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In EEN AANVAL VAN MOED (Boek #6 in de Tovenaarsring), vervolgt Thor zijn zoektocht, dieper het Rijk in, om het Zwaard van het Lot te vinden en de Ring te redden. Terwijl hij en zijn vrienden met een tragedie te maken krijgen en een lid van hun hechte groep verliezen, worden Thor en zijn overgebleven vrienden closer dan ooit, en leren ze dat ze tegenspoed samen moeten confrIn EEN AANVAL VAN MOED (Boek #6 in de Tovenaarsring), vervolgt Thor zijn zoektocht, dieper het Rijk in, om het Zwaard van het Lot te vinden en de Ring te redden. Terwijl hij en zijn vrienden met een tragedie te maken krijgen en een lid van hun hechte groep verliezen, worden Thor en zijn overgebleven vrienden closer dan ooit, en leren ze dat ze tegenspoed samen moeten confronteren. Hun reis neemt hen mee naar nieuwe en exotische gebieden, waaronder de naargeestige Zoutvelden, de Grote Tunnel, en de Bergen van Vuur, terwijl ze het moeten opnemen tegen afschuwelijke monsters. Thors vaardigheden ontwikkelen zich terwijl hij traint, en hij zal al zijn krachten nodig hebben om te overleven. Ze ontdekken eindelijk waar het Zwaard naartoe is gebracht, en ze komen erachter dat ze naar de meest gevreesde plek in het Rijk zullen moeten afreizen om het terug te halen: het Land van de Draken. In de Ring herstelt Gwendolyn langzaam van haar aanval, en worstelt ze met een diepe depressie. Kendrick en de anderen zweren om te vechten voor haar eer, ondanks de onmogelijke kansen. Er volgt één van de grootste gevechten in de geschiedenis van de Ring, waarbij ze er alles aan doen om Silesia te bevrijden en Andronicus uit te schakelen. Ondertussen waagt Godfrey zich in vijandelijk gebied en leert hij wat het is om een krijger te zijn, op zijn eigen, unieke manier. Gareth slaagt erin om in leven te blijven en gebruikt zijn sluwheid om Andronicus voor te blijven, terwijl Erec voor zijn leven vecht om Savaria te redden van een invasie—en Alistair, zijn grote liefde, te redden. Argon betaalt een kostbare prijs wanneer hij zich mengt in menselijke affaires. En Gwendolyn moet besluiten of ze haar leven opgeeft of de rest van haar leven als een geïsoleerde non in de eeuwenoude Vluchttoren doorbrengt. Maar niet voordat, in een schokkende plotwending, Thor eindelijk ontdekt wie zijn echte vader is. Zullen Thor en de anderen hun zoektocht overleven? Zullen ze het Zwaard van het Lot vinden? Zal de Ring de invasie van Andronicus overleven? Wat zal er terecht komen van Gwendolyn, Kendrick en Erec? En wie is Thors echte vader? EEN AANVAL VAN MOED is een episch verhaal van vrienden en geliefden, rivalen en minnaars, ridders en draken, intriges en politieke machinaties, van volwassen worden, van gebroken harten, van bedrog, ambitie en verraad. Het is een verhaal van eer en moed, van lotsbestemming en tovenarij. Het is een fantasie die ons meeneemt naar een wereld die we nooit zullen vergeten, en die alle leeftijden zal aanspreken. Het boek is 70.000 woorden. ...

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een aanval van moed Reviews

  • Ðawn
    2019-03-30 22:36

    ++SPOILERS++The author is getting sloppier and sloppier as the series progresses.The editor needs to be shot not only for typos and grammatical errors but for gross content errors and lack of continuity.Examples:1. Elden first tells us he joined the Legion because his father wanted to and was turned down. So his father pushed him into it in order to live through his son. THEN the story changes and Elden says he joined the Legoin for money to help his family survive.2. Thor KNEW Gwen was going to another town to rule, and KNEW the town. He KNEW this when they parted, yet when he returned he thought she was still at Kings court..Huh? Another thing that bothered me was the dialogue. I noticed mostly when Gareth went into the village (which was overrun by the Empire) and takes a girl hostage inside a cottage in front of her family. I don't remember exactly what was said but all I remember is it was ludicrous! AND why the hell is this family even alive?!! Andronicus doesn't leave people alive! He kills all, and takes women and children as slaves! Why is this family living so happily having a nice meal of meat on a platter, smiling when they have just been attacked by the Empire?!!!I will give the author credit for FINALLY killing a character..well a secondary character...who was a twin..yeah so she kills a minor dude (Conval) knowing he has a spare anyway...Ha!I also suppose someone mentioned to the author that she should have some of the characters have pasts with women. Cause now all of a sudden Reese comes out with this story of once being in love with a cousin, and Kendick also has a memory of a lost love..WTF?And someone please tell me how the F--K did Gwen's mother know who Thors father was? Also I'm still scratching my head about Thors brothers knowing where the Empire was to lead Thor and his friends into the trap. How did they get so friendly with the Empire in such a short time? The Shield had JUST come down and Andronicus was over at the MCCloud side when they left.How does Andronicus' million man army move from place to place and still remain a milion man army when in two different locations at the same time? They never seem to diminish either. It's always a million man army. Oh and locations seem to always be "in the middle of nowhere." It's the catch all description. very uncreative, or lazy.And yes we have more purple purple purple....and crazy 15 foot creatures with two heads and 8 foot arms..Oh I should mention this is not a YA series. maybe it started out that way, but I don't think YA would have rape, yes Gwen gets raped, right in the beginning by who else? MCCloud! All because she was stupid enough to trust Andronicus.Well, again we have another cliff hanger and although I should quit, I feel (for some ungodly reason) compelled to find out what for free via library. If I had to pay, I would not continue.Issues/Safety: Gwen is raped in the first chapter.. not too terribly detailed, but enough to be disturbing for some. No one has cheated or manwhored. No OW/OM.

  • Sara Barthol
    2019-03-28 21:34

    Please, for the love of all that is good in writing, hire a real editor!At one point a character can just hide in some sacred place, then she'll never leave, but if she does leave... really?Conveying some miscreant speaks poorly doesn't require replacing two with too. That's a ridiculous mistake for a writer with so many books out there.Six books into this and I still have no real sense of how this fantasy world is laid out. Descriptive inconsistencies are too numerous to list out. These writerly problems really make me sad because I want to like this series, I really do, but it's just so poorly written that it overshadows the decency of the plot.

  • Adrian Viloria
    2019-04-04 03:37

    Eh. Reading purely to finish the story

  • Aru
    2019-03-29 05:23

    To sum up this series .....after the fifth book i did not feel like reading this book .... it seems like as the series is progressing the characters are becoming dumber and dumber and i thought after the plain stupid the character reacted at the end of book 5 there would be some repite in this book ....... but same nonsense here ends the book in cliffhanger just for the shock fator (Read it you will understand)...... same after reading the book it left me feeling sour .....Again HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED

  • Ojo
    2019-03-28 05:45

    Good simple story. Straight to the point. No unnecessary embellishments. The only minus in ACoV is the reluctance of the author to kill off characters. Thorgrin and Co. get off far too lightly against foes that should have long killed them. The protagonists are overly invincible. Too many unreal miracles such as Alistair bringing Erec back from the brink of death. One of the few scenes that actually seemed mature was the rape of Gwen. Epic fantasy is never complete without at least one rape. It highlights the brutality that characterises such an age and setting as portrayed in any work tagged 'epic fantasy'. I loved the book ending cliff-hanger though!

  • Carolyn
    2019-04-07 01:44

    This is easily the worst series I have ever read. But they are so epically bad I can't stop! My library has the first 10, so I am not paying for them. Please oh please don't spend money on these! I just keep laughing my way through. I think 'they can't possibly get any worse!' and then they do! It is hilarious!

  • Melissa
    2019-03-26 04:42

    I read this book as it was free from the Library. The writing is terrible. The average high school student could write this. The same phrases were said over and over. The main characters could be killed and I would have cheered as I finally wouldn't have to read their silly repetitive thoughts.

  • Gail
    2019-04-04 04:30

    I am still enjoying the series and really need to find out what happens next. These are easy reads.

  • Roberto Mattos
    2019-04-11 04:18

    In this episode Morgan continue her superb story, introducing a new character when Thor is on his quest to recover the Sword of Destiny, while we loose a dear member of our hero's group.The Ring's inhabitants try to survive Andronicus invasion with the help of some of the Silver and Erec also tries to resist in another front of battle. The author imagination has no limits on providing new challenges to Thor and his group. On every turn of page you will find a real description of new monsters and new environments that the Empire world provides to Thor and we will see Thor developing more his powers and at the end, finding out who his real father is. Another very entertaining episode of this incredible saga. You will not get tired of following Thor, Gwendolyn and all our heroes in this new episode. Just be aware that in order to savor every moment of this episode, I recommend that you start reading from the first episode to better understand the dynamics among the characters, as well as have a full idea on the environment of the story.

  • Muna
    2019-04-10 04:29

    Just finished! Could not put it down. I am so addicted right now to this book series oh my gosh! There are many times where I have to roll my eyes because the writing or language, syntax... things were just awry. But I really do enjoy the story and man, when Thor finally picked up the sword it was AWESOME. And then the dragon, and the falcon helping, and gosh. So much awesomeness. And Then! when they went to save Kendrick and the rest of Silesia. I love the reaction they always have when they see him be this amazing. This is what I mean by Rice's books are so SATISFYING! because these things happen and I want them to happen and it makes me so excited. Now I'm waiting for Erec and his girl, Kendrick and his girl, Reese and his girl, Gwen and Thor to finally reunite and the whole Thor's parents story. These are the things I am waiting to read more about. I am so excited :D Time to read book 7!

  • Erik
    2019-03-29 05:19

    Wow. Change of pace for Rice: not everything is rosy for our merry band of friends in this series. Characters die or are sullied. The numerous story lines (Gareth, Gwen, Thor and his buddies, Erec, Andronicus, etc.) also combine in some places, so there are not as many threads as in previous books, making it more easy to manage. Magic does continue to appear almost unbidden at only the most opportune times, as well as more mundane coincidences. The arc of this book is the recovery of the Destiny Sword, along with the horrible effects of its intervening loss. The eventual cliffhanger is a revelation regarding Thor's father.

  • Mattthew
    2019-04-19 03:17

    In A Charge Of Valor I feel like this is a awful book because is seemed like book 5 and 6 were the same thing Thor embarking on his trip in the Empire. In my opinion I really feel like book 5 and 6 should have been one book because they both felt really short and they would have made a lot more sense if they were together. Lastly I would say skip it but I believe you should never skip a book in a book series but because this boom was so bad you might have to.

  • Shelba
    2019-04-09 21:27

    The characters in this book are likable. The story is another hero's journey Unfortunately, it reads as though it were written by a very young adult. Everyone falls in love instantly; the monsters and challenges all seem to be Godzilla sized and the Hero is s 15 YO boy with a sword, a pet white tiger cub and Powers he can't control. Mainly, The author needs an editor with a vocabulary who understands that spell check doesn't get it.

  • Stephen
    2019-03-29 22:45

    my biggest complaint is everyone falls in love at first sight, I mean it's fine once or twice, but every single love story is an instant "we are destined to be together". I like the story, but this book took me about four times longer to get through than the previous ones. The writing is mediocre, but the story telling is good otherwise I'd have stopped at the first book. I am hoping the writing matures with future books

  • Rodney
    2019-03-26 01:19

    Eh. What's to say? This has the same flaws as his others. Nice twist at the end, but that seems to be what he's going for...sub-par writing and plot development, but a good enough twist to keep you reading. The writing is just bad, but at this point, I'm committed.

  • Allison
    2019-03-26 02:24

    I screamed at the ending of this book and I hate that I have to wait a whole month until the seventh book comes out!!! I can't believe that Thor's father is --------- (no spoilers)!! Love this book and I think that it is the best in the series so far:)

  • Dennis Fahey
    2019-04-03 04:23

    YechYechnot for mex not for anyone looking for a decenlt written book. sorry, bad is bad, youth fiction, whatever the genre. avoid

  • Sharon Phelps
    2019-04-08 22:44

    What do I say about a series that with each book just draws me in more and more. I couldn't put this one down and just had to see what happened next. Of course, I had known from book one that Thor would wield the destiny sword but it was still a cheering moment. And all of the action as the story is developed is right up there with all of the other books if not better. All of our heroes are at their best and the villains remain villains. I clearly am a fan of the series and can't wait to read book 7.

  • Greyscotty
    2019-03-30 03:26

    Well the editing of the first half of this book was O.K. but that's where it started to spiral downwards. This is getting so monotonous it's not funny. Perseverance? I really don't know what that means in a series as lacking in continuity like this. If Book 7 doesn't improve on these mistakes I'm afraid that'll be all for me! I'll say it again - GET IT RIGHT!

  • Lexicon
    2019-04-19 00:33

    This was definitely the best book out of the series so far. I have read books 1-6 and this one surpasses all of my expectations. I felt like all of the other books were just preparing the reader for the spectacular twists in this book. I rated this 5 stars but I wish I could have given it more.

  • Salvatore Greco
    2019-04-12 23:36

    Good story, seems a bit "bursty" for me (the story is slow and steady and then speeds up towards the end). Spelling and grammar mistakes made it loose a star for me - the author really needs an editor (or a better one).

    2019-04-18 21:21

    already reading book 7 good job morgan.

  • Sonia Knippshild
    2019-03-24 22:28

    Great series. Needs better proofreading.

  • Ashley
    2019-03-31 21:16

    This story is unbelievably enjoyable, but the violence is too much. So much death and destruction. True evil is depicted within these pages.

  • Pat Raab
    2019-03-28 04:37

    Lots of life lessons to be learned in this series! Epic battles are fought and many lives lost. Thor is betrayed - and finds out who his father is.

  • Alexander
    2019-04-10 02:24

    Por fin! Dragones!!! Su final no me gustó por ser muy apresurado...

  • Lbousson
    2019-04-06 21:23

    A Charge of Valor (Book #6 in the Sorcerer’s Ring) — Morgan Rice (31 chapters) March 4, 2017This book had the most going for it since book three. It started out slow, and I was a bit peeved that the author continued to rotate characters, especially as each one was really intriguing at the end; it became frustrating to be left hanging to go to another character and be left hanging yet again!Fortunately, the book read at a very good clip, and I found myself turning each page, each chapter, excited to know what happened next.I only saw one or two grammatical errors; the author has tightened the writing up quite a bit, (although there still are a few repetitive pieces in it that made me scratch my head, like “Did I read this already?” Only to find: No, I had not; the author was just repeating.)Finally, something monumental (good-wise) happens in this story, and suddenly it’s not all roses and wine. Not that it was before, but suddenly, there is a sense that not everything is going to end up as a re-start, with no one completely unscathed. There were places that I found myself speed-reading, (as I have for all the other books,) but no where near as much as in the past.While the ending was still left as a cliffhanger, it really had a feeling of closure more than any of the other books before it. It feels like this book is the end of act one. I haven’t decided whether I will keep reading the next “act.” (I do have several more books in this series,) or if I will read something different and then pick up the series after that.Four stars.

  • Matt
    2019-04-12 23:36

    In a word...Disappointed.I picked up this series because I liked its potential and was interested to see where it would go.It started out alright, but the further into the series I got, the more I began to struggle to keep reading. Here's a few of the points that I struggled with the most:Editing - The books appears to be unedited. There are words missing or repeated. Sometimes the wrong word is used altogether (especially when it comes to homonyms). There are also multiple instances where the character names are mixed up which is more than a little confusing.Repetition - I find a little bit of repetition is good and can help tie plot lines together, but the level of repetition I found in this series lacks imagination. The books became an endless cycle: impossible situation/creature that was like something from our world...but bigger and with an extra feature, then a battle with perfect aim for the protagonists, some extras die, someone has a near death experience, a miraculous last-minute save, rinse and repeat. Not to mention the characters seem to be prone to falling in love with someone who was introduced just a few sentences ago. In the end, the only things that kept me reading were the occasional plot deviation (yes deviation, not twist) and a diminishing hope that the series might finally improve.Exaggeration - This one really bugged me. Mostly in terms of the descriptions of the places, creatures, and battles in the series being, but also in terms of how it makes the world unbelievable. The protagonists have perfect aim and what seems like endless stamina. The enemies they face (human and creature) are either vast in number or huge. And the exaggeration is not even always consistent. There are several instances where the proportions of creature change throughout the battle with it.And then of course there was a lack of some key elements that I like to find in a great read. To name a few: world building, character development, intrigue, and a level of attention to how the details of the story elements work together. I myself have never failed to finish reading a book or a series. I am sad to say however this series is the first. Maybe I'll come back to this series if I'm bored in the future simply to finish it...maybeOverall, 2/5 for the series so far. Feel free to read it if you're looking to kill some time and don't get frustrated by poor writing style. If you are looking for the next great fantasy read, give this one a miss :)

  • Erth
    2019-04-17 04:21

    I read this book and had to get the other 16 in the series. I just could not put it down. Some days i read for 8 hours straight. What a great fantasy ride. So much is happening in these books but the author writes it so it is easy to follow, like several little stories happening in one book. The characters I found to visualize, like and or dislike quickly. Descriptions were intense and in depth enough to make me feel as I were there in the story as a character myself.If you like action, romance, fantasy, magic, castles, knights, battles of good and evil and valor then you will love this series. There is gruesome killing but the author does not go into a deep description and make it gory. There is great love and romance but nothing even pg rated. Lots of fantasy but not to extravagant. It amazes me how creative this author is and I constantly wondered "what in the world will happen next?".To me a perfect story, a perfect read, and i think it would make a great movie! Reminded me a bit of the "Lord of the Rings. I would highly recommend this series and this author to anyone that even considers these mixed genres.

  • Sophie
    2019-04-17 21:30

    Wow, I am loving this series. I cannot wait to read the next one. At times I did not enjoy the plot, but overall I really enjoyed this book and could not put it down. When I first started A Quest of Heroes I thought Thor might of been the one destined to weld the destiny sword. As it turns out I was right. The whole time from when he first got it I was like do not be related to the McGils. It was not until the very end did we discover who his father is. I am still in a bit of shock. Anyway, in the end Andronicus is his father. I could not believe that it ended there. Definitely going to read the next one soon.