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Nobody said senior year was going to be easy, but I wasn’t expecting pure hell, either. That’s right. HELL.Demons attacking. Cheerleaders screaming. Vampires and werewolves asking where the bathroom is. Just another day here at St. Michael’s Guardian Training Academy. It wouldn’t be so bad if the administration would let me get back to my demon-slaying duties like every otNobody said senior year was going to be easy, but I wasn’t expecting pure hell, either. That’s right. HELL.Demons attacking. Cheerleaders screaming. Vampires and werewolves asking where the bathroom is. Just another day here at St. Michael’s Guardian Training Academy. It wouldn’t be so bad if the administration would let me get back to my demon-slaying duties like every other angelblood on campus. But with my bondmate Jack promoted to head trainer, my annoying fiancé Luc trying to start a political uprising, and that pesky prophecy still floating around predicting I’m going to kill everyone I love...well, let’s just say “complicated” took on a whole new meaning.But things are looking up.If I can survive Luc’s deadly Sovereign Trials and keep my evil twin sister from starting a war, Jack and I might actually have a chance of saving the world. If not, at least I won't have to worry about what to wear to prom.Angel Academy Book 1: Prophecy GirlAngel Academy Book 2: Conspiracy Boy...

Title : Conspiracy Boy
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Conspiracy Boy Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-04-01 15:18

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Entangled Publishing, LLC and NetGalley.)“They still wanted Jack to die. They still wanted me to kill him.”This was a YA paranormal/ fantasy story featuring angels and demons.Amelie was quite snippy again in this book, and she liked to say whatever she was thinking without considering the consequences. She did seem to mature a little bit over the course of the book though.The storyline in this was okay, we got some action, and a bit of a love triangle, and we also got Amelie learning to use her powers a bit. I found the pace quite slow in this one again though.6 out of 10

  • Carrie
    2019-04-12 17:19

    Conspiracy Boy is the second book in the Angel Academy series by Cecily White. After thinking she had saved the world and beat the prophecy, Amelie Bennett has learned the worst thing you can possibly think is things just can't get any worse. Thinking things could get back to normal other than that pesky engagement to Luc while still being in love with Jack, Amelie now finds that the prophecy was never finished and she is still expected to become a killer. As with Prophecy Girl I found Conspiracy Boy a fun read along the lines of books like the Mortal Insturment series by Cassandra Clare. Our main character is attending a school to learn to defeat demons and defend humans against attacks with a plot mixed in with vampires and werewolves being involved. Amelie is still her normal sarcastically humorous self that often has me laughing out loud. Jackson, the serious hunk that keeps Amelie grounded and now Luc, Jack's vampire cousin is "engaged" to Amelie after saving her life with his blood so a bit of a love triangle without the love between Amelie and Luc as they barely tolerate each other for the most part which often added to the laughs. With the prophecy unfulfilled and Amelie still being kept in the dark about some things, Conspiracy Boy takes the group on another action packed adventure where Amelie is determined to not become the killer everyone thought she should be and save everyone instead. Overall, a fun, light hearted but adventurous YA fantasy paranormal series. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....

  • Nasty Lady MJ
    2019-04-12 15:23

    As tempting as it is avoid. Note to self: you did not like the first one. It was a Vampire Academy/Blue Bloods/Mortal Instruments/etc. knockoff and it probably would not be good for you to continue.

  • Lena
    2019-03-29 18:42

    does anyone know when it will be out?

  • Leah
    2019-04-06 13:39

    **IF YOU HAVEN'T READ CONSPIRACY GIRL THERE MAY BE SPOILERS**When I saw Cecily White's Angel Academy series on Netgalley, it sounded awesome. It's been AGES since I've read a good paranormal YA series, absolutely ages, almost as if the genre has gone through its popular phase and no one really reads it any more, but if you have a hankering for the genre, start with this duo-logy. Because it's AMAZING. I devoured Prophecy Girl a few days prior and was going to read something else, but because I knew I had Conspiracy Boy, I had to get that read before I could focus on anything else, and oh my God, am I glad I did because this book was amazing. Conspiracy Boy picks up pretty much where Prophecy Girl left off, and you're immediately thrown into the action - I'm starting to think that Amelie's life is nothing but whirlwind action and conspiracy theories, poor lass. Amelie is now engaged to Luc, which is weird, considering he's a) full of himself and loves himself more than life and b) Jack is Amelie's bond mate, but there's reasons for it, and it actually doesn't create the annoying love triangle you might expect. It's just the way it has to be, because of what happened in Conspiracy Girl and it more than works. Turns out though that there's still a conspiracy/prophecy floating around, and once again, it's poor Amelie's job to work out a) what it is and b) how to stop it. Amelie literally can't catch a break, whether it's the adults grouping together to talk about her, or weird chicks jumping out of portals, Amelie literally has the worst luck in history, but she's actually freaking awesome. She just gets on with it, where as anyone else would sit down and weep for eternity. Not Amelie, she just wants it sorted, and done with, and over. And I admired that. I also loved just how easy her relationship with Jack is. You've never met two people so perfect for each other and there were sparks coming off my Kindle. And not to forget Luc. I totally warmed to him during Conspiracy Boy. He was weirdly charming. I devoured Conspiracy Boy in under four hours, it was literally that good, and with everything going on, you just had to know how it was all going to end. Although Cecily White has a lot to answer for because it got all very Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows up in that story. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me insanely happy, and it made me ridiculously sad that I had finished both books, because they were just so good. Fast-paced, frantic, with a wonderful mythology, it's everything you can ask for in a book. I loved this duology. Can you tell? And I am so sad it's over, but it was the most satisfying ending you could ever wish for.

  • Steph F
    2019-04-12 13:35


  • K.S. Marsden
    2019-03-25 12:33

    Ami is under a lot of pressure right now. Her twin sister is a serial murderer; she's engaged to society's vampire darling, whilst keeping her real relationship hidden; and she may or may not bring about the apocalypse.I got a free copy from Netgalley and went into this without reading Prophecy Girl, so I confess, I felt like I was missing a lot going into this. I really want to read the first part of this series to find out why Luc and Ami are engaged; what happened with her sister; just general background on all characters.It does read with the assumption that you have read Prophecy Girl, where all the characters, events and plot devices have been established; and now it cracks on to conclude the story.Which is a bonus if you have read it, because it means no repetition, and pushing on with the story. But it also means that this cannot be fully enjoyed as a stand-alone book. So, seriously, don't copy me and jump in halfway, go read Prophecy Girl first.OK, moving on. Overall I enjoyed this, I thought the characters were fun, and you've got plenty of action and some romance, without getting bogged down in it.Ami is an interesting character, who doesn't have a filter between her brain and her mouth. She says and does what she wants, with no thought of consequence.The rest of the characters are suitably entertaining, convincingly mixing the stereotypical high school drama, with the impending apocalypse and immortal war.Plot-wise... I was lost. Which could be attributed to the fact of my own ignorance, as mentioned earlier. But I never felt like I was standing on steady ground, making sense of the world around Ami.I never got the feeling that I knew who the big bad were. Sure, I enjoyed the Petra thing (immortal assassin); but those that were titled "bad guys" were actually good, and always on Ami's side. Whereas the more ambiguous characters and factions were the real threat all along?Don't get me wrong, I love playing with the concept of good vs. evil and how bad guys are a matter of perspective; but I don't think White clarified it in a way that made it believable.Despite the fact that I liked the character, I was also a little disappointed with Ami and the part she has to play in the plot. She is the Chosen One. She is the one who will stop the demons from breaking through. She will be the one to overturn society as they know it. She is the most powerful Guardian of the time, and she has vampire blood in her system.My point is, apart from the awesome opening scene, when she kicks Petra's arse; Ami isn't a hero. Her friends and allies all lay down their lives, sacrificing everything for her; and her enemies conspire and pop up when necessary.It felt like there wasn't any real threat or danger, and the plot would have happened with or without Ami. Things just came up, happened, end of story.So all-in-all, I liked this book, and I will definitely be checking out Prophecy Girl and White's other works.

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2019-04-10 12:19

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.CONSPIRACY BOY is not the most amazing, most original young adult paranormal novel you'll ever read. However, if you don't go in expecting the next big thing, you're going to be extremely satisfied. It's a fun, action-filled read. And while White doesn't break any molds, she definitely makes things interesting.With the nearly three year gap in between when the first Angel Academy book, PROPHECY GIRL, was published and now, it was almost as if I had never read the first book in the series. While I remembered enjoying it, the details were definitely fuzzy. I do know that CONSPIRACY BOY felt like PROPHECY GIRL though, with lots of action right from the start, and plot twists galore. Though I sometimes felt as if I was missing some nuances to the story because of my lack of recollection of the first book, for the most part White did a pretty good job of reminding the reader who the various characters were.Though there wasn't as much of the romantic aspect to this book as there was in PROPHECY GIRL, there was still some elements, and I enjoyed the twists that White threw into Jackson and Amelie's relationship. In fact, her relationships and the changes they went through with the various other characters in the book were some of the most interesting aspects to the plot. Fight scenes are fight scenes, but relationships are harder to convey, and White does a good job of communicating the relationships Amelie has with the other characters, despite us only knowing what's going on in Amelie's head.At the end of the day, CONSPIRACY BOY is, in my opinion, fluff. Great, fun, exciting fluff, but fluff nonetheless. Learning about Amelie and her various exploits is certainly enjoyable, and I definitely don't regret the few hours I spent reading this book. It has all the elements you'd expect from a paranormal young adult novel, with the super-powered kick-ass heroine, her sexy boyfriend, a prophecy that needs to be fulfilled, and plenty of fight scenes. I do plan on continuing this series, and I sincerely hope that it doesn't take another three years to get the next installment!!Sexual content: Kissing, references to sex

  • Michelle Dare
    2019-03-20 13:46

    This is book two in the series and should be read in order. In book one we met Amelie and Jack. We learned about Guardians and the powers they hold. We read how Ami and Jack's lives and love wove together. And we met Luc. In book two we continue to follow Ami, Jack, and Luc, who is a vampire. Together the three have a complicated relationship. Jack and Ami must hide their true feelings and connection from all of Luc's people. You see, Ami is supposed to be with Luc. But like their love life, their reality isn't fair either. The prophecy still hangs out there and everyone's fate rests on Ami. Can she do what needs to be done? It's not easy for her, but she's determined to find a way to keep everyone alive.This book was seriously great. It had a much better pace than book one. I admit to falling for Luc more and more as the story went on. And Jack was just as amazing as ever. Ami kicked some serious butt in this book. The three of them, along with family and friends, made this book even better. There was a solid support system for Jack and Ami. Luc's mom, well, I hated her. But at least Luc had the others on his side. The suspense was great and the ending left me wanting more. The romance was spot on. Great addition to the series. Book received in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon An Alpha.

  • Karla
    2019-04-14 12:38

    Unfortunately I didn't read book 1. Oh I wish I had of done as I was lost in a few places. But the storyline was still good and there were plenty of emotion inducing scenes (even without the back story), I have to get book 1 and re read this book as I did like the characters and the love / hate relationship in book 1 sounds tantalising.

  • Boglárka
    2019-04-06 13:25

    Check out more on bemybooklover.blogspot.huDespite the fact that Amelie's life got hijacked by demonbloods and flushed down the Immortal toilet, she makes do pretty well, I must tell.Not that I expected any less. She's just plain hilarious, no-matter-what kinda girl. If we all inherited her easy-going, snarky personality, life would be a puffy cloud-pillow where we could see the rainbow-unicorn from the first row. I'd totally ride a unicorn.I can 100 % relate to her caffeine-addiction, by the way. What would I do if I knew it's my last day on Earth? Bumm! Drink coffee. I doubt she would act otherwise.“Ami, you’ve violated seven, possibly eight levels of Guardian trainee protocols tonight, and you want to know how it’s goin’?”“I was being conversational.”Jack looked annoyed. “Are you aware of the punishment for this?”“Death by coffee?” I said optimistically.We get back to point zero because of an unfulfilled prophecy, a forbidden Lucifer-Gabriel bonding and a war against Crossworld-demons. Same old same old. I feel like we got stucked by a log in the fast-running stream. Not moving forward. And I must tell, I miss Jack a lot. Where's he anyway? He and Amelie is a collateral package aka they can't exist without each other. I'm not consoled entirely by Luc, the smoking-hot downworld-vampire-playboy. How can I love none other than Jack who knits a scarf and a matching barret for her bond-girlfriend? Hot in so many ways.I. Want. Him. Back. *rampageous maniac alert*"Maybe I had a choice right? Even when the options suck and it seems like nothing fits, there’s always a choice there.Live or die.Fight or flee.Pancakes or omelets."As for Amelie and Luc, I don't see the point of a love triangle no matter how much I love triangles, which are incidentally the perfection of love geometry. She's bonded with Jack from the beginning which is pretty much sacred for me. Period. And I don't believe in switching sides. It's sort of a road leading to a ginarmous-nowhere.“If you’re here to kill me, make it fast. I won’t fight you,” I said.“We’re not there quite yet,” he replied. “First comes the psychological torture.”I peeked out from my pillow. “Nicholas Sparks movie marathon?”“I’m not that cruel.”“Says the diabolical overlord.”Oh and what is it with Lisa? She's not other than an evil-doer sister who has tried to kill Jack. Sisters don't do that! She cannot make it up to me unless she lives forever, which I doubt. Just because she's justified her actions in front of Amelie, I have to be reborn to befriend her. And even then, I would ensnare her boyfriend, Alec. A guy with crossbow? Give him to me. He will be in good hands.“Sometimes life is figuring out what you can live with then letting go of the rest."The prophecy became fulfilled, an entire magical world ceded to exist and Jack has lost his memories. They've been through a rough day. Cruel twist of faith. In contempt of such events, Amelie doesn't lack further edgy comments and mortal optimism. They all happily lived and loved ever after....lucky bastards.“I love you,” I said. “More than oxygen and coffee and chocolate, and even more than my favorite glyph-engraved throwing knives. Don’t forget that. Okay?”SetbacksI miss my fiery-Jack-passion-portion from the Prophecy Girl. No offense Luc. The vamp-vibe didn't work here. My bad.Rating3 out of 5

  • Carrie
    2019-03-29 17:25

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was another fun installment in the Angel Academy series and is… the last? I’m not sure, since it seems way too soon to say goodbye to these characters, but this book certainly tied things up in a neat little bow.Amelie is still her usual sarcastic and witty self in this one. She’s facing a whole ton of issues but she never seems to lack the necessary comeback. Trapped in a high school full of people who think you’re engaged to your sorta-vampire-sire-type-hottie and sister to a serial killer, being the source of a world ending prophecy seems almost normal. The prophecy might have been assumed to have been dealt with last time, but it seems nothing is really as it seems. Except Jack, because he’s amazing, but even that has to be kept a secret. Secrets appear to be the theme that runs throughout – whether it is from Amelie, from the Elders, from the world, or simply from one of Amelie’s love interests. I’m not even sure where to start with the drama in this book – there is so much jammed into the pages that things change chapter by chapter. Starting with Luc (aforementioned sorta-vampire-sire-type-hottie), Amelie is being tasked with helping out in his Sovereign Trials (whatever that entails) while living in a house full of people who hate her. Sure, there are designer clothes and lots of eye candy, but it certainly doesn’t make up for lack of freedom. Next we have some assassins trying to hunt Amelie down using unknown powers and lots of bone crunching strength. This leads to a lot of fun fights. Lastly (kind of, because I’m glossing over the oodles of other points), we’ve got a war that’s brewing between the factions for reasons that are mostly kept secret from Amelie. I found myself frustrated on her behalf about that one. Throw all this into a blender with confusing teenage feelings and adult expectations and you have a couple days in the life of Amelie. She was really fun to read about, but I wouldn’t ever want to be her. Jack is the one ray of mostly uncomplicated sunlight in her life and even that gets tested in this book. Buckle in because this book takes you on a very bumpy ride.

  • Angela ReadingCave
    2019-04-10 19:25

    Conspiracy Boy starts off pretty much where Prophecy girl left off, Ami is still killing demons. Jackson is still running in to save the day, which makes sense they are dating and he is her bondmate. There are two difference- no bestie, and apparently she is Luc’s fledgling (Jackson’s vamp cousin). They have to go through the Immortal Sovereign Trial but before that can happen Ami must find out who sent an assassin after her. She also has to figure out how to fulfill Gabriel’s prophecy without killing Jackson. They thought that they had won that battle at the end of Prophecy Girl, but the truth is- it had just begun.Ami is still the sassy, butt-kicking Guardian that we know and love. She has snarky down to a science, and can take on a demon with the best of them. She isn’t perfect, she gets jealous, she argues, she back talks. She is also extremely loyal, and ever hopeful. She is impulsive and reactive. I like her. Jackson is ever the self-sacrificing Watcher. He is the logical one of their pairing, the plotter- the mastermind. Everything he does he does to protect her and their bond.Luc gets well… more interesting in this book than in the previous one. He is still protective of his inner circle. His character develops strongly in this book, with several scenes where he dominates. I like that he is in charge of the Society. It gives him purpose, something to do, and a way to help.The big baddie, I wasn’t expecting. I should have been but I felt blindsided. I thought it was a different person, one who actually was trying to help. That makes for a good book. One that keeps you guessing, especially one where your guess is wrong yet you are still happy. Conspiracy Boy is a worthy follow-up to Prophecy Girl. While it didn’t wow me as much as the first one did, it kept me entertained. In the long run, that is what matters.

  • Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews
    2019-03-21 18:17

    Conspiracy Boy Cecily WhiteSpoilers ahead, enter at your own risk!Questions? I got a few! Did Luc just die for real? Did that just happen? Am I meant to like Lisa now? Can there be another one after this? So seriously like no more vamps, witches and weres? Oh my!"Death, lies and cocktails - the backbone of any respectable Southern family"Conspiracy Boy, is the second book in this Angel Academy series by White. I really enjoyed the first one, and this one I loved just as much. But not as much as the first, because at the end of it I was left with questions, and I am not sure I like the way it ended. Like .5 dropped off the rating, not too bad. "Dad can buy me a bunch of cats. and I'll dress them all in matching sweaters and be one of those psycho cat ladies who eats Spam and yells at the neighbor children, I'll keep to myself and mutter about the government conspiracies and how evil hedgehogs are." I wouldn’t go jumping into this one if you haven’t read the first one, you would be kind of lost!Amelie, Jack and Luc I love them together, there comradery is so good. I loved all the characters in the story, honestly there was only a couple who I hated. Luc’s mum was a mega bitch tho, I didn’t like her and Annabelle."Luc, make it stop." "With what? My magic wand?" "Your wand isn't magic. It's just overused."Overall, I found this one to be fun, low angst with twist and turns a perfect roller coaster ride, with the right amount of drama (not within the couple) and romance a Young Adult story should have, tho I would have liked a lot more romance but what we got satisfied me enough!#angfriendly 4.5 StarsPNR Book Lover Reviews

  • Courtney
    2019-03-19 14:25

    I am really conflicted about how to rate this book. It sorta seems like it should be a 4 or 5 star rating, because I was hooked the whole time and I really cared about the characters. But there were a lot of things I didn't like, especially about the ending, and that's why I can't rate it that high.My first issue is about Luc. (view spoiler)[ I absolutely love him. Seriously, he was amazing. But there was no need to have the weird bond thing happen and the potential love triangle. Luc didn't deserve to get hurt. And he definitely didn't deserve to die. If he was going to survive, or Amelie actually admitted to having feelings, or if there was really any freaking future, I could have dealt with it. But no, it was just added to make his death even worse. It just seemed like this stuff was added to make the story more dramatic, and I hated it.(hide spoiler)]My other issue is about Jack. (view spoiler)[ I do really love him. He is great and loves Amelie so much. But, as I said above, the weird love triangle thing bothered me. But the ending ticked me off the most. After everything, he was willing to just go in and die without saying a word. And then he lives, but his memories are gone. Again, it just seemed like added drama that wasn't necessary.(hide spoiler)]Overall though, I'm glad this book finally came out. I waited entirely too long.

  • April
    2019-03-23 12:43

    Conspiracy Boy is spellbinding! I am really glad that I already had this second book in the series after finishing book one Prophecy Girl, because I just had to know what was going to happen. If anything I think I may have enjoyed Conspiracy Boy even more so than the first book. It's got great humor and wit with a fast pace that kept me thoroughly engrossed from beginning to end. There were definitely some twists that I didn't see coming, including my new found feelings for Luc. He really won me over in this one and I really really hope that things are not as they seem with him now that book two is over. That sounded really cryptic right? Sorry didn't want to give any spoilers :-) But anyhow I really like this series and am really hoping for another book. I think if your a fan of young adult urban fantasy with angels, demons, prophecies, and other cool stuff that you should definitely try out this series. ( I highly recommend reading these in order ) ** I received a digital copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for honest review **

  • Dani
    2019-03-27 13:31

    *Originally reviewed on A Bibliophile's Reverie. Copy obtained from Netgalley*A great young adult urban fantasy novel, Conspiracy Boy follows Amelie who is on her senior year of high school. And demons are attacking her school. Sounds exciting right? Well not really, especially on the things she is going through. Amelie just wants to get through it all to go away, or run away, but she has to step up to the plate and save everything, to make sure the prophecy doesn’t come true.Amelie is an entertain character and has a lot going on. I really liked how she dealt with a lot of her problems. She is strong willed and doesn’t take crap from anyone. I also liked Luc and found him to be an entertaining complex character. I give this novel a 4/5 as it is really good and has a good plot, but felt as if it could have a bit stronger plot. I enjoyed it a lot and if you like urban fantasy, this is definitely for you!

  • Angel Leigh
    2019-04-13 17:37

    Love this book!!!!Awesome book. Well written and a great read. I couldn't stop reading which is what you want in a book. Can't wait to read more from this author.

  • Stephanie Avans
    2019-03-31 19:43

    Wonderful sequel!!! Can't wait for another!!! I mean, what's not to love about high schoolers that happen to be vampires and werewolves?