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Trent Arlington has a terminal illness and due to the downfall in his personal and professional life, he takes that as a sign that he should no longer be alive. But when a chance encounter with a rent boy gives Trent something to live for, it also means he has to face his demons, both present and the past....

Title : till death
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till death Reviews

  • Truuss
    2019-03-19 13:40

    Till Death by Kol Anderson Trent and JustinCan't find the right words to describe this story...I stumble and stumble....Beside every nice thought there sneaks a violent one. Watching a slasher movie Trent calls it god what if there is nothing within reach.....*big eyes* Justin needs Trent desperately and let Trent free in use and misuse....until it isn't free...Trent's definitions about life....I wanted to slap him....because It made my cry.True love (read : life) damn....almost ready to question it...The stupid thing all the horror I'm still and always looking for positive things even if it's the size of a crumb....there has to be something....I was screaming in my head....please let there be something....If you want to know if I find it yourself....True love (again read : life).....damn again...."You are either self-deprecatingly, self-effacingly, self-aware, or unfairly judgmental.""Your past doesn’t bring you close, your present does."Difficult read to goes beyond imagination. It's depressing and violent and with a spark to ignite...But that didn't surprised me....if you know this author.The philosophical side of Trent was amazing and devastating.... it goes deep....A mustread for all lovers of dark reads, for the deliberately ones and for the ones who are curious and want to expand their vision with some extremities.

  • Trio
    2019-03-31 10:50

    Completely down and giving up on life, the main character of Kol Anderson’s newest novel Till Death, has reached rock bottom. Destitute, left by his cheating lover, and facing a terminal diagnosis, Trent has nothing left to live for.A chance meeting with a young, drug addicted prostitute changes his life completely and brings all his past demons to a head.The opening scene is beautifully written and sets up the story so well. I like the way Trent meets Justin, and the first few interactions between the two men bring up a host of issues which the author circles back to later in the story. Anderson does a fantastic job introducing Trent’s character, explaining the dynamic between he and Justin, and creating a plausibility for everything that happens.Now that he’s completely given up on life, the introduction of Justin into Trent’s life changes everything. Trent is forced to confront his demons and to come to grips with his diagnosis, his sexual desires, and all the unfinished business with the people in his life.Both men are victims of past abuse and the desperation Justin shows in trying to figure out his life, and to find love is heartbreaking. Trent recognizes these similar traits in Justin and realizes, “We were both hoping to find the hidden treasure, even though we’d been hurt, hoping for there to be a purpose for the pain we’d been caused. I was starting to lose myself in him. I was starting to feel things again, and fear things again.”Justin’s ghosts are ugly and he’s desperately begging for an escape. He tells Trent his darkest fantasies and he begs for pain, “You have to hurt me,” he says, “Or I won’t feel anything. I won’t be free.” As he explores Justin’s requests a new side of Trent is unleashed and he battles with himself.Here’s the part Kol Anderson does so well…as the sex and violence escalate, Trent vacillates between feeling transcendent relief and complete self loathing.The introspective dialogue of a character who starts out beyond desperation, and eventually accepts that life will go on, is completely engaging in Till Death.Memories and dreams of his past start to haunt Trent and he realizes he needs to confront them head on and step the hell up. Ruminating on his relationship with his ex, Trent ponders the meaning of love and what he gave up when he chose his failed relationship over everything else. Anderson’s writing here about the core of love is beautifully expressed and so much of Trent’s character comes to light, it is exceptionally moving.Things eventually come to a head with Justin and Trent has to face his future, to figure out how to live with a terminal diagnosis, and to see if he can accept love and find a life again.In Till Death Kol Anderson explores core foundations of the human existence - love, betrayal, abuse, death. These concepts are beautifully expressed as Trent comes to grips with what it all means. Honestly, I highlighted so many passages of this story, looking back through them all while writing this review just gave me more to think about…Looks like it’s time for a re-read!

  • Funzee Shu
    2019-04-05 10:10

    The blurb a bit 'promising', but I'm sorry that i have to say this. The book was Awfully meh!Especially what happened at 60%, what Trent did to Justin was totally a mood killer to me. And the twist at nearly end with Trent's brother definitely 'eye rolling' moment for me.But if you into abusive sex, maybe this book suit your taste very well.

  • Ana
    2019-04-17 14:09

    I’m feeling very ambivalent about this book. For one side it had some amazing scenes that gave me just what I look for in a book and hardly ever find, but for the other I feel it lack some important elements in the plot that just that made it hard to be really involved in the story.The things that I didn’t liked were quite a few. First it was the plot, I think it just felt weak, there were some bog holes and I felt confused several times. I’m not quite sure if it was only because the story was confusing by itself or if it was me who was distracted, either way I had issues trying to understand what was going on at times. Second, I really dislike insta love books, and it wasn’t that I didn’t believe they care for each other, but it was all too fast and they even trust the other so quickly telling their darkest secrets when they really didn’t know who they were. Trent’s diagnosis seemed, at times, irrelevant. I don’t think much would change in the book if he didn’t had it. I also had issues with the reasons Trent and Justin had to justify their actions and their sexual fantasies. I had other issues but I guess all the other may be too little to matter that much.Now, what I liked about it was the darkest moments of it. There are some consensual BDSM scenes but I think some readers might have to consider the book have also some abuse and non-con scenes that aren’t mentions as warnings in the blurb so beware before reading. Those scenes I mention were great. I really have some learning to do about it because I don’t really know if it’s correct to say spanking when a belt is used. I’ll admit that that belt scenes was one of the best I’d ever read, and there was something about it that just made me forget every problem I had before with the book and got my total attention since it happened. But, again, I do like to read dark books and I don’t think this might be for every reader so be cautious about it.Overall it was some good and some bad things, I did enjoyed most of it. It wasn’t my favorite book from the author but I do love his books and I’ll keep reading them.

  • Becca Waldrop
    2019-04-13 15:06

    Warning: This book contains violent rape scenes.Shew. This was definitely NOT my kind of book. This book was dark and violent beyond what I normally can handle. If you are not into extremely dark and violent books or if you trigger at non-con, you’ll want to give this one a pass.  This book was very hard for me to take and has left me very upset even days later. However, I recognize that this is a case of it's me not the book so I also want to be objective in this review. If you can get past the subject matter, the writing was actually very well done. The characters are very complex and have had lives that were impossible for most people to take in life. When you read what the main character Trent is often thinking, at times he almost seems philosophical. He's had a lot in his life to overcome and in some ways he never has. Which brings out a side in him that, to some people like myself, is not very pretty. I think that is part of why I gave this book a few extra stars as well. When you look at what he went through in his life, you can almost sympathize with how his life is now.When he meets Justin, things get rough, too rough for me personally, but you may not agree. Trent has found out some distressing news and Justin happens to be something he needed to let go and just be. Justin’s life is as dark as Trent’s for his own reasons and they are both fumbling along trying to help each other with their fantasies and helping each other cope. As far as anything else pertaining to this book, I have to stop there because the subject matter was horrible for me. This book went past what I could handle and left me drained, but not in a good way. This was beyond violent and contained very difficult subject matter. If you are into it, the book is for you. It is very dark. Happy reading!

  • Kol Anderson
    2019-03-27 15:06