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Forbidden love shouldn't feel so good.It also shouldn't hurt so much.How could the one person I can't have be the only person I truly need?Florian Harper Riley has my heart and he doesn't even know it. I used to think that was okay, that I'd get over him, but no matter how hard I try, I can't purge his sharp green gaze from my thoughts.He's a tattoo artist, the love of myForbidden love shouldn't feel so good.It also shouldn't hurt so much.How could the one person I can't have be the only person I truly need?Florian Harper Riley has my heart and he doesn't even know it. I used to think that was okay, that I'd get over him, but no matter how hard I try, I can't purge his sharp green gaze from my thoughts.He's a tattoo artist, the love of my life, the man of my dreams.But he's also my stepbrother.Fate can be wicked cruel....

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stepbrother inked Reviews

  • Fre06 Begum
    2019-03-19 14:39

    Want to read about a shameless "heroine" who chases after her stepbrother, has sex with his best friend and cheats with "hero" while his girlfriend is in the kitchen??? Well this book has all that and more!

  • I.Heart.Romance
    2019-03-07 08:56

    ⭐️⭐️ 3 Stars ⭐️⭐️* * * SPOILERS * * * ♦️BOOK: Standalone. Kindle loc: 4137. 98,000 words, 340 pages. ♦️POV: first person - heroine ♦️WRITING: very good♦️EDITING: no errors found ♦️HERO: Florian Riley, 21--tattoo artist. black hair, green eyes, tall, muscular, pierced and tattooed, including pierced junk. bad boy, smoker, manwhore.♦️HEROINE: Abigail Sharp, 18--Brunette, curly hair, blue eyes, mocha skin, good girl. Plays the cello. Just moved in with her bestie and attending college. Absolutely obsessed with her stepbrother. ♦️PLOT: After crushing on her stepbrother for years and sharing a hot kiss with him at 15, Abigail, now 18, just can't break her obsession with him and move on (she's a borderline psycho obsessed stalker, complete with a shrine to him, but it's kinda sweet). Nothing is working. Step-siblings since they were 5 & 8 years old, Flor and Abi were very close as kids and their parents are still very much happy and in love today. Florian admits he has feelings for her as well but they can't act on them so he tries to continue ignoring his feelings. They then go back and forth, back and forth, torn between loving each other but knowing a relationship is impossible so they continue to date other people. They finally give in and have sex. Their other relationships end and the two decide to give their love a chance but still have to face their parents. Of course the news doesn't go over well.♦️WHAT WORKED: ➖unlike other stepbrother books I've read, the parents are in an established, happy marriage when their children enter into a relationship and they remain together ➖Florian was very sweet to Abi the last 1/4 of the book➖Abigail's best friend Addison was a great friend and gave some good advice ➖Florian's fondness for cats and kittens was adorable!♦️WHAT DID NOT WORK:➖Florian & Abigail's OTT wishy-washy, back-and-forth feelings make your head spin➖Florian dates another woman for 70% of the book and they only break up bc she ended it with him, he didn't have plans to break it off with her at all➖Everyone cheats! Florian cheats on his gf with Abigail - without remorse and they have unprotected sex!...with absolutely no discussion about protection...EW! Abigail cheats on her bf (Florian's best friend) with Florian. The gf and the bf cheat with each other. ➖Florian is just cruel to Abigail for 3/4 of the book--he knows how she feels about him and he torments her. Just when she tries to move on, he says or does something to reel her back in and keep her hooked. Her bestie even tells her... “He purposely picks at you, Abigail, and you rise to the occasion. He knows you have a thing for him, and he likes it.”He has sex with her with their significant others down the hall, then angrily tells her to "Get out!" Luckily, his sweetness does come out at the end but it's a little too late. ♦️STEAM: medium, 2.5/5 ♦️ENDING: HEA, Epilogue - 3 years later, No Cliffhanger

  • Vaso
    2019-03-07 15:49

    Abigail has a huge crash on her stepbrother. Flor on the other side fights his feelings for her. At some time, they reveal their feelings for each other and they admit that they want to be together. On the background, there is their parents, who are still together and happy. This is when things get interesting. For her debut novel, Violet Blaze did a nice job!! I really liked the fact that there weren’t so many detailed love scenes…

  • Beeg Panda
    2019-02-26 14:59

    What a horrible little sh1thead.I love him.What a wimpy heroine.I adore her.Probably one of the most impenetrable, enigmatic, frustrating, INSOLENT young heroes I've come across.So much so that even I can't connect with him.But slap me silly and call me Milly - I LOVE HIM.She's immature & probably one of my best written frustrating tstl-waxing-lyrical-about-his-beauty heroines.I wanted to slap her upside the head and drag her away from him.Then I wanted to hold her close and tell her all will be well.

  • Amy Williams
    2019-03-12 09:36

    I don't know howI don't know how this book got so many 5 stars. The storyline had great potential,but I got really bored and tired of all of Abi's begging,not to mention chasing her step brother. His back and forth was just as bad, I have feelings for you but we can't be together,then kissing her..ugh.

  • Diane
    2019-03-15 09:47

    This was a recommended read for me.I am happy that I took the advice.Always a big lover of taboo love stories, this one did not disappoint.Believable characters, endearing story line, and although at some points it felt draggy, it was a overall solid read.Debut novel for Violet Blaze....I look forward to more from her. :)

  • Nikki
    2019-02-25 12:36

    WARNING: Stepbrother Inked contains a shit ton of annoying ass shell of a human-heroine, a dumb as sticks, slutty, can't-make-up-his-sick-little-mind male protagonist, an almost groundbreaking amount of eye rolls, and so much purple prose and filler you forget there was an actual story to go along with it (if you could even call it that.)I must be a closet masochist. I knew going into this book that it wasn't going to win any awards. I read the reviews, the synopsis itself did nothing to entice me, but I still cornered myself into reading this steaming pile of sweaty ass that is this book.(If I used gifs here's when I would insert one with a woman banging her head against a desk, or wall, or floor, or chalkboard or anything of friggin weight that would get the job done.)Stepbrother Inked is your run of the mill taboo "romance" story about girl meets boy when they're both young because boy's mom is doing the humpety hump with girl's dad and thus becoming step sibling's, but they both want what they feel they can't have. how rivetingI contemplated DNF'ing this sonofabitch but I pulled through peeps. I friggin made it through. -victory fist pump- As for this bland story...Abigail has always had the hots for her stepbrother, Florian. She constantly compares every single XY chromosome to the "all encompassing," "belly fluttering," "bad boy" that is Flor.I will be the first one in line to admit I have a thing for bad boys. Tatted? God yes. Alpha? Mmhmmm. Arrogant and cocky with a twist of sweet? Gimme gimme. Flor was what was "supposed" to be considered all those things but failed and fell short in so many ways. I did learn that his cigarette that dangled from his lips constantly fell to the floor though. And he rescues kittens. It would almost be endearing is he wasn't such a mutt. Other then being a tattoo artist, Flor has absolutely no substance whatsoever. As for Abi, of boy. She was a real damn treat. Definitely the worst of the two, and that's saying something. One of the many things that really got under my skin was her inability to think for herself at all. Every time she was around Flor it was as if she became a robot incapable of coherent conversation. I can't even imagine what this idiot would actually have looked like "in real life." I get being nervous around a guy you like, flustered, shy, even getting the itch that he needs to scratch, but holy balls batman. This dimwit was a mess. A helpless, insignificant, infantile, childish brat. Her thoughts always centered around Flor. It wasn't sweet. It was obsessive and creepy as hell. Thank goodness for her friend Addi, who seemed to have the only functioning brain in this whole entire book and one of the only characters that I whole heartedly actually enjoyed. Addi was my breath of fresh air in an otherwise potently rotten book.Straight from the horses mouth - “Good thing I had Addison there because my mind just flat out refused to work right in Florian's presence." Also, she has a shrine box in which she keeps a lock of Flor's hair. Yup. Not creepy at all.The main problem with this book (aside from all that damn purple prose) was the execution of it all. The author did not make me feel anything aside from contempt for these characters. I wasn't rooting for them, I didn't like them, they sickened and disgusted me and I could honestly careless about anything of substance happening in their lives. The story itself was boring and predictable. There was no real spice. It was pretend/forced spice, like when you know you have to sprinkle something juicy in to add some "drama" but it just seemed half assed and thrown in like a second thought. And this "spice" didn't even happen until the end. Other then one speckle of drama, Stepbrother Inked is literally all about how hot Abi finds Flor, how swoon worthy his eyes are and how much they could never be. Blah blah blah.Also, the back and forth that went on between these two assholes had my head spinning so much I would have given Linda Blair a run for her damn money. A dual POV might have helped somewhat because Flor's actions were so all over the place and a cluster bomb. So alas, I'm done wasting my precious time with this crap. I wasted quite enough as it stands just reading it and even more time reviewing it. It just didn't do it for me. That doesn't mean it will be like this for everyone. If the synopsis is of interest to you then have fun and dive right in. Unfortunately this one fell very flat.For people with hard limits, cheating is also involved. There also is a HEA.

  • J. Nathan
    2019-03-20 14:51

    I could not put this down! So much angst. So much anticipation. I stayed up all night needing to know what would happen. Great writing, Ms.Blaze!

  • Sybil aka Lala
    2019-02-24 15:54

    **** 4 nee-chan stars **** Abi and Flor have been stepsiblings since she was five and he was 8. They have loved each other for almost all their lives.“I love you Flor.. and I’ve been hurting since the day I met you.” Their parents are in a long-term and loving marriage but family dynamics are sometimes tense with their parents adopting a “your kid, your problem” parenting style and Abi’s father being less than approving of the tatted up Flor and the many girls he takes home. When Abi is fifteen, Flor drags her from a party and takes her to their home where he kisses her. After the kiss, 18yr old Flor does his best to stay away from Abi and moves out shortly after. Soon after Abi turns 18 herself, Flor slowly re-enters her life.‘Because it hurts too fucking much’ he breathed, voice dark and low. ‘I feel like there’s a knife lodged in my chest and every day that I see you, that I can’t touch you, somebody turns it a full rotation. I’m bleeding from the inside out, Abi.’ “ The story is told from Abi’s POV and we get to see her struggle with the feelings that borders, and sometimes completely falls over, the line of obsession but we are mostly clueless as to what Flor is feeling. The author did an amazing job with this book and the taboo subject. She explored all the complexities and realities one may face in such a situation. Nothing was tied up in neat little bows simply for the sake of the story and there were no clear bad guys in this book. Often in stepbrother romances you’ll find an evil parent or a neat and tidy solution for them to be together, this definitely wasn’t the case here. At times I got extremely frustrated with the decisions Abi and Flor made and I wanted to smack Abi more than a few times for her constant pining. There were a few plot twists that added to my frustration. “ When you touch me, I fall apart. You’re all I think about. And I… you make me so crazy, my stomach is always twisted up in knots. When I see you with other girls, I want to die. No, I.. I want them to die, and I hate myself for it, so stop. Just stop and let me go. “ The secondary characters were amazing too. Abi’s best friend Addi (yes, I know) was the supportive best friend constantly trying to pull Abi back up again after Flor destroyed her in some way. Their drag queen best friend, Theo, and his boyfriend Yuu were there for some much needed comedic relief and cheerleading in-between all the emotional drama.I’ve read a good few stepbrother romances recently and mostly the relationships never felt taboo to me. I never felt like they did anything wrong or were ashamed in any way or even that anyone would judge them for their feelings. Many authors conveniently shy away from the actual gritty elements in these books but again, this was not the case here. I very much felt uncomfortable at times.If I’m honest, the real reason I like reading these book is for the sexiness of the taboo. The stolen moments, secret looks and sexual anticipation appeals to me and there was definitely more than enough of that. This book was sexy as hell and their chemistry burned off the pages. “If I stay, it’s not going to be as your brother. Instead of squinting my eyes and pretending that you’re a nun, I’m going to be wastefully wicked.” Flor as the hero was great. He was sexy and mysterious with a touch of adorableness. He was protective and jealous but never really controlling. He was struggling between his feelings and trying to do the right thing.“ ‘The smell of your skin, your hair, your breath,’ he whispered, ‘ it undoes me.’ “ I loved the ending (with the exception of the epilogue which I found to be a bit silly). It felt really realistic. I really loved this book, not only because it was hot but also because the author dealt with all these issues so thoroughly.Definitely recommend reading it. View spoiler for triggers:(view spoiler)[ This book contains a hell of a lot of cheating, both from the MCs and the secondary characters. There’s also a fair amount of slut-shaming here with Abi’s jealousy boiling over.(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sue
    2019-03-06 12:41

    This book was my July free read with Amazon Prime and OMG was it ever good. Better than I thought it would be considering I'm very picky about this whole "stepbrother" book thing happening now and want a really good story to go along with the taboo subject matter.It was actually very down-to-earth and dealt with the real emotional and ethical issues and consequences of two people in a blended family, having a sexual relationship. The dialogue was honest (as were the reactions of friends and family) and although at times it veered too much into the area of high melodrama and hysterics, it had a solidly good plot and the characters were well developed.Flor was mega-sexy and just the kind of bad boy who looked dangerous on the outside, but was really a softie on the inside. Abi was a bit childish at times but strong willed... she knew what she wanted and went after her happiness, while trying to please everyone else.If you want to read a stepbrother romance that was not written for just the sex and shock value, this is the one for you.**** 4 **** "yours, mine and ours make it all right" stars

  • NinaDonata Delfs
    2019-03-14 15:47

    I asked for that ARC because of the title. After i read Did i mention I love you and was a bit disapointed of the book i wanna give these Story concept a second chance. So i tried to dive in to the story without any prejudices. Thats had been a grate problem for me because i allready thought in the beginning Oh my good i will get a typical drama Story for these kind of Story. The Characters in these Storys always doing to much drama about their Love. Thats so annoying because i'm not understand why they handle these. In the most cases I'm like Ok what the fuck is wrong with you. You aren't related your parents are just married. To be honest the start of these Story was a bit hard. For me the Jump to past was not able. because form past whats at present there hadn't been any more reasons me why what they want isn#t allowed.Even if the style of wriitng was easy to read i had my problems with it. Especally all these intensiv feelings couldn't get to me. Most time i was like girl why are you pissed at him?Most time of the story i was like ok why do act like acted. Both of the main characters did many things I wasn't able to understand. The heroine have had positive characteristics but there where shown more negative ones. I wasn't able to get trough her thoughts. Also Flor the Love interest wasn't really interesting for me he always wanted to have the last word and he was so stubborn.As you can see this was definitly not my book. The fact that there was not the addeiction effect. I gave that book tow off five Horses. ARC Proviedet by the Author.

  • Annmarie
    2019-03-12 13:51

    I really hated the H for most of the book. He loves his step sister but has sex in front of her for years ( leaves his door open at he house for her to see) when they live together and then has sex with his new gf when she is at his shop getting a tattoo and comes back in with a hickey on his neck (16 years old anyone?). The h loves him and obsesses over him for years. She finally gets with his friend and loses her virginity but the friend is an asshole cheat. Anyway, her does all this stuff with the h, his stepsister but still sleeps with his gf. I just hated him most of the book. I don’t really care the motivation, he broke her heart so many times. Also, she was so desperate. I wanted her to find someone else, he obviously had NO problem doing it. Anyway, you know how it ends. HEA and epilogue 2 years out. Hmm

  • Carolyn Tidwell
    2019-03-18 12:48

    If you like cheating in your story

  • JG ~Jezabell Girl & Friends
    2019-02-28 12:50

    4.5 StarsI’ve finally lost my stepbrother virginity, and it wasn’t too painful apart from the inevitable angst probably associated with all such stories!As this book was recommended, I found myself thinking “why the hell not” so I one-clicked and settled down to read all about Abi and her stepbrother Flor. Brought together at 5 and 8, respectively, Abi knows, rightly or wrongly, that she loves Flor and as they get older her feelings towards him only increase. Flor, being the older step-sibling, tries to fight his feelings for Abi but as she gets older his fight becomes more and more futile as Abi sets her sights firmly in Flor’s direction. The first half of this story was quite slow and for me, a reader who loathes angst, all too pushy and pulley as Abi fights for Flor’s heart and he repeatedly pulls away, but not before teasing Abi, and us readers, with the hope that he is about to drop his defences, metaphorically speaking! That said, the story is still captivating, if albeit slightly frustrating, as we get to see the hurt and pain Abi endures on a daily basis as she watches Flor with girl after girl and shamelessly parading them in front of Abi without any remorse. Abi assumes that she has finally won her battle at 15 only to be spurned once again but this time she knows she will fight with all her heart for Flor, even if it takes years to prove her devotion to him and what they share.Along for the ride in this story are a sweet collection of misfits in Abi’s best friend, Addison and her boyfriend Patrick and the loveable side-kick drag queen duo of Theo and his/her partner Yuu. To add to the complication Abi faces on a daily basis we have Max, Flor’s best friend and Abi’s boyfriend/booty call and Flor’s girlfriend, Rhonda. Addison, Theo and Yuu know about Abi’s feelings for Flor but Max and Rhonda are unaware, well at least for the majority of the story!I have to say, this was a really well written story, packed full of emotion, heartbreak, angst, and passion and despite the ongoing drama and less than appropriate relationship, on the face of it, you can’t help but pull for Abi and Flor as they try to find a path through life without hurting those around them.I know if I went back to read the story again I’d probably give it a 5 star rating but first time around was just too painful and cruel to me as a reader that I’m taking off the 0.5 star for the sleepless night the story gave me (mean I know)! If you love your heroes tattooed, mouthy, on the fringe of common decency then you will love Flor. Despite being a stepbrother, he is drool worthy and just what every 18 year would want in their lives!Review Requests: [email protected]: http://jezabellgirlandfriends.comFB:

  • Susan A.
    2019-03-21 11:35

    My friend Caitlin gifted me this book, with the promise I'd love it. I was a little skeptical, but boy was she right.Umm ... ok, let me start off by saying that for the most part I think the whole "step sibling" book premise is overdone and usually a stretch. You're away at college, meet a girl in class, start seeing each other, only to be called to dinner by your parents to find out they are getting married. You have a one night stand with a guy from a club then run into him again at the wedding of your dad and his mom. Your parents married when you were teens but you were both at different boarding schools and only saw each other on holidays and don't really get to know each other til you are adults. OK, yeah whatever. those are reaches. Wildly contrived situations to jump on the latest fad bandwagon.THIS IS A TRUE STEP BOOK!!! What happens when two people are raised together from really young ages in the same household, day in and day out, being told that they are brother and sister, but knowing the feelings they'd had for each other since their teens were anything but familial. This is the situation in which Flor and Abi find themselves. Since the ages of 8 and 5 they have been raised together with it being impressed upon Flor that he is Abi's older brother, and he's done everything possible to live up to those expectations. Mostly. Meanwhile, Abi can't remember a time when she didn't love Flor, when she didn't resent the never ending string of girls that wandered in and out of his life, that she didn't want to be the one in his arms. Having grown up in a longstanding, truly blended family, a romance between "sibling" has deep seated and long reaching taboos. Flor's and Abi's relationship tests all the bonds of family.This book is amazing and deep. There is no brushing real issues under the carpet to wrap up a book with "happy happy feelings" or any of those general pat conclusions we've gotten used to in step books. There is real emotion, and hurt feelings, and it didn't seem contrived at all. This is the debut effort of Violet Blaze. She did an excellent job, both in content and in editing. There were nearly no typos and only one grammatical error. It made it very easy to stay in the story.In conclusion, I'm still really not riding the "step" wagon, with a shot of fireball in one hand and a peach daiquiri in the other, however, this book was more than worth the read.

  • Victoria Robertson
    2019-03-24 08:34

    What I Think....So, call me weird, but when I find a romance novel involving step-siblings, I have to read it. I don't if it's the taboo of it all that calls me, or the fact that I don't have any step-siblings so I like looking at their relationships, but I never can resist. This book by far has been the best one I've ever read. Blaze does a great job of highlighting the romance, instead of focusing on the "brother/sister" relationship, which I thought was extremely tasteful. Abigale is a sweetheart, plain and simple. She's quiet, compassionate, and adores her step-brother Florian, or "Flor". We are introduced to Abi and Flor when she is fifteen, at her first high school party. When Flor finds her kissing another boy, he freaks out as a "brother" should, but not quite in a brotherly fashion. She has loved him since she laid eyes on him at five years old, but she's been waiting for him to return her feelings. After blatantly rejecting her, Abi is forced to move on. The book fast forwards three years, when Abi moves in to her very first apartment. Finally she's an adult, a brand new eighteen year old, moving in with her best friend Addison. Flor is twenty-one, and one hell of a bad boy. He co-owns his own tattoo shop with his best friend Max, and together they rule Eugene, OR. At first, we notice how sparse he is with his interactions with Abi. It's like he's there, but only skin deep. After an agonizing, quite redeeming, car ride, Abi lays it out on the line for him. They must work hard against all odd to find the love they both deserve. Again, I cannot praise this novel enough! The passion and love between Flor and Abi is staggering. Once Flor accepts that his love for Abi cannot be denied any longer, they slowly begin forming a life together. They battle the stigma of incest and disgust found among their family and friends, which takes a heavy toll on both of them. Again, Blaze doesn't at all make this story awkward or even borderline "incesty", which I think would be hard to do. It is not at all distasteful, which I prepared myself for, as I normally do given the content. So my last comment is to go buy it right now! You won't be disappointed! Victoria ♥

  • Morilyn
    2019-03-11 15:58

    Stepbrother Inked by Violet Blaze - a first book by a new author - first garnered my attention with its totally commanding cover! Those powerful, tatted & crossed arms with hands splayed took my breath away & I just had to read it. I'm so pleased that I did...Its another step-brother story, that seems to be what so many authors are writing & readers are devouring, BUT this hero, Florian, tall, buff, talented tattoo-artist tries really hard to not love his step-sister, Abigail. They meet when he was 8 & she was 5, when his mother married her father. Both parents maintained the role of raising their own child; they were two families under the one roof, without either parent becoming a role-model for the other's child. The parents were so happy, until Flor & Abi were old enough to fall in love; at 21 & 18, Flor & Abi's journey was full of angst, complexities & needs, with Florian especially, conflicted about his feelings. Violet Blaze deals with this conflict with restraint & understanding, so that we can see the reality that faces these two young people who love each other, but, because of their parents, really shouldn't according to the people who are close to them & other onlookers who shouldn't matter.Stepbrother Inked was a good read & I'll definitely consider Violet Blakze's next book. I suggest you read one more step-brother tale - it's worth your time.

  • Just Me (Sometimes known as Thinking Mom)
    2019-03-06 13:54

    Update: Don't tell anyone but this is one of my favorites. I've re-read this a few times and I love, love love it! I think this is my favorite step romance and romance novel of all time! Shhhh....Original Review:Long slow burn, good payoff! Simple romance at its heart!Violet Blaze tells a good story. There was some odd phrasing and a few incorrect word choices but those were inconsequential when compared to the angsty slow burning romance. I love how the sub genre "stepbrother romance" (and "bad boy romance") sounds so trashy and cheesy but yet serves as a setting to deal with more complex issues. This is a lighter read than some other bad boy/step romance because the dark secrets are normal issues that people face (unlike "secret baby"/shifter/mafia/billionaire/bdsm/pathological jealously issues). I appreciate that. Here the hero is gorgeous sexy pierced stepbrother who is a tattoo artist and owns his own shop. Why does it have to be more complicated than that?I see Violet Blaze's next book has about 5 sub genre descriptors in its title, so again, I enjoyed this as a great HEA sweet and super hot stepbro/ bad boy romance.

  • L.L. Ford
    2019-03-11 07:58

    Pleasantly surprisedI've intentionally avoided any and all "stepbrother" romances, but after reading the reviews on Stepbrother Inked, I decided to give it a go. I was sceptical going into it and I have to admit I thought Abi's obsession with Flor was a bit over the top. But, I was pleasantly surprised by this book and I found myself returning to it each time I had a few moments to read. Abi grew up in love with her stepbrother, Florian, despite the shame of knowing that feeling was "wrong" and wouldn't be widely accepted. Knowing that she'd rather live with the pain of her unrequited love that live without Flor, she endures years of watching him go through girls like Kleenexes. But, when she decides to throw caution to the wind and lay it all out on the table, things really get interesting. If you've put off testing the stepbrother waters, now is the time to take that jump! Dive into the twisted romance that is Abi and Flor.

  • Veronica LaRoche
    2019-02-24 15:34

    I love this book. What happens when u are madly in love with your stepbrother and can't fight your feelings anymore? Abigail loved Flor since forever and finally tells him but he just can't deal with the fallout of what would happen to their family. Abigail isn't going to give up but goes with Max and Flor goes with Rhonda but they still have feelings for each other. But when they had enough they finally give in but Flor is kinda cold to Abigail is hurt but still won't give up. Flor coming cleaning about his feelings I absolutely loved. What happens when the finally have to tell there parents? I love the characters and story and will definitely will read more of Violet's books

  • Makeba Stewart
    2019-03-22 11:53

    I felt like this was a great love story. The story line was different from any other step brother book I have come in contact with. Florian and Abi are step siblings. Their parents are happily in love and marriage. But Flor and Abi want to be together. Abi persuaded Flor to that they should get together. He finally gives in and they get it down. Real good. Like on the roof. It was a pretty good scene. But although trying to get their parent on the page blows up in their faces, everyone ends us HEA. Great reads.

  • Sönïa Dhillion
    2019-03-09 15:50

    This book was the alternative of a happily ever after I wanted to see in forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. Its good its taboo in a way but not so much because they are step-siblings. So there is serious intense feelings what I never found in some step-sibling romance but its not intensified blow your mind, passionate romance. Like fire, you can't breathe without it love. So that's why only 3stars.My casting

  • Amy
    2019-03-18 07:44

    I really enjoyed Violet Blaze's debut. I am not quite on the bandwagon of the stepbrother romance, but this was recommended to me by another author, so I thought I would give it a shot. The story definitely had some twists and turns that I did not expect, which I really enjoyed, It was not a cookie cutter story that I could guess what would happen. It was also a slow burn, which is something I like - I am not a fan of insta love stories where the characters just jump together.

  • Carrie
    2019-03-11 12:32

    This book was in the back of the book Kicked which I purchased on amazon. I don't care for stepbrother books but for some reason I decided to give this one a try. They made it seem like it was incestuous and the chick kept correcting every that he's her step brother. I don't like that they made it like it was a dirty thing. Overall the book wasn't bad. It was well written and I loved a sexy fictional inked man.

  • Amber .:★Wild Heart Reviews★:.
    2019-03-24 13:56

    I have somehow again, found myself reading a stepbrother trope book. I'm still not sure if I'll fully review it or not. Was one of those random KU reads.

  • Mia
    2019-03-05 15:40

    Couldn't bring myself to finish the last few pages, but beside that the story was really great.

  • Penny
    2019-03-10 15:52

    3.5 to 4 stars. I found it to be a little slow in the beginning but picked up

  • Cathy Jackson
    2019-02-27 12:55

    I liked the book. Different. However he sure was a hot hot hottie. I like the ink.

  • Sandy Malone
    2019-03-17 10:40

    I loved it!

  • Debbie
    2019-03-24 13:56

    I was genuinely excited by the premise of this book. I enjoy an intelligent taboo story as much as the next girl, and this had all the checks to intrigue me. But unfortunately, I didn't love it. I didn't hate it either, but it was just not well executed in my opinion.We have Abigail and Florian as our protagonists. They are step-siblings who bicker and fight, but have an underlying attraction for one another. The story begins with 15-year old Abigail who is enamored with her stepbrother even though he only sees her as his little sister. Apparently. This is until the spell is broken and he succumbs to the lure of Abigail. I will not spoil it for you but up until this point, I was still interested in the story.What threw me off was that they behaved, acted, and were raised as brother and sister from the ages of 5 and 8. Now don't get me wrong. Coming into this book, I knew and was okay with the idea of step-siblings falling for each other. BUT, with that being said, I would have thought they would be more detached as siblings and more attracted to each other as non-related folks if they had come into each other's lives at a later point. In my opinion, the author chose very young ages for these protagonists to meet, which kind of takes the credibility out of their attraction. If they had become step-siblings at a later age, I would have believed their attraction. But it just didn't cut it for me. And it made it more awkward and uncomfortable.Also, Abigail is an incredibly superficial, fickle, immature protagonist. You cannot help but cringe at a lot of her dialogue/actions and just plainly be annoyed by her.Florian had a much better state of mind, personality, and overall his character was significantly more interesting.Even though the writing is good, the story had a few mishaps where it would either slow down at an incredible pace or a lot would happen at once.I also noticed a few sections where either Abigail or Florian were seating or standing up, but one sentence later they were just about to stand up or sit down, AGAIN. I know it may be unimportant to some, but it's little things like this that made me notice that the story could use a second round of edits.Also, this story offers zingers such as the following:Abigail: I checked my phone and found another message from Flor. Each one was like a treasure to be opened, savored, read and reread.Florian's text, right after Abigail had the train of thought mentioned above:Leaving the shop now, dope. C U in 5.OH YEAH, it's a real treasure of a text right there, please don't wait for me while I keep savoring it, reading it and rereading it. *sigh*Last but not least, Addison. Just, no. Ugh, no! I did not like her at all. But I do get why she's best friends with Abigail as they are equal parts annoying. Theo on the other hand was a treasure and I enjoyed all his bits throughout the book. There is one scene though (indirectly related to Theo), when the whole gang is in a gay club and a very specific word was used extremely loosely by one of the characters when referring to a drag-queen/gay character, and it just didn't sit right with me.All in all, I think this author holds a lot of promise. I think she honestly had a great idea and premise in her hands, and I look forward to seeing her execute better stories and continue to read more from her :)