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Advertising director Charles Schine is just another New York commuter, regularly catching the 8.43 to work. But the day he misses his train is the day that changes his life. Catching the 9.05 instead, he can't help but be drawn by the sight of the person opposite. Charles has never cheated on his wife in eighteen years of marriage. But then Charles has never met anyone likAdvertising director Charles Schine is just another New York commuter, regularly catching the 8.43 to work. But the day he misses his train is the day that changes his life. Catching the 9.05 instead, he can't help but be drawn by the sight of the person opposite. Charles has never cheated on his wife in eighteen years of marriage. But then Charles has never met anyone like Lucinda Harris before. Charming, beautiful and a seductively good listener, Charles finds himself instantly attracted. And though Lucinda is married too, it is immediately apparent that the feeling is mutual. Their journeys into work become lunch dates, which become cocktails and eventually lead to a rented room in a seedy hotel. They both know the risks they are taking, but not in their worst nightmares could they foresee what is to follow. Suddenly their temptation turns horrifically sour, and their illicit liaison becomes caught up in something bigger, more dangerous, more brutally violent. Unable to talk to his partner or the police, Charles finds himself trapped in a world of dark conspiracy and psychological games. Somehow he's got to find a way to fight back, or his entire life will be spectacularly derailed for good....

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Derailed Reviews

  • Jess The Bookworm
    2019-04-04 23:45

    Charles, a married man with a good job has his life "derailed" when he meets a beautiful woman on the train, and decides to have an affair with her. This affair ends in the most horrible way possible, and his life is turned upside down when he finds himself in a spiral of lies to protect himself and his family.The only reason that this did not get 5 stars is because I managed to figure out the plot twist very early on, and I am not usually able to do that. Even though it was somewhat predictable, it was captivating and I couldn't put it down. Some of the details were truly horrific and really knocked me at times. This is a great short read, that will keep you hooked right until the end.

  • Lucy
    2019-03-30 06:04

    4.5 stars I loved this! Just a great thriller. Even though I had already seen the movie this book still kept me in suspense. Definitely skip the movie and read the book instead, it's so much better. I felt all sorts of conflicting emotions for the protagonist, Charles. In the end, despite his many faults, I found myself rooting for him. I won't say more since this is best read unspoiled.

  • Rossy
    2019-04-20 23:38

    Surprisingly, I disagree with most readers: I liked the film best. Still, a great thriller!

  • Robert Beveridge
    2019-04-13 01:06

    James Siegel, Derailed (Warner, 2003)I saw the 2005 film version of Derailed a while back, and was unimpressed, to put it kindly. When a friend of mine lent me this novel a couple of months ago, I didn't put two and two together until reading the jacket copy. Of course, I assumed the book would be better, since they almost always are, and dove in anyway.Charles Schine is an ad executive whose life is going along swimmingly until one fateful week when everything seems to go wrong. He loses the firm's biggest account, for one thing. But what really sends his life spiraling out of control is meeting a beautiful woman one morning when he misses the train. They're attracted to one another, despite both being married, but the stumbling beginnings of an affair are interrupted by a nasty mugging that turns into blackmail. But that's only the beginning...While the book is most certainly better than the movie, it does break one of the main rules of thriller-writing; there are things that are obvious chance that get woven into the story as if they were planned by the bad guys. There's one painfully obvious place this happens close to the beginning, and it soured a lot of the book for me. Still, Siegel is a very good writer when he's not strangling the conventions of the genre in ways that many have tried and no one has succeeded. He book is well-paced and well-plotted, and the characters are much better drawn here than they are in the film version. Even if you didn't like the movie, the book is worth checking out. Give it a shot. ***

  • fivethousandbooks
    2019-03-29 01:54

    Some books are so good that you can't put them down. But some books are soooo good that you can't continue reading them because you don't want to know what's going to happen next. This one falls in the second category! Brilliant first novel!

  • jamie
    2019-04-12 02:45

    read it before the movie came out. save your time and just read the book. it keeps you hanging..........

  • Sarah Beth
    2019-04-08 01:49

    In essence, Derailed is the story of an affair gone wrong. A rather average husband and father, Charles meets Lucinda on the train and is sucked into a torid affair. Yet when they finally venture to a hotel room, a man follows them, beats Charles up, robs them, and rapes Lucinda. In the aftermath, Charles is blackmailed, a man is killed, and his family is threatened. Yet was Lucinda who she really claimed to be?If I had to select one word to describe this novel, it would be contrived. Or implausible. The plot was too far-fetched and I was unable to suspend my disbelief. I was further irritated by the complete lack of characterization of every character besides Charles. Every character is one thing - Lucinda is sex, Deanna is devoted, his daughter Anna is ill. It was disappointing. Charles, himself lacks character development for the most part. But of what I do know about him, I don't believe this tale would happen to him. He's too sensible, too loyal, too average. He would have called the police. He would not create a new identity. Also - that bomb would not have gone off. I sort of felt as though Charles was recounting a dream to the reader, in which he is suffering from severe delusions of grandeur. I haven't seen the movie based on this novel, nor do I want to after reading this. And I can't figure out why they wanted to make this into a movie. Even the great plot twist is just not that twist-y.I will say I was impressed by the frame story of this novel, which begins after the main story has concluded. Charles is teaching english to inmates and one begins writing a third person narration of a story of a man on a train. But it's Charles' story. Someone from his past is threatening him by feeding him his own bio. And eventually he takes over and begins to tell his own story in first person. It was a really interesting and unusual introduction and I applaud the originality.

  • David Diamantes
    2019-04-18 06:00

    Derailed is a classic, cautionary tale with enough suspense and plot twists, to keep a jaded reader like me turning pages. Charled Schine is is an advertising executive with job troubles, a sick daughter and a preoccupied wife, trapped on the commuter treadmill. When he meets a dropdead gorgeous woman on the train from Long Island to NYC, sparks fly. She's just what his bruised ego needs. They meet for dinner, have an affair, and then the blackmail starts. Derailed is a well-crafted novel. Siegel throws in enough action, suspense and humor to keep you turning pages. His dialog is flawless. I gave Derailed 5 stars and intend to read more of Siegel's thrillers.

  • Sam Reaves
    2019-03-29 03:08

    Lee Child's blurb for this book says it is "literally impossible to put down"; I did not find this to be the case, having no trouble detaching it from my hand. But I did read it in three or four sittings, which for me is pretty absorbed. It snares you very competently with a tale of a married man, a decent fellow under stress, who in a moment of weakness is drawn into an affair with a beautiful stranger. Bad things ensue and he's off down the slippery slope to mayhem and murder. Very well executed, for me it suffers only from an out-of-left-field deus ex machina sort of plot twist which had me rolling my eyes-- but I finished it. Bottom line, a pretty good read.

  • PattyMacDotComma
    2019-04-01 02:02

    This is one of those stories where you watch the protaganist dare a bit, then dare some more, then get just a bit too far in to get out, but you sort of hope he will manage. Then he begins to struggle to get on top of things all goes awry. Kept me reading to the end, which is more than some books do these days.Couple of days after I wrote this, the movie turned up on TV - enjoyed the story again with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston. Gets into the action quicker than the book, but still frighteningly faithful.

  • Rob
    2019-04-06 21:48

    I read the book first...took two days. Then I saw the movie...took about two hours. Save yourself two hours and just read the book. The book had so many twists and turns that the movie couldn't and didn't convey. There were a lot of things omitted in the movie and a lot of things totally changed that except for the title and the main characters you wouldn't recognize as the same story. That is why I'm a reader.

  • ☆Brittany☆
    2019-04-09 04:39

    If you're looking for a quick page turner then this is it. I watched the movie years ago & I remember loving it. I heard from a friend that the book was better so when I finally stumbled upon the book (thanks to because I could NOT find this book in all the libraries I checked) I delved right in & could barely put the book down.There were a few things I wasn't too crazy over (like insinuating Christians are abortion clinic bombers, but whatever, if that is his opinion of Christians then whatever.) I just kind of get annoyed at close mindedness BUT, I'll put that little opinion aside because of the rest of the book was great.I thought it was very creative & I give it 5 stars!

  • Sheri Zamot
    2019-04-04 02:44

    It was, just as 2 stars indicate, okay.I found it very shocking in the beginning. Almost to the point of not wanting to continue. And, believe me, i've read some brutal stuff. But this was kinda just sick.Then comes the mystery/drama/suspense part... which I actually didn't find all that gripping. There were twists that were good and some that were ridiculous, but overall it kept my attention and I did read about the last 1/3 in 1 sitting.There's a second book... I won't be reading it most likely.

  • Benita
    2019-04-20 05:56

    I was curious about the book because I had watched the movie last year. The book, as always, was much better than the movie. I liked the movie just fine, but the book adds so much more. I plan to read more by James Siegel. Good strong characters and a plot that kept me turning the page.

  • Patrick O'Neil
    2019-04-03 23:44

    Excuse me - New York Times bestseller? Now a major motion picture? Page 43 - tosses book across the room.

  • Lee
    2019-04-01 00:04

    Loved the movie and have to say loved the book more, great story with plenty of twists and turns keeping it interesting.

  • Analicia De Anda
    2019-04-06 22:07

    Great, great book, not so great movie, though, as is almost always the case.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-20 01:46

    A brutal and frightening chiller, with a man who meets a woman on the commuter train, seemingly by accident. Even as he is subjected to vicious attacks, scary blackmail, and the gradual disintegration of his job and his marriage, always in the back of his mind is his young diabetic daughter with failing kidneys. One twist after another brings the story full circle and then veers off in a chilling climax and what seems to be a resolution, but it's not very satisfying.

  • Sharon Lensky
    2019-03-22 05:59

    This book begins rather innocuously as a jailhouse English teacher assigns a creative writing exercise. Things are not always what they seem, however. Multiple twists and turns. Multiple villains. Narrow escapes. Some of the villainry is quite cruel and a bit graphic but overall a very satisfying read.

  • Rachel Scamardella
    2019-04-08 22:06

    I really liked the format of this novel - story inside a story. The book paced well, and reminded me an awful lot of "A Simple Plan." A good suspense novel, but my one criticism is (view spoiler)[... the plot point of the bomb in the hotel was just a little too convenient, and it drew me out of the story and back into reality, where I was left rolling my eyes. (hide spoiler)]

  • Melissa
    2019-04-07 04:41

    The book and movie were equally good, which is a rarity. Definitely recommend this one!!

  • Martin Sloane
    2019-03-31 22:07

    Excellent storyline

  • Robin Roberts
    2019-03-22 21:38

    suspenseful, a real page turner

  • Brian O'Leary
    2019-04-20 04:02

    A great page turner, the twists and turns are great and keep you mentally in tune and wanting to know what happens next.

  • Ro Sands
    2019-03-26 06:07

    Intense gripping suspense thriller. Kept me interested from start to finish. I loved it. Will definitely be reading more books from James Siegel.

  • Thais
    2019-04-08 23:50

    I hate putting down a book forever, just giving up, especially in the middle of a reading challenge. But I almost did. It’s hard not to when the main character of the book is so relentless stupid and selfish downright to the point of being offensive, that you can’t feel any sympathy for him. And all other characters are mere cardboards to be used by the plot – a cardboard caring wife, pretty enough to be an object of affection but one-dimensional and inoffensive, a sick child that is defined by her sickness and still doesn’t seem to have any layered feelings about her fatal condition except sullen, Lucinda whose early devastating experience is never examined too closely and later evilness never explained, and of course, the bad guys, who lack motivation and dimension, but happen to be the only non-white characters in the whole book. Some passages, like “I looked up into a middle-aged Spanish face that might have been okay behind the counter at McDonald’s, but not in the middle of Spanish Harlem with one hundred thousand dollars sitting in my briefcase. Besides, the face looked upset with me, as if I’d just complained about the Happy Meal having no French fries in it, and where exactly was the pickle on my burger?” are so offensive I can barely believe they made it into print. Of course, that could be helped if there were other mitigating factors, but no – the prose is pedestrian, the plot is dumb and contrived. I like a good trash thriller once in a while, but this is just plain trash. To make things worse, there is a silly deus ex machina plot that is so dumb, you can’t really swallow it. And it doesn’t even resolve things, because the author is really invested in making things as convoluted and trite as possible. Perhaps one of the few books I’ve ever read that has no redeeming quality.

  • Karen
    2019-04-08 02:02

    The title aptly fits the story. Derailed, indeed. As in, what a train wreck of your own doing your life has become.In Derailed, an English teacher at Attica asks his students to submit anonymous stories. He's drawn to the story of Charles Schine which appears on his desk regularly in chapters. Charles is a businessman in a lackluster marriage who meets a sexy woman on a train and begins a relationship with her. Eventually they end up in a seedy hotel to consummate their affair. After their naughty tryst they are robbed; Lucinda is raped and Charles is beaten. And so begins a domino effect of blackmail and betrayal.It was hard to like Charles Schine or feel pity for him. A series of bad decisions and blind-eyed idiocy gets him tangled up in a web of lies and blackmail. I figured the big twists out at the beginning which is less about my cleverness and more about common sense in this day and age. Really, who trusts anyone anymore? It's obvious who the real big-baddy is right from the start.Then there is the Deus ex machina no-no that as a plot device is a bit retarded. Faced with certain death, an amazing event happens and our protagonist is saved. Blech. Everything that happens to Charles is of his own making. And I couldn't help thinking how implausible everything was. Any intelligent person would understand their rights and gone to the police straight away rather than allow themselves to be blackmailed. Dumb.As always before reviewing a book, I read reviews from Amazon ranging from 5-star to 1-star. One thing many people said is that our protagonist redeems himself at the end. Hmmm, I think either we're confused about the definition of "redeem" or we aren't reading the same book. The lies and deceit continue right to the finish. The closure is hardly redeeming.

  • John
    2019-04-15 01:47

    DERAILED is everything I look for in a thriller. Putting it down was harder than giving my baby up for adoption. (And, no, I don't actually have a baby, so it's possible I don't know what I'm talking about.)I intentionally avoided the movie version so as to keep myself fresh. Glad I did, too, because there were several things here that threw me for a loop. And I really dig James Siegel's writing--the man knows how to suck you into the story and make you feel like you're part of the action.I have only a couple complaints. One, the main character is too much of a schmuck. It's frustrating watching him make bad move after bad move, digging himself in deeper and deeper. I especially can't stand it when characters provoke a gunfight but forget to turn their safety off. Two, in the most pivotal scene in the book, the main character is about to die but gets saved due to a huge coincidence that simply beggars belief. Hey, Mr. Siegel, that's cheating!Judging from other reviews, it seems that a lot of people picked this up expecting a literary novel. They complain about a lack of character development and believability. If you're looking for a novel that will shine new meaning onto your life, then DERAILED isn't for you. DERAILED is for people who simply want to kick back and have a good time, preferably with a bag of popcorn handy. Believe me, you're going to be too busy wondering what's gonna happen next to worry about momentary lapses in realism.

  • Joe White
    2019-04-08 21:57

    The narrative was told from a historical perspective. It seemed to me to be similar to the reminiscing of someone with a weak personality verging on a disorder problem. The character dialogs weren't really dialogs as they were related from the past tense.I couldn't identify with the narrator/main character, and at best felt that he was an idiot stumbling into life and reacting in the worst way to situations.I thought that the bad guys were given too much credit for making exactly the correct moves with perfect timing. They seemed to operate as an evil force whose presence was felt as a permeating vapor, perhaps something evil from a Stephen King novel.The narrator's daughter had juvenile diabetes. A novel of this type wasn't the best medium to illustrate the cost and physical plight of raising a child with that condition. I thought the ending in the last 90 or so pages had finally turned and was going to salvage the book. But the very final portion which clarified the book from the beginning was just another incredibly bad plot sequence that the narrator magically stumbled into.The vast bulk of this book required speed reading on the order of about 2-3 lines per page to keep the reader in tune with the story line, as there was no compelling reason to keep turning the pages. When the book is put down, it is best forgotten.

  • Alisha B
    2019-04-11 21:43

    Derailed by James Siegel is full of twists and turns and punch-in-the-gut dramatic stops that propel the story forward at a terrifying pace. It’s very easy to have sympathy for Charles, though it was through his own actions that the world is crumbling down around him, and to will him to win out over Vasguez and his accomplices. Derailed illustrates the “line upon line, precept upon precept” and “slippery slope” concepts as Charles crosses farther and farther into moral ambiguity while trying to hide his adulterous indiscretion, a secret any reader with a brain KNOWS will eventually come out.All in all, the book is a good book in that it entertains and thrills the reader. It does experience some slow spots, but those are more for the purpose of lulling the reader in order to amplify the coming shock. And for the most part, the story is believable and possible, enough is established before the bomb that saves Charles goes off to prevent it from feeling like a deus ex machina. However, beyond the initial horror of the rape scene and terror of being stalked, the book isn’t memorable.Derailed by James Siegel is intense, has a lot of violence, language and sex, and not for sensitive readers or anyone under 18.My full review is In the Shadow of Mt. TBR