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In #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey’s captivating novel, an innocent young lady’s fi rst brush with royal court intrigue lands her at the altar alongside one of London’s most notorious rogues. It was the chance of a lifetime. . . . For Lady Rebecca Marshall, a whirlwind of excitement begins when she becomes a maid of honor at the court of Queen VictorIn #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey’s captivating novel, an innocent young lady’s fi rst brush with royal court intrigue lands her at the altar alongside one of London’s most notorious rogues. It was the chance of a lifetime. . . . For Lady Rebecca Marshall, a whirlwind of excitement begins when she becomes a maid of honor at the court of Queen Victoria. But when Rebecca unknowingly steps into the rivalry between the Queen’s spymaster and a noblewoman who uses the maids as courtly spies, she is soon entangled in a web of deceit with the charming marquis Rupert St. John. The devastatingly handsome ne’er-do-well is the cousin of Raphael Locke, with whom Rebecca was once infatuated. . . . He’s also a secret agent of the crown who leads a double life. Certain that guileless Rebecca is spying on him, Rupert seduces her—then, forced to wed, he believes she has set a trap of the worst sort in order to marry into his powerful family! But as he comes to know Rebecca’s true heart, his vow of revenge and infi delity becomes a desire to share many passionate nights—only with his beautiful wife....

Title : A Rogue of my Own
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ISBN : 9780552160827
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A Rogue of my Own Reviews

  • Lov'em
    2019-03-19 15:53

    I can't give this book more than one star for three main reasons:1. 2/3 of the way into the book I'd yet to find any reason why these two shouldn't just walk away and forget the other existed. They argued and tried to spite each other through most of the book. And yet at the end the reader is suppose to believe that suddenly all is forgotten and they live HEA.2. I couldn't stand the female lead. She was so annoying and whiny.3. If I find myself laughing my butt off during an intimate scene and rolling my eyes at supposed "tender" moments, it is not a good thing. Too cheesy! Sorry, I know some people like that, but it's not my thing. Lastly, I was really annoyed by the writer's inability to show me why the male character was so drastically changed by his love for Becca. I am not a cynic, I do believe that a person can change for the better. Yet, it's hard for me to buy that a person (specially a guy) can have a complete personality transplant (overnight) simply because he/she falls in love.

  • Diana
    2019-03-25 17:48

    Really, this book should be called "A Rogue! Of My Own!" ! !!!! (JL loves her some exclamations. DC prefers to not see them).I keep doing this. I pick up a JL book, thinking it sounds interesting. And it always does. And then I read it. And it stops being interesting after the first chapter. Even worse is when I'm re-reading a JL book because I didn't recognize it at first. Clearly, she has staying power in my mind. This book was full of "you're lying to me because I'm a spy and I can't trust anyone" and "you're so charming and handsome, why can't I stay mad at you?" to reach a unsatisfactory ending. JL is definitely on my "don't bother" list. I usually end up almost chucking her books against the wall, but persevere to finish. Barely.

  • Caroline
    2019-04-01 17:46

    A crudely stitched patchwork of mismatched pieces. The arrival of Rebecca Marshall at Buckingham Palace as a new maid of honor and the details of personal and political intrigues at the court of Queen Victoria were refreshingly different, but as the narrative rushed nowhere and finally disintegrated, I was left wondering about the authenticity of the historical detail.First impressions of Rebecca are of a beautiful, intelligent, and self-assured lady, sparking anticipation of her part in the story. The first of many wrong notes is struck by her adolescent infatuation with the handsome 'rogue' Rupert, and the startling speed with which she gives up her virginity and achieves instant orgasm. Rupert St John is supposed to be some kind of government intelligence agent, but the background to this is not developed, and we're left with an almost psychotic lothario who apparently hangs around society venues collecting information for his sexually ambiguous handler. Rebecca becomes pregnant and her attempt to confront Rupert with her predicament only gets her caught up in a chase across France to visit a Englishman who is suspected of smuggling arms.Rupert doesn't believe Rebecca is pregnant, squabbles and spats ensue, families get involved, undying love is declared, but nothing can compensate for the fundamental weakness in characterisation and lack of control over the structure of the narrative.

  • Rosanne
    2019-04-11 11:53

    Lots of "!!!!!" in this book. Was a bit off-setting. The characters were likable. But the "love" aspect hardly believable. More like both parties just found each other sexy. Therefore they wanted sex. Overall somewhat flat.

  • Kasey
    2019-04-10 15:39

    While I liked this story and the characters I was a little disappointed with Lindsey in this book. There was some use of language so obviously out of that time frame that I actually had to pause and think about what I was reading. I wouldn't necessarily expect perfection in language, but the use of current slang for something set in this time frame is outrageous. Besides that the story was off to a good start. I still thought I was going to like it more. I actually liked both Becca and Rupert. They had there difficulties to overcome, but Lindsey spent so much time harping on the negative part of their relationship that I get why some people couldn't figure out where they fell in love. Well I will clarify that for them. There were a couple of sentences stating that over the past weeks they had been nice to each other (not in those exact words) apparently somewhere in there they both got past there issues, but did not realize the other had and were angry with themselves for it. While I completely understand glossing over a couple of weeks in a story if that is the only time the characters are nice to one another it would be helpful in a romance story to give us a few occasions that lead to this love match. Plus it would help for everyone not to hate the hero. His adamant beliefs up until the VERY end of the book did not help anyone believe they loved each other. At some point along the way it actually became childish and undermined the intelligence he was suppose to have.

  • Aftergloh
    2019-03-25 12:47

    Did not Like this one at all, and I am A HUGE fan of Her Work. To me this one Had too many negatives for me to Even attempt to read it all the way through. I made it half way through if that...and that was Pushing it.The Main Male Character Was Extremely Unlikable IMO. One of his first encounters With the Main Female, he grabs her breasts. Big turn off, and he was Way to Cocky and full of himself for me to even attempt to like him.The Female in the book seemed Like she was mentally too young. School Girl-ish and to me didn't seem appreciative of the situation she was in. There seemed Like there was More talk on the Queen, her ladies in waiting, servants and such then anything. Very Little on each page seemed to pertain to the actual love story. I found myself Skipping over half of the paragraphs on each page out of Sheer Boredom.Nigel, a Side Character Was a Huge turn off for the book as it basically described him as a pedophile against young boys...No thanks.So for me this was NOT a book I finished nor will I attempt to read again.I am sure many will love this book, but just wanted to give my honest review.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-02 16:52

    There are basically two kinds of books. Ones where when I go to change the audiobook CD and see that there are still many discs to go I rejoice, and ones in which that same knowledge makes me cringe. Unfortunately, this book was in the latter category.(view spoiler)[A Rouge of My Own rubbed me up the wrong way as soon as the hero was introduced. I liked Rebecca quite a bit until Rupert came on the scene. She was smart and strong enough to stand up for herself in the beginning. But then she meets lover boy and turns into a complete idiot. She's LITERALLY so awestruck by his incredible good looks that she can't think straight. Seriously. At their first face-to-face meeting she literally stood there staring at him with her mouth hanging open until he sexually assaulted her in order to snap her out of it. Neither one of them comes off looking good in that scenario. She looks like a fool for so obviously drooling over him, and he's a bastard for grabbing her boobs like that. Honestly, there were about a billion other ways he could have snapped her out of her idiotic stupor that didn't involve doing something so despicable. Unfortunately, things don't improve from there. Although Rupert has been unforgivably rude and assaulted Rebecca and makes no bones about admitting that he likes to "spread himself around" when it comes to the ladies, she's still so gobsmacked by his looks that she's panting after him. It's pathetic. I really couldn't root for Rebecca when she was being such a pathetic idiot. There was nothing redeemable about Rupert other than that he was apparently ungodly handsome. And frankly, I was sick to death of hearing about his "angelic" good looks by the second chapter. It's mentioned over and over and over and seems to be the only thing that attracts Rebecca to him. That's not a romance as far as I'm concerned. It would have made for a much better story if Rebecca was the one person who WASN'T bowled over by his looks. The one who looked past that and liked him for who he was on the inside.Unfortunately, Rupert doesn't seem to have an "inside." JL really could have done a lot more to make Rupert a nuanced character. His whole life he's had people fawning over his looks, and since the age of 14 he's been pushed to use those looks to gather intelligence for Queen and country. Everywhere he goes, women (and sometimes men) goggle at him because he's just sooo stunning. There was a perfect opportunity here for JL to show us a Rupert who secretly hated his good looks because it meant no one ever treated him like a regular person. That no one ever bothered to get to know the real him, because all they were after was his body. But no, Rupert isn't that deep. He's perfectly fine with his lot in life. Just a little bored with how easily he can have any woman he wants.Sadly, things just keep getting worse as the story goes on. The plot was really weak and didn’t really hang together. It starts with Rebecca becoming a maid of honor to the duchess and moving into the palace. Soon after arriving she finds out that the woman in charge of the maids of honor, Sarah, forces all the girls to snoop for her. She has them illegally search people’s rooms, deliver notes outside the palace, eavesdrop on private conversations, and pressures them to use their feminine wiles to distract men when it serves her purpose. Even though Rebecca is a supposedly strong, smart woman, she still stupidly lets Sarah talk her into getting involved with these sordid activities by implying that she’s operating on the queen’s behalf. As if the queen would send some completely inexperienced girl fresh out of the school room to do any kind of important espionage mission. Naturally she gets caught on her first mission by none other than Rupert.Rupert is likewise being employed as a spy, only he’s the real deal (sort of) and he’s been tasked with figuring out why Sarah is gathering information. This, of course, sets our hero and heroine up for Big Misunderstandings. Absolutely none of this was interesting. Seriously. All this “palace intrigue” was much ado about nothing. It was an incredibly toothless storyline. No one is plotting to assassinate the queen or overthrow the government etc.. Nothing was a stake here. It was all just a weak plot to create problems for our happy couple, which is lame.Rupert’s spy-boss, Nigel, decides to recruit Rebecca over to his side and asks her to report on Sarah’s activities. Rebecca hesitates to get involved, having just told Sarah to take her despicable demands and shove them, but eventually agrees solely because it’ll give her an excuse to be near the god-like Rupert, who will act as a go-between. It’s pathetic how everything Rebecca does is motivated by her uncontrollable desire to be near this guy who treats her like dirt. Nigel, plot-conveniently, neglects to inform Rupert of this whole go-between situation so the one and only time Rebecca seeks Rupert out to pass on information, he assumes she’s in his room for sex and starts kissing her before she can get a word in edgewise. Although she doesn’t really put much effort into her protests because his merest touch makes her brain fall out. Rupert is, of course, shocked to discover that Rebecca is a virgin and quickly concludes that SHE seduced HIM as part of her evil spying for Sarah. That she’s “so devoted to the cause” that she was willing to give up her virginity in pursuit of it. Right. She’s been at the palace for all of two days and only just met Sarah but she’s so completely devoted to her already that she’s ready to risk public ruination just to please her. Yeah, that makes sense.Like I said, Rupert acts like a huge @ass for the majority of the book and it really didn’t make sense for him to do so. He hangs onto this idea that Rebecca is secretly this wicked, master-level con artist even after all the things he’s accusing her of have been disproven. It was a ridiculous and frustrating circle of him accusing her of something, and her giving him a perfectly logical explanation for it, and then him saying “A-HA! Obviously you must be guilty since you had such a great excuse all ready!” He twisted every situation until he could find some scenario that would put Rebecca at fault even when the most logical answer was that she was innocent.Even after Rupert’s boss verifies that Rebecca WAS working for him and everything else she’d told Rupert is 100% true, he just shifts his theory to give Rebecca a new, yet equally evil, motivation. Now instead of her being a spy, she must be out to trap Rupert himself! Because, naturally, she winds up pregnant from their one time together. Rupert immediately accuses her of lying and insists for practically the whole book that she’s faking her pregnancy. Even going so far as to say that she’s sticking her finger down her throat to fake the morning sickness and stuffing herself with food to gain weight. Later on, after they’ve reluctantly gotten married (but only until Rupert can prove she’s lying about the baby), Rupert decides it wasn’t actually HIM she wanted to marry, just anyone in his family. Honestly, his excuses for hating her get weaker and weaker as time goes on.And in between all his accusations, Rebecca is still melting into a breathless puddle if he even so much as looks her way. It was pathetic. And she was also behaving like a crazy person for most of the book. Lindsey saddled her with all the clichéd pregnancy symptoms. She puked her guts up all morning, every morning, then promptly got famished and stuffed her face at lunch. She was moody and swung from towering fury to bursting into tears at the drop of a hat. And eventually she decided she was in love with Rupert even though he hadn’t done anything even remotely close to deserving it.The ending was unsatisfying because Rupert didn’t do nearly enough groveling and waited waaaay too long to give his token apology. At a party Sarah confirms that everything Rebecca had been telling Rupert was true and he just totally accepts that. Um, what? After spending the whole book jumping through all these hoops to convince himself Rebecca was this criminal mastermind who was working for Sarah all along, he believes Sarah’s word without question? That makes no sense! Why wouldn’t he just assume that Rebecca and Sarah had conferred and made sure that Sarah gave the same story Rebecca had? It was ridiculous that Rupert, who had been so far beyond skeptical and cynical the whole story, would just suddenly lose that part of his personality simply because we were reaching the end of the book and it was time for him to get on board with the romance.But after he has this great epiphany that Rebecca was innocent all along, he does absolutely nothing with that information for several days. Instead of going straight to her, apologizing and begging her forgiveness, he just starts trying to sex her up. But for such a well-known rake, he’s incredibly clumsy in his attempts to woo her. For example, one of his bright ideas is to approach his rapidly fattening wife, grab her thickened waist and “jokingly” accuse her of doubling up on the desserts in order to perpetuate this fake pregnancy charade. That’s insane. On what planet would this EVER be a good idea? The whole book he’s been accusing her of being a lying snake, and yet now that he’s in love with her he’s going to….go on accusing her of being a lying snake? Yeah, nice job, Romeo. Not to mention that pointing out she’s getting fat has never won over any woman in the history of the world EVER. And it never will.(hide spoiler)]So all in all, this was a frustrating book and I didn’t like either main character. Rebecca started out smart and strong, but as soon as she met Rupert she became a hormonal, self-defeating idiot. Rupert was a first-class jerk from start to finish and didn’t even come close to making up for it in the end. There was absolutely no romance to speak of and I give their relationship 6 months at best. I did like Rebecca’s mother and maid, though. They were both great, strong characters and I loved the way her mother handled the villain at the end. Go mom!

  • Magpie67
    2019-04-11 13:48

    I do enjoy a good spy book with witty, scandalous reasons... Queen Victoria has a small group of men who are always looking for spies amongst the guests or court appointed positions. The place, Buckingham Palace. The political regime is the Tories vs the Whigs. The Tories (Conservatives) being in power at the moment. Rebecca will be a maid of honor on the Queen's court, an elite spot according to her own mother. When the Whigs were in power, Lilly didn't have a chance to be on the court as her family were staunch Tories thus court appointments were hard to obtain. Now I was getting into the spy business, within Buckingham Palace until that got cut short or should I say the story of the couple progressed into personal territories. I would have also liked to seen a few showdowns with Nigel and Sarah as they were the rivalry instigates on the spy issues. Put a group of women together with too much time on their hands and you might just have a cat fight. A group of maids of honors... all looking for husbands or a few trysts. Lady Elizabeth was a spoiled rotten girl who thought she deserved more than anyone else. She was quick to try and embarrass Rebecca, was a cad of roommate and was looking to trap a husband rather than work the circuit at all the balls. What an evil, green streak she possessed. I found Rebecca to be a refreshing woman of her age. Her witty repartee caught a bachelor off his mark a few times. Alas, Rupert let his mind go wild that Rebecca was a spy on the Queen's court and out to get valuable information, so he seduced the gel and didn't bat an eye of the hurt feelings he caused and when it comes to bite him in the arse... well he had to get down on one knee to woo the lady back and acknowledge his love was for real. Both of these characters had a very strong female presence in their growing up years. Moms! Educated, no nonsense Moms who ran the household and still had a genuine heart. Costume balls, old fashion dancing, the ton, the social scene... what is it that attracts me to this genre? Reincarnation? I do have a love for old castles, old architect and apparently old, if not slightly twisted values. I believe the skirt chasing men have always been around thus the allure of the bad boy syndrome. Rogues.... There was even a short ship trip... This being my all time favorite author... hands down a delightful romance that captivated my soul on more than one compelling quality. One more book Let Love Find You. I've been romancing since February this year, might as well finish this series.

  • Dione Sage
    2019-04-17 17:45

    This is the first Johanna Lindsey book I have read. I wasn't disappointed in 'A Rogue of My Own' although the spy scenes in my opinion were a little lacking in thrill and adventure but I suppose that is a bit much to expect from a historical romance novel or at least the ones I have read. In my opinion a great historical romance fiction novel is made great by a few factors. One the characters must be charming. I believe the characters in this book were pretty likable up until the end where I felt almost as if the hero came to certain realizations rather quick. The next factor in making a story exceptional to me is the plot must make sense and flow rather smoothly. This book did that so I won't complain. Then like a cake I like to see layers in books that can be peeled away to reveal everything. What I mean by that is that other than the plot and characters, I love substance mingled in. I do like a little bit of actual historical facts blended in to a story. If there is not that factor than I rely on the story adding something more to the scenes. THIS is where 'A Rogue of My Own' lacked for me, it didn't have historical facts nor did the spy scenes seem very interesting. I know this review is probably a little more like a rant because I have spent a month of reading Romantic Historical Fictions and while I enjoy them I am to a point where I want more from them. I wanted this book to wow me with dangers that would bring the characters out in new lights or perhaps instead of focusing on the palace intrigues that never went anywhere before jumping into a secret spy mission it would have been nice to focus on one scenario and develop it more. I did like that the hero and heroine had witty attitudes and flawed personalities without over reaching for the most part in the character development but as I said earlier the end felt a bit rushed and I don't like feeling like I didn't complete a story when I reach the end of a book. I did give this book 4 stars but I would actually say for me it was about 3.5 and maybe it is because I have read to many books in this genre this month and need to take a break from it before my views get skewed.

  • Joan
    2019-04-12 13:44

    At first glance, I thought that this book had everything:-Victorian England-court intrigue-a rogue who is also a spy!But the court intrigue never fully develops (if you could really call it that), the Victorian elements seem tacked on at best (as if the author hadn't figured out where to set her novel until the very end and then just settled), and the hero isn't a very good spy (or a rogue).I think the part that irritated me most, though, was where the heroine is marrying the hero (aboard a boat over the Channel!) even as she is saying that she doesn't want to. She wasn't truly being forced, but even so, I just can't countenance it.

  • Mollie *scoutrmom*
    2019-03-27 16:07

    The Lindsey formula has been varied a bit for this one, but it's still very good. The Victorian era setting made a nice change from all the Regency historicals we've been bombarded with.This is a book of assumptions, miscommunications, and not getting a message through because of turning emotional ... on the part of both protagonists. I found the villain of the final scene to be contrived, the book would have worked well without that.One thing that bothered me is that the heroine has a lot of spunk and backbone, until she is kissed, then she just goes ditzy on the reader. Too bad.

  • Melissa Andrews
    2019-04-06 13:50

    After I finished this book I was really upset that I'd bought it and not Menonnite in a Black Dress or A Good Indian Wife or one of the other books I perused while waiting for a delayed plane.The characters annoyed me - everything worked out too easily at the end, and it was just flat. I think I've read other Lindsey books and may have enjoyed them, but this one didn't do it for me. That's what I get for not getting to the library before traveling and being forced to buy something in the airport.

  • Heather
    2019-04-13 16:57

    i feel wrong even givin this 2stars.why dont u just tell us everything that happens n the book while ur at it? i mean,cud u possibly get a more revealing description? wut surprises cud we possibly have wen we know the whole storyline?modern things-out with the old,in w/the new.snub.commode stand.smidgen.i beg2differ.all thumbs.scatterbrained. cart my clothes all over the place.primping. dumbstruck.awestruck.hounded him.backfire. wiry build.she also uses completely modern expressions like "i swear." riffraff. miracle worker.begin from scratch. thats old news.on that front.went overboard.course there flew the works.magnet4snoops. randered dazzled. stubble. mix-up. total waste of time.perfect strangers.dumbfounded. smart as a whip.well,damn me. spylike. fanatic. god-awful.drastic measures. im 90% material.knack. servin u up on a platter. prime tactic.hard-nosed.hearin this&that. one&the same.nippin scandals n the bud. funny u shud say that. joke.rendezvous.huge amount of money.knack.snooping.burned bridges.dont go down w/o a fight. time on his hands.hounded.go-between.bedazzled.luv.stupid.1 surprise after another.over-the-top. good god.wild card.vicious surprise there.bubbly excitement.stuck out like a sore thumb. they were a "couple." flat(house). bachelor flat(why dont u go ahead &say pad?!). whip him nto their sheep.disclaimer.fair was fair.bargained 4.get the message.graduated from ur n sexy disarray.gave u ample time.dint play dumb.takin 10 times as long.the last straw.far-fetched. screamin match.throw up.tremendous.out&about. spill her guts. bedazzlement. n full swing.spit it out.oldest tactics around.she was fakin.hacking up. out of her mind w/worry.pissant.hop across the [email protected] rate.plain&simple.roomy.gaudy.time on our hands.bizarre.flashy.faker.rub it n.guess wut.2bad. no harm dun.true colors.stuck2ur cetera.have that backwards.1st name [email protected] seams. spilled the beans.beat around the bush.out of the blue.dumb.lousy.guilty as charged.benefit of the doubt.oldest trick n the book.lie on the fly.mope.fite tooth&nail.sucker.filled2 the brim. mood swings.dowdy.full scale.misery loves company.nipped n the bud.bored2tears.twiddle thumbs. full-blown.all-time low.easy on the off the handle.jet-black.ace n the hole.ball&chain.wishy-washy.its a long story.tongue was tied.stupid.came n2 his life w/a bang.tardy.losin my touch.head out of the clouds.idk why shes writin like this is a western. 'deed i do.a'tall.darn.m'dear. more'n. 'deed. we're not in america,we're in ENGLAND. where is crap like this comin from-more'n. till.m'self.johanna uses a modern expression&then changes the words as if we cant notice wut ur sayin is wrong. like "makin them feel like complete incompetents" instead of complete idiots. not only duz she use modern expressions but she also has her characters talkin completely modern. "do i look like a miracle worker?" & "duz that refresh ur memory?" "oh,good grief."rebecca threatens a girl &her response is "or what?" cud u get nemore modern? "am i a mind reader now." "r u jokin?" "pretty much." " do i look like i care?" "none of ur business." "i wanted2 have more ammunition4 my mother." "u have floored me." "cat got ur tongue." "but still.." "felt the bubbly glow of it." "it wasnt everyday 1 lost her virginity2 a rogue." "do u rlly think im so stupid that i wudnt figure that out?" "thats about as far-fetched as it can get." "but u,4 sum stupid reason i can no longer fathom." "let me get this straight." "duz that about sum it up, m'dear?" "im dun w/this whole affair." "u were good b4,but uve def. graduated 2much better." "almost had me buyin it." "im pretty sure." "u give new meanin2 the word dense." "he knows im good4 it." "who knows,u cud get lucky." "did i not say no? yes im sure i did." "in&out of my destination city n1day." "that plus seasickness." "a 1st 4me." "w/sum flair &pomp will get us n the door sooner." "keepin u n the dark." "chew on that,lord know-it-all." "everything-is-wonderful attitude."i dont like wen authors use a lot explanation points cuz it makes the characters sound stupid! example of a stupid sentence-"but not b4 she glanced at rebecca &turned up her nose w/ a humph!"omg the whole nigel n love w/rupert thing cud have ben left out!"do u no why elizabeth is s provocative?" is it just me or is provocative the wrong word?like n a man2 call my own,the girl character is a lil mean& overly critical wen describing other ppl. like sayin the color of the dress elizabeth was earing asnt her color.or that a woman was ugly cuz she had no curves,crooked nose &a long face.u shud insulted ppl w/no curves.just like n a man 2call my own by johanna,the guy starts out soundin respectable& quickly takes a turn4 the worse.upon meetin rebecca4 the 1st time,he grabs her breasts. i know he was tryin2 "bring u back2 ur senses" but there r better ways.why,if he thinks shes a lover of nigels,wud he be sittin there caressing&touchin her?! &sure,its fine that its the main character,but all im focused on is why hes doin it.wut if it had ben another girl? wud he be doin the same thing2 her? authors rlly mess [email protected] like this.him sayin "i will make assumptions more2 my liking" was basically sayin he'd assume she was a whore. great character already.sum convos by johanna r hard2follow.rebecca is the WORST spy n history.she all but admitted she was sent2 spy on i sed,the guy starts out respectable,&then u start hearin that hes good at seducing women &is an acclaimed skirt chaser.&was "inflamed" w/a wench @the age of FOURTEEn,for goodness sakes. the maid was "always teasing,but nvr delivering." 1st of all,that sounds modern.2nd,idw hear that crap.we find out that theres yet another guy who has a thing 4guys-or excuse me,not men or women,but lil boys-so nigel gets rupert2 do "w/e it takes" 2get info from rupert "always teased,but nvr delivered." i dont even wanna no how far he took that.i just have2 stop the thoughts rite there.&wuts up w/spys n here?it sounds like u can just get ne1 2be a spy.w/no training wutsoever. maids, beautiful young boys. all n the "duty of ur country."we get gay men-or is gay cuz he was married,has children&keeps mistresses?-we got pedafiles. wut r u gunna cram n here next?"if a woman expected him2 seduce her,well,by all means..." just like n A Man to Call My Own,u start out likin the guy &then u very quickly change ur opinion.u act.start2 hate him.w/a speech like this,u think the guy mite be respectable,but dont be fooled. "country can be served w/o givin up every sense of decency.its called findin the balance u can stomach.its called usin ur head2 find a solution u can live w/." well apparently he duznt mind seducing women then."spreading himself around." another modern term.-'"he can be wickedly bold." her blush suggested she'd ben a target of that wickedness.' wow.& this is the guy the main character ends up w/.johanna sure knows how2 write a romance book.not only did johanna not have a grasp on western romance but she duznt have a grasp on regency romance either.leading me 2believe that u cant do historical romance at all.-this is completely modern-"i wud suggest a swim n the garden lake.maybe u'll do me a favor &drown."-we're supposed2 feel better that rupert dint take "quick advantage of elizabeth's ardor." shes a plump girl who isnt rlly pretty.its no wonder he dint.wut if it had ben a slim pretty girl? @the slightest inclination,she just blurts out everything sarah asked her2do. irritating that even tho becca knows hes a skiirt chaser&has possibly seduced evelyn&lord knows wut w/elizabeth&sarah &countless others,she'd "enjoy ANY contact" w/him. just duz he dint kiss elizabeth n the gazebo duznt make him any better."since the ladies do visit [email protected] all hours of the day&nite."its funny that she can make male characters so freakin unlikable. like u do realize we shud LIKE the characters,not hate them.again,her books dont happen the way i think they will.he offeres2 teach her seduction that she mite need as a "spy." wth?!rupert is from a royal family&yet sounds like a pirate.even wen they're not sayin nething modern,they're sayin it n a modern way.becca's maid acts like no maid ive ever cum across. modern-"he prob.dint expect2 find a maid n the room sittin here doin nothin." im sick of johannas books.this is like a whole new class of books that shud NOT fall under romance. he tells his mother he was "holed up w/his current mistress." duz that mean he has a current mistress? im thoroughly disgusted w/this pathetic excuse of a romance character/book.usually n a romance book theres only a few comments about the guy havin ben w/ girls-which is a fe2 many-but n here its ike flyin out left&rite.&its seriously tickin me off."2many bedroom doors were opened2 him so he dint rlly need a home away from home." is that supposed2 make us feel better?who jokes w/their mother about their life of debauchery?"by being a rebellious rogue he gave her a purpose n life&wud continue2 do so as long as he cud, becuz if she dint have him2 browbeat &try2 whip n2 shape,he was sure she wud flounder." wow,i can honestly say ive nvr heard that 1 b4.r we supposed2 be like,"oh thats ok,then!" now?! cuz im sure as heck not!he takes things2far just2 get at his his hair,clothes&attitude.who duz that?usually guys n romance books dont have so much trouble figuring out if a girl is innocent. just becuz she responded 2his kiss.usually the guy wud be happy about that but n here he thinks shes not innocent.this is happening kinda like A man to call my own.her books r 2similar&it isnt good.u expect us2 believe that he thinks she dint feel nething from their kiss &he did?! mr practiced seducer felt sumthin,but she dint? the d.a.why wud he think that?!so she goes2 his room becuz she just has to. it cud have waited.&the guy makes his own conclusion as2 why shes there,becuz hes an idiot.he wont even let her explain wen she's clearly there 4a reason.of course,her feeble attempts r pathetic.i already no where its headin.crap like this is highly annoying-"she put up both arms2 stop him from closin the distance beteen them again,but there wasnt enuff space 2rlly make the effort,&her arms ended up around him instead of pushin him away." how wud ur arms go around him?1this book unfoldin the same way as A Man2call my own.the innocent girl suddenly acts like a seasoned whore. hes talkin b4 they do it &shes like "why dont u just shut up?" 1st of all thats a completely modern thing2 say &why wud an innocent act like that?!ive nvr read another innocent girl that acted like this b4.she says britches instead of the usual "breeches" that romance authors use.hes rude2 her after they have sex,actin like shes a whore wen he knows she was a virgin&she offers him a shy smile.wut n gods name is wrong w/this idiot?!"he knows very well i cant be trusted w/any woman." wow.i like ol rupert more&more.she skips over describing the ball&then finally meetin the queen.wen her maid suggested she move i wanted her2 do it,but shes like no,she cudnt do that 2her mom. u dont have2 take ur mom! "elizabeth's friend who mistook this room 4their trysting place all those wks ago &left u all agog.""so lady elizabeth wasnt the only one go-oh my god,becca,him? marry him!" thats so modern. &she just sed he was meetin that girl4 a tryst&the maid wants her2 marry him? wth!i just love girls that put the blame4them havin sex all on the guy &act like they 4got how2 walk away or say no.&the maid acts like its all his fault.he says he gave her every opportunity 2bolt b4 they did it.but he dint.he wudnt let her explain. of course,she cud have tried harder.but it was obvious she wasnt there 4that.she wipes away his kiss &he says "oh,that hurts. 'deed it duz." hes an aristocrat &yet talks like an uneducated a [email protected]&an old sailor @that.everytime she says sumthin,tries2 explain,i expect him2 be shocked-like wen she sed shes pregnant-&finally realize tht shes not workin4 sarah&isnt a theif&a spy,but he NVR believes her."almost like standin back&watchin myself n action.fascinatng-until u blew it w/the mention of marriage.u shud nvr put ur ultimate goal on the table,luv.(&yes,its spelled that way n the book) u must let ur mark think that the idea is his own,or it just duznt work." that sounds modern& it duznt make sense.1min hes sayin if she was pregnant she wudnt have waited2tell him.&then that she wudnt have told [email protected],that her mother wud be demanding marriage.she cud have ben embarrassed or just found out she was pregnant.u idiot."she'd exploited the1 thing he cudnt control-his desire4her." i dint no u desired her that much.-they wud have sed the whole sentence,not a shortened version like "shud have paid him."wut kind of name is merhammer 4 a ship?the name of this series is the reid family &yet no1 n here is named reid.dont like that her plan was2 knock over sumthin valuable."rebecca was on her knees n the usually aroused him2 c a woman positioned that way."-how long is he gunna not believe her? "thts good,that pale look is perfect.keep it up." who can make themselves look pale?"i think this is the 1st time n my adult life that i have ben ensconced w/a female n a comfortable coach&havent tried2 maneuver her onto my lap 4a more enjoyable ride." why wud he want2kiss her after shes ben throwin up? ew!he refuses2 believe shes pregnant,duznt wanna marry her &then finally he has a shadow of doubt &then wants2 marry her &duznt accept her refusal.wth!this guy is CRAZY!she apoligizes2 him after hes bein mean.&she just lets herself becum married2 u walk out on the ship,stand beside rupert,listen2 the captain,take vows&not realize it?"dint no his true colors rior2 that fateful day." yes u did."but it makes u wonder how many times women have tried2 trap him n2 marriage,4 him 2distrust the truth wen its rite n front of him." oh,poor rupert.weird hearin about her maid&john keets.cud be sweet,but its not like they were gettin married.& johanna isnt known4 sweet relationships."it nvr happens wen i have a soft bedmate beside me,which tends2 lure me n the direction of warmth even while im asleep."wuts up w/ppl bein dazzled by ppl?is crap like this supposed2 be funny cuz i assure u im not even crackin a smile-"i try2 limit myself 2spendin 2the nite w/only3 women a wk these days."he [email protected] try 2seduce his cuz's wife.&think her beauty is uparalleled.opehila used2 lie&was manipulative but magically changed.idk why rebecca wud tell julie that she cud have ben n family sooner becuz she had her cap set n raphael.of course,shes [email protected] things thats yet another misunderstanding rupert can have. like there hasnt ben enuff.he says he isnt gunna be faithful &she duznt say nething regarding that."she had no doubt he was rlly headin 2whichever lady was currently on his seduction list.but she wasnt goin2let it bother her.rlly she wasnt." this isnt a matter of pride,its a matter of rite&wrong. ur MARRIED.if he did that hed be u shud care,otherwise ur stupid.wen u have a book w/this many problems between the main characters it makes us think a happy ending will nvr cum about.&wen/if it duz,it isnt very believable.authors shud realize that.sum1 tells u they had an affair w/ur husband &u intend2 attack her.but u dont.&then u get "bedazzled" by ur u shud be [email protected]"rebecca had n clue,thankfully,[email protected] half of the women who showed [email protected] door that wk were his former lovers." he was "even friends w/a few of them." how lovely."&tellin her he was tired of fightin,regardless if it was true or not,he cud well have given her the impression that she'd won the war."rupert dances like a complete dandy.he takes the "given his mom a sense of purpose" 2far&its stupid.she has2 other sons2 worry about so ur "great plan" isnt needed.he all of a sudden has a chnge of heart."rupert knew he'd found his own ideal match2.he just cudnt imagine how he was goin2 convince her of it." i dont believe it.idt he felt bad enuff that he hadnt believed becca.&2nd,who cud ever 4give him?she acts like all the girls wen askin the guy about sumthin about sleep w/ elizabeth.&then regrets bringin it up.we nvr rlly got her thoughts wen she was 1st pregnant.his mom takin on the role of dad &talkin gruff is so stupid.ive nvr read nething like not sure why shes complainin about him bein roguish w/ her,after he sed he wudnt. "hes reverting 2form,his natural tendency2 chase any skirt around-even his wifes." dont u want him2 act like that?-his uncle asks if hes ben unfaithful&he grins&says its nothin like that,as it thats she was finally showing but it turns out she as act.bloated from eatin so much. -"but u came neway?""did u rlly think i wudnt?" he,yeah.we all wud she ever believe he loved her?they only do it 2ttimes &she brushes over it w/o goin n2detail.just as they've begun,its ended.they've ben thru so much&he only just recently started2believe her.&they dint talk enuff n the end.we dint get a ssecure enuff happy ending cuz it literally happened n the last few pgs of the was unbelievable.also i thought the baby wud cum n2play,but it nvr did.just another disappointment.he nvr felt bad enuff about things&he shud have ben proven completely wrong w/ the babys appearance.

  • Saiema Marium
    2019-03-27 18:07

    The book “A Rogue of My Own” by Johanna Lindsey involves a love affair between Lady Rebecca Marshall and marquis Rupert St. John. Rebecca comes from a noble family and is appointed to be the maid of honor in the court of Queen Victoria. Being the maid of honor is the greatest opportunity of Rebecca’s life, and she is both excited and intimidated by the prospect. She arrives in the palace and is instantly drawn in the conspiracy between the Queen’s professional spymaster, Nigel and a noblewoman called Sarah. Rebecca is ordered to snoop around Nigel’s bedroom and find anything that seems suspicious, but unfortunately, she is caught by Nigel’s assistant, marquis Rupert St. John. Rebecca manages to lie her way out, but now Rupert is suspicious and decides to keep a close eye on what she is up to. The story progresses, as Rupert and Rebecca find themselves to be constantly running into each other and getting stuck in a situation that will bind them together for life.One major theme in this story is to never judge anyone on the first meeting. Rupert thought that Rebecca might be a secret spy working for the enemies to overthrow the monarchy, but what he didn’t know is that Rebecca has no such intention and she is just a victim of the situation. Even though at the beginning of the story, Rebecca was taken advantage off, I still think that she is a very strong female character. All the other maids of honor were scared of Sarah and obeyed her orders without really evaluating what they were doing. However, Sarah had a mind of her own and she stood up to Sarah and refused to obey her order when she discovered Sarah’s true intentions. When asked by Rupert, why she refused to help Sarah, Rebecca replied, “She [Sarah] makes it sound as if you and your friends are criminal. I prefer to judge for myself.” Here, Rebecca is saying that she likes to form her own opinion on things and can’t be persuaded to do anything that does against her values. Rebecca forming her own opinion on things proves that she is a strong person because she has her own morals and can not be ordered around.This book was a very short read but interesting and enjoyable. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun read. I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars because the ending was very predictable and some of the scenes felt repetitive.

  • Nana
    2019-03-26 10:04

    Baru sekali nemu buku Johanna Lindsey yang gue suka. Hahahaha. Walau blurbnya agak2 menyesatkan sih karena cerita ini nggak se-hot novel JH yang sebelum2nya gue baca. Lebih banyak main tarik-ulur emosi ketimbang olahraga ranjangnya. Tapi dari segi jalan ceritanya, gue lebih suka yang kayak gini. Ini ceritanya tentang intrik-intrik yang ada di dalam istana kerajaan Inggris, antara dayang dan agen rahasia. Dan tokoh utama novel ini, Rebecca, nggak sengaja terjebak di antaranya ketika dia disuruh dayang senior, Sarah, untuk memata-matai Nigel Jennings, salah satu agen rahasia, tanpa Rebecca ngerti alasannya. Sial, dia malah kepergok oleh bangsawan Rupert St John, yang Rebecca tahu merupakan kerabat tetangganya tapi Rebecca nggak tahu kalau Rupert juga agen rahasia. Rupert ini sebenernya bukan playboy bajingan seperti image-nya, karena itu bagian dari penyamaran aja. Tapi begitu ketemu Rebecca dan berantem mulut melulu, dia malah jadi nafsu gitu sama Rebecca, yang dia pikir adalah penipu ulung gitu. Mereka pun lalu tidur bareng. Siapa sangka, gara-gara tidur semalem itu, Rebecca malah hamil.Ketika Rebecca minta pertanggungjawaban Rupert, nggak sengaja Rebecca malah kebawa kapal ke Prancis barengan Rupert. Rupert bete karena mengira Rebecca lagi berusaha memanipulasi dia. Semakin Rebecca nyoba ngejelasin, semakin Rupert mikir Rebecca bohong. Rupert malah nantangin Rebecca buat menikah.Selanjutnya gimana? Yaaa... begitulah. Hehehe.

  • Karen
    2019-03-22 10:03

    My "escape" reading, which is total smut, is Johanna Lindsay--romance novels. I actually own every novel she's written and have reread most of them. There's my dirty little secret!Good point! I feel like a quitter if I don't finish a book that I've started, which is kinda weird. Some that I've loved lately: "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer and "Freakonomics" I've read twice. Really enjoyed "The Help" and "Cane River" by Lalita Tademy. Did not care for "The Red Tent" at all. One that I finished because I felt like I had to.Have had a friend insist that I read the "Water for Elephants" (???) one about the circus. She keeps trying to loan it to me and I keep shying away. I have a student this year, sixth grader, whose first year ever in school was just last year. He's truly a messed up kid. Has a weird accent, looks Hispanic, but isn't. One day after he'd first started, another student asked him, "So, are you Mexican or Black or what?" (Love that kids are just so blunt about it all!) His response, "No, I'm Gypsy." I about fell over! We've been trained that "gypsy" is a racial slur on par with "nigger" and never to be used; the correct term is "Romani", but he just put it out there. Anyway, I learned a couple of weeks after that the reason why he only started school at the age of 10 is that he's been traveling in the circus with his father! Now, I can't bear the thought of reading that book, as I think it might just hit a little too close to home.One of my favorite AF authors is Walter Dean Myers, particularly "The Glory Field". He's prolific. My goal for my summer reading is to hit some of the classics that I was never forced to read for school, starting with "Moby Dick" and "To Kill a Mockingbird". I recently had a pang to reread "A Tale of Two Cities", too. I really enjoyed "The Scarlet Letter" back in the day. I read "The Outsiders" aloud to one of my 8th grade classes last year (a class for kids reading 2 years below grade level). I took in cookies and milk on Fridays and read out loud to them. They were CAPTIVATED by the story and hung on every word! We had fantastic discussions each week; those are the moments that keep me getting up at 4:30 AM!! LOLI have also taught "Animal Farm" several times by George Orwell. Fascinates me every time. Love it.I absolutely will never read another novel by Jodi Picoult. I read "My Sister's Keeper" and was so infuriated by the way she ended it that I vowed I would not contribute a penny to her success. Won't see the movie, either. Still get pissed just thinking about it!My "escape" reading, which is total smut, is Johanna Lindsay--romance novels. I actually own every novel she's written and have reread most of them. There's my dirty little secret!I'm sad that I don't have time to read during the school year, but I do cram in 20 or so over the summer! I enjoyed "The Thirteenth Tale" this summer and the Stieg Larsson trilogy about Lisbeth Salander. The sex and violence were over the top for me, but I chalked it up to being a squeamish American! LOL!Did anybody ever finish reading "Nutureshock"? Thoughts?~Jennifer in CO,

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-03-22 16:08

    What a delightful tale! Lindsey works so many different elements into this story that she keeps her readers on the tip of their toes. She weaves a captivating tale amidst the hustle and bustle of court life, complete with intrigue and rogues, while painting a brilliant picture of life at the time.I absolutely fell in love with the main characters in this novel. Not only were they well developed and likeable individually, but put them together and the sparks fly. The simultaneous clashing and meshing of their personalities definitely made the story. The secondary characters were quite charming as well. The sense of family that develops throughout really pulled at my heart. It may have taken me a week to listen to this entire story (I only listened on my drive to and from work) but it was also all I could think about all week long. I would definitely recommend it to all lovers of historical romances. I will also be avidly looking for more of this author’s work in the future.

  • Jupiterl79
    2019-04-11 11:39


  • Alease
    2019-04-18 15:48

    This was my first Johanna Lindsey book. I read it in a day, it was a good guilty pleasure. It is nice to have a book that doesn't work your brain too much and just let you relish in a romance. I'm not usually a romance reader, this is my first one but I'm sure I'll look into another of her books. I liked that the characters tried to fight their feelings for one another and bickered. It gave it just enough reality, because isn't that what most people do when they fall in love, try to pretend that they aren't completely enraptured by them. I picked up the book thinking it might be more informative at the time because I am an avid historical fiction reader, but I wasn't disappointed that it didn't focus on the politics of the time.

  • Sandy
    2019-03-22 14:03

    Here is my review of "A Rogue of My Own", written in the author's own style:"Rebecca is a newly appointed maid of honor in the court of Queen Victoria. She gets caught up in a thinly-constructed ring of spying in the court with a guy who is so beautiful she calls him The Angel! So they sleep together, and she ends up pregnant, but he doesn't believe her so he treats her like a whore who's trying to trick him into marriage. But the hilarious thing is, they do get engaged, and he still hates her! Thankfully everything is resolved in the final chapter when he suddenly realizes he totally does love her. The End!"One star.Unless you're rating the book based on how many exclamation marks an author can fit into one novel, in which case:Five stars!!!

  • rivka
    2019-03-25 12:03

    1.5 starsI do not understand how someone gets to be as popular an author as this one is without the ability to do proper historical research (the royal pregnancy would imply 1841, but other data presented contradicts that quite sharply); to use appropriate language (seriously, Victorian characters did NOT say "guess what!" or "whom did he think he was kidding?"); to manage to have plots that made sense -- at least by the time the book ended; and characters that were believable, likable, and three-dimensional.Every time it looked like things were improving plot- and character-wise, my hopes were cruelly dashed.

  • Lourdes
    2019-04-04 16:39

    Ok…so I love all these books. I read this in no time – it is lite and entertaining. I do have to admit though that I was a little disappointed. The book starts off okay, with a lot of detail. A lot of talk about the political parties of the time, but then it goes nowhere with it. It feels like it wants to be way more than it is. It gives you a lot at the beginning and then you hit a wall. The focus shifts completely and all the potential is lost. So much could have been done with the secondary characters that I found myself wondering why they were introduced to begin with. I know I sound like I didn’t like it, but I did…I just didn’t love it. It left me wanting more.

  • Verónica Tapia
    2019-04-02 14:56

    Por lo general no escribo reseñas, pero de este libro lo haré. Lo compré porque aparentaba ser un librito romántico ubicado en la época Victoriana y eso me agradaba. La época o el que la protagonista sea dama de honor de la reina es absolutamente irrelevante en la historia. Malos personajes sin personalidad o con una personalidad odiosa. Mala historia sin argumento sólido. Todo el libro los protagonistas se odian y se aman en las últimas 30 hojas. ¿En serio? Detalles irrelevantes durante toooodo el libro. Personajes que bien podrían no estar y nada importaría. Mucha paja. Demasiada paja. Podrían quitarse la mitad de las hojas y no perder nada, excepto tiempo leyendo esto...

  • Judy
    2019-04-09 16:54

    Book 3 of 4 of the Reid Family series.. And a nice, happy ending story for Rupert St John.Johanna Lindsey is like my favorite viand - longganisa.. That happy feeling you get from eating comfort food after a long day. Even if her novels are predictable, formulaic in a lost genre (historical romance), there is still enough to make you be "there" with her heroines. 4th star because any of her books take me back to 18-25 year old Judy (when the world was young haha)..

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-03-19 16:46

    Johanna Lindsey is and has been for many years one of my favorite authors. While I agree some of her more recent work isn't quite as good as some of her earlier work I still enjoy it. This story set a nice pace, balancing the romance with a touch of intrigue and humor. My main complaint with this story was the short ending and then no epilogue.

  • Yola NY
    2019-04-18 17:52

    kesel banget bacanya. apalagi sama karakter rupert dan rebecca. ckckck, awalnya mereka ketemu pas momen yg gak asik banget sih, trus sjk itu mulai deh saling curiga masing2. nah si rebecca pas tengah2 buku udah mulai ngalah lah, eh nyatanya si rupert masih jugaaa negatif thingking ke rebecca. ckckckck, teteeep sampai 7/8 buku nih masih kesel abis ama rupert. huh!

  • Pam
    2019-03-31 15:41

    The story started a bit slow but once the h starts helping Ruepert the sparks fly! I became irritated with the H because he refused to believe the h about something. Because of his unbelief he would be very sarcastic and mean (verbally). I just wanted to smack him! He does eventually believe her and they get their HEA.

  • Galena Sanz
    2019-04-03 15:56

    Esta novela estuvo mejor de lo que esperaba, me entretuvo pero la verdad es que no fue más allá. Tanto la trama como los personajes son sencillos, sin ninguna complejidad y no es una historia que cale en el lector, así que se postula en mi listado de lecturas como un libro entretenido y poco más.

  • Rebekah
    2019-03-24 12:45

    Ms. Lindsey I have enjoyed your books in the past and will enjoy them in the future. But please I beg you, brush up on your basic grammar skills. The constantly misused explanation points are wearing.

  • Kristiana S
    2019-04-10 16:55

    Dibaca untuk Romance RC 2016Tema : Trip to Europe