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Something waits in the shadows…On a Texas night twelve years ago, Vic Vargas kissed Delaney West so deeply that she almost came apart. Later that same night, evil crept into Delaney’s room as she slept – and everything in their world fell apart. Now Vic is a rancher living a half-empty life punctuated by one-night stands and a strained relationship with his 11-year-old sonSomething waits in the shadows…On a Texas night twelve years ago, Vic Vargas kissed Delaney West so deeply that she almost came apart. Later that same night, evil crept into Delaney’s room as she slept – and everything in their world fell apart. Now Vic is a rancher living a half-empty life punctuated by one-night stands and a strained relationship with his 11-year-old son.Then Delaney returns to San Julio, and the past comes rushing back… along with the dark echoes of that night so long ago. Livestock are dying. Some say coyote, but others whisper another darker word. Chupacabra. Bloodsucker.The past hasn’t disappeared – nor has the instinctive desire that snaps and crackles between Delaney and Vic. And as those emotions ignite, so does the evil that hibernated for the last twelve years. The evil that waited for Delaney to return to San Julio… and to Vic Vargas....

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sacrifice of passion Reviews

  • NikkiPeterson
    2019-04-19 19:04

    Delaney is, of course, the Texas beauty and Vic has a mixed heritage. Anglo and Hispanic combining to make one tasty specimen, yum! Delaney returns to her parent's house to put a stop to her torment. Twelve years earlier, an 18 year old Delaney and Vic were supposed to meet at 3:45 AM and elope. However, something horrible happened that night to Delaney and when she makes it to the meeting place he isn't there. He decides to ask her parents for her hand in marriage the next morning and figures a few more hours until they are together won't make that big of a difference. Looking for comfort Delaney goes to his house. What she sees there sends her fleeing San Julio. Hoping to dispell the nightmares and sleepwalking she has endured from that horrific night she returns. Upon her return she runs into Vic....and his 11 year old son. Both are of the belief the other never truly cared for and/or loved them. Also since her return there has been a string of animals slaughtered, drained of blood. At the scene of one of the crimes the area healer shows up and mentions the legend of the Chupacabra and links it with Delaney's name.I felt bad for both Delaney and Vic. Like often happens the full story isn't gotten and it causes hurt for both parties. At times I wanted to smack their foreheads together. Then added into the mix is Vic and his son. Misunderstanding there as well. You really feel for the characters and root for them to get their shit together. I even spilled a tear or two while reading this. But in the end it all comes together, thank god. Or I would have had a nervous breakdown, LOL.This is another book of the Dead Sexy line of books at Entangled. Definitely another one to put on your TBR list! Many thanks again to those fabulous ladies for providing me with the read!

  • Kayleigh {K-Books}
    2019-04-01 17:00

    Sacrifice of Passion Review on K-BooksWow, that is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of this book. Since I first heard of this book I instantly wanted to read it. I have worked with Misa before when reviewing books for other authors through Entangled Publishing but had never read any of her books before. This has completely had me thinking why haven't I read any of Misa's books before now? I was completely blown away with this book.Vic is struggling with his day to day life. Trying to learn how to be a good Dad to his 11-year-old son he never knew existed. But when strange things start happening on his ranch and the only girl he ever loved, Delaney comes back to town things go from bad to worse. Can he figure out what is happening to the animals on the rance and be there for his son? And why do all these bad things seem to be pointing to Delaney. Can they work out their past and figure out the mystery surrounding the ranches, or are the destined to be apart forever?I am still completely shocked by this book. When I started I was completely expecting just another normal contemporary romance book. This was all I was expecting and so much more. I couldn't put this book down! I couldn't believe the things that were happening and I was sat reading with bated breath wondering what could possibly happen next. Sacrifice of Passion has romance, mystery and danger. It is action packed and fast paced and sucks you in from the very first page and has you breathlessly waiting to see what's going to happen with these characters.If I had to describe this book in one word it would be 'hot' I totally fell in lust... er... I mean love with Vic. Vic is HOT! I was swooning so much in every scene he is in, which is a LOT! He is the perfect man than everyone wants to be real. I could not get enough of Vic and I am really sad that I have finished this book because I am already missing Vic. I love him so much.Delaney is another fantastic character that everyone will love. She's such a fantastic main character and although she is going through hell and suffering because of her past she is still strong and is determined to turn her life around and make it better. It's true that at times she really irritated me because of all of the secrets she was keeping from Vic. The one thing you want more than ever is to see them work things out and be together so you want to shake her a little and tell her to stop being stupid and talk to him. But as you read more and find out more about her secrets you really see why Delaney acts the way she does. Yea I loved her again by the end.This book just totally blew me away and I already want to re-read it. I was completely blown away and Misa is now one of my favourite authors. I must read all of her other books. If you love books with action, romance and a hot heart-stopping hero this is definitely the book for you. It was completely phenomenal and I would recommend it to everyone!

  • Anjana
    2019-04-15 13:17

    Wow. This is one of those times when I don't even know where to begin. I've known Misa for a while now as the awesome, super nice publicist from Entangled Publishing and ever since I found out that she's a writer as well, I've literally been dying to get my hands on one of her books. Sacrifice of Passion definitely didn't let me down. The story begins in a ranch where one of Vic's goats is killed and drained of its blood. Understandably, he calls the cops but no one has any clue about what happened and they have nothing to go on except the ramblings of an old woman named Esmeralda, who's known as a witch among the locals, claiming that it was the work of a chupacabra. She also mentions one more thing; Delaney was back in town.Sacrifice of Passion entirely different from what I expected, in a seriously good way. I thought it'd be a predictable romance with some sort of fight/history stopping the hero and heroine from getting together but this book went way beyond my expectations. Vic and Delaney have a past; they were in love when they were 18 and planned to elope but things didn't work out. That night went really wrong for both of them, each unaware of what really happened to the other. Now it's 10 years later - Vic is a single father and Delaney has intimacy issues. So many things drew me in about this book! I loved the romance between Vic and Delaney; it's the kind that's flawed, bruised, faced betrayal and shows that there's still hope. The chemistry/passion and history between them was intense and powerful. Delaney and Vic are quite honestly, two of the most real characters I've ever come across, they're both imperfect and yet you can see what makes them special. I couldn't help but admire Delaney's strength through the entire novel, sure she has her weak and scared moments but she shows that you can make your way back from anything. Misa couldn't have written this in a better way; I felt the emotions right alongside the characters in the book and the mystery/storyline kept my intrigued the entire time. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I like my stories with a touch of darkness, they're the ones that really give you a happy ending and what's better than overcoming a scary beast and emotionally damaged protagonists? I wasn't aware of chupacabra(s) until this book and the legend completely fascinated me while also spooking me out a bit. Misa's writing is witty and so engaging. Maybe it was just me but I highlighted so many conversations between Vic and Del, the ones at the beginning were especially amusing, she threw in some humor in between a serious story and made it work.'He still hadn't gotten over the fact that Zach had named the potbelly after his mother. Sheila had to be cringing, even six feet under.'Oh and in case I didn't say it earlier - Vic is HOT. I love his attitude/cockiness. He oozes sexiness, believe me.'She narrowed her eyes. "You work here?""I own here. With Ray." 'It's probably just me but I loved that line. I don't know what else to say about Sacrifice of Passion except that it's definitely one of the best adult romance-mystery novels that I've read so far. If you're a fan of romance with a hint of paranormal, you'd enjoy this for sure.

  • Sapphyria
    2019-03-24 16:20

    Review Copy Courtesy Of: Entangled Publishing, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.When a blast from the past walks back into Vic Vargas' life, feelings that he thought he'd gotten past work their way back to the surface. The girl who walked out on him 12 years earlier comes back to town and it appears she's going to stay. Add her reappearance to his shocking discovery of the 11-year-old son he didn't know he had and the chupacabra that is killing animals on his ranch and the ranches of the neighboring properties and Vic's plate should be officially considered full.When Delaney West decides, after 12 years, to return to the town she grew up in, she hoped the nightmares and sleepwalking she suffers with would cease. Unfortunately for her they do anything but that; in fact, they increase. With the chupacabra (or whatever is responsible for the deaths and mutilations of ranch animals) on the loose, it isn't safe for anyone to venture out after dark, let alone in a state of sleepwalking. The reunion of Vic and Delaney is less than amicable with each person understanding the events from 12 years ago in different lights. This is a very well written aspect of the book...In fact, I enjoyed the entire novel. There are several plot lines threaded within each other that give the novel depth and breadth. They are clearly written and the author did a wonderful job tying everything together. "Sacrifice Of Passion" deals with a pretty heavy topic and Mrs. Ramirez does a great job incorporating it into her novel. She does it with finesse and tact, and without making a mockery of anyone who had dealt with this. The element of mystery within the pages keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing at who is responsible. I was unable to put this book down once I started and completed reading it in one evening after I got home from work.Vic's character is written with depth and compassion. It's not as self-evident at the beginning but the author does a great job evolving him. He is very much the protector that every family should be lucky to have. He's strong with a side of naughty.Delaney is a very likeable character and she, too, was written with depth. Her many layers, layers that have built upon themselves for 12 years, are slowly peeled away throughout the story and not all that is revealed is pleasant. She also evolves within the pages and is able to finally deal with and overcome a few obstacles that have oppressed her.While solving the mystery of the legend of the chupacabra, Vic and Delaney go on a trip of self discovery and are forced to talk about what happened 12 years ago. What each character reveals to the other isn't at all what both of them had been prepared to acknowledge. This is a novel that is gripping and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The plot is solid and the characters are well developed.Please Note: This book contains adult scenes.

  • Cristina Buzoianu
    2019-03-20 13:00

    I loved it! Can't wait to see what's next by Misa Ramirez!

  • J.A. Belfield
    2019-04-19 16:18

    Vic. Right from the off, I knew he was a bit of a one. The kind of dude that women would swoon over, and the kind of bloke to break women’s hearts. So, to see his character unwind before the readers eyes, as his ‘true’ characteristics became exposed was all the more pleasurable.Then we have Delaney. A woman with whom Vic has a history. One who makes for a strong leading role due to the tragic happenings in her life she’s had no choice but to overcome.I really enjoyed the read. I enjoyed that the circumstances under which they parted years before weren’t straightforward, and that those were something needing to be discovered by both parties as the story went on. I loved how the spanner of a child had been thrown into the works—even more so, because the lone parent was a father instead of a mother. For someone who lives in a single parent capital, this made for a refreshing change. The setting, too, was awesome to read about, and described well enough I could imagine each scene. But then, I do have a thing about cowboys and their drawl.And then there was Esperanza. I seriously loved this old biddy of a character. Love how I hadn’t a clue what she was saying sometimes due to her lisp; because I loved how that was portrayed through her dialogue. And, whilst I maybe wasn’t supposed to, I found the idea of this crotchety old woman sitting next to Vic in his truck when he was tearing all over the place looking for Laney and his son highly amusing. I just had visions of her bouncing around in her seat and swerving side to side. Probably not what I should have been concentrating on when there was a serious situation at hand, but there you have it.I must admit, the red herring the author tossed in did have me looking in seriously the wrong direction for the most part of the book. Though even as I was scrutinising ‘him’ I kept thinking to myself, nah, she wouldn’t make it this easy, that’d be absurd—so I was mighty glad when it did turn out to be bait to throw us off the scent. However, once Vic ‘convinced’ me I’d been looking in the wrong place, I must admit it didn’t take me long to turn my suspicions on the right person—way sooner, in fact, than Delaney of Vic did. But hey, ho—that’s the power of sending a mind into thinking frenzy, I guess.Oh, and I guess I couldn’t possibly lead toward the end of the review without at least mentioning the ‘HAWTness’. ‘These scenes’ were decent. I have no complaints O_O. Very tastefully done. Well written. ‘Visual’. Quiet (coz there’s nothing worse than characters who natter all through the good stuff, right?). Yep, enjoyed those aspects of the book plenty. O_oOne thing that did bug me slightly, and possibly why this is not higher than a 4, was there was a point where the pace seemed to dip quite dramatically, and there was a lull in how easily I got dragged along. This is possibly because it reached a point where it began to feel a bit repetitive—by which I mean Delaney and (more so) Vic’s inner thoughts. Because we were constant reminded that they’d been together before, constantly reminded of their circumstances, constantly reminded of how each had once felt for the other and realised they still felt as such. And it got a little too much at one point that I just wanted to tell the characters ‘I know! Now get on with the story.’But that gripe aside, there’s no doubt that Misa Ramirez has once more entertained me and that Sacrifice of Passion is a decent read. :)

  • Heidi McLaughlin
    2019-03-25 13:14

    Know what caught me, the tall, dark single dad Texas rancher! As soon as I saw that I wanted to read the newest novel by Misa Ramirez. The only adjective she forgot to add was sexy. Doesn’t matter though because I’m telling you! SoP is an edge of your seat mystery mixed with a love story. As soon as Delaney West returns to her hometown, animals are found exsanguinished, in better terms, sucked or bleed dry.When Vic and his friend find an animal at the corner of their property, they are baffled. The killings don’t make sense. But when a curandera (think medicine women or healer) named Esperanza appears on the property muttering nonsense all Vic hears is Delaney West – the women who broke is heart years ago. Esperanza says the killings are those of a chupacabra.Vic’s world is turned upside down. Three months prior an 11-year old was dropped on his doorstep and he met his son for the first time and now hearing the love of his life was back in town, added with the loss of his farm stock, Vic is having the time of his life – not.It doesn’t take long for Vic and Delaney’s paths to cross – really only a day. I really enjoyed this aspect. I’m glad Misa didn’t drag out the reunion and loved the tension between the characters. Their banter was perfect, both throwing years of anger at each other with smart remarks.When Delaney shows up at Vic’s bar, he co-owns with his brother, Vic can’t stand it anymore. He’s been itching for Delaney for years and tells her. Only to be shot down.As the killings keep up and become more dangerous, Vic becomes more determined to win Delaney back, especially after she shows up in his bed in the middle of the night. He finds out quickly that Delaney has a sleeping walking problem and starts putting two and two together.Vic starts to think Delaney is the chupacabra and sets out to prove himself wrong. The problem is he’s hell bent on getting her back into his arms and protecting her if she is.SoP is a sweet, pleasant and very mysterious read. Misa does a great job keeping the suspense until the end. You’ll be guessing and hoping that Delaney isn’t the chupacabra, but can’t help to wonder if she is!

  • Steph atStarry Night Book Reviews
    2019-03-20 17:09

    What a wonderful story filled with passion, Vic is the type of man every women wants, he’s hardworking, tall dark and sexy, Smart and will do anything to protect his family.Vic & Delaney have a past, they were childhood sweethearts who were planning on eloping but when Vic never showed up something happened that made Delaney run and not look back. 12 years later fate brings Delaney back at home, they both hold a lot of resentment awards one another and refuse to let the other back into their heart.When animals are found killed and drained of their blood the farmers get together to figure out how to keep the animal’s safe. Some say it’s a chupacabra, a supposedly mythical blood-sucking beast and it’s not just after the animals it’s also wants Delaney. Will Vic and Delaney be able to put the past behind them? Will Delaney tell Vic the secret she has been hiding for 12 years? So they can have another chance at love? Or will the chupacabra take from him everything he holds dear.I loved both main characters Vic just wants to be happy and have a family. Delaney has had terrible things happen to her in her past and she is lost. I finished this book in one day I loved it and I could not put it down. The plot, characters everything in this book I loved. It’s a story about learning to forgive for the past and learning to love again. I will defiantly recommend this book to my readers and friends.

  • Talk Supe
    2019-04-14 19:10

    Full review at Talk SupeI loved that MBRamirez added familial relationships to SACRIFICE OF PASSION to highlight Vic and Delaney's past and present relationship. I loved that the bigger picture involves this fragile relationship between father and son and how Vic struggled to bridge this gap between him and Zack while trying to reclaim his relationship with Delaney by mending this huge misunderstanding they had in the past. I loved how protective Ray is of his brother without being overbearing. And lastly I loved how MBRamirez pieced it all together and wrote this engrossing deadly thriller and ardent love story that kept me til late in the evening.SACRIFICE OF PASSION was a very gratifying read and the Dead Sexy title? EARNED!

  •  B.E.Love
    2019-04-10 19:08

    This was a great read from beginning to end, This is the first time I have ever read anything from Melissa Bourbon Ramirez but it won't be the last. I was suched into this story from the first page and couldn't put it down till I was finished. Vic and Delaney story was fantastic and I loved not only their characters but the side characters as well. Sacrifice of Passion is the first book in the Deadly Legends which is a Romantic Suspense Trilogy which is about the legend of the chupacabra. This is a story line I have never read before and I loved it. This was a refreshing read, I'm always looking for something new (I get tiered of the same old same old) and this definitely fit the bill. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read the next two installments in this series.** thank you NetGallery for this ARC **

  • Debra
    2019-04-15 16:50

    If have preferred more chupacabra back-story and horror events and less stereotypical/predictable romance story-line. However, the sex scenes were steamy and there was a decent plot. I enjoyed the read, but romance just isn't my genre.

  • Dakota
    2019-04-03 14:14

    My second series from the author. I've been reading her cozy mysteries and I wanted to try her romantic-suspense series. I like both Vic and Delaney. I'm glad that they are able to heal and move on.

  • Karla(Book Addict)
    2019-03-27 17:57

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  • Ni_kii
    2019-04-01 16:08

    Really 3.75 Stars http://scorchingbookreviews.blogspot....Things haven’t been going according to plan recently for Vic. First, an ex dies and saddles with him with a teenage son he didn’t know he had. Then Delaney comes back to town, the woman he has been obsessing over for nearly 12 years after she abandoned him before they were due to elope. To cap it all off, a mysterious animal has been killing off livestock in a fashion reminiscent of the old legend of the Chupacabra. All are situations that he needs to address, only how exactly to do that seems to evade him.Delaney left San Julio under a cloud. 12 years earlier, she was supposed to meet Vic at 3:45 am to elope and be happy. Vic didn’t show and instead Delaney was subjected to a horrific attack that left with her emotional scars and a tendency to sleep walk. When she went to find him, he was in the arms of another and, without stopping to think, she ran off to find a life elsewhere. After numerous psychologists, the sleepwalking has gotten worse and so she returns to San Julio to where it all began, in an attempt to stop it once and for all.Vic isn’t stupid, he knows that he still wants Delaney. After numerous run ins, he proposes that they use sex to exorcise each other from their hearts once and for all. He doesn’t quite grasp that feelings as deep as the ones they once held for each other don’t disappear completely. When Delaney becomes the bridge to a relationship with the surly son that he desperately wants to love him, the old feelings start to raise their heads with a vengeance. When it seems that the Chupacabra’s main aim is to get Delaney, he realises that he never wants to let this woman go again. But is he man enough to stop a legend? And is Delaney capable of forgiving the man that is at the heart of all her pain?Well, I didn’t expect this! From the cover, what I was expecting was a hot and heavy romance, but that isn’t what I got at all. I got a nice suspense novel with a romance plot; I say that the plots were about 50:50 weighted. I say nice because I did have a few issues with it overall, but for the most part I enjoyed it!Vic is a man with a lot of problems, one seems to be communication! He didn’t show up at 3:45 AM to meet Delaney because he decided that running off wasn’t the honourable way of marrying her. Instead of COMMUNICATING this, he just stood her 3:45 the woods. I don’t care where you live, 3:45AM is not the place to be stood alone. Nice plan Vic! When Delaney left without an explanation (yes, Vic is not the only one in this book with a communication issue!) he tried to forget her, but no-one elicited the same strength of feelings within him. When she returns, he has to exorcise her from his system. Instead of choosing the sensible option of discussing his feelings, he tries a much less effective and stupider option by trying to eradicate his feelings with sex. Silly man!Vic as a Father struggling to interact with his teenage son was a storyline that I enjoyed immensely. He had a life he enjoyed and then this surly, heart-broken teenager was dropped in his lap with no warning or instructions. He had no idea what to do and any idea that he came up with was rebuffed by a child who couldn’t even bring himself to call him Dad. My heart broke for the both of them, both thrust into a situation they were unprepared for. The scenes were lovely, heart-warming and, in the case of some of the scenes, quite heart-breaking.Delaney is another one with communication issues, but hers I accept. She had been horrifically attacked and then apparently betrayed; I’d have done a midnight flit too. The sleepwalking had began not long after she left and was getting more and more dangerous; she could leave buildings and wander around for heaven’s sake! When Vic proposes his idea to relieve the tension she balks at the idea. I applauded her. Then the tension begins to grow to the point that she does something plain weird. She then realises it might be a good idea to do something about the tension before she becomes Chupacabra food. I liked her; she made sense and she was fun to read about.The plot with the Chupacabra I’m not going to go into in too much detail about; let’s be honest, this is the bit that is the mystery. It was a nice, tension building plot which I enjoyed trying to play detective with. The only complaint is that the ending completely blindsided me; it came out of nowhere. I’m not sure if I read it again, looking for more clues with the knowledge of the ending, I would have come to the right conclusion. This doesn’t take away from the excellent writing that created a good amount of tension that gripped me immediately!Overall, this was a book which was an easy read that I enjoyed and wasn’t all that long. It had a nice amount of tension in both the suspense and romance plots and this kept me turning the pages. I particularly enjoyed seeing Vic try to interact with his teenage son. This is an author I will definitely try again.

  • K'Elle Thorsten
    2019-04-18 18:07

    This review is also posted at The Bawdy Book BlogI liked the base of the book. The myth of the Chupacabra centered around a love story I found wonderful. Everything that involved the Chupacabra was great, every killing and suspense built around it was awesome and very detailed. If you do not pay attention in the book, who the Chupacabra is, will surprise you, it didn’t surprise me because I figured out who it was, when the first human died (but hey, “who did it” books are my specialty, I always catch the man before he is revealed). The character of Esperanza, the crotchety old Spanish/Curandera (healer), was a very good character. A lot of special care and thought went in to creating her to make sure she was as authentic as possible. The other character Zach, Vic’s 11 year old son, was my other favorite character. The author nailed his personality perfect for the situation he was created in. He tore my heart in two in certain aspects of the book. While I was reading this book, I was having a hard time keeping with it. I mean the book is only 324 pages for crying out loud, that is a few hours read for me. So why did it take me a week to read this book?! It wasn’t for lack of time but the writing irritated/frustrated me to the point I would put the book down and go watch TV. Yes, you heard me, TV for crying out loud (so gross). I struggled through the book with the poor character development / broken story dibble/ and choppy writing. For example the story had no time line. You have no clue how old the main characters are or the timeframe of the story. The author dives in so quick into the story you hardly get a chance to bond with the characters at all, so it leaves you feeling “either you like them on sight or you’re SOL” Talk about story dribble: one minute they are trying to do something kinky, next sentence the whole scene changes and it leaves you feeling like you blinked and missed the town you were looking for! And don’t get me started on choppy writing. The main reason the couple spent 12 years apart was brought up so many times but the author never really goes into detail about it and actually lets the characters tell each other for any kind of closer on the past. Goodreads states the book is partial romance, phhfft, more like borderline erotica. The love scenes in the book were more porn images described on paper; rather than heart pounding, page turning, wishful thinking, HUGE sigh, description of intimate passion shared between lovers. Instead of using artfully skilled descriptive scenes to describe the love actions that causes the reader to imagine what is going on; the author was very direct and to the point, kind of “tell you like it is” in words so you don’t need your imagination at all. It was kind of vulgar and not very romantic at all. I did not feel that the couple actually loved each other, just lusted after one another. At the end of the book I read the Acknowledgments (which is something I never really do but I just had to for some strange reason) and my eyes immediately zeroed in on this statement here : “Also a big shout outs to Nina Bruhns for her wicked eleventh hour editing, again to Rochelle for her eleventh and three quarters hour reading ….” I’m sorry did my see that right?!?! Eleventh hour editing are you kidding me??? You would actually admit to this to your readers??!! At that moment I felt like Gru on Despicable Me: LIGHT BULB!!! Is this why I didn’t like the writing? Were my feelings on the book directed to the authors writing style or the editors editing style?? Is this why in some parts of the book it grabbed me and I couldn’t stop reading and other parts I had to choke through because the writing was so bad?! Aggh!! I can’t answer the question. I would really love a copy of the book before it was edited. I read a lot of people’s reviews on the book and the majority absolutely loved this book and just raved about it. I wish I could have done the same. I would not recommend this book, but if you have read the book or want to read the book, please let me know your thoughts on it. 1.5 stars I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange of an honest review. I was not compensated with money.

  • BeaCharmed
    2019-04-09 12:08

    This story pulled me in right from the first page. The mystery of the chupacabra, the past love shared by Delaney and Vic, Vic's struggle to connect with his son, there was a lot to keep me engrossed. Then, there was a WTF scene involving Delaney, sleepwalking, and Vic that just lost me. I almost DNF'ed the book; the scene was unbelievable and unnecessary. Yes, it ramped up the tension between Delaney and Vic but they had a whole state's worth of tension; this was just lazy writing and brought up all sorts of consent issues.Delaney has returned home after running away twelve years before. She and Vic were supposed to elope but he failed to show, leaving her alone in the woods very late at night. The next day she goes to see him and what she finds only adds to her feeling of betrayal. She leaves town but spends the next twelve years suffering from nightmares, sleepwalking, and difficulty having sex. Vic never understood why Delaney left without a word, after telling her parents a lie about him. He's moved on, owns a bar and a ranch, and has an eleven year old son who only recently came to live with him. He's angry at Delaney and when she arrives back in town at the same time the chupacabra arrives, he decides he needs to get her out of his system by having sex. Of course, that doesn't work and he's rather insulting about it when he first suggests it. (Has it ever worked, in a book or in real life? Such a stupid move.)As the townspeople struggle to find the chupacabra responsible for the animal killings, as Vic struggles with connecting with his son, and Delaney struggles with her sleepwalking and nightmares, I struggled with some WTFery, and near the end, a too-stupid-to-live moment involving Delaney and a murderer. A word of advice - when being chased by a murderer, use the cell phone in your hand to call 911, NOT your lover. I understand why Ramirez did it, it brought their romance full circle but really, Delaney deserved to die for that bone-headed move. Yes, I have a mean streak. :PAnd yet...I couldn't put the book down. It held me. I had two guesses as to the person behind the chupacabra mystery and one of them was actually right! :D The mystery, the love story, the story with Vic's son Zach, all kept me engaged and reading. I had to know what happened. Many of their problems, with each other and with others in their lives, could have been solved or prevented with communication. As the story goes along, they figure that out and discover too that some secrets shouldn't be kept.Despite my issues with the book I enjoyed reading it and I am impressed that Ramirez kept me reading even when I wanted to throw my kindle across the room. She wove a fascinating story with enjoyable characters. I'll read her again. Source: the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  • Tala
    2019-04-12 17:18

    Received from publisher for an honest review. Mystery, Myth, and Romance! Oh My! Sacrifice of Passion has all of that and more. This is the first book from this author that I have read and I was pleased to find a well written book with a complex mystery to solve and long suffering characters fighting their attraction and love for each other. Vic and Delaney were teenagers in love, preparing to spend forever together when tragedy and misinterpretations throw everything off the rails. Delaney runs from the only home and people she’s known in the misguided thought that no one, especially Vic, would understand and forgive what happened to her. Vic is left reeling and alone. Not understanding why she left.Delaney comes home to face her past and hopefully exercise the demons that have tormented her for 12 yrs. She is a strong woman, as evidenced by what she went through and that she is willing to face it on the hope that she can gain some semblance of a normal life. Delaney has to face the one man she’s ever loved, because in a small town you can’t avoid it. She has to struggle through nightmares and sleepwalking that takes her to some interesting places ;)Vic is a man who feels a bit beaten down by life. His son won’t talk to him, the love of his life (who left him with no explanation) is back in town and something is killing livestock. Vic is struggling to be a dad to the son he found out about only a short while ago. He first sees Delaney again when he takes his son’s new pet to the vet clinic where she works. He is angry, of course, but also cold and cruel to her. The second time is at the bar he owns. Vic comes up with the “Deal” and asks Delaney about it. She’s tempted but too scared and angry to agree. Vic is devastated by the way he has treated her when he discovers the real reason Delaney left that night.While Vic and Delaney are dealing with their feelings for each other and coming to terms with finding out what really happened to each other 12 yrs. ago they also have something out there killing livestock. They town is rife with the myth of the chupacabra to explain how the animals were killed. Myth? This is only one of the things to read this book, a compelling mystery to solve.

  • Julie G
    2019-04-10 18:59

    Twelve years ago, Delaney West and Vic Vargas planned to meet at the Chain Tree, at 3:45am, and elope. But he decided she deserved better than a runaway wedding and, without telling her why, didn't show up. By the time Vic got to the West's ranch, to formally ask for Delaney's hand, she was gone. For good.After waiting for 2 hours, Delaney gave up and went home. Somewhere in the early hours, a monster crept in through her window and changed her life forever. When she ran to Vic, needing the love and security he'd always provided, she found him in the arms of another woman. More than she could bear, after the trauma of the previous night, she fled San Julio. For good.Now, traumatized by nightmares of that night and plagued by episodes of sleepwalking, Delaney has come back, hoping that returning to the root of her demons will vanquish them. But if anything, things are worse: The man she loved now has a son, her nightmares and sleepwalking have escalated, and someone or something is killing local livestock. And draining all their blood.~*~*~Frankly, this book takes on a lot: unrequited love, imagined betrayal, post-traumatic stress, animal mutilations, a soothsaying old woman, and El Chupacabra. All great elements for a romantic suspense. Especially when you add in the lies and half-truths that continue to keep Vic and Delaney from understanding and forgiving each other.Some of tropes are more effective than others. Though Delaney's trauma and her terror over the sleepwalking was really believable, I just never felt the fear or threat of a chupacabra. And Vic was almost whiny, to me. He constantly complained about how hard parenting was, but every time he had time with his son, he wasted it by daydreaming about Delaney.Though I didn't get much from some of the secondary characters, I did enjoy watching Vic and Delaney drop their walls and learn how to trust each other again. The ending was great, despite the fact that I was so totally wrong about whodunit. All in all, a nice way to spend a few hours.~*~*~Disclosure of Material Connection: I won a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

  • MelodyMay (What I'm Reading)
    2019-04-12 13:15

    Originally posted on What I'm ReadingYesterday I spent most of the day reading Sacrifice of Passion by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez. I must say that it was suspenseful with twist and turns. Let's get started with what the story is about and my thoughts.Twelve years earlier Delaney West was traumatize by something horrible that happen to her and decided the best way to deal with it was to run away. How does running away ever solved any problems? It never does just compacts the problem. However, she figures she needs to face her fears and decides to come home to San Julio.Vic Vargas is surprise to see Delaney back in town. After all, he couldn't understand why she left in the first place and didn't leave any word for him. Heart broken Vic slowly pieces his life together. Yet, there's always a wrench through in. His happens to be finding out he had a son from another woman. Good times, good times. Somehow Vic and Delaney are thrown together to slowly piece together what they had lost and figure out what is happening to all the livestock that has been dying. There has been talk of a Chupacabra, yes the mystical bloodsucker. I didn't really know what to expect, seriously. However, I did enjoy the book and I found myself not wanting to put it down. I really wanted to know what was going on and like the hero I had a hard time believing there was a Chupacabra running around the area. Yet, most of the town believe there was one. I have to give the author credit, because I really thought the villain was someone else. She did a really good job at keeping you guessing. I seriously can't believe who the real villain was. I mean he was a wild card. Horrible man; still blows me away. Overall, a really good read. If you are looking for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to read Sacrifice of Passion. I was at the edge of my seat throughout the whole story. Copy provided by the author

  • Virginia
    2019-04-07 18:07

    Name: Sacrifice of PassionAuthor: Melissa Bourbon RamirezISBN: 9781622669400Genre: RomancePublisher: Entangled PublishingPublication/Expected Publication: June 15, 2012[TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, Ritualistic animal cruelty]There is a lot of drama contained in this relatively short, action-packed book. Twelve years prior, Delaney and Vic had abruptly split after an unfortunate misunderstanding. They had agreed to meet and elope - Delaney showed up, but Vic did not. Believing Vic had found comfort in the arms of another woman, Delaney left and didn't return for twelve years.Delaney's therapists had encouraged her to revisit her past in order to exorcise her demons. Her inability to reconcile Vic's no-show along with her rape just hours before their appointed meeting had led to many sleepless nights. What little sleep she was able to get was plagued by sleepwalking. Upon her arrival back in her hometown, an old curandera warns her to be careful of the local chupacabra or she will end up dead.Worried that her sleepwalking may actually mean that SHE is the chupacabra, Delaney seeks help from Vic and they begin to rebuild their relationship. There are many obstacles along the way - not the least of which is Vic's 11-year-old son by the "other woman" - and readers are left wondering until the end who the chupacabra truly is.This book is recommended for those readers who like mystery wrapped up in their romance. At first glance, it may seem there are too many story lines to keep up with, but everything ties up nicely at the end.**Please note that I did receive a free copy of this book via Netgalley.**

  • Arlena
    2019-04-06 16:20

    Author: Melissa Bourbon RamirezPublished By: Entangled Publishing Age Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanBook Blog For: GMTARating: 5Review:"Sacrifice of Passion" by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez was of mystery, paranormal and romantic read. This novel had so many twist and turn that it keep me steadily reading till the end to find out just who this bad guy was. I really like the hero and the heroine...both were simply off the chart good! I don't want to leave out the rest of this novels characters who were all well developed giving us a wonderful interesting read from Delaney, Vic, Derek, Ray, Esperanza, Jasper, Red, Zach, Dr. Clinton, Chris, Landon, Alan, Maldano, Sheila (pig), Carmen to name a few of this well written script. We find from this novel that Delaney has returned to San Julio to live after twelve years to get answers...Will she get them? We also have Vic who had been very close to Delaney twelve years ago however, Delaney had left him...Will he find out the answers to why she really had left him? Now, Vic life has changed in that he now owned a ranch,part owner of bar and a eleven year old son. Would their be room in his life for her? OK, I will not give any more because there will be a lots more in this read so get ready as you pick up the read "Sacrifice of Passion" to see what this author has in store for the reader. "Sacrifice of Passion" was a intriguing mystery with chupacabra, sleepwalking and steamy sex and would I recommend this novel? Yes!

  • Kat Morrisey
    2019-04-14 20:06

    I'm waffling somewhere between 3.5 stars and 4. I can't decide so I'm rounding up...This couples' backstory ripped my heart to shreds. Totally, completely left it in tatters. Poor Laney. And god, what Vic went through too, the not knowing and then the knowing and the guilt that followed...It crushed. But it was also awesome. I really like this author's voice and the story itself was solid. I never, not once, considered the bad guy to be who it turned out to be. Talk about throwing me for a total loop! The only thing that seemed to be missing for me was a conversation between Laney, Vic and her parents, about what happened all those years ago. Laney had gone through a trauma, lied about Vic (which got spread around town) and that issue was never addressed. (I'm assuming it happened off screen since the cops were all there and it being a small town, the facts of what Zach and Laney went through would come out, but we never actually see it.) One thing about this book (and the second) is the story tends to focus mostely on the couple so there aren't a lot of scenes with secondary characters. (Or they don't seem to be.NOTE: The second book in this series is "Curse of Passion". I read "Curse" first and that was where I saw the mention of Vic and Laney's troubles. So when I finished Curse I purchased this book. I think I may have liked this one better, but I think what may have tipped the scales was the myth the book explored and Esperanza. I love her! *This book was a self purchase and all opinions are my own.*

  • Christa
    2019-04-17 13:18

    I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic suspense novel. Vic and Delaney were both great characters, and I enjoyed the chemistry between them. The story was fast paced, interesting, and full of suspense.Delaney returns to her hometown as a veterinary assistant, and son encounters Vic, her former love who stood her up twelve years ago when they were planning to elope together. What followed that night for Delaney was horrible, and she has never forgiven Vic for not being there. When Delaney returns home, the community starts to experience livestock killings that appear to be tied to a legend. Vic and Delaney have to try to figure out what is going on to keep Delaney safe.This was an enjoyable book with a good balance of suspense and romance. The characters were flawed, but very likeable. I enjoyed seeing them realize they still had feelings for one another. The storyline was intriguing, and I am looking forward to more by this author. I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley.

  • Rosemary K
    2019-03-21 20:06

    I had not read any of Melissa Bourbon Ramirez stories so when I received a ARC of this book I was excited. The romance of Delaney West and Vic Vargas has been filled with pain and misunderstanding but their love and desire still burn hot. When Delaney returns to her childhood home to reclaim her life, the killing of livestock begins. Now the chupacabra, a mythical beast, prowls the land. Esperanza, a healer, has told Delaney that she will die if she is not careful. As she fights to overcome her fears, Vic struggles to foster a relationship with his newly discovered son, Zach. As the lovers find each other, death comes nearer. The story is fantastic. Once I started reading their story, I couldn't stop. The ending surprised me. If you enjoy a sexy romance filled with suspense. You will love this book!

  • Kassiah
    2019-03-29 16:10

    Yep. This is another one of those reviews that I say check out the review I posted on Fictionators. There's an interview and quotes and I talk about the abs on the cover a little bit.For a very brief review, I can say that I liked this book. It's a quick read and though I felt like Vic was a little insensitive when he tells Delaney he thinks they should have sex, it was hot (the sex, not what he said to her about it). This book has paranormal elements and a mystery to be solved. I like the characters. Really, though, you should see the real review I posted. *grin*

  • Bandmama (aka Lucy) - Claiming Mitch as mine
    2019-04-05 12:55

    How do I love this book? Let me count the ways. Well actually there are too many to really list here but 1)the romance is smokin' hot; 2)Vic is one of the good guys - the kind everyone can relate to and fall in love with; 3)there is a nice mystery here that you won't figure out until it's over and 4)it contains a wonderful sense of family and small town life. The banter between the leading characters is witty and enjoyable. I don't normally read too many romance books but I fell in love with Melissa Bourbon Ramirez when I read her Magical Dressmaking Series. At this point, in my opinion, the woman can write no wrong and I for one plan on reading everything she publishes. Really, it is a truly awesome book. If you enjoy romance and mystery you will love it.

  • Wendy
    2019-03-21 15:16

    On the night they were to elope Vic doesn't show and Delaney disappears for 12 years. Upon her return to town, the woman Vic has been obsessing over for 12 years, livestock are being mutilated and killed and an old woman believes it is the legend of Chupacabra. Does this have something to do with Delaney's return and her untold secrets?Will Vic and Delaney be able to rekindle their romance?Ms. Ramirez pieces the plot together nicely and as a result the story was very enjoyable. It is well-written and fast-paced with just the right amount of romance, myth and mystery.

  • Rayni
    2019-04-03 20:14

    So in love w/ how Melissa B Ramirez tells a mystery w/ some Latin urban legends twisted in. I'm wondering where she was going in many points of the book and thinking I knew, but really didn't as she went on w/ this story. I fell asleep thinking about these characters and woke up thinking about them. There's a little more then meets the eye w/ every character you're introduced to. Really enjoyed this book and highly recommend if you're a mystery lover who likes a slight bit of romance and steam.

  • Bobbie
    2019-04-11 20:08

    I readbook two in series and enjoyed Curseof Paasion so much I had to back track to book one. The suspense in the plot is so intense amd exciting. Holding out for the one you feel you were meant to be with drives this couple to surviving life hard knocks. M. Ramirez is becoming a fav author to read.

  • Cyndi Delia
    2019-03-25 17:57

    Interesting paranormal concept but I wished for more about it and better character development. I disliked the heroine and could not get past something she did in the past. That said the writing was decent and I would try another book by this author