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***USA Today Bestseller***Graham Malone is my roommate, my personal eye candy, the reason I get up in the morning smiling (that could be from the illicit dreams I have about him too, I suppose. Let's move on.). He's also beautiful to look at, but his heart is where his true beauty lies. Take away the exterior and the interior still shines. I love him. I mean, I'm pretty su***USA Today Bestseller***Graham Malone is my roommate, my personal eye candy, the reason I get up in the morning smiling (that could be from the illicit dreams I have about him too, I suppose. Let's move on.). He's also beautiful to look at, but his heart is where his true beauty lies. Take away the exterior and the interior still shines. I love him. I mean, I'm pretty sure I do, having never been in love before. Anyway, it seems legit. And now his brother Blake is here, and, well, he's the complete opposite of Graham. Sarcastic, brooding, and totally available. But he's leaving soon, and Graham's the one I want. I shouldn't have to remind myself of this, right? I wouldn't have to if Blake would quit looking at me like I'm something yummy and he's starving.Here's a toast to roomies; the ones you should never fall in love with. Or something....

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roomies Reviews

  • Patrycja
    2019-03-24 13:41

    3 stars! I have a hard time with collecting my thoughts on this one. I loved it as much as I hated it. There were so many frustrating parts... but there were plenty of sweet, LOL moments too... YGH. I just don't know what to write about it. Feel warned though, if you hate frustrating heroines and love triangles this may be a bad choice for you.

  • Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic
    2019-03-28 18:28

    5+++++ Love the Banter StarsLindy where have you been all my life? Why am I just now reading your book? I don’t know why I deprived myself from such great literally awesomeness. I LOVE Roomies. The writing style and storyline was very entertaining with it’s colorful, witty, sarcastic banter. This is my first book by Lindy Zart and rest assure that this will surely not be my last. The character’s were highly likable. I love the humor in this book it had me laughing so hard. I was trying to laugh softly while reading in bed so not to disturb my husband trying to get his beauty sleep. The drama was bad but not too much. It was just enough to make this book perfection for me. I am going to make a shelf called re-read worthy favorites and this will be the top on that list. This is in Kennedy’s POV. I love Kennedy, she’s so hilarious. I really enjoyed being in Kennedy’s head. She wasn’t annoying. She deflects by throwing sarcasm into the mix. I wouldn’t classify this as a love triangle. Yeah, there was two potential love interest but there wasn’t really any competition. Kennedy’s feelings for Graham are pure and her feelings for Blake is just an infatuation. I love both the Malone brothers. They are total opposite. Graham is the good guy that does everything right and Blake was the bad boy that got into trouble. In this case the good guy didn’t finish last and I really liked that. “We're not done talking about this.”“Yes, we are, because in case you didn't notice, you just walked out, hence the ending of the conversation!” He comes back to say, “It will be resumed at a later date.”“I'm calling in sick that day.” ― Lindy Zart, Roomies

  • Under The Cover
    2019-04-02 17:34

    Come check out the reviews on my blog Under The Cover1.5 starsWell that wasn’t for me.I was actually looking forward to reading this novel. I think it’s a known fact that one of my favorite plot/theme in a book is friends/roomies slowly falling for each other and/or realizing they have had feelings for their friends for some time now. So yeah, I was really looking forward to this book since it checked many of the good boxes in my list. So imagine my surprise and disappointment when this book turned out to be…well a lot less good than I expected.“Maybe I’m a little callous, a little insensitive, a little self-centered, but hey, that’s how I roll.”Kennedy annoyed me more than anything and if her antics were supposed to make her sweet, quirky and likable, it didn’t work with me. I almost liked her sometimes but that was when I only read the dialogues and not all of her rambling. And she was so freaking immature and sometimes what she though was down right stupid! I’m rarely this annoyed by a character this early in a book but Kennedy succeeded in doing so. I think I started rolling my eyes and huffing at her comments and her in general by chapter two.The guys, I was alright with but they were not extraordinary either. For instance, I didn’t get what Blake’s deal was with Kennedy and why he tried (and mostly succeeded) to antagonize Graham by “seducing” her. And at least if he’d done it well and seriously, I might have been on board with this turn of event. But he does an half-assed job of that too. Some of Graham’s reactions didn’t make sense too. Or at least, they didn’t help solve anything regarding his situation with Kennedy. Like him coming to her room all wet from the shower and wearing only a towel when it’s clear she wants more, but never ever wants them to talk about the elephant in the room, even when Kennedy mentions it very bluntly, whenever she has a chance to.“He leans against the door frame, one hand tightly clasping the two ends of his towel together. Pity, that.”The characters never listened to each other and created problems where a normal explanation would have sufficed to clear the situation.Most of what they do just doesn’t make sense and creates problems, and then, they whine about it. And Kennedy (and Graham but especially her) are super immature to the point where it gets annoying and stupid.The thought of not finishing this book crossed my mind from the 19% mark (if not before) but I paid for this book so I read it so my money wouldn’t be totally wasted. Too bad my time was. It’s not even funny how much of this book I skimmed over due to Kennedy’s never ending ramblings.This book was really not for me even though I like the roommates-falling-in-love kind of plot. Seems like most reader like it though so maybe it’s just me.

  • Gökçe
    2019-04-15 11:46

    3.5/5Kitap konusunda karmaşık düşüncelere sahibim. Goodreads'teki pek çok kişinin aksine ben karakterimiz Kennedy'yi çok sevdim. Böyle tuhaf kitap karakterlerini seviyorum ben. Sarkastik, her şeyi kafaya takmayan, bana göre tatlı bir kızdı. Ben bir kitapta kız iki erkek arasında kalırsa okumayı sevmiyorum. Hele o iki erkek kardeşse hiç hiç sevmiyorum. Arka kapağı okuyunca ama dedim sorun olmaz çünkü belli ki Graham'i çocukça seviyor kardeşine aşık olacak. Ama öyle değilmiş. Graham'i de seviyor cidden. Kafası biraz karışık, azıcık da ayran gönüllü ama seviyor yani. Sonra Blake geliyor. Blake'in gelmesiyle tüm dengeler değişiyor. Kennedy bunca zaman sevdiği adamdan bir karşılık görmeyince aklına şüpheler düşüyor ve iki kardeş arasındaki sorunlar da yüzündne zoraki bir aşk üçgeni oluşuyor. Normalde sevmeyeceğim bir konsept olsa da kitapta anlatılan aşk çok farklıydı. Kennedy kendisi söylüyor "ben onu sevsem de o beni tamamlamıyordu, o beni mutlu ediyordu, ben o olmasa da yaşardım ama onunla daha güzel yaşarım" diyor. İşte tam bu sebepten sevdim kitabı. Gençlik işi, eğlenceli, kafa dağıtmalık bir kitap. Graham karakteri rüyalarımızın erkeği <3Kitap Türkiye'de de çıkacak diye biliyorum. Çıkarsa okuyun ya bence :D Üşenmediğim bir ara alıntı bırakacağım.Edit: Üşenmediğim ara, bu ara :D "Why did you have to wait until your brother showed up to say anythin? That makes me feel like this -whatever this is- isn't legitimate. Maybe you're just competing with your brother for the sake of competing. How am I supposed to know?""How can you not know? Everything I say, everything I do, how I look at you. How can you not know?""Assuming things doesn't get anyone anywhere, Graham, you know that. People need to be told things, even me."-------------You know what I find funny? Women say they want a nice guy, but who do they usually go for? Not the nice guy. Any woman ever given the choice between someone sweet and someone rude, takes the rude gu. And you know why? Because women like to thik they want the nice guys, but they really don't. Nice guys look good on paper, but in real life, not so much. Women don't eve know what they want, so how do they think men are ever going to figure it out?""That should be on a shirt. And are you trying to imply something?"

  • Heather andrews
    2019-04-18 14:36

    The back and forth between Graham and Kennedy was funny, "he checks the temperature on the grill and straightens. "Because I'm not comfortable talking about orgasms with you, that's why." In the beginning you can tell that there's something between the two but both are too stubborn to see it so you get all of this jealousy from each one of them, "I have to get ready for work and you need to go flirt with your student and I am not acting like your mother!" It gets worse when Graham's brother Blake walks into the picture, "especially when Graham rears back and gets a funny look on his face. "You think my brother's hot?" His voice is even, but his eyes look weird. Like, angry or something." Oh Kennedy that girl knows hot to torture a man, "two minutes later, there's a shout from the bathroom. "Really!" I smile. Apparently Graham just looked at the sink countertop full of (unopened, of course) tampons and pads. Score for me." Seriously if I batted for the other team I'd be all over Kennedy her and my views are the same on pizza, "I look to the pizza, thinking, why am I always left with food? And then I eat it. Because, I mean, it looks sad sitting on the counter all uneaten and such, and yummy, and you shouldn't waste food." Kennedy she gets sick of this back and forth and just cuts to the chase: "Can we move past the friend zone and into the next zone already?" He freezes, looking comical bent over with a pan of brownies gripped in his red oven mitts. He's so domestic. "What are you wearing?" "It's called a towel. Answer the question." I hope Blake gets his book because I enjoyed him and Graham's back and forth as well.

  • Hristina
    2019-04-01 17:44

    Actual rating: 3.5I wonder what mess I had read before this one to have written the original review (it's below, icyww). It's not incredibly well-written as I originally claimed, it's just okay. It has its moments, and it's really good for what it is: a new adult romance. But I'm not wowed by it this time around, so I'm changing my rating. I still enjoyed, it just... it's not five stars.Original review (May 18th 2015):Incredibly well-written (so much better than everything I've read this week), I started reading it this morning and I couldn't put it down. The story took me by hand and it made me need to know how it continues.Also, Graham, hands down might be one of my favorite book characters ever.Original rating: 5/5 stars

  • Sarah Robinson
    2019-04-08 14:43

    This book was absolutely HILARIOUS! It's a great fluffy, comical lead packed full of sarcasm and awkward situations that would make anyone laugh! Aside from the humor, it has heart and kindness, love and inspiration. It's a beautiful book and reminds you that sometimes the most beautiful people can be found... assisting in surgical pedicures.You would have to read it to understand that ;) And you should read it now, because it's amazing! You will definitely be spending most of the book in one of two states... either cracking up...or feeling like you are watching an awkward train wreck of a girl who needs a hug and a lesson in socializing without putting your foot in your mouth...Either way, you're going to LOVE it!

  • Acordul Fin
    2019-04-17 10:22

    “I wear embarrassing like a velvet coat of awesomeness.” The love triangle and the brotherly rivalry were simply ridiculous.

  • Marynea Collina Bautista
    2019-03-28 18:27

    Since finals are coming, I decided to read some contemporary and nothing heavy, for I wouldn't want to be in any emotional mess while writing one. So, I found Roomies and decided to read it. I mean, friends turned into lovers stories? Sign me up! However, despite how it delivered the story that it promised, it was just all "what the hell did I just read?" moment for me. First of all, the idea of the friendship-turned-romance was enough to sold me in. However, my biggest problem of all is the way it was executed. I couldn't stand it. This might sound harsh but it just all seemed a huge joke. I wanted so badly to connect with the story, but that's the thing -- I couldn't. Once I read this Wattpad book (which was better, by the way) wherein the heroine had this form of autism that made her lack empathy. Upon reading Roomies, for about most of it, I had wondered if the heroine had the same thing. If so, I would have been more understanding. But the problem is, she wasn't. She was just like that with no reasons or whatsoever. I suppose the author attempted to emphasize some part of her childhood that might have caused it, but it didn't seem big enough reason. Hell, the heroine with autism from the other book I read was way more sensitive, despite her hinders of feeling empathetic. Kennedy, the heroine from Roomies, just had no filter and it was completely difficult to connect with her. Not to mention her jokes were terrible. I probably wouldn't dislike her if she was characterized better and were given with more depth. However, our author failed to give us that.And the hero, the supposedly love interest, was no different either. Graham was just confusing. It's like, the author had tried to portray him as an alpha male, but had failed nonetheless. I mean, there's a fine line between a alpha male that I either want to tuck in with lots of blankets and hug or make out senselessly, and a an alpha male that I want to punch in the face and run away from. However, Graham crossed that line too much, or perhaps just never crossed it at all. I'd like to imagine he got lost somewhere before he even got close to the said-line. There were times when he was swoonworthy, but the boy was just .. tiring to read about. If I hadn't known their age, I would have assumed they were 12-13 year olds. (Hell, I had met more mature 12 year olds than these two!)Truth be told, Graham's brother, Blake, was way more complex than Ken and Graham combined. I relied on Blake's moments to continue reading the book. I would claim that I probably would enjoy the book more if he was then one who ended up with Ken, but then I realized that he deserves better. To be honest, I didn't really read the synopsis before I read it. I thought it was about Ken and Graham's brother. Turns out, Graham was the love interest. For about 25% of the book, I had thought he was gay. God, I think the plot would have been better if it was that way! Anyway, the whole story consisted of a charade that wheeled across Ken and Graham, and it was just exhausting. It was like an angst gone wrong. Way too much wrong, in my opinion. However, I could see how some people might like it. I gotta admire those people for their patience and more understanding than I could ever offer for this book. And to those who haven't read it and are still planning to, then good luck. This probably could be read better if you're drunk. Vodka might help!1/5!

  • Allison
    2019-04-15 12:28

    I am giving this 4 stars because I 4 stars liked it. It was a fun read. If I gave this book a star rating based on actual reasons I would probably give it a 2, but I'm not because I'm the boss of this charade. Kennedy is the most annoying, obnoxious main character I have ever encountered. She's THE WORST. I hated her so much that I almost liked her. I was definitely rooting for her to get a great guy because, let's be honest, a guy who actually likes her and is great like Graham is probably not going to come around again. Kennedy needed to dial it back a couple of notches.The love triangle was stupid. It was obvious the whole time who she was going to choose- which is probably the only reason I could tolerate it at all. Additionally, I cannot believe that this is how adults act. These characters are 23-27 and act like they're in high school. The will they/won't they drags out for nearly the entire book because 1) everyone is an idiot who can't read social cues and body language and take hints 2)won't just say what they mean. In real life, this book would have been over in like 3 chapters.The author misused "moot point" 3 times. Granted, this is a common mistake, buttttttt... Am I an asshole because I want authors to know what words mean?Kennedy is annoying as all get out, but she's fracking hilarious. She had me laughing over and over again. There's a lot of issues with this book and a lot of it really peeved me, but it's super fun and I read it in one sitting. So 4 stars because I liked you, not because you deserve them!One more thing, if you're reading this and waiting for Graham and Kennedy to finally just do it, don't hold your breath. It doesn't ever happen. I'm pretty mad at Zart for never giving me the sexy sex scene I was waiting for!

  • Reign
    2019-04-15 13:37

    Nothing unusual with the plot. In fact it's one of the most common -roommates, Kennedy and Graham, who turned out to be attracted to each other. There was even a love triangle that started with the Graham's brother. Ugh. But the redeeming part is the girl, Kennedy, and her thoughts. She was hilarious. The whole book was told in her POV, where it consists most of her ramblings. I can somehow see myself in her when she's rambling, not that I am that funny but because I am easily distracted like her. One minute her thoughts will wander about something, and then she'll think of funny antics, and then be serious for a while, and then turn it into a light mood by saying that she got it from her basket of awesomeness. That's how I perfectly connected to her. I am thankful for the author monopolizing the POV through Kennedy because I can't feel the hero. Graham is already 27 years old but I seldom see him acting like it. Probably because the whole book was more about Kennedy's thoughts, which really suits me. I enjoyed this book for that part alone; the other parts not much. But yep, this is just a light read and I need not to overthink this - I find this one entertaining enough, and that's what matters. Lol

  • Mariana
    2019-03-22 10:21

    2,5 starsWell, what a disappointment.Around 90% I realised that no devirginizing would take place.I actually read two hundred and thirty pages of pajama descriptions, downright stupid misunderstandings and a so-not-believable dilemma.[image error]Come on, you call this a love triangle? This is child's play. One guy is her long-standing love and best-friend, and the other is his asshat brother, whom she just met! Kennedy tries to appear divided, but honestly, physical attraction doesn't mean she would just ditch the man she has loved for more than a year. Why drag this on? Why make an entire book about an occasionally funny internal dialogue? There is no romantic interaction whatsoever. That would probably have slightly redeemed the book from its general boredom. But no. Nada.Conclusion: I have wasted my time.

  • Sam :)
    2019-04-02 11:49

    Rating: 2 starsRead as part of the Booktubeathon 2016 // Read seven booksI saw this book on a bookstagram post a few weeks ago and thought, hey, why not? The account I found it on really recommended it, and it was only $4.00 on iBooks, so I decided to just get it. As I started reading it however, I realized I really didn't like it that much. The first, say, 30% was sooo boring. Actually, the whole book was pretty boring. I couldn't get into the story; it felt like nothing was really happening. And all the drama with Blake felt really unecessary. He was actually probably my favorite character, because he just kind of messed with everything. I know, I'm weird. But anyway, I think I would have liked this book a lot better if it focused on Graham and Kennedy's relationship when they first became roomates- them meeting, liking each other, romantic tension, they get together, yay! But instead we come into the story TWO YEARS after they've been living together. I mean, come on. I don't know, I guess the drama just wasn't for me. But if you love love triangles and roomates and snarky main characters, this one's for you. And, oh yeah, the good guy gets the girl.

  • andrea have sassy books to read
    2019-04-15 16:26

    OOOOKKKKthis book could be alot better!i really tried to like it but it was so annoying this heroin was like 23 but she acted like some 14 years old girl with PMS and a crush on the hot boyit wasn't mature it wasn't hot it wasn't good enough i want some cute read and found an adult who thought her childhood was bad because her dad raised her like a boyI MEAN ARE YOU FOR REAL!!!

  • Pingüina Fría
    2019-03-23 15:43

    Me ha encantado, de verdad. Hacía tiempo que no me reía tantísimo con un libro. Muy muy recomendable.

  • PaulaPhillips
    2019-04-16 14:24

    I had been struggling with what to read and came across Roomies on my Kindle and knowing my love of roommate romances. I decided to give this one a read. I am not sure if it's the slump I was trying to get myself out of or not, but I found Roomies by Lindy Zart a little hard going, and a tad too slow paced for my liking. Roomies start off with two friends and roommates Kennedy and Graham aka Ken and Barbie. They are the best of friends, and you can tell that there are a love blossoming and chemistry, but neither are ready to accept it. They are standing in that zone of I love you but don't want to lose you as a friend if we break up. That is until Blake shows up and throws a spanner into the mix. Blake is Graham's half-brother and a bit of a rebel. Blake finds himself attracted to Kennedy and started putting his moves on her. As Blake starts to fall for Kennedy, Graham starts to realize his feelings for Kennedy. However, if he doesn't act fast enough, he may just lose out to Blake. Roomies by Lindy Zart had a love triangle angle to the story and family dysfunctions. I have to admit, this one frustrated me too in the sense that neither fully acknowledged their feelings for one another and then got all shirty when someone else moved in and took the initiative. It's like Buck up, man and grow some balls. Be a Man and tell her how you feel. Roomies by Lindy Zart for me was more aimed towards the 16-18+ bracket rather than the older New Adult audience, however as they are in college - I have placed it as an NA romance.

  • AndRea
    2019-04-09 14:38

    3.75-4*Ten pocit, keď v neuverení krútite nad hlavnou hrdinkou hlavou, a potom v polovici zistíte, že ste si s ňou vo veľa veciach podobné! (idem sa nad sebou zamyslieť)Roomies je kniha, o ktorej budete zo začiatku pochybovať, možno trochu aj ľutovať, že ste sa do nej pustili, ale nakoniec si budete priať, aby ste v tom byte mohli bývať s hlavnými hrdinami... presnejšie s hlavným hrdinom! ♥Prekvapivým faktom tejto knihy je, že konečne!!! hlavná hrdinka vedela, čo chce, takže ak sa bojíte milostného trojuholníka, v skutočnosti tu žiadny nie je + tentokrát tu bol citovo zaostalý hlavný hrdina, čo je po všetkých tých nerozhodných ženských postavách príjemná zmena.Toto bola presne tá kniha, ktorú som teraz potrebovala a po nespočítateľných výbuchoch smiechu (*moja obľúbená scéna je s klaunom! pochopíte, keď si knihu prečítate aj vy) by som tomu rovno švacla 5*, ale pokúsim sa byť objektívna.Odporúčam všetkých, ktorí sa vyžívajú v sarkastických komentároch, pretože normálne som sa na Kennedy nechytala ani ja. Mám sa čo od nej ešte učiť. :D #ženypredsalenvediačochcú

  • Karla Fernández
    2019-04-14 12:44

    Le doy 3 estrellas por el simple hecho de que me hizo reir. La historia en sí es sencilla: Kennedy está enamorada de su "rommie" o de la persona que vive con ella en un departamento. El chico, Graham tiene 27 y es instructor de golf. Un día llega el hermano de G, Blake, quien de inmediato comienza a coquetear con Ken,y ella empieza a mirarlo y lo encuentra bastante atractivo.Los hermanos son bastante diferentes entre sí, Graham es tranquilo, honesto, relajado, mientras que Blake es bastante huraño, es adicto, fuma, tienen problemas con las drogas, etc.etc. Era bastante obvio el desenlace, pero sin embargo, la autora se demoró demasiado y dió vueltas en lo mismo. Graham tiene 27 años!!! no 17, pero en la gran mayoría del libro actúa como tal.Es un libro para leer en una tarde, pero no hay nada más profundo en él.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-30 10:41

    2.5-3This book started off kind of slow for me. Took me a while to get into it.In the beginning I was loving Kennedy sassy way she talked. As I kept started to get old fast.The whole miscommunication between Graham and Kennedy was so over the top.I mean.... all they had to do was talk. But they acted like kids and not adults that are in their early to late twentiesGraham was so wishy washy.... I was having a hard time liking him.Overall...this was an ok book. But I don't think it was for me.And another thing.... it's not a big thing... but... there is no sex in this book at all.I would say this book is PG-PG-13

  • Michelle
    2019-03-23 12:30

    4.5 fabulous humorous stars

  • Silvana [The Book Voyagers]
    2019-04-12 16:33

    There was more things I didn't like than more that I did like, so there's that.*This was not my kind of book. I wanted funny conversations/interactions, cute characters and that fluffy love between the main couple. Not a love triangle; which is so bad in many terms from all three characters, the conversation was forced – like the humor sometimes it didn’t make me laugh most of the time I thought it was bad and out of nowhere. And not at all fluffy cute real characters that develop throughout the novel. When the characters start to make me not want to read it, it becomes a problem. Kennedy is just not what I expected when I read the blurb. She is just playing with everybody’s feelings, with Graham’s, Blake’s and even Nathan’s. Every time she saw one of them she started to talk about how it would be to have sex with them and their sexy smile and abs and whatevs. She declared since the start to us readers that she loved Graham a lot. Like not because of his looks only but because of his personality. BUT EVERY TIME SHE SAW BLAKE IT WAS LIKE BAM SEXY PIECE OF CAKE I WANT SOME OF THAT. No no and Blake was even his brother. Like really Kennedy. Really. I find myself cautious of the all so famous love triangles that exist in the literature world. If it's well written *cough* Infernal Devices *cough* it's fine by me, it's even amazing. But not thi kind. This was just plain lust or even if she wasn't thinking about what she was doing to both of them, Graham and Blake, you get a realization that what you're doing isn't cool for both of those guys. She's playing with their feelings. Graham was no less fascinating to me. He gave her mixed feelings and get mad all the time without giving Kennedy any explanation and that’s not cool. THAT’S WHY SHE DIDN’T TELL YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO INDECESIVE, MAN. And when he began to say “it’s too late for us” I was like P L E A S E if you want to be with someone you do everything that you can do. Not just give up and TELL HER YOU ARE COMPETING WITH YOUR BROTHER. Literally he said to her “I’m competing for you” NO NO NO NO GRAHAM KENNEDY IS NOT A OBJECT SHE IS NOT A PRIZE. Jesus. I’m so pissed about all of it. I practically skimmed the novel and only read the conversations. And sometimes even the conversations made me sigh. That much. I disliked the book quite a lot. I put 2 stars because some quotes/phrases made me laugh and if they were in another book with a greater writing, I’d be totally on them. But no, unfortunately they are in this book and they are wasted, cool amazing great quotes that you know they are it – between all the other writing and scenes, they are drowned. My heart hurt because of this book. And not in the “oh god this is pain but it’s so good.” Not at all. I’m disappointed because Lindy’s Unlit Star was one of my 2014 favorite reads. I cried until there was snot. But Roomies was just not my kind of book, I’m sorry. Also. It is categorized as NA???? WHY??? It doesn’t have anything that could be NA. I expected at least a hot scene. NULE MY FRIENDS. There was like one kiss I think… and again I repeat just not what I wanted this book to be. Sometimes that’s good that you expect something and you get so much more, so much story and intriguing stuff. But when you expect a lot and you get none at all, it’s just disappointing. ***** ARC provided by the author for an honest review. ******

  • Courtney Whittamore- The Moral of our Stories
    2019-04-07 12:51

    Kennedy is the every girl. Meaning that she is just as insecure on the inside as we all really are as well but tries to cover it up with a more dominant and appealing trait to conceal said insecurity. Kennedy’s poison of choice is sarcasm and a quick wit. While demonstrating confidence and self-assuredness on the outside, Kennedy is full of contradictions and confidence on the inside. Zart does an amazing job of shaping a female character that was in no way self-deprecating, but still mirrored similarities that all women share in the form of occasionally being thrown off course by what could be the love of our life. If only he would pay the heck attention. I am honestly so sick of silly, insecure little female leads that I could spit, and Zart is the author that has FINALLY satisfied my need for a real female lead. Zart also makes Kennedy come alive by infusing her with hilarious witticisms and charming quirks that make the reader feel like we could be best friends with Kennedy not simply appreciate her in the text of the book and leave it like that. I found myself wanting to know Kennedy more and more as the book went on, and further felt invested as she navigated through her suddenly full dance card of men to choose from, even though there was only one she really wanted to dance with. This was the first book that I have read by Zart, and I know that it certainly will not be the last. I read this book right after a very devastating time emotionally, yet when I dove into the world of roomies, my heart forgot to keep hurting and instead all the feelings that are splayed out on each page filled it up instead. In a time where I should have felt grief, this book allowed me to empty myself of that for a moment, and fill it up with the humor and the reminder how beautiful and fun and unexpected life can be, and celebrate that with these characters. For that I am grateful and this book and the author who penned it now hold a very significant place in my little book worm heart. In case you were unsure by all of my overzealous praise of this book, I give it 5 out of 5 morals, but really it deserves more than that. It deserves to be recognized as a book that acts as a mirror for all of us, revealing the very best in us, and demonstrating that we all contain some of the worst, primarily in the form of uncertainty. It reminds us that life is far too short to wait to take a chance, because if you wait too long, someone else may come along and challenge you for what should have already been yours. However it also tells us that there is no such thing as too late, and that whatever is meant to be will be, and that we should simply embrace everything that we are with all of our heart, and enjoy the ride, wherever we may end up.

  • Joood Hooligan
    2019-04-11 13:37

    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I heard Lindy was releasing a new book, and it was going to be a comedy. Being the type of person who enjoys laughing, I jumped at the opportunity to read it.I laughed, a whole hell of a lot. Kennedy is hilarious... and she reminds me so much of one of my friends, that is it actually scary at times. I was showing this friend quotes and she actually said, "Is this author stalking me or something?"So, that is pretty much proof she is a realistic character - I'm just saying.What Lindy did NOT warn me about is there is drama in this book. I know, drama in a Lindy Zart book? Insanity! I may have clutched my chest in pain one or two thousand times - because Lindy was ripping my heart out and stomping on it with this book.Mostly though, I laughed.I really enjoyed this book. Highly recommend it.5/5 Platypires

  • Caitlin L
    2019-04-11 12:26

    So disappointed. The girl in the book was too annoying and her jokes were stupid (in my opinion) she didn't know when to be sensitive when someone's talking about their feelings. The story to me went nowhere. Everything was just... Off. I ended up just flipping through the pages until I got to to end and even that was disappointing to me (I was rooting for the guy she didn't choose).

  • ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★
    2019-04-19 11:47

    This book is amazing -- I can literally burst from happiness and fluffiness right now. Ugh. I need to compose myself. Proper review later.Maybe. P.S This book is so movie-worthy.

  • Mina
    2019-04-14 16:21

    4.5 ⭐️! Sweet, funny, cheerful and lively. Left me in a jovial state of mind.

  • Jamila
    2019-04-15 18:42

    so wasnt expecting this to be that good! Ken was the best, loved her snarky sassiness soooo much, she kept reminding me of Anna Kendrick who i'd cast to play her in the movie version. also loved how Blake kept trying to make Graham jealous. this was such a fun read and very well written!

  • Gina
    2019-03-25 13:36

    I'm having a hard time rating this. Thinking it's more of a 3.5 but I'm not sure. I ended up really enjoying this story but it took some time to get into. Didn't really like the longness of each chapter, each page break could have been a new chapter, but reading the ebook it wasn't a huge problem.

  • Julia
    2019-03-22 12:46


  • Heather C
    2019-03-29 15:46

    ~ 3.5 Stars ~I liked this book. It was a quick, easy read. The heroine, Kennedy, is hilarious and has some great lines. She's fabulous with banter :)