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Stella Brady was the epitome of indulgence. With a history of seducing gorgeous men, wrecking hotel rooms and provoking scandalous rumors, fame rewarded her extravagant behavior. Nothing was off limits when it came to gratifying her desires, except the one thing she craved most of all-anonymity. In a strange twist of fate, a tragic accident robs Stella of all memories pastStella Brady was the epitome of indulgence. With a history of seducing gorgeous men, wrecking hotel rooms and provoking scandalous rumors, fame rewarded her extravagant behavior. Nothing was off limits when it came to gratifying her desires, except the one thing she craved most of all-anonymity. In a strange twist of fate, a tragic accident robs Stella of all memories past the age of seventeen and she must reconcile the person she has become with the phantom of who she is supposed to be. Trapped in a limbo of his own, Navy officer Julian Moreau has taken leave and returned to his childhood home in order to care for his dying mother. Growing restless with a life on hold, nothing could prepare him for the impossible. Stella Brady had returned to Mooresville. Despite a decade of separation and hopeless circumstances, neither is able to deny the irresistible attraction and connection they share. As each layer of the past unravels, they must decide if falling in love could lead to a lifetime of happiness, or one worth forgetting....

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forgetting Reviews

  • Christy
    2019-04-07 15:40

    4 stars!Forgetting is a story of being able to change your life. A story about a new chance with an old love. And most of all, a story of second chances. A story that shows sometimes bad things happen, and out of them comes the chance to experience the most beautiful journey in finding yourself and who you really are.Stella Brady is a rock star. She lives the typical life. Sex. Drugs. Rock and Roll. That is until an accident happens and leaves her lost of all her current memories. She wakes up and in her mind, she’s a seventeen year old girl. She doesn’t understand whats happened or why she’s covered in tattoos. Stella stays with her parents and tries to figure things out. Stella knows she didn’t turn out as the woman she thought she’d be when she was a teen. Now, she has a chance most people never get. A chance for a fresh start.Julian Moreau is back in his hometown taking care of his ill mother. He’s helping with her and running the family business. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees Stella again. It’s been so many years and she’s changed so much. But seeing her now, it’s like the same girl he once knew in a different skin.Stella can’t fight the way she feels about Julian. At first, she doesn’t know who he is, but it’s fairly obvious he knows her. I love the connection they shared. Even though Stella’s mind didn’t know Julian, her body did.Things aren’t always easy for this couple. Julian’s mother is dying. What will happen then? Will he leave the state to go home? And Stella still can’t remember her life. But she’s a celebrity so it’s only natural that people will start noticing her and where she is. Falling in love is scary. Love is uncertain. Especially when things are so up in the air like they are with Stella and Julian. Stella’s journey of finding love, finding forgiveness, acceptance, and finding herself was beautiful. What I loved most about this book is that it’s not just like every other book. When you read as much romance as I do, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of the same old same old love stories. JL Brooks has brought us something fresh and original. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a book of self discovery and a unique take on a second chance romance!

  • ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃
    2019-04-15 09:41

    The beginning started as a 4 star read for me, interesting premise, wild girl forgets who she is, rediscovers her past.It tapered off to a 3 star after lack of dramatics, good sex and interesting hero. The 'secret' was eked out for far too long and it was the only thing left to keep it going.

  • Rustys
    2019-04-05 15:58

    I put the book down several times deciding if I was going to finish it.It just didn’t reach out and drag me into the story.The story revolves around Stella Brady who is suppose to be a rock star only younever get to know her in that role as the accident happens early on inthe book. The result of the accident and coma leaves her with amnesia; she doesn’t remember her life after the age of seventeen.She returns home to recuperate, a place she hasn’t been in ten years, something happened which caused her to run.Julian Moreau returns home to help manage his family business and when Stellaruns into him slivers of her memories stir.“Stella, I was never angry at you. Hurt? Absolutely, I was devastated. I won’t tell you why, but I will tell you this—we were not just friends, you were my best friend, and I have missed you so much.”I would have like to know more about Stella before the accident. The details given weren’t enough to satisfy me. I found it slow at some points and the reason Stella ran seemedto trivial, all she had to do was ask the question. [no spoilers]Mild to moderate sex scenes and one was quite comical. “Did you just salute my dick?” he asked in a half-humored tone. “Isn’t that what you are supposed to do when you want to show respect?”The epilogue was weird, HEA, yes, but the way in which it ended seemed strange.

  • T.R.
    2019-04-03 09:59

    I received an ARC for a honest review. This story put my emotions on a roller coaster ride. I was not expecting this story and everything that happens in it. Stella is your typical rock star, so it seems in the beginning. When she is in a horrible accident, we quickly learn a whole other side of her. This side is who she was suppose to be but something happened to her, which changed her whole life and she ran away. Because of her horrible accident, she is back at the place she never wanted to return to. This is where she finds herself. Remembering who she really is, and she doesn't like what she remembers. Remembering what you did and what the people did to you, to make her run in the first place, breaks her heart. Stella has to learn how to cope and forgive her past to be able to move on. This is a must read story that will have you glued to your seat until the last word. I could not put this book down. If you want a story that will grab you from the beginning to the ending this is for you. I loved everything about this story. The ending had me crying with joy and sadness at the same time. A truly incredible story for any one.

  • Christina
    2019-04-06 11:40

    Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Normally when I finish a book I sit on it for a couple of days so that I can digest it, think about it. But in an attempt at keeping a New Year’s resolution to write reviews immediately after reading and the need to deal with all of the feels this book left me with, here I am, immediately writing about it.The most beautiful things are born out of the most agonizing of places. A crucial reminder of how short and precious life really is. It was time to set myself free.Stella is a rock superstar, living the rock star life…complete with sex and drugs. She’s in Utah for a film festival and after kicking her flavor of the night out the door the next morning and hooking up with Kai, the drummer of another band, the two take to the slopes for a day of snowboarding. A couple of lines of coke and a paparazzi pursuit later, Stella wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of the past sixteen years. “Stella, I know this is hard, but trust me that it will be okay You are home now, where I can take care of you. It will not be long before you are out in the world again, where you don’t need anyone, including me.”She sounded so wistful, making me question her comment. “You are my mother, I will always need you. Why would you say that?”She stopped rubbing the soapy sponge across my back and dipped it into the water while collecting her thoughts. “You are just a strong-willed woman. I know you will thrive soon enough.”Stella is taken by her mother, a physician, to her hometown in North Carolina. It is there that she has to learn to put her life back together, and wonder if she will ever regain her memory and once again become the person she used to be. The body she is living in is not the body she remembers, she is covered in tattoos and has shaved her head, finishing off what the doctors didn’t when she underwent surgery to save her life. She has no idea of her rock star status; instead she is the pre-med student and daughter of a church elder. Sensing her parent’s hesitation to tell her the truth of her past, Stella must tread lightly, especially with her father. She had left the small town suddenly years before without giving a reason, leaving her parents weary that she might do the same thing again once she regains her memory.“…I would have done everything for you. Losing you nearly killed me, and I know what it’s like to almost die,” he said softly.Suffering from insomnia and feeling the need to explore her past, Stella takes a pre-dawn walk that leads her to the door of a French bakery. It is there that she meets Julian, tall, dark, and everything Stella thinks would keep him from being interested in her. When she meets him again a day later with her mother in tow, it is revealed that she and Julian knew each other in her previous life and they had been quite close. Julian had returned to town two years previously to care for his ailing mother Raina, as she battles terminal cancer. Through her discussions with Julian and Raina, it becomes clear that they were inseparable in high school, best friends becoming soul mates, and it tore Julian apart when he returned from a deployment to Afghanistan to find that she had disappeared. “Did you just salute my dick?” he asked in a half-humored tone. “Isn’t that what you are supposed to do when you want to show respect?” I giggled.Once Julian and Stella reconnect, it is obvious the deep love they had for each other, and to see that love return is heartwarming. Their shared history makes it easy for them to laugh and cry together, to share the things that both frighten and excite them. Theirs certainly isn’t an easy road, it is fraught with many speed bumps along the way, but they seem to keep finding their way back to one another. I am a sucker for second chance love stories, and this one is no exception. But this second chance love story is a little different from others; there is the added element of the amnesia that really allows them to rediscover each other, for Stella, it is like her first time, all over again.Does a disability, whether physical or mental, mean that a person is less human? That they shouldn’t have every opportunity to experience the most basic of all primal needs, to love and be loved in return? I’m not sure if it’s an American phenomenon or a human phenomenon, but we have a tendency to marginalize those we see as weaker. Those that are suffering from sickness or disability, and especially those that don’t have visible scars, such as those with PTSD, brain injuries, or those suffering from mental health issues. By marginalizing these groups, it is easy to assume that that basic need, the one to be loved, isn’t necessarily a need to be met when there are other, more pressing issues. Stella’s wounds, until healed, are obvious. Julian on the other hand, was injured in Afghanistan where he served in the Navy. He suffered from traumatic brain injury and was inspired to become a psychiatrist. Even though Julian is Stella’s love interest, he has a unique perspective on his recovery, and understands what there is to lose once her memory does return.I hugged her and started to walk down the hallway to my bedroom, then I turned around and gave her a mischievous smile. “Depending on the circumstance, it’s always worth getting a little banged up.”With wide eyes she threw the towel at me and shrieked. “Stella Elizabeth Brady! If your father heard what you just said, we would both be in the dog house!”I shrugged and went back toward my bedroom before I heard her call again. “Stella.” “Yes, mama.” With a wink and a smile she quietly agreed. “Good for you.”It’s not just Stella’s relationship with Julian that needs to be mended. When she left, she also left behind her parents, choosing not to speak to them in years. This was especially hard on her mother and her mother embraces Stella’s return with everything she has. Too often as we age, we grow away from our parents. Experiencing the sorrow Julian feels as he loses his mother a little more every day gives Stella perspective on her relationship with her own parents.“I have been known on occasion to do very stupid things. Education is not an indication of intelligence. In matters of the heart, men are all imbeciles.”Julian is swoon-worthy. In addition to being a Naval Officer (a profession I happen to have an affinity for myself…), his adoration of Stella is obvious. Once working through his own insecurities of losing her again, he puts everything into his relationship with her, until it is time to let her be free to live her life as she sees fit. Clinging to Julian for life, I begged him not to stop. In a flash, I could see my body for what it really was—a vessel of skin and bones with an expiration date.I love this line so much. It is such a poignant reminder that we really are only here for a limited time and to make the most of the time we’re given; to do all things passionately because you’ll never know if you will have another chance. I often questioned over the past few months how someone could move forward when their entire life was on hold. Now I know, somehow you manage. You make a new life. You adapt to the changes and make the most of it, or you allow it to consume you by refusing to change. Of all the things we are certain of in life, only death and change are inevitable. Forgetting is a testament to the healing power of faith and love, to finding a second chance and putting all of the mistakes and regrets of the past behind. Ms. Brooks has crafted a beautiful love story, not just the love between Stella and Julian, but the love between Stella and her parents, and Stella and those who have loved her throughout it all. In the end, Stella finds her happiness by sacrificing her happily ever after so that the person she loves most in the world can find his own. Forgetting is an emotional journey from beginning to end, the characters are well developed and the storyline had me from the very first chapter. I often say, “it’s a quick read”, but in this books case, it was all too quick, I really didn’t want it to end.

  • Lustful Literature
    2019-04-03 12:38

    **JODIE'S REVIEW**“We have no way of knowing what tomorrow will hold, we only have the present to make choices that will hopefully lead us to what we consider our destiny. The key to resilience is finding a way to see love through the rubble of a broken heart and realizing it was only one vessel.” Oh JL Brooks how do I love thee let me count the ways. I honestly love JL Brooks for numerous reasons but the one that I always say is, she is real! Her writing is real. She isn’t afraid to go outside the norm and go for something different . Forgetting is no acceptation to that. It is a story that completely captivated me from the very beginning and it is a story that we all wonder about. It’s a story about getting that second chance, a story about finding the person you somewhere along the road lost. If you could change the path you were on by forgetting would you?“She needs to know she has a choice. She can keep being the person she was, or she can become the person she was always meant to be.”Stella Brady is a rock star and with that she lives the lifestyle that is expected of one. Then with the blink of an eye that is all erased, GONE, she wakes up and is 17 again, atleast on the inside. She doesn’t understand who she has become or what she has done to her body, a body that is now covered in tattoos. She isn’t the image that her seventeen year old self had thought and she is left confused and with questions. Stella is then taken by her mother back home in North Carolina. She has no clue of the person she is, she doesn’t know of her rockstar status all she remembers is that she is a pre med student. Of course she can sense that something is wrong/off. She doesn’t realize she had disappeared years before without a word and that her parents biggest fear is that she will disappear again once she figures out who she is. Then one morning on a walk the past meets the present. Stella stumbles upon Julian.“I knew his name. Julian. Julian. Julian. I said it over and over again, just to hear the way it poured off my tongue and caressed my lips.”Julian Moreau is home to take of his mother and the family business. The last person he expected to see is Stella and the moment he sees her everything comes back for him.“I would have done anything for you. Losing you nearly killed me, and I know what it’s like to almost die.”Seeing Julian sets something off inside Stella and she can’t deny that there is something there. Even at first when she doesn’t know who he is, it’s completely obvious these two share something. The chemistry that flys of the pages is something that I can’t even explain but trust me you feel it as if you are standing in the room with them. I love how it proves that even when your mind doesn’t remember your heart and body won’t let you completely forget. However this love story is not an easy one and this one has all the obstacles that make a love, well, epic. So with that I say get ready for the perfect story, for something that pushes its self outta the normal and becomes something that makes you wish for your own second chance. Added bonus, something that proves the heart JL Brooks has, a portion of the proceeds of this book go to Dr. Vincent Tuohy at the Cleveland Clinic. He is the creator of the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Vaccine and at the beginning of this book JL shares a letter from a very special individual she has met along, Mylee and she talks about her own survivor in her life, her best friend.“We fight for love…Although our battles are different, we are still fighting the same war. Rich or poor, black or white, sick or healthy, there is only one force on earth that is strong enough to conquer the darkness; a force we crave like a drug and is just as vital as the air we breathe. We all need and want love. There are far worse things than death. To not know love is one of them.”

  • Janet Overstreet
    2019-03-23 17:02

    I was given an ARC of this book to read for an honest review.Stella Brady, a 33 year old rock star, has a skiing accident that leaves her with amnesia. When she awakens she cannot remember anything from the time she was seventeen years old. She returns home to stay with her parents while she is recuperating. It is very daunting and stressful for Stella while she's learning, remembering events, and finding out about consequential decisions she made in her life from the time she was seventeen. As she regains her memories, will she chose to make significant changes in her future lifestyle? Will she re-find love from her past? Was this tragic accident a blessing in disguise that will let her possibly have a do-over? It is worth reading this story to find out the answers. I was totally absorbed in this story while reading it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a captivating book to read.

  • Karen Tribble
    2019-03-29 12:52

    I read an Advanced Reader Copy. I started reading this book this afternoon and could not put it down. Although it is different from the books I normally read, it was VERY captivating and held my interest on what mysterious twists and turns the characters were going to take. I really enjoyed the development of her storyline. This book is about Life's many choices and which road we choose to take. It is about different kinds of love. Love is Patient, Love is Kind, it is Enduring & Selfless. Perhaps it will make the reader stop and take a look at THEIR road and change THEIR course... Before it is too late! Thank you Ms. Brooks...ANOTHER awesome read!

  • Toni Gaines
    2019-04-13 16:35

    This was a great book. The only reason it took 3 days to read was because I had no choice to put the iPad down or I would have read it in one day. The characters came to life and felt like they were my friends.

  • Erin
    2019-04-16 14:39

    JL Brooks rocks my socks off :)

  • Nic *The Wandering Bookaholic* Spears
    2019-04-03 12:46

    ** review for BareNakedWords **JL Brooks has delivered a magnificent story of second chances; in love and in life. A story of love, loss and reconnecting. A story that shows that bad things can happen, but with it comes a chance to rediscover who you are and who you want to be. “We have no way of knowing what tomorrow will hold, we only have the present to make choices that will hopefully lead us to what we consider our destiny....You still have eyes, ears, hands and mouth. Use them to guide you.”Stella Brady is living life in the fast lane. A well known rock star, she has everything at her fingertips. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Deciding to take a break from the hustle and bustle Stella makes plans to spend the day on the slopes with Kai, drummer for another band attending the festival. A line of coke has her and Kai feeling pumped, but is soon short lived when the notorious paparazzi start their hounding. Stella and Kai flee, but then it all goes black...When she comes to, Stella believes she is a 17 year old pre-med student living in Ohio. She doesn’t understand what’s happening, or why her body is suddenly covered in tattoos. Thinking its best, her mother takes her back to North Carolina to help her heal, and learn to put her life back together.It is there where she bumps in to Julian Moreau; Tall, gorgeous and covered in flour. Although embarrassed and scared she couldn’t help but feel the excitement the bubbled to the surface when she thought about him. This ‘stranger’ evoked feelings in her which were unknown to her and it scared her a little; after all who would be interested in her, especially now with “ugly scars”.Once Stella and Julian reconnect with each other you can see the spark re-igniting between them. And to watch it unfold was truly beautiful and made my heart flutter for them. They took each day as it came and enjoyed getting to know each other again. “I know who you were, but not who you are now. It’s a blank slate for the both of us, don’t you think?”. The only question that loomed in the back; what will happen when Stella gets her memories back?“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast. It is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”I fell in love with ‘Forgetting’ as soon as I started reading it, and found it very difficult to put down. From the characters to Ms Brooks many wise words throughout; I loved it all. My emotions were pulled from my body and scattered all over the floor while reading. I cried, I laughed and my heart ached for both Stella and Julian. And although they loved each other enough to let the other go, their love for each other shone through the darkness and helped guide each other back to where they belonged; in each other’s arms. A truly beautiful, life-affirming read which makes you take a step back and look at your own life. It makes you realise that we should make the most of the time we do have. Love, live and laugh because you never know when it could end.“I could see my body for what it really was—a vessel of skin and bones with an expiration date.”This is a top 4 star read, and I very highly recommend you check out Stella and Julian’s beautiful & heart wrenching story.

  • Kelly Hawkins Solomon
    2019-03-22 17:42

    Unforgettable! This is your next great book hangover! The characters or so in sync with each other and incredibly written. You feel like you are one of them and right in the middle of the story. This is an intense rollercoaster of a story with as many highs as there are lows. The storyline starts off with a bang and doesn't stop. Stella is your typical rock star, throwing guys away, doing drugs, and living the life. This is all erased from her memory in an instant. She then stays with her parents but has no recollection of her life after she left home. She has no idea why she left....yet no one does. As things progress she meets Julian and has a crazy pull to him. I can't give you more about the story as you need to read it for yourself. It is a thousand times better than you can imagine after reading the blurb. This story is all about chances and whether or not you take them. This will make you smile, laugh, and pull at your heartstrings. "I arrived feeling like a monster, and learned to see with new eyes. The ink on my skin and the sins of my past did not define who I was. By becoming trapped in my own mind, I too was set free.""We have no way of knowing what tomorrow will hold, we only have the present to make choices that will hopefully lead us to what we consider our destiny. The key to resilience is finding a way to see love through the rubble of a broken heart and realizing it was only one vessel. You still have eyes, ears, hands and a mouth. Use them to guide you."What an amazing story and incredible journey. Give Forgetting a chance. It's unforgettable! A serious page turner. Just WOW!

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-26 10:50

    After I read the teaser to Forgetting in Shades of Pink, I could not get Stella out of my own memory. I was left wondering what the hell would happen to this crazy rock star with such a death wish. Who was she before she became this hard ass?I love Stella and Julian's story. Talk about two people destined to be together! Misunderstandings and stubborn pride took them away from each other and lives happened. When an accident brings them back together and their past is revealed ...ever so slowly.. we see how these two lost out on so much time together. Being different people now, can they find a way to make this work? Do all things happen for a reason?Stella struggles with her memories and Julian has to let her come to terms with who she is now and who she was right before the accident took her memory away. He is fighting his own good fight caring for his dying mother, Raine. I adore her, so full of wisdom and love. It's amazing how Raine and her best friend , Stella's Mom, Sandy knew just the right words all the time to make Stella open her mind and her heart. What a beautifully written friendship.J.L. Brooks did her research and tackled and intertwined stories of mental illness, cancer, birth and death with perfection...yet she kept us romance lovers very satisfied with a hot and sexy love story. So four tissue boxes later, for both happy tears and sad ones, I have to say this story touched my heart. It is a must read. JL Brooks included a wonderful dedication ...please read it.

  • JamieZishka
    2019-04-16 17:51

    Forgetting was a story about a girl lost in so many ways when she had her memory and then when its lost she tries to find her way again trying to remember and forget all the bad things. This book will make you realize that maybe losing your memory isn't such a bad thing and that maybe starting out fresh will make you realize that maybe life wasn't as bad as it was portrayed. Stella and Julian's story was simply a romance like no other I truly enjoyed there journey. I would give this book a 4 star and recommend to others.Stella led a a life of misery and destruction, she loved being in control and when a life changing thing happens she will find what she left behind is what she needed to take control of her life and for once maybe she could be truly happy. She lost her memory of her current life, she only remembers parts of her past, but not all of her past... But when she reconnects with Julian he will open her eyes to what she could have had before she spiraled out of control but will she be able to handle all that is thrown her way, and what will happen when her memory comes back and all the darkness will invade her once again? Will she learn to bring her past and present together and truly forget all the darkness? Will Julian be able to help her down the right path or was it there pasts that truly made the darkness come to light in the first place.This is the first book I have read by J.L. Brooks but I am looking forward to much more in the future. Thanks for the great story!

  • Mona
    2019-04-04 11:40

    Heart warming story and painful when a life altering moment happens...Meet Stella Brady singing superstar. Everything comes easy to her..Stella gets whatever it is she wants. Men flock to her nothing is out of her reach which comes with no regrets.. Her lifestyle is where ever the wind blows..That's until the accident and nothing is the same. Stella becomes a different person. The old person she once was is gone. Or is she? She has returned home to Mooresville where she grew up, and staying with her parents. It's foreign to her, and everything she once knew is Forgotten. Seeing Julian Moreau stirs something inside it's so familiar, but how can that be? No one wants to upset her. It's a battle not remembering...and things from way before start surfacing. So Julian finally tells her they had a past. Julian Moreau can't believe that Stella Brady is back in Mooresville, but he isn't really aware of everything that has happened to her. He does know a little bit and tries to help as much as he can. Julian doesn't tell her everything right away. As they start spending time together it seems like the attraction is very much mutual. She feels things for him. Will she remember there past together? One book I highly recommend. The journey that Stella takes to find herself is truly beautiful. She learns things and with Julian you will want to see how that plays out.

  • Hooked On Books
    2019-04-19 10:02

    This book had me on an emotional roller coaster, from the beginning to the end. Julian and Stella's story is about love, loss, grief, hope, tragedy, secrets, choices and consequences. These two characters fell in love. A choice made by someone other than them changed the course of their lives that separated them, but a tragedy brought them back together but can they survive the hard road ahead of them to stay together. With no memories after age 17, Stella must follow a hard road back to where she can make a choice of how she is going to live her life. She doesn't remember Julian, but he remembers her and everything they were and had. Their emotions are so real. Julian still loves her. Stella feels the pull of him when she is around him, but doesn't understand. Her Mom hasn't told her everything. Stella remembers what she felt and looked like before, now she doesn't even look like she remembers. Stella tries to come to terms with when she left, but doesn't remember why she left. Julian tries to help her adjust to who she is now. Feelings get hurt, frustration builds but one needs to be strong for the other. Heart wrenching emotions flow all through this book. I enjoyed reading Julian and Stella's story, I cried, laughed, yelled and said, OMG all through to the end. I give this 5 stars.

  • Carla
    2019-04-10 15:59

    Stella Brady has a reputation for her extravagant behavior, and boy has she earned it! Her life in the fast lane includes having one gorgeous man after another,using hardcore drugs, and trashing hotel rooms. However, all this comes to a screeching halt when she is involved in a tragic accident that leaves her with amnesia. She can't remember anything past the age of seventeen. After returning to her childhood home, Stella must try to merge her memories of the past with those from her current life. Julian Moreau has taken leave from the Navy to care for his dying mother. While taking care of his mother and the family bakery, he is shocked when Stella Brady shows up. She is the love of his life, but he keeps his emotions in check due to her condition. As the past is slowly revealed, he and Stella must decide if their love is stronger than the many circumstances that led to their separation. This is a really good book! The story line contains many different facets that make it more dynamic. Also, a portion of the proceeds of this book go to Dr. Vincent Tuohy at the Cleveland Clinic. He is the creator of the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Vaccine. So, why not purchase a book that you will certainly enjoy while also supporting a great cause? *I was given a copy of this book as a gift from Stephanie's Book Reports in exchange for an honest review

  • Laura
    2019-03-31 14:36

    I have read all of JL Brooks' books as they have been released. When I was contacted to read an advanced copy of Forgetting, I was floored. I jumped at the chance, and fell in love with her writing all over again. This book, and it's characters, pulled at my heartstrings from the first page. Stella and Julian both have to face problems that millions of people can relate to. They were beautifully developed, and their individual stories had me striving to find out what was going to happen in their lives. I felt particularly drawn to Julian as he faced his challenges throughout the book. I read this book in two days because I could not put it down. I am a teacher and usually am too exhausted to read before bed. With this book, I found myself reading through the night because I could not stop myself. I fell in love with the characters, a new, unique story, and JL Brooks' writing style all over again. I will be reading this one again. I highly recommend that you read it, too.

  • Debi Barnes- Mean Girls Luv Books
    2019-04-02 16:45

    Where do I begin? I loved this book! I was sucked in immediately and couldn’t put this book down. I even made my kindle read to me in my car on the way into work. JL Brooks really did a great job bringing me into the story to the point that it was my life for 24 hours. Stella Brady is a rock chick who used her partying ways to keep people away. She had walls built around her since leaving her family and friends behind. Fate stepped in and forced her to start again. Enter Julian. He is gorgeous, kind and had been in love with Stella since they were teenagers. This story really had great qualities to it. I am a sucker for second chance romances and Stella and Julian really had an amazing story together. Julian is so sweet and patient with Stella that it was swoony to read. There were some parts in the book that I was yelling at the characters. Cursing the author for making me fear what was coming next. The feels were all here for me with this story! I highly recommend picking up this book. It was a great standalone love story. I was giving an ARC for an honest review

  • Jody Pardo
    2019-03-23 17:43

    Forgetting by JL BrooksBe sure to have a box of tissues next to you while reading this. Forgetting was such a emotional read. JL Brooks has done it again.Stella Brooks, a 33 year old rock star that has the life of sex drugs and rock and roll until an accident on the ski slopes changes everything. Stella now has amnesia with her only remembering things up to 17 years old, after that she does not remember her life she has had.Returning home with her parents to heal, she is learning things all over again. The fight to remember the fight to live, the fight to love, the fight to forget. As she meets up with Julian(her moms friend's son that is dying of breast cancer) a feeling inside of her comes alive, but why?This is a beautiful love story with many twists of life and fate,about making life choices, and about finding your own way in life.Can I say a WOW book that will leave you thinking about your own life and if you made the right choices!

  • Bridger Bitches
    2019-04-08 13:43

    JL Brooks really out did herself with this one. This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful love stories I have read in a long time. Stella has quickly become one of my favorite female characters. Her inner strength through such a trying time was inspiring. Then there was Julian, swoothworthy Julian captured my heart from the very beginning. This book has literally left me speechless. While it is a beautiful love story it is soooooo much more. A story about finding your path in life and really become who you want to be. A story about love, loss, and inner strength this book really tugs at all of your heartstrings. I feel that JL Brooks is one of those authors that really doesn’t get the credit she deserves but in my gut, I just know that Forgetting is going to make her unforgettable.5 *****♥ Sophie

  • Mayas
    2019-04-06 15:49

    This is one of those books you can't really review because of the emotions that be scattered all over the place. Before I started I prepared myself and sent JL Brooks a personal message to see how much will I cry. I knew going in from the synopsis that it will be a tear jerker but what I didn't count on was losing myself from beginning to end. Yelling at my kids to be quiet because I didn't want to lose my spot as part of the story. Stella and Julian was just like watching two friends overcome what should have been. I rooted for them but also cried for Stella road of letting go of the past and being the person she was born to be. Sometimes life throw things in our life for us to overcome and define it not alter the good person we are and turn us into someone we don't recognize. This is the lesson learned in this story of true love. This is a MUST read that will leave you spent.

  • Tamsin
    2019-03-26 16:55

    This story blew me away... I liked Stella the minute I met her.... But little did I know how much I would love her even more by the end of this book... This story takes you on a real journey if you let it.... We all struggle with life's decisions and obstacles that are thrown out way in life... How you deal with them and where you end up is truly down to you! You can sit back and let life go on its merry way or you can grab it and live the life you want.... They say things happen for a reason? We all have our own answer to that.... This book is a must read, not only is this a soul searching life changing story it's also a beautiful love story.. With many wise words that gave me food for thought! I loved this book.. I came away with a lot more than just a love story ❤️

  • Crissy
    2019-03-30 16:39

    I got this book as a ARC and instantly fell in love. I have laughed and cried. This has to be my favorite J L book!!!! This book is fantastically written. Stella's story is one of tragedy which gives her a second chance at true love. I highly recommend this book for everyone to read!!!! Thank you for everything J L Brooks!!! Much love!

  • Keelie
    2019-03-20 09:35

    Another brilliant read. The book world really needs to meet JL Brooks. Her writing style is amazing & never a full moment. All of her books I haven't been able to walk away from, they are so entertaining & exciting, I have to engulf in one setting. *** Claps Hands, well done sister! ***

  • Sue
    2019-04-08 15:40

    Wow what can I say what a book. The journey that Stella and Julian take through out the book keep me enthralled through out, having to make decisions that affect your life affect everyone around you, it can be scary, but wow, loved this book,

  • Rosalin
    2019-03-27 13:41

    Okay, I'm gonna put this on hold.

  • Robin
    2019-03-28 17:53

    4.5 Stars. Review to come!

  • Jodie
    2019-04-12 12:35

    Next to Rotten I think this might be one of my favorites from JL Brooks yet!! Please see my full review at

  • ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    2019-04-12 18:04

    review to come