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Running “errands” for her mob-boss employer, Joey “The Knife” Manetto, often ends with Shelby in trouble, making her cautious about continuing her association with him. Instead, she focuses on a new client who hires Shelby to find her missing mother. What seems like a routine case turns into something more sinister and deadly than she ever imagined. In the meantime, UncleRunning “errands” for her mob-boss employer, Joey “The Knife” Manetto, often ends with Shelby in trouble, making her cautious about continuing her association with him. Instead, she focuses on a new client who hires Shelby to find her missing mother. What seems like a routine case turns into something more sinister and deadly than she ever imagined. In the meantime, Uncle Joey has summoned Shelby to his office, where she runs into her former nemesis. Shelby inadvertently hears something that makes her fear for the lives of Uncle Joey and his hit-man, Ramos. This time, Uncle Joey is not sure he wants to involve Shelby in something he knows could get her killed. Keeping Shelby’s involvement to a minimum has disastrous results, sending Shelby on a dangerous path. As her investigation unfolds, Shelby finds death at every turn, and soon realizes she is in over her head. Can she escape from danger in time? Or will she find herself deep in death?...

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Deep In Death Reviews

  • Tina Barnes
    2019-03-13 04:47

    Colleen Helme did not disappoint in this latest book about Shelby. The only bad part is having to wait for the next one! I have been addicted since Carrots. Is it me or does everyone else feel torn wanting her husband to turn out to be a bad guy so she can end up with Ramos?

  • Marsha
    2019-03-26 06:06

    Of all of the Shelby Nichols Adventure novels, "Deep in Death" by far is my favorite. This book was much more of an emotional roller coaster ride for me. Many of my favorite characters lives were in danger but at the same time the characters you would least expect rallied together.In this installment, Shelby is a little bored and actually wanting to hear from Uncle Joey. However, it seems Joey is reluctant to involve her in much due to her penchant for getting into trouble; besides, he entered into an agreement with her husband, Chris, to keep her safe.Meanwhile, back at the police department, Dimples, aka Detective Harris asks Shelby to assist with a murder investigation. Detective Bates is miffed to see her and is quickly set straight when the Chief personally welcomes her back and she solves the case they're working on. Shelby also gets Dimples to help her with an old missing persons case. When she goes down to the evidence room she gets the willies. As she begins her research it soon becomes clear that she may be investigating a serial killer.Uncle Joey is in the middle of negotiations with the family of an old rival and Kate is back in town needing Shelby's assistance. Before everything is over, these two will have to work together for the common good. Ramos and Chris are as endearing, loyal and sexy as ever. Boy, I'm glad I'm not in Shelby's shoes.As I stated earlier, this read sent me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I thought that we were going to lose not only a couple of my favorite characters but Shelby as well. It was also heartwarming to see some of the more distasteful characters have to eat crow. I especially enjoyed that! Oh well, I'm off to book seven.

  • Marla Josephs
    2019-03-26 04:47

    I love a hot steamy romance as much as the next romance fan, however, I'm also a big mystery fan and was ready for a change. So, when I was given a chance to listen to and review this book, I gave it a chance. I'd never read anything from this author before, so I was reall on the fence about it, and was hoping I hadn't made a mistake. Boy, am I glad I tried it. This is likely to be considered more of a cozy mystery, but it has a little bite to it. It's not all fluff. It had s great mix of intensity and suspense along I with humor and lightheartedness. At times I thought that maybe there were slightly too many cases or mysteries going on with Shelby, but yet it didn't make me want to put it down for a second. Ms. helme has penned a very engaging and intertwining story, with interesting characters. I even love the tension between Shelby and Remos and her chiding herself for it because of Chris. Won't say anymore about that. And, it's even more exciting that it's a series! And, I am a sucker for a good series.I just wasn't sure from the description if I would like it. There was a 50/50 chance. So, I let the narration sample decide. And, Wendy Tremont King sold it. Her narration was wonderful. I've never listened to her before either, but thought she really brought the story and characters to life. Her interpretation of each character and their personalities was creative and believable. I was so pleasantly surprised and looking forward to more from both author and narrator.

  • Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)
    2019-03-10 04:06 Nichols was a normal housewife, happy in her mundane life with two kids and a loving husband but everything changed the day she stopped to buy carrots and in turn got the gift of hearing people's thoughts! The journey that started in the first book in the series, Carrots, has taken Shelby a long way. She now has her own consulting agency, is stuck with helping the mob boss she calls as Uncle Joey and is also faced with the complications that hearing others' thoughts brings to her life!In Deep In Death, Shelby has promised to take it easy and so she takes up a missing person case which she thinks will be safe as compared to her help sessions with Uncle Joey which have a tendency of getting her into trouble! But what she doesn't know is that this case will prove even more challenging and dangerous. As Shelby begins investigating, she is spooked by the mysterious scent of gardenias that only she can smell, the unsolved mysterious disappearances of several other women just like her victim and a murderer who has remained free and who will stop at nothing to keep her from finding the truth!Will Shelby be able to find the missing woman or is this a case that will leave her "Deep In Death"?I love Shelby Nichols and read her adventures with full interest. In this book also, Shelby is in full swing and it is so interesting and exciting to watch her solve a case that has confused and stumped the police for years, fight a most dangerous criminal, race against time to find the truth behind the disappearance of a mother for her daughter, have a yet another thrilling adventure all courtesy Uncle Joey and finally the sweet and most endearing chemistry between Shelby and her husband and the unexplained chemistry between Shelby and Ramos, Uncle Joey's hitman.The cover of the book is gorgeous and I loved the purple dress. The blurb is catchy and instantly attracts the reader to pick up this book to read.I love Colleen's writing style. She writes in the first person, from Shelby's perspective and although I usually don't enjoy first person story narrations, I fully enjoy her Shelby Nichols adventures! Colleen has a knack of introducing humor into the most basic routines and easily engages the readers into her stories of a woman who is just like any other house wife, has so much to be dissatisfied about like her not being a graduate or that she is often seen down upon by people because of her no-college-education status but still she is special because despite all the obvious reasons to be unhappy and dissatisfied, she is happy and believes in looking at the brighter side of her life!The characterization is smooth and Colleen has brought reality into her characters. These are normal people stuck in abnormal situations. I love Uncle Joey who is a mob boss but still has a soft spot for Shelby. Ramos is so adorable with his tough guy with a soft heart routine. He is attracted to Shelby and the companionship between these two is funny, sometimes awkward, sometimes sensuous and always entertaining! They both care about each other and Ramos often acts as a protector of Shelby. The chemistry between Shelby and her husband, Chris will make every woman envious. They are the perfect couple who, despite their imperfections, have found their harmony and it is so heartwarming to see their love grow each day. There are several other noteworthy characters in this book but I was especially impressed by the villain in the story. A serial killer with a devious mind, he scared me and I could feel the fear that his victims would have felt.The story is fast paced and there are several strains of plots running simultaneously which are weaved together expertly by the author and don't leave the reader confused. I was hooked right from the start and just had to finish this story in one sitting. With several nail biting moments and thrilling twists and frightening scenarios, I was completely involved in all the action and felt like I was right there with Shelby! :)While I loved the cover, blurb, writing style, plot idea and execution, characterization and was impressed with the interest that Colleen extracted from me, I was dissatisfied with the fact that the killer didn't give a reasoning why he started killing or why he continued and how he selected his victims.I would have loved to know the reason why he selected the mother of Shelby's client and how he abducted her. No clear explanation is given and not knowing the why and how of it rankled.Just because of this loophole, I give Deep In Death 4.5 out of 5. Had this point been covered then this would have been a full 5 rating story from my side. Nevertheless, this is an engaging, eventful, thrilling and humorous adventure with Shelby, Chris, Ramos, Dimples, Uncle Joey etc. that entertains and also brings tears and a happy smile to our faces. Strongly recommended, go buy and read this book. Enjoy! :)I received an ARC copy of the book from the author and the tour organizers and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

  • Rubina
    2019-03-05 10:17

    Shelby makes an entrance with a bullet in her arms from Helme's last novel of this series.She has returned with a new determination to keep on working as a Private Eye and keep out of trouble. Keeping out of trouble for Shelby is next to impossible, especially when the old characters of Helme's book revisits. Uncle Joey wants her work for him while his niece, Kate, is back in the picture with her own set of troubles. I can almost hear Taylor Swift's song, 'Trouble Trouble', humming in my head whenever I read about Shelby. This Gal just cannot stay inside the house. How un-feminist of me, but - with the kind of trouble that seems to follow Shelby all around her, I would rather she sits at home - of course for her sake and not mine :)Anyways, she is back in action. Joined the police department and... Dimples is back to dance at at attendence[yes, do detect a jealous note here] and most of all she has a new case.When Tiffany contacts Shelby, she takes up the case of searching for Tiffany's mom, Darcy. Now Helme has notched up the paranormal part in this story. We have ...pssst.. Ghosts. Okay, not the salivating, tooth decaying and zombie kind but, the I-am-here-but-you can't see me kind. Actually, it is kinda cute and frankly speaking Helme has created a few hair raising moment. I especially loved the scene when Shelby sees the no.4 in front of the parking lot. Hair raising moment. No one can find a flaw with Helme's way of writing. The pace is what keeps me going, each scene woven to be a page turner. By the time you will finish this novel, you are spinning along with Shelby.It's very gripping.Ramos... Tell me Ms.Helme.. you have upped the character just for me? :) Since, I did gush over him last time. But this time, the chemistry between them is SIZZLING. And I almost felt sorry for dear hubby, Chris. That is the problem here for the readers. Every damn bad guy is a good guy. How can I feel bad for Ramos, who is a supposed henchman of Uncle Joey. s you all know if a few questions arise in my mind, I start twitching. [Childhood problem of mind :( )Now I started twitching due to two questions that has been nudging me all along.Does Shelby at all care about her kids? I see her cooking, hiding facts from her family and being a magnet for trouble. But how is she as a woman? She has given up her education for her family. Agreed. But every time putting their lives in danger does not look too Mommy kind moment for me.Secondly, the actions are too much. If I want to follow the Darcy thread, Kate and Billie are being thrown in my path. I want to find out what the heck happened to Darcy, but every time I have to catch my breath and know what darling Kate is up to. One thing about this book - YOU HAVE GOT TO READ IT to know how to keep your characters revolving around the story all the time.How to give each character importance and above all how to make your readers fall in love with each and every character of yours. Even the insignificant retired detective :

  • Berls
    2019-03-05 04:01

    This review appeared first at Fantasy is More Fun. I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I just love my adventures with Shelby Nichols. When Colleen offered to give me an audio edition of Deep in Death for review I was so excited, I rushed through my current audiobook to get to Shelby. And I was not disappointed. Shelby is an EXPERT at getting into trouble :)Those of you who have seen my previous reviews for this series know that one of my favorite things is that Shelby is a middle aged mother of two and happily married. Not enough of our heroines are this age or in this stage of their lives, so I just really enjoy that element of these books. In Deep in Death that element remains strong and I enjoyed it as much as I always do - it's neat to see the kids are growing older and how that's changing her role as a mother. In previous books Shelby and Ramos started having chemistry and, though it continues to be an undercurrent, I enjoy seeing her maintain a friendship rather than straying from her husband. It's nice to see a healthy relationship - plus the sexual tension that creates with Ramos is fun too ;)Shelby is just getting back to work in Deep in Death and everyone's trying to keep her from getting into trouble, seeing as she just suffered her SECOND gunshot wound. Seems Shelby doesn't have a clue how to stay out of trouble, even with Uncle Joey backing off. Note, though he isn't using Shelby like he used to, Uncle Joey and Ramos and the gang are still a huge part of this book - thank goodness, because I just love them! The mystery and tension in Deep in Death were at an all time high and I sped through this in just a couple days. I continue to really enjoy this series on audio - it's really the only way I will read it at this point. Wendy Tremont King IS Shelby and Uncle Joey and Ramos and Chris (Shelby's husband) at this point. I still have to laugh when she does accents, but even her accents are a treat for me at this point.I'm really excited because the next Shelby book is out on audio already (usually there's more of a wait) so I'll be digging into that soon too!

  • Erin Pascoe
    2019-03-21 09:00

    I loved "Deep in Death"! It may be Colleen's best book yet! I started it.... and finished it last night! I just couldn't put it down! It is a definite page turner and I loved every minute of it! This is definitely one I will read again and I'm so glad I got it. This book had an added twist to it that I really liked! Maybe Colleen will have this added dimension in books to come. It is so fun having a series that I enjoy. It's just hard waiting for the next book! I honestly had no idea what would happen next... another reason why I stayed up way too late to finish it. The sad part is that now I have to wait to read the next book. Luckily for me I am listening to "Secrets that Kill" and it is fun to hear that story again. Wendy does a great job narrating and I really love that book! "Secrets that Kill" is my favorite Shelby Nichols book, but after reading "Deep in Death" it may be tied for first place... At least until the next book comes out. We'll just have to wait and see! I really, truly enjoyed this book! It is a definite MUST READ!!!!!

  • Alice
    2019-03-10 10:04

    Wow. They just keep getting better.This is a amazing mystery series. I love Shelby, the mind reading mother of two; Chris her loving lawyer husband; Uncle Joey the mob boss; Ramos the bodyguard/hit man; and Jackie the mob boss secretary. These people have become like family, quirky and annoying but there for you when the chips are down. In this book, Shelby gets into double trouble, not only needing to help Uncle Joey in Seattle, but also in tracking a serial killer. As usual her mind reading both helps her to solve the problems and lands her in the soup. This book is fun, mysterious, scary, with a touch of romance. What more could you ask for? Just the next book as soon as possible.

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    2019-02-26 06:59

    another great book in this series! There were several surprises in this book, none that I saw coming....well maybe one of them once I knew who they were looking for and I even tried to throw another character "under the bus" but he was a good guy. But it seemed very plausible that he could have been in on it.I started this series about 4 books in and have book 1 that explains how Shelby came to read minds, just haven't read it yet. But each book does a pretty good job of explaining it and making you feel like you know all the characters and aren't missing anything.

  • Jeanie Jackson
    2019-03-23 09:47

    Great! Every book in this series seems to get better and I loved Carrots! For the first time Shelby discovers that her ability to read minds may not be her only gift or maybe she is just a little more open that some people. While she works to discover what happened to a woman who who disappeared several years ago, she gets frightening thoughts from people about Uncle Joey. When she gets horrifying news, she and Jackie fly to Seattle to uncover more information. I held my breath through half of the book.

  • Tracy Trixy
    2019-03-10 09:56

    What am I gonna do now??! Please tell me there are more books coming!! Loving this book and it's a close run with my other favourite in this series, but I love that whilst trying to find out what happened on a cold case, leads to Shelby finding the killer and being on his list as his next victim! I cannot write down and express how much I love these books, and I love how each one reads, tho I kinda wish they were longer than they are! Once again I had no issues with the writing and it's clear and really easy to read, tho it was a little dicey in that basement with her!

  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    2019-03-04 09:01

    *I received a free ARC of Deep in Death from Enchantress of Book Blogtours in exchange of an honest review*Fast-paced, lighthearted, fun and filled with supsense, Deep in death took me on a whirlwind of a ride alongisde Shelby, Dimples, Chris, Ramos and the others.My full review is posted with the book trailer on my blog(un)Conventional Bookviewson August 11th 2014.

  • Dalene
    2019-03-12 06:16

    First, I would like to thank the author Colleen Helme for giving me this book for an honest reveiw. I totally enjoyed reading this mystery. The story-line is very good. The characters are well developed and written. The main character Shelby is a housewife and mother. I loved this book and now I have to catch up with the series. Colleen Helme has done an excellent job writing this book and I look forward to reading more books by her.

  • Tia
    2019-02-24 08:15

    FabulousShelby is an awesome character and her adventures take the readers on adrenaline laced rushes of nonstop action. I love the writing and thought put into each book. I read Carrots a while ago and couldn't wait to see the next book but, it wasn't out yet. I forgot about it and was very pleased that in that time four more had been written. I love this series and know that others will too.

  • Sue
    2019-03-04 10:15

    This was the last book (so far) in this series that deals with a mind-reading heroine and all the almost-killing-her scenarios she falls into. Non-stop action and lots of different plots run through each book, and make the reading well worth the time. I am going to practice breathing now, for awhile, while waiting for a new book in this series to appear!!

  • Melissa
    2019-03-16 05:48

    This was a great book! I felt like I was right there with Shelby through every breathtaking moment! My heart raced at times, and I laughed out loud at others! This was a thrilling adventure that I was thinking about even when I wasn't reading it! I would highly recommend this book! This is a wonderful series and I hope to enjoy many more Adventures in the future.

  • beth starkey
    2019-03-09 01:59

    Shelby Nichols Adventure seriesWow, these books are amazing. I can hardly wait to find out what is in store for Shelby next. I hope that it will be as exciting an adventure as all the other Shelby Nichols series have been. Keep them coming please. They are delightful and keep you on the edge o f your seat.

  • Linda M Ratzman
    2019-02-28 05:17

    This was my 2nd favorite. Falling in love with"Carrots"was my favorite. I have shared that book with many friends..."Deep in Death was very well done. I couldn't put it down and will share it with everyone!

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-24 07:47

    Need more of this series! ☹ having withdrawals already *sighs*

  • Michael
    2019-03-08 02:02

    Tear's ready??????I Love Shelby!!! A thriller to boot and it will make you cry.... I can't spoil the ending but keep tissue handy...

  • Claire Mc Partlin
    2019-02-24 01:56

    ​NARRATOR: Wendy Tremont King.Yet another extremely entertaining story in this fabulous series and a wonderful narrator in Wendy Tremont King, she does a really great job with all the voices.Shelby has recovered from being shot in the last book and is ready to go back to work. She takes on a cold case of a missing woman after the daughter hires her to find out what really happened to her Mum, if she can. She just wants some closure before she gets married. So Shelby gets involved with the police and Dimples again and there is also a bit of a ghostly background to this one, which is different from just reading minds and freaks Shelby out a bit, but I quite liked!Of course she also gets involved with mobster Uncle Joey again and things escalate when it looks like Uncle Joey and Ramos may have died in a boat explosion as they are missing. Of course Shelby figures out who the bad guys are again with her mind-reading skills and eventually everything is sorted out.There's also quite a lot of drama with Shelby's missing woman case that really escalates towards the end of the book and really made my heart race as Shelby was in a lot of danger.I really love this series, it's one of my favourites, as it's just so much fun with an edge of danger to it with mob goings on and of course Shelby's propensity to get herself in trouble wherever she goes! Long may this series continue. Love it!

  • Tameka
    2019-02-28 10:06

    Shelby is really kind. She is an accommoding to people schedule. I so hope that Bates gets to ear crow in this book because he deserves it.Maybe Shelby does need to go to counseling. She missed Uncle Joey. Let's see what kind of trouble will come to Shelby s front door this time. It's funny when supernatural things happen how you tend to explain things away..Shelby just barely escapes trouble by the skin of her teeth sometimes. Sometimes you just want to put an illegal hurt on stupid people. I am still irritated that Shelby wanted to follow the murderer.How is it that no one has searched to see if anyone has checked to see if the murderer has another property.Shelby has two other abilities from getting shot in the head. She can see images and now hear ghost. Makes you wonder what else will be popping up.I am not sure if I feel sorry for Chris. Funny how she puts all of the men in her life (Chris, Ramos, Dimples, and Uncle Joey) through the ringer.I am glad Chris is now seeing the advantage of her gift.

  • Rhonda Jones
    2019-03-11 04:05

    AwesomeAnother great story. I love that there are multiple plot lines in each book, and this one is no exception. Shelby has three interesting cases, one with her mob boss, one with the police, and one she got from her consulting business. Again, the cases intertwine through the book seamlessly. The pace never slows down, which I love.

  • Dena
    2019-03-27 08:15

    DeathThis is awesome and puts a whole new spin on the series. Shelby is at it again and she needs Ramos to help her out. However he also needs her help in trying to figure out who is trying to kill him and Uncle Joey. This is definitely a intense story of murder and mayhem.

  • Cindy
    2019-03-03 02:06

    I was completely entertained with this book! There was a lot of mystery and it was not obvious who the killer was. Shelby Nichols is an original character, with mind-reading capabilities. This lent itself to some humorous situations and dialog. I will be looking for more of this series.

  • Christine Hayes
    2019-03-14 05:47

    Love everything about these stories.

  • Julie
    2019-03-09 02:10

    I am a fan of the Shelby Nichols Adventures series. I enthusiastically jumped at the chance to get this book in exchange for a review thanks to the author and Audiobook Blast.Since Deep in Death is the 6th book in the series let me get some highlights.New readers should be okay if they had to start with this book. As with many mystery series, the highlights of the previous books are reviewed. To Helme’s credit, I think she does it in a better way than the infodump-ish way Evanovich can do in her Stephanie Plum books. She doesn’t give all her secrets away, though, so readers would have a lot of fun going back to (re)read the first 5 books in the series without problem. The premise of this world is that Shelby Nichols, who had been a stay-at-home mom, developed mind reading ability as a result of a bank robbery gone wrong. She now works for both the police as a paid consultant and the local mob boss. A lot of tension in the series arises from her desire to live on the right side of the law balanced with her obligation to Uncle Joey.As far as characters, Shelby’s world is expanding. Billie Jo the reporter has become a friend, and it’s nice to see Shelby with friends. She mentions Holly as her best friend, but Holly has not had much to do or been on the page in the last few books. We still have Detective Harris (aka Dimples), but we also get a new person in the police department who distrusts Shelby. I think that’s necessary because while we readers love her, it would be silly to assume everyone in her world feels the same way. It’s not realistic at all.We also have all the mob connections with Uncle Joey, including Jackie, Ramos and Kate back again. Despite Joey’s bad dealings, he actually does care for Shelby. It’s made odd bedfellows for her and her husband Chris, who is uncle Joey’s lawyer.Story-wise we have two main plots going on in the book. The Uncle Joey plot involves Kate, a business merger and an attempted assassination. Independent of that, Shelby takes a case where she tries to take on a missing persons case, and ends up facing down a serial killer. While one of the plots wraps up with some time to spare for the other, there is a lot of stuff going on in this book.One thing I really appreciate is that Shelby is not a static character. She’s comical and ends up in bad situations, but she’s growing as an investigator. I keep thinking about Stephanie Plum because that is one character who doesn’t seem to change. It’s also one reason I stopped reading that series. Shelby is still Shelby at her core, but now she’s an older, wiser, sometimes more cautious Shelby. She’s not without fault, but she is compassionate and wants to do the right thing.Another thing I enjoy about the series in general is that Helme deftly plants the seeds for future stories in the books. So far it has made for fantastic continuity, and it helps leave the reader wanting more.Narration: As a listener, I only know Wendy Tremont King from this series. She’s a great voice of Shelby. She skillfully navigates Shelby’s own mental drivel, the thoughts she overhears and the narration. I never wonder if I’m hearing thoughts or narrative bits. A skill like that is essential for a book series like this.With recent addition Billie Jo Payne, she adds a southern sounding accent that is rather nice. Her male voices are convincing and distinct.The only thing I do not like about the narration of this or any other books in the series is a minor quibble. It really bothers me how she pronounces “Ramos.” She says “Ray-mos.” Ramos is Cuban-American, and his name would be pronounced Rah-mos as more accurate to Spanish. Mentally I edit in the correct pronunciation of the name every time I hear it, and since he’s a major character, that’s a lot of times.Bottom line: The story is excellent. Helme keeps the pace moving quickly as she does with all her Shelby Nichols Adventures. There are some creepy and emotional things here, but that would go with these topics. Nothing is gratuitous or gory.I’m already listening to book 7 and plan on re-listening to book 1 while I wait for book 8. It’s all good stuff here.Disclaimer: "This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com."

  • Kai
    2019-03-17 08:00

    Deep in Death begins with Shelby Nichols taking a cold missing person case. After being shot, a missing person case shouldn't be any problem. But as Shelby dug deep into her missing person case, she is discovering there are three other similar case when the victim is blond and blue-eyes and with the fact that her mind-reading ability has started to morph into hearing dead people.When the mob-boss employer, Joey "The Knife" Manetto and his bodyguard Ramos disappeared after the yacht has exploded Shelby is dragged into mob business as to discover who wanted Joey dead. Facing mob business was a reprieve especially when the serial killer has decided that Shelby is his next victim.This is the first book I have listened to in the Shelby Nichols series and I would love to give it a 4.5 stars. Shelby did clearly stated that she has a habit of getting into trouble and Shelby wasn't kidding about it. Shelby started with one case and then tried to find who wanted to kill Joey. On top of it, she has a husband and kids to take care of. Even her husband Chris get dragged into mob business just to keep Shelby away from being involved and the mob even Ramos to keep Shelby safe.Although Shelby is in love with her husband Chris, there is also a physical attraction between Shelby and Ramos. There are moments where the readers/listeners think that Shelby and Ramos would cross the line but they don't. The relationship between Shelby and Ramos definitely brings readers/listeners back just to see if there would really be a relationship developing between them and what would Shelby lose if she cross the line.I would also come back to see if Shelby's mindreading ability will develop into something more and to see how much trouble could Shelby get herself into.The narrator Wendy Tremont King does a great job in providing the voice to Joey. I just love the "godfather" voice. The narrator provides Shelby with a touch of sophistication. The readers/listeners know that Shelby lives comfortably since indication from the last book shown that the mob bought Shelby a very expensive dress that she kept. I also love that the narrator was able to show Shelby scared when she started hearing one of the dead missing person. I was given this audiobook by the author/narrator/publisher via Audiobook Blast in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated or influence in any way for writing this review.

  • Kimberly
    2019-02-27 07:56

    Colleen Helme and Shelby Nichols simply do not disappoint in this 4.5-star book! This is a very good, highly addictive, clean, humorous book which is a great pleasure to read. New readers and familiar fans of Ms Helme alike will enjoy this multi story line crime/mystery with its familiar humor and a touch of paranormal. If you are interested in the audio version, Wendy Tremont King, the narrator, is absolutely the best fit with this author and this series!This is the sixth book in Ms Helme's Shelby Nichols Adventures stories, about an ordinary housewife turned police consultant after acquiring the ability to read minds from a head injury in the first book. In each book, Shelby stumbles headlong into trouble, but that's hardly a surprise when she acquires associates which include a mob-boss and his hit man. Like a magnet drawn to another, Shelby often finds herself in the wrong place at the right time and, with the help of a police detective, "Dimples", her husband, Chris, "Uncle" Joey (the mob boss) and Ramos (the eye-candy hit man), Shelby has too close of calls in dangerous situations, but somehow comes out only minimally scarred. In this book, Shelby single-handedly solves a police case in the interrogation room, helps Uncle Joey uncover a underhanded upstart in his own organization, and also uncovers a serial murderer who has her in his sights as his next target. It's all in a week's work!If you're have stumbled upon this review and this series, but haven't yet experienced Shelby Nichols, I strongly encourage you to dive into the first book, Carrots, and let the enjoyment begin. Though these stories are a part of a series, they can be read out of order, but I recommend the first book be read first to have your best introduction to the characters and Shelby's relationship with them. I received this book in audio form free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review. If you look at my profile, you can see I have thoroughly enjoyed each audio book in this series. Not only are the stories themselves a treat to experience, the narrator, Wendy Tremont King, is an excellent fit for this series. Ms King's voice seems to ideally capture Ms Helme's intent perfectly. Ms. King excellently distinguishes each character with their own recognizable sound and incorporates the mood and emotion perfectly, including internal voices/thoughts and spoken voices.If you'll excuse me, please. I am now off to the next book!

  • Rhonda
    2019-03-12 08:03

    4 STARS I love reading Shelby Nichols Adventure. I smile while reading it. I like the characters. She seems real. Plot is over the top. It brings smiles too. It is a pretty clean book. Shelby Nichols is a married woman with two children. She was shot in the head and since than she can read people thoughts. Just a few know she can do that. Most think she gets visions of the future. She helps the police and mob. She also opened her own office. Uncle Joey is the local mob boss. He has blackmailed Shelby to help him. He has started to care for her. Ramos his Uncle Joey hit-man and right hand. Ramos has figured out what Shelby can do. He likes her and flirts with her in his head. Kate is really Uncle Joey's niece. She does not like Shelby. Kate knows the truth about Shelby and insults her in her head. Chris is her husband. He is a lawyer. Sometimes he gets in trouble with what he is thinking about his wife. He hates that she gets in dangerous situations. He does not like Uncle Joey. This book takes place three weeks after the last book. When Shelby got shot in the arm. Shelby has been hired to find out about a missing mother. She disappeared six years ago. When Shelby goes to look at the police files she has a weird feeling that someone is in the room with her. Cops don't like going in that room either. Uncle Joey has a party and invites Shelby and Chris. Also asks her to meet Kate for lunch and read the man with her. Find out if the merger is a right or if she can not trust him. Colleen makes likeable characters. I was rooting for Uncle Joey and Ramos to survive. Uncle Joey & Ramos don't want to put Shelby in danger anymore. In fact Ramos has saved Shelby's life more than once.A lot of the humor of this book is due to what Shelby's reads in others minds. That after reading this series made me realize I do not want this super power. I have read the whole series and hope their will be more books in the future. I have been given this ebook to read and in return I agreed to give honest review and be part of its blog tour.