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse... you bash their heads in and run. But what do you do when there are a bunch of people outside your house staring at you? They're not seemingly imposing any real threat, they're just being annoying. So is it morally wrong to kill them? Or are you supposed to just wait and see what happens next? How stressful is that?!!! This book definitely belongs in the horror genre, which I'm not extremely experienced with. I've read maybe a few books in this genre, and I've enjoyed all of them. But until reading this book I've never really considered myself a big fan of the horror genre. Now I want more!In summary, I just want to say that I loved this book! It was gruesome, shocking, and somehow also heartwarming. It was very difficult to put down!

  • Bandit
    2019-03-24 17:34

    This was an excellent horror either a long novella or a short novel from a new author. He seems to really be able to get at the heart of what's scary by creating an apocalyptic tale that's small and contained to one family's perspective, making the end of the world a very personalized thing. The family here was a very realistic creation as much as the Starers and The Stranger were a very original freaky and inspired one. Terrific original concept. Nice balance of drama and action, for those who like their horror with an emotional undertone to offset the gore. Would have liked more backstory, would have loved a more finite ending. But regardless of that, really great read, genuinely unsettling, interesting, fresh and engaging. Highly recommended.

  • Adam Light
    2019-03-31 14:37

    This book was free on Amazon and I took a chance based on the description and the freaky cover art.I'm happy I got this book. It is a simple premise, but the characters are so well drawn and the story so bizarre that it sucks you right in and doesn't let go.This is the kind of book that comes along now and then (not often enough!) that sort of floors you; makes you realize that there are some quirky original authors that pop up and sideswipe your expectations. This is why I love to read. I heartily recommend this strange tale. Not for the squeamish!

  • rachel • typed truths
    2019-03-30 12:24

    3.5 starsLet me start by saying that I am normally not a fan of horror. I don't get a kick from scaring myself. I really don't see the point of it. If I am scared of something I steer clear of it. I don't go on rollercoasters, climb mountains, walk on glass balconies, go in elevators (if I can help it) or anything else like that because heights scaring the living daylights out of me. Why would I want to purposely sit down on a Friday evening and pop in a movie / pick up a book and purposely scare myself then? The answer is I don't... well, until now.Starers was the first real "horror" book I have ever read and actually enjoyed. It was extremely well-written with well-developed characters and a chillingly suspenseful plotline. The story was engaging with plenty of action and drama to keep me engaged. It had my heart racing in all the appropriate places and, even more surprisingly, laughing my head off too. Lennon was simply hilarious! His humour really helped to balance out the gory and ugly horror scenes.I think what really, really made this book work so much for me was the Starers themselves. They were so damn freaky and I love how we were left clueless to what they wanted, what they were doing, what they were. The suspense was practically palpable. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time trying to figure out what was happening, how they were going to get out of the situation, who the mysterious he was, what he wanted... it was great how enthralling the plot was.What let this down? The two main things for me were:1. Lucy - she acted way, way, way too old for her age. I understand that the author is a guy so doesn't have the personal experience of going through that awkward age but it honestly isn't like that. Lucy acted more like a young adult than a preteen. 2. The ending - it left way too much unexplained and was unfortunately rather anticlimactic. I really am hoping for a second part to make up for it. I have so many questions about everything! I mean... where to even start? There seriously is a lot left up in the air and my curiosity is killing me. To conclude this was an extremely well-written horror story that I would hastily recommend to unenthusiastic readers wanting a good introduction to the horror genre. It was a pleasant surprise and I don't regret picking it up at all.Note: a copy was provided courtesy of Nathan Robinson in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was given or taken during this process

  • Tessa
    2019-03-24 16:12

    4.5 stars actually, but not really 5.A copy of this book was offered to me by the author in exchange for an honest review I'll start with what I didn't like and what made me give this only 4 stars: too short. I understand that the story was meant to be seen only from the family's point of view, but the idea was really original and I'm sure the author knows more about "this evil" than we are presented with in this short novel. So please, tell us more. I want a second part.The development of the story, the characters and pretty much everything was amazing, except for the bad guy. He was bad, and had around 10 pages dedicated to him, or less. Too little. After all the tension through the entire book I wanted more. I had the feeling that he had a story to tell, but he never got the chance to tell it. Also, (view spoiler)[going after a 13 year old girl...eww...pedo much? (hide spoiler)].The writing was delightful [except for the swearing, not a big fan of it, but I agree that the story demanded a harsher tone]. I really enjoy British expressions and their way of talking in general. There were a few missing words here and there and a few times when Lucy was refereed to as a "He"...using "his" instead of "hers". Was that intentional? Like a hidden message or something? @[email protected] If it was, I did not get it.The world the author created felt a little unfinished, but that's because the main characters could tell it only from the action going on in their back garden and the lack of action going on the social networks (TV, internet, radio). So I understand, but like I said before: I want more! Like a follow up from the bad guy's point of view ...maybe?I didn't get attached to any character in particular. Actually, it was amazing how real they looked, real, but, in my case, not the ones I can relate to [maybe because I'm too young or have an undeveloped brain....or read too much YA, donno]. Lucy felt a little to mature for her age [not in the crazy department, but in the way she talked]. Or that's just the impression she left me. And then there was the story and the tension and the expectations of the things to come. It was all very exciting. ;)Reading what I wrote above you might think that this is not so good, but that's not the case at all, it's actually so good that it left me wishing for more. Not many books get to me in that way. If you're in for something new, give it a try, you will be surprised :) .

  • Donna
    2019-04-09 14:11

    A brilliant read! I enjoyed this guy's writing style a lot, it sucks you in right away. Here you have a pretty scary and quite different storyline, with some funny moments from its characters and some truly great writing with some comedy added too. I loved the 'staring' concept, absolutely brilliant and chilling too! Can you imagine waking up to more and more people just simply staring at you when you look outside? Gives me the creeps!This one is truly worth a read if you like your horror with a bit of blood and guts and some humour in between - like some of the good old classics we grew to know and love :o)Will be looking out for more by this dude.

  • Savannah
    2019-03-23 13:37

    Despite the low read count, the weird plot and Emily’s review makes me want to keep this on my list. I’ll get to you, weird little book, eventually, hopefully.

  • ZombieGrrL
    2019-04-05 15:28

    It’s taken me a while to review Starers as I’ve been processing the imagery & story through my mind. I’m still a little unhinged.This one’s going to be hard to review without spoilers, so this may be a little disjointed. But that’s a symptom of Starers…..… here we go.First of all I LOVED IT! This is just the type of book I like to read. Straight into the story, action to action, no long internal dialogues, or weird sequences that you want to skip (I do that a lot with books), just a gripping suspense that makes you want to forgo everything – sleeping, food, work – to find out what happens next.Starers is fast food fiction. Tasty, easy to sink your teeth into & just oh so satisfying. You know that it’s so not good for you but you don’t give a damn.The PlotStarers starts innocently at the pub where we’re already 4 Guinness’ & a Jameson chaser in with Dylan – the main character – who’s winding down with his brother Lennon & friend Harry. I like him from the first page. Immediately you can see that Dylan & his family are far from perfect. His work situation is rocky, marriage is on tenterhooks & his under aged daughter is in the midst of rebellion. No wonder he’s at the pub!Dylan, with Lennon in tow stumbles home. Neither of them really pay much attention to the old man standing at the bus stop – until the next morning when it’s apparent that he’s been there all night, in the rain. He’s staring blankly at Dylan’s home & hasn’t moved an inch. What’s wrong with him? Has he had a stroke? Is he a stalker?Dylan & Lennon seem amused at the situation even when Kirsty, Dylans wife, finds a neighbour with the same blank stare looking in from the backyard. The amusement soon turns to horror when Dylan’s daughter Lucy awakens.What happens next sets the scene for the rest of the book as Dylan, Kirsty, Lennon & Lucy witness humanity unravel from their own front window.What I liked about StarersStarers is so easy to read. You could easily read it on one sitting, or, as I made myself do, in bits & pieces. It has a brilliant mix of comedy & horror, I love the glimpse into British life.Nathan Robinson’s descriptions in Starers are so realistic & make you feel as if you are WATCHING with the characters, not just reading a book. These descriptions range from clothing (or lack-thereof) to no holds barred accidents, gory explosions, blood spatters and sex. I could definitely see Starers becoming a movie.Starers is haunting. You can’t help but think about it for days after you read it. I got that same haunting feeling from Stephen King‘s Cell.What I didn’t like about Starers…To be honest, I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like personally. The pace was great. No boring bits. Likeable characters. The daughter was a bit annoying, but she was meant to be.Some may want the book to be a bit longer but that would mean annoying filler, boring descriptions both are a negative to me. I loved the ending. Some people will not.Starers has a perfect mixture of funny, mesmerising, horrifying, arousing, can’t turn your head away but you know you should & cringe worthy moments.Recommended…?Yes! If you like psychologically horrifying books with a different angle, mixed with blood, sex & a few laughs in the midst of a bizarre situation, leaving you with a haunting feeling of unhingement. This is for you.Looking at other reviews, I feel that some people may read my review & think that I am easily pleased, well perhaps I am, but this book is right up my alley. I guess not everyone likes a deliciously greasy cheeseburger with onions, mustard & fries dripping with sauce, but for some people &/or at the right time it’s pretty damn good.At $3.00 for the eBook on Amazon, Starers is a steal.A little selfishly, I urge you to buy Starers, not only because it’s a great read, but also so Nathan Robinson is encouraged to put more of his tantalisingly disturbing thoughts to “keyboard”.#TheyAreWatching

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-12 15:31

    First of all, kudos to the author for writing about such a unique and psychologically terrifying concept. Unmoving hordes of people staring into a person's house for hours on end. Creeped me out visually - the author has a way with descriptions that makes it very easy to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the novel. Additionally, character development is done extremely well without taking any focus off the scare factor. I felt connected to the family and emotionally invested in their...odd predicament. So with all the positive things I have to say about this book, why did I only rate it 4 stars and imply in the title that I did not like roughly 20% of it?It has to do with the ending. (No spoliers here). The book built up the suspense for what should have and could have been an intense climax, and that's where the trouble started. A climax that action packed is not a good place to write long-winded internal dialogue with the main characters and that's exactly what happened. During the final 'confrontation', the main character's internal dialogue becomes a long philosophical soapbox speech about good versus evil, how love conquers all, and so on. It came across as very "preachy" and jolted me out of the story, turning what should have been nail-biting suspense into a dull and unexpected sermon. After several pages of this, I couldn't wait for it to be over. I was highly disappointed because the rest of the novel is fantastic.A note directly to the author:My words of advice to the author would be to tighten up the ending and either insert the internal good vs. evil debate over the course of the first 80% of the book or get rid of most of it altogether. Honestly, the book does not need this component voiced aloud to that great of an extent because these elements are experienced by the reader through the actions of the characters, which is why 'reading' it comes across as preachy and redundant. The components of a great ending are already there because your talent as a writer allows the reader to "feel" the internal struggle and associated philosophical elements without the need to write it out. That is the mark of a gifted writer. Should you decide to 'tweak' the ending and release a revision, I will then happily give the novel 5 solid stars. Regardless, I am looking forward to reading more of your works.And a note to potential readers:Regardless of the issue described above, this is a book that I recommend reading. The author is talented, and even if others are disappointed with how the ending is written, I feel it's definately still worth the read. It is very unsettling which makes for a great horror story. Also, it's unique premise offers a reading experience one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere!

  • Amir at NotSoLiterary
    2019-03-24 11:08

    This review is also available at: love zombies. I devour anything zombie related. From movies to books to video games even iPhone cases, if it says zombies, I'm in. This book was in my wishlist way before the author sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review so I was ecstatic that he would even consider me as I normally rate a book instead of reviewing it.Starers tell the story of the Keenes, an ordinary family with similar issues as everyone else, and the fateful morning when they woke up and found strangers and neighbors staring at their house for no apparent reason. As the crowd grows massive, they become prisoners in their own home as they try and figure out what is causing this bizarre occurrence and why.This is book is not about zombies exactly but it does have that same zombie-like creepiness. I think its even creepier than the traditional zombie fare to be honest. If someone is attacking and trying to eat you, of course you have to defend yourself and your family in order to survive. But when they don't do anything but stare, what do you do? Should you be the attacker? Does that make you a murderer? I think the fact that the Starers are doing nothing and you have no idea what they want from this family is what makes it more terrifying in a very subtle way.I wish I had the time to read the book in one sitting as it feels like hitting pause when you're watching a horror movie but that didn't hinder it to be a suspenseful, fun read. The characters are flawed and sometimes their actions are questionable but then I think, if I was in their position, would I do things differently? I don't really know.As much as I enjoyed the book, it wasn't perfect, there's a character that I feel could've been physically portrayed differently to become more effective -- the Starers are creepy and frightening enough, I don't think we need monster like villainy as it just seem a bit comical for me. And there are some parts in the end that was still a bit confusing and was just not explained very well. Those negatives did not stop me from enjoying this book though but I do not recommend it for everyone as it's delightfully graphic and gory and may not suite readers with a queasy stomach. I don't know if Nathan Robinson is planning a sequel but I would definitely look forward to it if he does. I was excited to read Starers and I'm very happy that it did not disappoint.

  • Erika
    2019-04-18 10:14

    Imagine you suddenly discover your neighbor naked in your backyard, just standing there staring intently to your house with blank eyes. What are you supposed to do? Call the police, an ambulance, take her in? and then you discover an old man by the bus stop in front of the house doing the same. Now imagine hundreds of people join them.This is the interesting premise of Starers, and the idea was very well executed in the beginning. And I say in the beginning, because I didn't like the second half of the book. The first half was full of suspense and even humor, there are some good scenes in which the brother of the protagonist, Lennon, really made me laugh. I was really enjoying it. I thought the reaction this family was having towards these starers was a bit unbelievable. They were there carrying on normally inside of the house, even when the help they called joined the starers. They were sometimes referring to this weird phenomenon as the end of the world, and yet, their attitude didn't really match this. Perhaps they were a bit incredulous themselves about what was happening, and they didn't know how to react, but I know I would have been more worried if that was happening to me. And I can't understand how they didn't even close the curtains to at least stop having that view.I thought it was going to be more psychological, dwelling on the fact of how this situation messed up with their minds, but it wasn't. The closest to that was when they were thinking if it was correct to attack them or kill them, since they were not doing anything... just staring.The second half was not as enjoyable for me because first, it lacked the humor, that made up things for me in the beginning. Second, the supposed villain left me with a sense of WTF. Just so weird, and didn't convince me. And third, I don't know, the ending? (view spoiler)[ Supposedly in her dreams, the girl was going to kill her parents. In the end, they drove away with the starers following closely, and since everything in her dream was coming true, then I imagine at some point she is going to kill them, and the man in the coat is gonna get to her nodding and smiling. So how does it happen? How does she get to the point in which she decides to kill them? (hide spoiler)]Overall, I think it is a great first half, and not so good second half, but a very interesting premise.

  • Norma
    2019-03-19 17:33

    English/Spanish review.I have to admit that the first thing that caught my eye was the cover, colorful and strange at the same time, but as soon as a read the blurb I was captivated.What would you do if all of a sudden you were being watched by a person, constantly, and as time goes by, people start gathering around your house, and do the same, just stare at you? Without eating, drinking, moving… just stare at you. This horror story narrates the events at the house of the Keene family. The actions and decisions they made in order to survive. Even though it is a horror story, there is a bit of black humor which made the reading more enjoyable. As soon as I started reading the book, I could not put it down. I had an idea of what was happening but the mystery is kept until the end; and what an ending! I definitely would read book 2. I loved it!“All it took for evil to prevail was for good men to do nothing. All it takes for chaos to reign is for order to fail.”The author kindly provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. -----------Tengo que admitir que lo que me llamó la atención del libro fue la portada tan colorida pero extraña. En cuanto leí el resumen del libro quedé fascinada. ¿Qué harías si de repente te dieras cuenta que estás siendo observado constantemente? Que conforme pasa el tiempo, un tumulto de gente empieza a rodear tu hogar y hacen lo mismo: observar intensamente tu casa, sin inmutarse, sin comer, beber, nada… sólo observar tu casa. Esta historia de terror, narra los eventos alrededor del hogar de la familia Keene, sus acciones, las decisiones que toman para poder sobrevivir. A pesar de ser una historia de terror cuenta con un humor de repente negro, pero que hace mas agradable la lectura. Una vez que empecé a leerlo, no podía parar, tenía una idea de lo que pasaba, pero el misterio se mantiene hasta el final. ¡Y qué final! Definitivamente continuaría esa historia. ¡Me encantó!“All it took for evil to prevail was for good men to do nothing. All it takes for chaos to reign is for order to fail.” El autor de esta novela me regaló amablemente una copia de su libro a cambio de una crítica honesta de su trabajo.

  • Kateryna Lekhman
    2019-04-15 18:32

    Let me begin by saying that I gave this book a 3.5 stars and in my understanding that means something along the lines of: I found this book OK, it was a quick and light read, but unfortunately I did not enjoy the ending and probably will not be re-reading this one. In short, here is my synopsis and reasons for such a mark:So this book is about your typical family with a typical father -Dylan- who is constantly working, a daughter -Lucy- who is being a b*tch about everything and a mother -Kirsty- about which I cannot say much, because I did not get to know her character well enough to pass any sort of judgement, except for one thing in the end but if I were to mention that it would be a spoiler. Also we have a typical black sheep of the family - Lennon - who is a brother to Dylan, an all time "looser", as I am sure most would call him, and probably the most hilarious character in the book. So overall what happens is that the typical everyday life of the Keenes is disrupted by a sudden appearance of Starers, who are these zombiesque human beings that seem to be highly interested in out protagonist's family. Ok, next to the mark. I found it that the style of writing was good and that for most I would agree completely with the author about the fact that when it comes to survival human beings are pretty much ... well messed up. And I found Dylan's character highly relatable, add that to a few jewels - and I mean some really, really nice quotes - and to a fast paced start and you will see where the 3.5 comes from. However, I must say that the ending was a bit of a let down, in a way that I fell like I did not get all the answers and explanations about what was happening to the Starers and the world overall. Personally, I would like more information about them. Also I could not get rid of the feeling of a deja vu as I was reading this, especially somewhat in the end of the book, as it reminded me of the movie called - The Box. However, I really like that movie so I do not know if that was actually a plus or a minus for me, to be honest. So as I said, overall it was a nice quick read, but for some reason I was expecting a bit more.

  • Noshin Choudhury
    2019-04-01 12:11

    Okay, so this book is very different from my preferred genre but, wow was it worth it to indulge and try and different style. I'm horror/thriller movie fan, not so much a horror style book fan, but you know when a book and the writing is so good that the entire book plays out in your mind's eye. This was that kind of book. There were some iconic scenes that you could picture from a camera angle, the storm in the background, the electric hum and the family huddled together. It was vivid moments like that, that made the book. Its very much a build of intense proportions till you get to the epic explosion. I would say, I read this book mid exam season and so I didn't get to give it my full undivided attention, yet i still felt like it was a bit fast, a bit rushed. I loved Lennon and I don't think the tragedy of his character really came across. Overall though the characters themselves didn't really shine through. It was a cinematic experience, you were there for a specific moment of their lives, watching a plotline play out. BUT, as a book, as a reader, although I loved what the writing invoked in my imagination, I want more from the characters, a background, a sense of the people they are or were. More on Lucy and even Kirsty. I don't think we could fully appreciate the horrors because we weren't invested enough in the characters. The ending was good, real good, you don't want tied up knots in this kind of book and you don't always want to see evil defeated so easily. So the climax was a real high point. Once again it would've made for a better story if we really felt for the characters or rooted for them in the end. I rooted for Dylan, Dylan's ending lines of heroism and being a father and husband were the perfect touch. The book is definitely worth the read, especially if the genre of mystery/horror is your cup of tea, because you could not be more intrigued by the build up or more shocked by the climax.

  • Courts
    2019-04-18 16:34

    I received a free copy from the author.The Starers, in essence, is a quite a creepy read. I'm sure that most people have had that feeling when you just know that you're being stared at, right? Sometimes you catch who it is and sometimes you have no bloody clue but you just know that you're being watched. Welcome to The Starers. What I liked •The plot was fast paced and filled with action. I suspect that if it wasn’t for the plot, I wouldn’t have enjoyed this novel as much, but I’ll get to that later. •The realistic issues that the Keene family faced before & after the arrival of the Starers (especially in regards to a 13 year old girl).•The creepy and suspenseful atmosphere of the book. My small issues with the book•I felt that the book lacked depth when it came to character interactions/dialogue, which lead me to not overly care for the majority of the character’s fates (except Dylan as I have a high amount of respect for anyone who is honest & would do anything for their family). When someone got injured etc. I kind of just shrugged and moved on with the book. Which is why I said up above if it weren’t for the plot, I probably wouldn't have remained interested in the book. •I wish I got a little bit more info on the villain of the novel. He was quite the fucked up creature (pardon the language but I don't know how to else to describe it) and I'm curious to know more about his..origin.. (I don't even know if that's the right word I'm looking for).Overall, The Starers is an enjoyable adult read with an intense plot. The ending was left slightly open but also left with enough closure for the reader to feel satisfied with the story if there is no plan for a sequel. I highly recommended this book to those who are looking for a bit of thriller and mystery with a huge dose of creepy.

  • S. Nash
    2019-04-04 11:15

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the book.I’ve been reading horror stories since I was dexterous enough to hold both a flashlight and a book under the covers. I’m hard to scare. Starers creeped me right the %[email protected]# out.The plot is deceptively simple. Dylan Keene and his brother Len are a couple of average, working-class guys. They hit the pub at the end of the week, get drunk with friends, close the pub and head home to play video games. The brothers wake up with vicious hangovers and a strange surprise--their neighbors are staring at them.The rest of the book follows Len, Dylan, his wife Kirsty and daughter Lucy as they deal with the siege-like situation. The author brings us along for the ride with a well-crafted blend of tension, surprises, and some of the best dialogue I’ve read in a long time. I wasn’t waiting for the next thing to happen; the action flowed well and kept me hooked.What I liked most about this book was that the Keene family didn’t have a clue what was going on and neither did I. We were all along for the ride together. That sense of shared suspense is what made the book so good. That the characters acted and reacted like normal everyday people made it even better.My only quibble with the book was the ending. The tension and inevitable violence should have hit like a double-decker bus, but it stalled. The long internal monologues of one of the characters made me release my white-knuckled hold on my e-reader. I was tempted to roll my eyes like a petulant teenager and skip ahead to the good bits.Read this book. After you’ve put it down, you’ll be watching over your shoulder for a creepy old man standing on the street, staring at you. It’s a fantastic read. Did I mention it made my skin crawl in a most delightful manner? Yes. You want to read

  • Nicolas
    2019-04-05 11:08

    "We've woken up in the twilight zone" says one of the character at the beginning of Starers. Facing a bizarre universe in which everybody have turned into mindless zombies obsessed with a random British family, the reader might be tempted to agree. Yes Robinson's idea is Twilight zone smart. it's simple and bizarre in the same time and that's exactly how the best episodes of the Twilight zone worked.A good magician should, however, never revealed his tricks and the old saying should be extended to writers dealing with mysterious situation such as this one, as the explanation is always less interesting than the mystery itself. The two third of the novel are quite satisfying mostly because Robinson is good at building suspense and dealing with how a normal family is slowly driven mad by the starers presence, but the last third of the book is a disappointment. Starers seems to jump from one genre to another, going from "supernatural thriller behind closed doors" to "good vs. evil epic battle novel". It's too much, too fast and it's also too easy. The Keene family members were probably not the most fascinating and compelling characters ever written in an horror story, they're even a bit too much cliché for me to really care about them but it was good to see how crazy and dangerous for each others the Starers make them be without actually doing anything. In this respect, the ending in which they all embrace the goodness in themselves, claim their unconditional love for each other, fight the good fight and drop a few cheesy punchlines in the process was a big U-turn. It's disappointing and yet there are still enough good ideas in the whole book for me to find it overall enjoyable. It's a fun read but in the end it's more a B-movie than an episode of The Twilight Zone.

  • Karl Drinkwater
    2019-03-27 12:25

    A growing group of people stopping outside your house and just - staring. I like the concept. In fact, whether film or game, anything with a high concept hook always stands out and appeals to me. This is apocalyptic fiction, with some splatter: all the genre elements you'd expect are there, including an interesting twist on zombie fiction.The story takes place in a condensed timeframe and setting, creating a claustrohobia that grows with the heat and the smell. It was an entertaining story that does what you expect, the premise being the main strength. Humour and reality mixed with the uncanny and fantastic. A few phrases caught my eye [sic], for example I loved the sentence "Arms crossed, face taut, mainlining that severe beauty that they both exuded." That's the kind of high points the novel achieves: taut, original, pleasing. I read the whole last third of the novel in bed this morning because the cat was asleep on my lap and I didn’t have the heart to move her, plus I really wanted to find out what happened in the end.On the downside the version I read could benefit from a teeny bit more editing: a few typos and places where the language could have been tightened, which would have polished it up more so the premise could shine, as is its due. I won't list the examples here - they've been sent to the author, so by the time you buy the book these minor details may have been buffed up.This is nothing to do with the novel's content, but I think it deserves a more striking cover. Something a bit more grim or creepy looking (maybe silhouetted figures staring in a window, grainy and moody shadows). Overall if you want a bit of horror mystery and like to ask "What if...", then pick this book up.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-29 12:13

    This one is from my personal library, recommended by someone on my Bookapalooza thread, and let me tell you: Starers by Nathan Robinson is one seriously creepy book! A little horror, a little family drama, maybe a little religion – and a lot of creepy suspense. This was a great one-sitting read.Dylan Keene is heading home from a night at the pub, his deadbeat brother in tow. Standing at the bus stop across the street from the house is an old man. Dylan doesn’t give him much thought – but he’s still there the following morning. Even more disturbing is the fact that he’s not alone, there are other people out there, staring at the Keene household.And it doesn’t stop. As the day wears on, more and more people gather to stare at them, leaving Dylan, his wife, Kirsty, his daughter, Lucy, and his brother, Lennon. The Starers don’t react to anything. They are in various stages of dress (and undress). There are accidents, but they don’t move. They don’t eat, they don’t sit down, they don’t even blink – they just stare at the Keene’s house…and every time they look outside, there are more of them.Creepy enough for you? Honestly, the thought of being locked in the house with my family is bad enough, but creepy staring people on the lawn? No thanks!There are a few issues with this one. It could use a bit of editing, I think – I found some of the phrasing awkward and grammar issues make me grit my teeth. Still, I had great fun with it, trying to guess what the ending would be. One of the best things about getting books for my Kindle is that for very little money, I can pick up some really cool books – this is definitely one of them.

  • Elyse
    2019-04-14 11:09

    I was provided a copy of this delightfully creepy little novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.Well, I honestly enjoyed it!The Keene family is a blue collar working class British family. They have their share of problems. 12 year old Lucy getting in trouble at school. Stay at home mom Kristy has some issues with depression. Father Dylan drinks a little too much and struggles with the resentment he feels towards his dreary life. Brother Lennon is a moochy layabout. But they all care about each other and work through their problems with love. Seems pretty normal... That is until a man across the street beings to stare at the Keene house. Not blinking, not moving, just ... staring. Soon a stark naked neighbor in the back yard is discovered to be doing the same, and more are arriving soon. The Keene family struggle to deal with this odd and soon terrifying development. Why are they staring? Where did they come from? What do they want?I would suggest reading this on a sunny afternoon as I did and not in the dark of your room as it might cause you to think some scary thoughts. There is some gore and sexual scenes in the book but I did not find them to be too disturbing. Sometimes with that type of material it seems it is just thrown in for shock value but I think it fit in well here. Overall this was quite a well written novella. Aside from some clumsy "let's all look at the bigger picture" meandering during the ending, it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon if you like to be a little scared. And I do :)

  • Nicole
    2019-04-04 18:26

    The Keene’s are just your typical family. Dylan Keene works long hours and likes to relax with his friends at the local pub. Kirsty Keene married young and had her daughter at a young age and now battles with her inner demons. Lucy is a young 12 year old, trying to figure out who she is and how to get boys to like her. Uncle Lennon is always around to make everyone laugh with his wicked sense of humor. However when the Keenes wake up to find their neighbors staring at their house, things start to take a turn for the worse. Slowly but surely the whole town begins to gather outside of their home and they are trapped inside. Regular, daily routines become a battle to survive.Starers is a frightening debut horror novel by Nathan Robinson. The author manages to turn mundane life into a terrifying battle of fear. What starts out as a psychological fear, quickly turns into a gory mess filled with death and destruction. Robinson expresses a superb talent for writing details that will make readers fidget with a queasy stomach. These details will turn some readers away, therefore this book is recommended for mature adult audiences only. When the pace starts to slow or the gore becomes too much, Robinson uses the secondary character Lennon, to ease the tension. It is a rare find, when a horror book can make readers scream and chuckle all at the same time.Notes:The author provided a copy of this book for me to review.This review was originally posted on Ariesgrl Book Reviews.

  • Tony
    2019-04-04 15:13

    The title of this book is not one that particularly works for me, especially taken in isolation. I do love the cover though. It really works. More importantly it makes the title work. I don’t think I would have opened this book without that cover. A group of people just standing there and staring doesn’t sound very scary. A bit creepy, but not particularly scary. A load of creepy eyes covering the front of a book though is another matter. This is where this story is well done. The pacing is deliberately such that the inaction and frustration of the characters really bleeds through on to the reader. At least a couple of times I was sitting there screaming in my head, wanting the human statues to do something. Anything. It gets that frustrating.This story is about an average working class family going through the usual kind of stresses and problems that most of us deal with. Then things start to get weird. Waking up with a hang-over to find a naked neighbour in your back garden just staring would be pretty disconcerting. Things get creepier from there. The first three quarters are fairly slow and tense and then the final part explodes in a frenzy of activity. This book alternates between a tense psychological thriller and a splatter-fest B-movie. Although a little slow for my usual tastes I still enjoyed it. I think this story would make a great film and overall is a pretty good read.

  • Kenneth Goldman
    2019-04-01 12:25

    Ever have the feeling you were being watched? The Keene family experiences that unnerving sensation a thousand times over in Nat Robinson’s STARERS, a claustrophobic horror tale that begins with an old man across the street simply staring at Dylan and Kirsty Keene’s home all night long. The plot thickens quickly with a naked neighbor joining in along with dozens of other passersby, events escalating with a series of inexplicable events occurring not far from the Keene home. What in hell is going on here?To complicate matters, the growing crowd of starers seems to focus their attention on Dylan and Kirsty’s teenage daughter, Lucy -- and for good reason. When all those voyeurs start doing more than watching, and when Lucy reveals the strange dreams she’s been having, you’ll see what all the staring is about.Some comic relief is provided through Dylan’s somewhat hippie-ish brother, Lennon, at least until the man decides to play hero by venturing outside for help. What follows isn’t pretty.This is no zombie tale. There are no clawing fingers outside the Keenes’ windows trying to get in, and the tension growing inside their home equals that occurring outside. Here the horror is more subtle, and that makes Robinson’s novel all the more unnerving.What Nat Robinson has accomplished is a story that keeps you wondering throughout what new hell awaits these characters. It’s a fun ride!-Ken Goldman, Author, Affiliate member of the Horror Writers 

  • Alba
    2019-04-18 16:11

    I´m still thinking what to say about this book. When I started reading it, I thought that Dylan was an idiot. He got problems with his family, but instead of fixing it, he was at the bar with his friends, duscussing about band names. But the light come. Your teacher, your neighbor, you too, everyone are like that. Just want to pass a good time when you have a happy moment.But when he´s at home the action begins and don´t stop until the end. In fact, after the end, the action still goes. What I wasn´t expecting, at all, was THAT (view spoiler)[Lucifer, I mean (hide spoiler)] I tought on zombies, a biological virus, some dude making massive hypnosis... but NEVER that!Just for THAT, I still don´t know what to think. I liked the realism. The other characters, Kirstie, Lucy, Lennon. They are like your real wife, daughter and brother. One a deppressive women, the other a precocious girl and an i-dont-know-what-to-do-with-my-life guy.These four people are left together in a house, while an appocalypse of some type happens around them.They choose to wait, and see what happens, and everything goes worse. And mad. And... something else happens, but I´m not gonna say more. Just that YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! IT'S GOOD!The end was great. When you think that everything it´s gonna be okay and happy, the story still has something else to tell you. And all hell goes loose. Ha!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • V
    2019-03-30 17:36

    I FREAKIN' LOVED IT!!!! The Characters;Dylan Keene - The dad of Lucy, the husband of Kirsty and the brother of Leonard. Dylan seems to be the only one that isn't a bit off their rocker.Kristy Keene - The runner up in the race for wife. She's a bit neurotic and can't seem to put her big girl panties on in difficult or taxing situations.Lucy Keene - The 12 year old daughter of Dylan and Kristy who is going on 21 years old. She has a mouth that could make a sailor blush and the attitude that would make any sane parent want to shake the *bleep* out of her.Leonard Keene - The irresponsible brother of Dylan that he always seems to bail out. Whether it's a couch to crash on, or the last beer in the fridge.Dylan, Kirsty, Lucy and Leonard Keene are introduced to the Starers. Hordes of people standing outside the Keene residence just staring. There not talking, moving, What or who are they staring at and why? This was a great read about good and evil and what are you prepared to do to uphold your side. Will you "run" or will you fight for what you believe in.This was a great suspenseful story that kept me turning pages. At times I had to sit it down so that I would plow right through it. Some things are meant to be savored a bit. Now that I'm done. I want more! Is this the end of the Keene's adventures? I hope not! Well worth the read.

  • Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone
    2019-04-08 16:14

    Nathan Robinson’s debut novel Starers begins with an interesting premise. The Keene family is your classic dysfunctional crew that many of us can relate to in our families. They wake up one morning to discover a few of their neighbors staring in their windows. Creepy yes, but it gets worse. As the day progresses, more and more zombie-like creeps arrive and the family is literally trapped in their own home by the growing horde.While the premise is interesting, the novel itself doesn’t live up to its own idea. Toward the middle of the novel, the action slows down considerably as the Keene family nightmare moves from hours to days. The characters themselves are not compelling, and by the midway point, I found myself struggling to find something to capture my attention. The writing style was either confusing, with lines such as “Another sense of sound vibrates mutely against his eardrum, a voice calling,” or dull with lines like “Hope was waiting for an opportunity.” Robinson builds suspense throughout the novel by slowly revealing the creepy peeper secrets, but it ends like every zombie novel out there. Cars, crushed bodies, straining engines, and “the sounds of death left in their ears.” Starers began on a very promising idea, but somewhere about mid-novel, it lost focus and retreated far too much into zombie territory. Territory that’s become all too familiar.