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What would you do if you could go anywhere, do anything?Chicago 2039: Head Trip, a virtual travel service, promises exactly that to anyone willing to pay for it. Shelby Hutchinson, a young computer professional, loves the idea and can’t wait to take a trip. She turns to her favorite video game for inspiration and travels to Berlin in 1985. With the assistance of a memorablWhat would you do if you could go anywhere, do anything?Chicago 2039: Head Trip, a virtual travel service, promises exactly that to anyone willing to pay for it. Shelby Hutchinson, a young computer professional, loves the idea and can’t wait to take a trip. She turns to her favorite video game for inspiration and travels to Berlin in 1985. With the assistance of a memorable Soviet agent named Tasha, Shelby learns that chasing spies through Cold War Europe might be a great adventure, but nothing is ever as easy as it seems. When her virtual trip takes an unexpected and dangerous turn, Shelby returns to everyday life, but finds that even that has been changed by her experience.The biggest change comes in the form of a magazine reporter named Trish, who bears more than a slight resemblance to someone Shelby met once before. Together, they discover that Head Trip is hiding a secret, and when that secret turns deadly, will Shelby do whatever it takes to make everything right again? Will she risk everything and take one more Head Trip?...

Title : Head Trip
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ISBN : 9781602821873
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 208 Pages
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Head Trip Reviews

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-05-01 06:38

    You know that scene in Total Recall when Arnold goes into a 'memory' place for a nice 'vacation' trip to Mars? And suddenly stuff is going wrong, and technicians are screaming that something's going wrong? Well, this story isn't that - since the woman who went to the memory place didn't have technicians screaming and running around - but otherwise it was damn near similar. Removing Mars and stuff like that. And hidden memories.Replace Mars with Berlin. In 1985. And Arnold for some random woman who would make the worst spy ever (not because of the way they look and act, or anything like that, but because of their personality - weak-willed, stupidly arrogant (diving into a mission without allowing anyone to tell her what her mission actually is, etc.), quite 'wimpy', and talks to herself (a lot - and this is before, right, adding that part would be spoiler-y).And so - woman goes to that memory place. For a vacation - she just loves shooting up 'commies' on her Playstation. And so she asks for a vacation like that to be implanted in her brain. But she refuses any information - she's going in by the seat of her pants . . . . quite stupid that. And . . . it was established early on that they have the ability to implant languages and the like into the brain. That's how she got French. Her trip puts in her in Berlin and assigns as her 'enemy' the KGB, but . . . she doesn't get either German or Russian implanted into her brain. Why did they even include that part about her getting French implanted if they weren't going to put languages into her, and other skills? So, she's on this mission and completely bloody incompetent. Start to finish. Completely . . .. One of my worst experiences in my life was forcing myself to read that 'vacation' trip to 1985 Berlin. That was just incredibly . . . annoying/irritating/etc. And why the fuck (ack, I've been trying to keep from including fucks) did the super spy have a heavy thick Russian accent? Seriously? Yes, she's from Russia but . . . they have fucking heavy fucking accents in the movies, not in the real world scenario - they have fucking training, classes, etc. so they don't have really thick fucking accents ..... Fuck. My head hurts.Yes, well, naturally the vacation trip goes to hell, she exits a little early, and suffers massive health issues. Then runs into someone who looks like the twin of someone she ‘meet’ on her ‘vacation.’ And so . . . they investigate and shit. There is an interesting premise here. I hated, scratch that, loathed every character though. Andrew the smarmy technician, Jack the overly solicitous underling (to the lead female character), to Tasha the Russian spy with the thick accent but awesome ass; less so Trisha but I’m sure there’s something to loath about her (Trisha being the Tasha clone/twin/template).This book makes me wish I could go soak my brain in acid. Right, finally tracked down ‘head female woman’ name – Shelby Hutchinson. Which is stupid of me, since the bloody obvious Russian spy with the really thick accent kept calling her by her whole fucking name every fucking two fucking seconds. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…acid bath for brain please.One last note – it’s some far date in the future, but there were references dropped that didn’t really make a lot of since for it being the far future. Why would someone be described as being a ‘skinny Billy Idol wannabe’ in 2039? Also a) ‘skinny Billy Idol’ as opposed to what? Billy Idol is a super skinny dude; b) he was born in 1955 – he would be 84 in 2039, if still alive people born and living as adults in 2039 probably think of him the same way people born in my generation think of . . . oh, Betty White – old (though I’ve seen some early pictures of her – she was quite nice looking back in the day (good grief, I accidentally just saw a nude picture of her, Betty White had posed nude at some point? Huh; ironically I just saw a Snopes page for her saying that the hot young woman that gets returned as a 20 year old White isn’t her; but I had not been looking at those pictures when I mentioned she was quite nice looking back in the day – but actual pictures of her when she was 35; you can tell how bored I am of this book and review in that I first examined what people would think of Billy Idol in 2039, then started looking at pictures of Betty White)). November 25 2016

  • Justina
    2019-05-11 08:50

    This book is very entertaining and as it appears to be happening in 2039, adds an attractive factor of a peek into the future. Then, the being in the future gambit takes a wild and woolly leap into a mind assault which leaves the heroine battling brain seizures. The nefarious businessman responsible for multiple physical and mental breakdowns, seemingly feeling no remorse, seeks to cover up the disabilities by any means necessary. The romp into the future with its amazingly imaginative worlds has turned into a battle to the death. I was completely captured and glued to my seat! There are also two potent love stories with a most intriguing connection. If you like your socks rocked as I do and some incredibly energetic storylines, you are in for a super treat. I most certainly recommend this, but not to the faint of heart!Shelby Hutchinson, often called Shel, is the information director for Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She has not taken a vacation in over four years, but does have eight years of perfect attendance. Her good friend and work associate, Jake, thinks he has the ideal solution to Shel's inability to take a entire week compressed in a little less than a couple of hours and all happening within the monitored confines of Head Trip Travel Services. Jake convinces Shelby she hardly spends any money on herself so she would qualify as an 'über-affluent' person. Shelby seems convinced that not only can she afford this but can do it on a Saturday, thereby not missing any work time. Can anyone be that locked into their job? Of course! Comrade Natasha Mikhaylova, Tasha to Shel, commandeers Shel's attention early into her computerized action adventure vacation. Tasha is very Russian and very hot. Tasha gets a tad annoyed at Shel's lack of skills for a United States CIA Courier. In fact, Tasha is completely disgusted about Shel's class A doofus rating. However, Tasha is quite delighted with all of Shelby's sexy qualities. They get hot with each other at every possible opportunity. A few opportunities do crop up as they are racing against other agents and the clock to get to their final destination. The head trip is just completely fantastic and I wanted to sign up immediately! However, Shelby's adventure ends precipitously and with severe consequences. Shel's adverse response to the abrupt ending of her trip could have been worse as she later finds out. She takes a proactive stance to get to the bottom of Head Trip's severe failings. Two somewhat separate situations envelop Shel as she is masterminding her counter-offensive on Head Trip Travel Services. Both of these elements make the end of the story even more of a romp and a blast, which I totally enjoyed.This book is definitely for geeky and futurist computer type folk, but it can certainly be enjoyed by anyone with a wide-open imagination. It is also fairly easy to be totally drawn in, joining Shelby's single-minded battle to get her mind completely restored and to nail the soulless businessman behind all of her current troubles. Magnificent!NOTE: This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Liza
    2019-05-18 02:50

    Good: femme-butch romance, interesting scifi premise, 6/10 for sex scenes which was better than I was expecting (apparently sex between women only involved one orgasm each as standard - what - but on the plus side nobody's cunt got referred to as 'her centre' which was a relief), hilarious Microsoft Word reference, appropriate erotic worship of femme style, some cool action scenes, easy read.Bad: the writing was appalling, the story was pretty empty, the characters were undeveloped (although the main character, Shelby, still managed to be really annoying - stock character boring "functional" butch), there was an unnecessary straight man best friend major character, it was yet another novel set in the future where apparently gender norms etc have not been at all challenged or changed, lazy commie-bashing, dissatisfying finale, very little interesting/innovative scifi technology.Overall I'm glad I read it, it was nice to get through a book quickly and yay lesbians, but I could have written it a million times better and thrown in some revolutionary stuff. Still, it gave me a break from my brain, which is the main reason I read.

  • Philip
    2019-05-20 07:33

    Exciting and well-constructed story - one of those that causes you to stay up too late because it's hard to put down! This delightful adventure/detective story takes place in the not-too-distant future when it's possible to take a virtual vacation in one's head through computer technology. The virtual vacation program is not perfect, it seems, so our protagonist - and many others, she learns later - has some very unpleasant after-effects. The life-threatening virtual adventures lead to life-threatening adventures in her real life. I won't spoil this further; at 187 pages it's a quick and exciting read, and you should pick up this book if you like the genre. Full disclosure #1: Our heroine is a lesbian, and there is some romance. Full disclosure #2: D.L. Line is a personal friend, but I wouldn't review the book if I didn't enjoy it.

  • Sally
    2019-05-18 03:27

    I found this one to be a quick, light, entertaining read, but there wasn't much about it I found particularly memorable. Although the concept of programmed dreaming is hardly original, the complications arising from it (which drive the second half of the book) are interesting, and the cross-time lesbian romance element was a nice twist. Personally, I would have liked to see a bit more of a balance between the adventure and the romance, but that's a minor quibble.

  • Lynn
    2019-05-27 02:38

    I really enjoyed this book. I actually laughed out load for the first time in years over a book, my partner thought I had lost my mind laughing at a book but it was truly entertaining.

  • Debra
    2019-05-12 09:25

    Well, I love this book and not just because it's written by a close friend of mine. It's a lesbian romance but it's got an unusual plot and resolution. It's half-adventure, half mind-bending and both are done very well. I highly recommend it!

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-05-24 02:39

    2011 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)