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USA Today Bestselling Author Terri Anne Browning's The Rocker Series Collection Family means everything to the rockers in Demon’s Wings and their manager, Emmie. Together they have made their own family, having spent the last sixteen years having each other’s back and making sure that Emmie was taken care of. Now things are changing. Their family of five is expanding, andUSA Today Bestselling Author Terri Anne Browning's The Rocker Series Collection Family means everything to the rockers in Demon’s Wings and their manager, Emmie. Together they have made their own family, having spent the last sixteen years having each other’s back and making sure that Emmie was taken care of. Now things are changing. Their family of five is expanding, and not everyone is happy about it. Follow them through six full-length books as they discover new things about themselves, and figure out what the meaning of love really is. The Rocker Who Holds Me You can choose your own family. For Emmie she’s always known who her real family is, the four rockers who have taken care of her since she was five years old. Now, as their manager, she spends every second of her day making sure that they are taken care of. It’s not always easy, especially when she’s fighting feelings that having nothing to do with sisterly love for one of the four rockers… The Rocker Who Savors Me Getting kicked out of her house by her mother at sixteen was tough, but for Layla that only made her stronger. She’s always taken care of herself and managed to survive through all the hard times. Now, with two sisters to take care of on her own, things are about to get a lot tougher. Being offered a trial job as housekeeper for one of the hottest rock bands will hopefully change that. If she can keep her hands off the sexy as sin drummer… The Rocker Who Needs Me Lana knew the second she laid eyes on the Demon that her life was going to change. She didn’t anticipate falling in love with him, but when she did she fought hard to hide her feelings. She knew that she could only ever be his friend and was okay with it. Until one night changed everything… The Rocker Who Loves Me Growing up being told daily that she wasn’t good enough has beaten down Harper’s self-esteem. She knows that she’s not good enough—not beautiful enough—to catch one particular Demon’s eye. Yet, for some reason he keeps coming back, keeps tempting her with his cheesy pickup lines and those damn blue-gray eyes. She wasn’t sure if she was strong enough to keep resisting… The Rocker Who Holds Her When Nik first met the tear stained face of the little baby doll next door he knew she was going to be a big part of his life. He never anticipated he would one day fall for her. For years he fought his feelings, but he can’t keep quiet any longer. However, seeing the girl he’s about to declare his love to kissing his friend wasn’t part of his plans for how the night would end… The Rockers’ Babies Things are changing. Emmie’s family has grown and she couldn’t be happier. Fate, however, has other plans for the happy Emmie and her rockers......

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the rocker series demon s wings collection Reviews

  • Suzy Baba
    2019-03-20 16:56

    LOOOVED this series. Each book is the past and present of each characters and what their life was and is about. Five friends growing up in a trailer park, each face a horrific experience bonding them together. The love and protection they have for each other only magnifies when Demon's Wing take over the world, rockstars are born but so are all the headaches that comes along with it. Each story is heart breaking in its own right, but the outcome is one of happiness when they find their purpose in life.

  • Heather Pollock
    2019-03-24 14:53

    #review @AuthorTERRIANNE @inkslingerPR QueenZany 5 Star ReviewThe Rocker Series: Demon's Wings Collection Terri Anne BrowningIm such a die hard “The Rocker Series” series fan! Yes I own all the books and even the ones on audiobook too. So iI was excited to reread this first collection of books. This set of the Demon Wings books is tear jerking, hot and captivating. You get to meet every member and see how they fell in love. See how their lives have changed. Then you truly understand why I fell hard for this Rock God family!Arc was provided in exchange for an honest review!

  • Christine Butler
    2019-03-24 14:52

    Good stuffThe good - spent the better part of the past two days reading these stories, and they're pretty good. The characters are engaging, and back stories add an extra layer of depth.The annoying - needs editing in a bad way. I couldn't count the number of times "beside of" was used. I know in certain parts of the US it's a speech pattern to add "of" but it's incorrect. If it was being done in dialog to stay true to character it would be forgivable, as written (a lot) it's not. There were many other editing issues too, that one was just in your face predominate.The bad - I get the link with Emmie & the guys, but it became extreme and annoying. Those guys were able to function and conduct their finances, make sure they had legal stuff handled, etc before Emmie took over, so it was ridiculous to read that this ONE woman controlled everything down to personal bank accounts for the rockers even after they were married with families... Can you say, NO? I'm certain no self respecting wife wants to call another woman for permission to make major purchases, or have another woman house hunt for her, control her man's life to the crazy intrusive amounts that were examples in the books. Not to mention a guy needing a friend to buy his engagement ring for him so she wouldn't find out. The extremes nearly ruined it for me. I think Shane was the only one with the balls to say he picked his woman over Emmie & Drake should have been the one to put her in her place for how she treated Lana. Remove the super crazy weirdness of Emmie and each story is pretty good, if a bit rushed in spots. I still gave it a 4 star overall, because despite my own personal annoyances I was entertained! If you enjoy rockstar romances you probably will be too!

  • Tracy Arnett
    2019-03-28 13:18

    ❤❤❤❤❤The Rocker That Holds MeEmber or "Em" as she is called had a horribly abusive Mother growing up and the four guys that she always ran to were Nik, Jesse, Shane and Drake. They were always there to help patch her up and help her make it through the night. When they made their mark on the band scene and their band signed a contract they still tried to keep Em safe from the horror of a like she was living. Events led Em to be on tour with them and they have never been separated since. Em has been feeling run down and sick for a while but after one trip to the ER she knows that her life and lives of her four guys is going to change forever. Will she ever have the courage to tell the man she loves the truth? Will he hate her? Can they all continue to be a family?All I can say is this book is freaking amazing! I loved a great Rocker Romance and this one definitely is a favorite of mine. Em and Nik are just so perfect and I fall in love with them over and over again with every page I read. Shane, Jesse and Drake are amazing characters too. You feel the love they have for Em and consider her family. I was so moved by the "family" feel of this group of five characters. I definitely will re read this book again and again.The Rocker That Savors Me (The Rocker, #2) Layla is supporting her two sisters and not wanting to follow in Mother's footsteps she has sworn off dating any Rockers. She applies for a job as a Housekeeper to the top Rock N Roll Band; Demon Wings. She meets Jesse and she is just pulled to him but she must fight it. Jesse has always been part of the glue that holds this band together and has never let anyone touch his heart other than his Emmie. In walks Layla into his life and he can't resist her. He wants her but it is more than just for one night. Layla's past catches up to her, but can she and Jesse get past this? Will she finally completely let her heart guide her and ignore the warnings of her head?This is book two in Terri Anne Browning's Rocker Series. I absolutely love this series and every book gives me a bigger look into this close knit family. The connection between Jesse and Layla is just amazing. Terri has a way to make her characters jump off the page and seem so real. Not only do we follow Jesse and Layla but we get more of all the other characters of Emmie, Nix, Drake, Shane and our two new additions of Layla's sisters; Lana and Lucy. This book makes me fall in love with all these characters again. Another amazing hit from Terri yet again. I can't wait for the next book. Definite must read series!!!The Rocker That Needs Me (The Rocker, #3) This is the third book in the Rocker Series and this series doesn't slow down. In this book we explore more of Lana and Drake's story. We know that there is something between the two of them and in this book we find out the demons from Drake's childhood that causes him violent nightmares and the reason he goes to sleep with a bottle of Jack every night. Lana is a sweet and innocent driven student who has is on the college track. Something about Drake pulls her to him. Can she truly be his Angel and save him or will their relationship destroy them both?This book was amazing and I loved learning more about Drake and Lana. This book made me cry and want to throw my kindle across the room. Terri you have another hit on your hands with this book. I adore all the characters in this series and we get to see more in depth story of all of them. Terri has the knack to pull you into a story and you never want to leave. I know that I am loving being part of the Demon's Wings family.The Rocker That Loves Me (The Rocker, #4) This is the fourth book in the Rocker Series. We get to know Shane the easy going demon that loves his women. He was drowning himself in women to escape his past. In walks Harper the photographer and friend of Lana; his Brother Drake's girl. She is simply stunning so Shane pulls out all the stops on her, but she isn't the type to fall in bed with a rock star, especially one with Shane's reputation. Harper has been told how she isn't a beauty and how she will never match her sister's looks. Can Shane show Harper her true beauty or will one mistake destroy everything they are creating?Wow, what can I say about this story? It truly broke my heart because I can relate with what Harper was feeling. I am sure many women can. In this world of beauty and image it is easy to feel like you aren't enough and that is exactly what Harper feels. Especially with her Mother and Step-sister constantly telling her so. So when Shane is blown away by her beauty it is hard for him to understand why she doesn't see what he does. This book moved me so much. I love Harper and Shane, plus we learn more about the rest of the gang too. Terri I loved this book so much and I think it truly is a favorite of mine. The story is one that many can see themselves in. I would love to give this book a million stars because I love it that much.The Rocker That Holds Her (The Rocker, #5) I loved hearing Nik's side of his story. Learning how he met Emmie and how he fell in love with her. We learn more about stories and situations that we hadn't heard of before. I truly loved this book and it explained more of their relationship and the relationship he has with his band mates and brothers. I love this series so much and every book just is better and better, but I have to say this book I LOVED. It made me laugh out loud, cry, scream and fall in love with all the Demon's and their Angels. I would definitely recommend this series to everyone to read. The sex scenes are amazingly hot and not over done or too many. The story pulls you in and you don't want to let go. Definitely a must read book and series.The Rockers' Babies (The Rocker, #6) With everything seeming to come together for Emmie and the rest of the Demon's Wings Family and just when they think they all have the happiness they deserve, the past comes back to haunt them. This will change and impact ripples through Emmie's tight knit family. Will they grow stronger as a family? Who will survive this newest challenge? I don't want to give too much away but this book had me in tears. I hurt so much for my favorite characters. Terri Anne Browning really pulls at my heartstrings with this series. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book and she left me with my heart aching. I have come to love this series and I feel as though the Demon's Wings Family are truly my family. I feel their pain, joys and achievements. Terri has a way a weaving a story around you, that it truly becomes part of you. Amazing read and deserves way more than 5 Stars.

  • Mary
    2019-03-27 19:00

    High School FantasyGiven previous ratings, I was expecting some rock n roll fun. Instead I got a tale similar to something my 15yr old self would have written about the celeb crushes in my day.I'm sorry about Emmie's past but the fact these 4 rock "Gods" treat her like a fragile doll is annoying. The fact that one minute she's tough as nails, the next crying about something stupid (pg or no) is annoying.You want to like the sense of family the author tried to create, but instead there's an overwhelming need to want to laugh at them all.The author has the capability to adequately construct interesting and descriptive sentences. I am able to imagine how the author wanted these characters to look and sound and where there are in any scene.BUT, even the best of descriptions cannot save an R rated foray into Tiger Beat.

  • katherine
    2019-04-06 16:20

    Liked it but.....In this series, as with many, each book repeats previous incidents and conversations. None of this was necessary.This us a classic example of why I don't read many series books. Its a nice premise of the guys taking care of Emmie and how they all ended up otherwise.

  • Angie Turner
    2019-03-24 12:18

    Wow What a wonderful series! I stumbled across this box set and OMG! I'm so glad I did! It's a heartfelt journey through the lives of a incredible group of friends that become family. Ember and her boys Nick, Jesse, Drake and Shane bond over horrific childhoods and a true love for each other. You'll love these bad boy rockers with hearts of gold.

  • Nicola Battison
    2019-04-05 12:21

    I came late to this series but i am glad i did. The story of Ember or Emmie, Nik, Jesse, Drake and Shane is one that will warm your heart. I loved this series reading the journeys of each of the 5 characters is one of the best "rocker bad boy" collections i have read .

  • Karen
    2019-04-17 19:16

    Fabulous set of storiesThis book is a fabulous set of stories. The characters are so well developed you feel that you know them. This well-written collection follows a group of rockers who are family in all the important ways.. I was gifted this book and this is my honest review.

  • Tracy Postiglione
    2019-04-19 13:09

    AmazingI have read each book as a standalone, but I just had to buy this collection and re-read about this wonderful family I love all the characters and their story line, Terri Anne Browning books always so good and hot. Going to re-read the next one.

  • Heidi Mowry
    2019-04-14 15:59

    One of the best rocker series out thereThis series is one that you defiantly must read. Every book just pulls you in and won't let go. If you love a good rocker series with original stories this series is for you.

  • Kayleigh Deal
    2019-04-18 15:09

    What a great series! I loved every single book! And couple! I loved tree dual POV and in the last book the different POV from most of the characters, this book series was hot swoonworthy! Gripping and just all around a great series to read! 💜

  • Danielle
    2019-04-06 19:52

    Great Story!I loved this series & looking forward to reading more about the "Demons" & their families. Emmie was by far by favorite kick as character out of all of the women, but looking forward to see if there is a conclusion to Dallas & Ax!

  • Kia Bunby
    2019-04-17 20:06

    I really enjoyed these books. I Loved finding out about all of the relationships of the diff characters.

  • Rachel Miller
    2019-04-01 20:00

    Demon's WingI very much enjoyed reading about Demon's Wings and their rise to fame and their HEA. Emmie and Nik's story was my favorite!

  • kimberly Dawson
    2019-04-06 14:21

    Loved It Exciting, funny, and sad. I have enjoyed this complete series. Way to g of Terri Anne Browning. I can not wait to read more of your books in the future. Keep them coming.

  • Carolyn
    2019-04-02 19:55

    Love all the Demon Wing stories of love. They were truly great hard to put down stories that I would read again.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-29 14:12

    WowI really loved this box set. I didn't want it to end, I will definitely have to get the rest of the series.

  • Jennine
    2019-03-23 14:17

    DNF. I read the 2 first books and they were ok. I started skimming the third and found that I just don't care all that much about any of the characters.

  • Emma
    2019-04-18 18:18

    This is super hot if secondhand embarrassment turns you on.

  • Chanda Norman
    2019-04-07 18:20

    The perfect rock star series. This 6 book set was so good I left a separate review for each book. You won't be disappoint, happy reading.

  • Cherry Morgan
    2019-03-28 19:53

    EntertainingThis was one amazing ride! I enjoyed eve page of it. Great story, great family. Every character has an amazing story. Very well put together.

  • Amber
    2019-04-19 17:02

    I loved this series simply fantastic I'm so sad its over ....

  • Ashley
    2019-04-06 11:56

    Good readGreat story, couldn't put it down at all, love all the info need a follow up on Dallas and Ax...

  • Raven
    2019-04-05 14:05

    One of my favouritesA must read series for me. Thank you, Terri for creating these wonderful characters. I love having the first six book in one eBook. 😍😜😝😘😚

  • Tanya
    2019-03-20 19:00

    GODS! Wow I freaking loved this series. I came by this series by pure chance, I was looking for a rocker book & found this in pre-order with all 6 books together. As soon as I started reading I knew I was going to love it & I wasn't disappointed, I did find it to be an emotional read, whilst reading in public I was constantly having to discreetly wipe the tears from my eyes. This series follows Nik, Jesse, Drake & Shane who make up the rock band Demon Wings. They grew up together in a trailer park, each having there own issues/ problems to deal & cope with. When the guys are about 15 years old, a tiny 5 year old Emmie moves into the same trailer park with her alcoholic, drug abusive mother, the boys instantly take her under their wing protecting & helping her against her mother the best way that they can. This series follows their lives the women that they meet & how they are irrevocable changed. I have since realised the Rocker series carries on with the band OtherWorld starting with Axton. So happy t discover there are more books!

  • Melinda
    2019-03-25 13:16

    ****TOP 10 RECOMMENDEDSo I went into this as a first time reader of this author and have to say she blew me away. I reviewed eac book individually and have to say I am addicted to this author and her Demon Wings band members. Throughout the whole series there is not just one favorite member. There is Nik who just stole my heart with how deep his love is for his Emmie. Jesse who is like in so many ways a father figure to Emmie but also a brother always watching over her. Shane who have to say was the funniest in the whole band from his sexcapades to his fear of ever settling down. Then we have Drake who by far made me wan to hug him througout the book. Each member has a unique thing about them that is wonderful yet also heartaching. Emmie definitely has it made with these guys and the girls that complete these guys are just perfect for them. Check the following links to see my reviews on each of the books at

  • Books In Brogan
    2019-04-09 18:19

    I love this series and each books just gets better but be warned you will laugh and cry when reading the series you also must read them in order.  This book is the first set in one book the Demon Wings guys are featured in this one and is a great intro to Terri Anne Browning writing style. These books are the guys from the band "OtherWorld"and the next book in the series is The Rocker Who Betrays Me releases on Oct 20th 2015This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan

  • LauraRedmon
    2019-04-15 13:17

    Now, I will start off with this... I do not like Rocker Books. They're usually vulgar and just not up my alley. I decided to try this one and was definitely suprised. The author had a good dosage of characters and it wasn't all about sex (although that part was good too) but also a plot. HEA Guaranteed. This isn't that sappy junk where they fall in love and that's it. They fall in love but go through many hurdles in the way. And let me just say... Woo-Wee! Those rockers have some lickable abs and bitable Adams apples. I give this a book five out of five. Check it out.Cutting Muse Blog Review

  • Meloney
    2019-04-11 18:04

    This box set is awesome!!! Love all the Demon Wings members stories. My favorite was when the guys meet 5yr Emmie. All the Demon Wings child hood stories are heart wrenching that's what makes Emmie's story how the guys took her in so special. Must Read Series!!!