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Blackmail meets desire in this tale of secrets and revenge out West! When Fiona Sanders is held at gunpoint at her convenience store job, Houston officer Nate Gallagher doesn't hesitate to act the hero. But within days she's targeted again and Nate knows the crimes aren't random. His only option: keep the vulnerable beauty safe while they search for the culprits. Having loBlackmail meets desire in this tale of secrets and revenge out West! When Fiona Sanders is held at gunpoint at her convenience store job, Houston officer Nate Gallagher doesn't hesitate to act the hero. But within days she's targeted again and Nate knows the crimes aren't random. His only option: keep the vulnerable beauty safe while they search for the culprits. Having lost her own father in the line of duty, Fiona refuses to fall for a cop—no matter how much the drop-dead gorgeous, self-appointed bodyguard tugs at her heartstrings. But as the enemy closes in and the truth about the attacks is revealed, Fiona must learn to trust Nate…or face history repeating itself....

Title : Killer Season
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ISBN : 9780373279449
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Killer Season Reviews

  • Susan
    2019-05-15 20:07

    Very good book with excellent romance and suspense. Fiona is a young woman who works nights at a convenience store while she goes to school during the day. Working the night shift gives her lots of subjects for her research for her master's thesis in sociology. There's also the added benefit of the hot guy who stops in several times a week, giving her plenty to look forward to.Nate is a Houston detective who stops by often as he's out and about doing his job. He's drawn to Fiona, even though they've rarely spoken, and worries about her safety. He happens to be in the store during an attempted robbery and saves her from harm. He stays with her through the aftermath and paperwork before making sure she gets home safely. When she's attacked again, he's sure that there's more happening than just random attacks and is determined to keep her safe.I loved the connection that Nate and Fiona had right away. Fiona is alone in the world since her mother's death and has immersed herself in her schoolwork. Nate has family that he loves a lot, but has allowed his work to take over his life. When they are together they are reminded of the things in life that they really miss. There's also a really strong chemistry between them. I loved seeing Fiona put the moves on him early, and Nate be the one to resist, reasoning that giving in during all thee trouble could just be reaction rather than real feelings. I loved Nate's protectiveness and some of the sweet ways it came out. It was fun to see his partner, Owen (Killer Exposure), tease him about his growing feelings for Fiona. I loved how Fiona thought of Nate as a hero, and how he blushed when she told him so. It was really sweet to see the way she also tried to take care of him. I especially liked how she was able to help him reconnect with his family. I liked seeing how Fiona opened her heart to the idea of love, and realized that Nate was exactly what she wanted. The ending, as Nate takes her home to meet his family, was really sweet.The suspense of the story, from the first robbery to the closing of the case, kept me hooked wondering what was going to happen next. The screwup robber was trying to prove himself to his uncle and only made things worse. Then Fiona unknowingly gets involved in a blackmail scheme that puts her in danger. I loved seeing how she and Nate worked together to find out why she was being targeted. It got really intense when Fiona was drugged and kidnapped. It was great to see how she kept her head so she could try to escape. Then just when I thought things were ready to wrap up, there was a twist to the investigation that once again put Fiona in danger. Nate and Owen leaped into action, but once again it was Fiona's level head that helped save the day.

  • Myra Wardhana
    2019-05-03 20:09

    One way to say it... Right at the gate, LOVE LOVE this book so much! I found a sample in iBooks months prior to the release in Harlequin website, and instantly I am hooked. I was counting the days until I finally can buy the book and waited patiently... Trying but was worth it!If you have read the previous book before this, Killer Exposure, you will notice two characters from that book was added into the mix, which was nice, although I honestly would love Hannah to be more involved and around, but I guess since she was so in love with Owen, cannot blame her she wants to be with him most of the time and knowing his job title too.And just like from the sample, I was hooked all the way from where the sample stopped all the way to the end of the book, and actually wish the book would go on just a little longer... Really a little longer.Love the chemistry of Fiona and Nate right away, I actually would love an intro how they met in the first place, their first time, I am pretty sure the writer will write a good intro on their first meeting.And also the addition of Molly, Nate's sister who has Down syndrome, the writer did a great job to shine the positive, kind and beautiful picture of a person with Down syndrome, which I have seen many many times and it was difficult for me to see when they are belittled and treated unfairly and unkindly.And of course, Slinky, the grey cat that belongs to Fiona, her long time companion since she lost her mother to cancer, which was another tough and hard situation to deal with especially since Fiona was an only child and did not have any siblings. Love how the writer puts how Slinky and Nate become good friends when Slinky sat on Nate's chest. That was surely adorable.And as for the crime that was portrayed in this book, it was a good pace and very tense especially at the very last part when Fiona was taken again by a fake FBI agent and how she handles the situation well as she waited for Nate and Owen to find and rescue her.And especially love the end part when Nate took Fiona to see his family for Christmas and Nate's family instantly accept her and how she found her happy ending, a home with family and a great man to be by her side so she will not be alone anymore. I bet her parents would be smiling up there from Heaven to see her so happy to finally found someone to share her joy, comfort and support her.And since I promised the writer (we met thru Twitter) that I will let her know who I will choose to play Nate and Fiona if the book ever brought to a TV movie, I have few pairs in mind:1. Blake Lively as Fiona and Ryan Reynolds as Nate2. Shailene Woodley as Fiona and Theo James as Nate -- they are strong and very powerful in Divergent series. 3. Lily James as Fiona and Richard Madden as Nate -- if they are not cast as Hannah and Owen in the first place. Love their instant chemistry in the new Cinderella movie, cannot wait to see them portray Romeo and Juliet next year.4. Rachel McAdams as Fiona and Ryan Gosling as Nate (love this couple so much!) -- they can be great playing Hannah and Owen too, just like Lily and Richard.This will be one of those books that I will love to read again and again, in case of insomnia, restless sleep, stress after a long day at work and just trying to wind the day down.

  • Lynn Brooks
    2019-05-18 18:00

    Loved these characters! He's a nice guy looking to take care of her when she's scared and upset. She's a goodhearted person, alone in the world and comforted by his arms. Fast paced, full of action and suspense. A really good read!Fiona Sanders has been working nights as a convenience store clerk for a few years now. She likes interacting with people that she can interview for her Sociology project in college. And the recent added bonus of "Hot Guy" dropping in regularly is definitely a plus!Nate Gallagher, Houston PD Detective, stops by the store regularly to get food and drinks as he's out and about working all hours of the day. Luckily for Fiona, even though she doesn't know he's a cop, he's in the store when he hears someone demanding money. He sneaks up behind the robber as Fiona is gathering the money from the register into a bag. Nate takes her under his wing throughout the night and helps her through giving her statement and getting her settled after her trauma.When she's in trouble again, she runs straight to Nate. Something fishy is going on and with the help of Nate's partner Owen, they are determined to find out who is targeting her and why! Will they give in to their attraction for each other while spending so much time together?

  • Amanda
    2019-05-03 20:51

    Killer Season is a fast-paced story where tension and drama keep you hooked from page one. The characters were flawed but likable and the steamy romance brewing between Fiona Sanders and Nate Gallagher kept the plot interesting. Finding out the identity of the person after Fiona kept me turning the pages. Lara Lacombe’s talent as a writer is well-portrayed in this suspenseful story.Recommended4 Stars

  • Ash
    2019-05-12 18:58

    2.5 starsBland and average.

  • Leslie
    2019-05-10 22:44

    Nate had't work up the Kerge to ask Fiona out yet. But he would stop by the gas station she worked night shift to make sure that she was OK. Even if she didn't realize it. She looked forward to Nate's visits, as he was truly the only one that would say more than just Hello. She was studying for a major in psychology and was able to use the time to read people & their behavior, while working the late shift at the gas station. Nate happened to be at the gas station when a guy tried to rob some money from Fiona and was mad that she wouldn't give him more when she didn't have it. To make a long story short he rescues her several more times, finds her please stay and protects her from all that's about to happen. It's fast-paced, while you can kind of figure out where things are sort of going you truly don't really know for sure and don't see what's coming! It's one I highly recommend and think it's worthwhile reading.

  • Amelia
    2019-05-13 00:51

    When danger comes into the life of a woman and a cop just does his duty, the two are stunned by the intense feelings that develop between them. They gradually come to understand what has been missing in their lives is within reach, but the wishes of other individuals may make certain the couple’s future is not so bright. Lara Lacombe cleverly interweaves threatening peril with hopeful dreams to create a gratifying suspenseful romance. KILLER SEASON captivates with mysteries and a wide range of sentiments. As a detective for the Houston police department, Nate Gallagher puts in lots of hours and does not have much time for socializing or being with his family. But keeping others safe by putting away criminals brings him much satisfaction. One night while getting a meal at a convenience store, the place is robbed and his quick thinking keeps clerk Fiona Sanders safe. Though they had only briefly spoken during one of his prior visits, both have been very aware of the other when he was in the store. But now that Fiona realizes Nate is a police office, her thoughts about him as a man will have to remain a fantasy, as her dad was a cop who was killed on a routine call. Knowing the dangers Nate faces everyday will keep her from letting him ever get close to her. When it appears Fiona is still in danger for unknown reasons, Nate will not give up until he uncovers why someone has come after her. He is equally determined to make sure no one else threatens her, so he plans to personally watch over her until those responsible are caught. With the Christmas holidays approaching, Fiona and Nate try to get in a festive mood, but criminals do not worry who is hurt as long as their own ruthless schemes are carried out. If I ever found myself in a situation similar to Fiona’s, I can only hope there would be someone like Nate who would care as much about my welfare. One aspect of KILLER SEASON that makes the story so convincing is Fiona is a regular person trying to make the best of her life, but she unfortunately is caught up in circumstances beyond her control. The threats are credible, as many wrongdoers only think about their own goals and feel no distress if the innocent are entangled in their plot. When it becomes clear what is actually going on, I feared for Fiona as I knew she could find herself in much jeopardy. Though she is deeply affected by the events happening to her, I admired her ability to still use logic when necessary. Nate is definitely a good man in so many ways, and his compassion for Fiona is proved over and over again. Nate and Fiona are focused on their careers and futures, thus causing their social lives to suffer. But being around each other makes them recognize what they have given up and perhaps want to change. I like a story which makes the main characters question the direction their lives have taken, and then see what they will eventually decide to do. This couple believably expresses their desire for one another with adoring tenderness, and their conversations are intelligent and even witty at times. Fiona’s lovable cat, Slinky, added some humor plus also let me see another side of Nate. His partner and girlfriend who had their own story, KILLER EXPOSURE, are featured, and their book should be read in case you missed it. Lara Lacombe keeps your interest until every issue is worked out in KILLER SEASON. Copy received from author for a CataRomance review - 4.5 Stars

  • Lisa
    2019-05-16 21:44

    THIS WAS A VERY AVERAGE BOOK WITH A VERY CLICHE PLOT LINE. Like i read this book before but by a different author and a different writing style but everything is formulated so it was predictable??? The killer wasn't that special either and the fluffy scenes have been done before but i still enjoyed it regardless.

  • Mary Lawson
    2019-05-26 18:53

    Killer Season by Lara Lacombe is a killer read!To protect is Nate's job, but it turns out to be more than his job as danger continues to follow in the footsteps of Fiona. As he works to keep her alive, she realizes that she wants a family again. Can she have it with someone who seems to be pushing his away? Can she help Nate find his way back to his family? Will they be able to survive this and form their own family? Lara has created two strong characters who make you root for them. She makes it a 'got to keep reading' book to search for their HEA.

  • Carol Marques
    2019-05-18 00:09

    Was eagerly awaiting Nate's story and loved it. I liked Fiona as a heroine. A bit of a loner - slightly nerdy. So, when she does enter the thrilling ride she goes on with Nate, it's all the more exciting. The book had lots of suspense with the romance part of it slowly and steadily building. Just when you think everything has been all neatly taken care of, you're thrown into another round of suspense and action. I loved the family aspect of the story and adored Slinky, her superior, entitled cat!

  • Gloria Brzny
    2019-05-25 17:04

    this was a good book. when they meet it is just flirting and talking getting to know each other. however because of a crime they are forced into a relationship. it is not the one they want but neither one knows how to make their intense feelings known to the other. Nate is busy taking care of Fiona and solving the crimes. She really needs someone on her side. She also helps him in his family relationships.

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-04-29 17:08

    "Nate is a sexy, protective hero, and his fierce attraction to Fiona will engage readers from the start" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).